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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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still to come on the program u.s. president donald trump threatens to impose a twenty five percent tariff on imported cars the announcement has left foreign car makers and european law makers on edge. all that more up with daniel winter after a very short break you're watching t.v. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for joining us. lobel inequalities. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media play. join the discussion and house new. media forum twenty eight.
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germany street by street. the most colorful. long list. of the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state d w dot com. or go to. if you thought the trade tensions well again america national security is under threat from javanese car industry also says donald trump now he wants to throw up tariffs on him paul also coming up anger management and budget bank shareholder meeting the new chief executive confirms thousands of job.
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investors and staff on not immune and desperate times call for desperate measures the drought in south africa's cape town brings out the creative. i'm daniel winter and this is your business update it seems every silver lining has a cloud after news of china lowering car import tariffs yesterday came the news that america wants to drastically increase its own duties the reason national security of course america claims the likes of german carmakers are damaging the u.s. economy german cars remain popular in the united states that's a thorn in the side of u.s. president donald trump who maintains that foreign imports have eroded the domestic car industry over the past two decades car imports have risen by fifty percent while the number of workers in american car plants has been falling german factories in the u.s.
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have added thousands of new hires german ata makers account for one in six jobs in the u.s. car industry but now donald trump is reportedly mulling a plan to impose in part tariffs of up to twenty five percent on the. european carmakers at present pay about a tenth of. carmakers like mercedes b.m.w. and fox wagon which manufacturer in the u.s. would be less badly hit then companies like out in porsche last year almost half a million german cars where exported to the u.s. not only german car associations but also do you are concerned about transplants. if you know. you issued unilaterally raise. quarter expiration. you don't usually because the deputy. however do you remains hopeful that a solution complying with international trade rules can be found. opinion remains
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divided about whether important terrorists would actually benefit the u.s. car industry some experts say the move is unlikely to create new jobs. earlier we spoke to him from the association of german chambers of commerce and industry asking him what the measures mean for the american market well the american market is extremely important for german calming effect. and that's why they also have a lot of investments on the sector of sorts a little bit. in underestimation of the strengths also of the german carmakers in the u.s. on the other end u.s. consumers seem to of german and japanese cars for terrorists aren't imposed and then first of all prices will rise so the american customer has to pay for that is the question of who is making the better product and that's what i meant with competition you have to there is a competition in the car sector and the americans a little bit try to sneak below that bar and say hey we impose tariffs and
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everything will get easier that will not be the case germany's leading lender is slashing over seven thousand jobs it's part of an overhaul of the bank under a new c.e.o. christiane c.v. his wife back in twenty twelve was the world's second largest investment bank since then it's slipped to number eight now that puts behind us banks credit suisse from switzerland and barclays from britain there's been a steep decline in revenue to falling from over thirty three billion to twenty six point four billion euros what a decline. no wonder shareholders are up in arms money directing their anger at supervisory board chief. now he's been in the positions in twenty twelve and is accused of steering the bank in the wrong direction but christie and xavier planned
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to cut jobs isn't saving the bank any money dodgers a share price falling today to its lowest in seventeen months and it's not just the investors who are unhappy they came to express their contempt for deutsche bank protesters who gathered outside the annual shareholders meeting in front foot sea germany's largest lender as an example of everything that's wrong with the financial world the announcement of more than seven thousand job cuts just comes weeks after the bank appointed a new boss the octu. current results leave us no other choice we need to set in place the conditions in order to sustain long term profitability that's the lung trysting for us it's on shuffle one thing that most people can agree with is that something needs to change a torture bank as most trying for i need a bank that is competitive on both a national and international level and that's not the case now. the moment.
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calls are simply too high and they need to go down dortch a bank has lost its edge in recent here is an issue its c.e.o. is determined to address you muslims want to shift the balance in our business so that our results fluctuate less this is the only way we will be able to sustain profitability and build on our strengths and i ignore cuffed. of bot. after three consecutive years of losses the new boss is intent on shaking things up he wants to focus on the german market coupling innovation with old fashioned banking. but as europe's biggest economy doesn't germany need a lender that set up globally we put that analyst hans peter buckles. economy needed a big bank we should never come in to hide agree of the panel from the anglo-saxon because they've got a totally different culture and if there's any stress in the market as might come
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in the world of donald trump very easily german companies won't be first priority to own business won't be first priority for these kind of banks so to stay on our level we should have a daughter bank and a strong that's what we don't have at the moment that's why everybody in germany look around with great thames and with great interest on the development of the daughter bank lake victoria is africa's largest in land body of water but the fishing industry there in struggling to survive after years of overfishing pollution fisherman hole in mostly empty nets and most of the processing plants have shut down but one kenyan startup has set its sights on recovery with fish farming combined with fresh deliveries throughout the country. this fish took to his arriving in nairobi with a delicacy that was never so freshly available here. it's brought a lot of tilapia four hundred kilometers from lake victoria and. a new type of
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cooling box in the took took some cargo hold makes it possible. for what we had we had to. use the back kind of basket. from day one i would get from it and then again we have to look at napa maybe can be free and i guess i am a macro you know we're rushing because one could get good credit maybe we can fetch . the fresh to live here comes from these fish cages on lake victoria. five years ago just off the island danno brother and sister team gilbert and michelle begun farming fish now they harvest some two hundred tons annually which goes straight onto ice we want to make sure that less fish is wasted. right now almost sixty percent forty to sixty percent of all fish that is caught is lost because of milk which so what we're doing is we're creating fish tilapia and grown
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in ponds unfun gone island before being transferred to their floating cages. based in the us created the fish farm in part for altruistic reasons. they view fisheries not just my family's fish pond lake the fisheries communities fish farm this is where we're from we want to see out people our community that is marginalised we want to see our community groups want to see them be empowered want to see them be able to have food for their tables the days when the fishermen here london tons of perch are long gone during the one nine hundred eighty s. sustainability wasn't a widely known concept here when lake victoria was. clean. team barrios want to turn the fish farm into africa's biggest and they're hoping to win the people of them vango know over to fish farming what we are hoping to see is that our fishing community this fishing community that what we are from will now start to see this
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as a new will you believe they will start to see the acid that. it's like victoria's fishing industry was once declared defunct perhaps a little too soon. water has been scarce in the cape town for months and severe drought affecting several parts of south africa but entrepreneurs are coming up with clever solutions to keep business running mom off of the taps the been turned off business has picked up on the d.z. clowney he cleans cars without water it is a. different place than ever and you find out that a good idea was a seven out of order is given out of it and people in cape town have been fined for washing cars with water as a result of the disease business has been attracting customers. k.b.'s may tell me what it was like well with nothing you know that so. cape town has reduced its
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water consumption by fifty percent in three years businesses have had to make adjustments that has been the case for some of the cities hotels in this hotel guests have to take a shower baths are not allowed to remove all the plugs from every single room and that wasn't the only change so this is where we've made the most of our savings is to cut down on the washing part of. the hotel also reuses water from washing machines it is filtered and used to water it's gardens despite the drastic reduction in water consumption cape town still faces the threat of running out of water as soon as next year. we've run out of time thank you very much for watching i'll be back with more in the next hour see if.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week showing there is investing nine hundred billion dollars in the e.u. so possibly the biggest infrastructure project in history is the goals of force to trade in developmental does china have a neo colonialist find out from florida. next
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. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome. to a how the germans came together in one nation from shanghai money to chancellor bismark going to the history of the germans has been shaped like great lawyers. i swell always to bring my loyal college of that to protect christendom and spread find truth a few things were ok. or. are we to fall back before the enemy and try. and stand by courageous decisions based upon some alcohols as we tell your master we have received the crown of our realm from god and not from his presumptuous circle the sky is holy sacrament. tomorrow we're
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going to have defeated the enemy we'll never see one another again but. we must be peace. to ensure that every week on w. . o. and a very warm welcome indeed to quote drinker and this week as german chancellor angela merkel visits china we take a close alone at beijing's geo political ambitions president xi jinping has established himself as china's leader for life and he seems determined to transform
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his country into the dominant global power it's already challenging the us is the world's biggest economy and now china is extending its strategic.


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