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blake. played. mrs d. w. news live from bartlett a spectacular turnaround at donald trump council's a plan summit with north korea. issues a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world the u.s. president blames hostile statements from kim jong un for his decision we will ask an expert what the shock move means for hopes of peace on the korean peninsula also coming up how will china and europe react to washington's latest ploy germany's
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angela merkel is in china for talks with korea just the latest issue being strong on her lead and beijing by an unpredictable white house we'll bring you up to speed on day one american citizen and investigators say that the missile used to shoot on sight and it's seventeen will be ukraine four years ago teams from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board died in the crash moscow denies involvement. and both sides on ireland's abortion debate to get that to vote tomorrow the country will decide referendum whether to reform the catholic country strict rules on terminating pregnancy. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has canceled a highly. pated summit with north korea's kim jong un planned for next month trump
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blamed as a citizen on quote open hostility from pyongyang but the collapse of the talks will likely also raise questions about hawkish pronouncements from within the white house which were seized upon by yang in the meantime conceded an opportunity for peace may have been missed based on the recent statement of north korea have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world i've spoken to general mattis and the joint chiefs of staff in our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world that has been greatly enhanced recently as you all know is ready if there's a serious likewise have spoken to south korea and japan and
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they are not only ready should fully sure reckless acts be taken by north korea but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden any of the costs associated by the united states in operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us north korea has the opportunity to end decades of poverty and oppression by following the path of denuclearization and joining the community of nations and i hope that kim jong un will ultimately do what is right not only for himself but perhaps most importantly what's right for his people.
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who are suffering greatly and needlessly if and when kim jong un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions. i am waiting. in the meantime our very strong sanctions by far the strongest sanctions ever imposed and maximum pressure campaign will continue and hopefully everything is going to work out well with north korea. and a lot of things can happen including the fact that perhaps and would wait it's possible that the existing summit could take place or summit at some later date nobody should be anxious we have to get it right earlier i asked our washington correspondent clare richard sandwich statement by north korea in
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particular trump pushed and pushed trump rather to cancel the summit of a list. hi sarah this statement in question was from north korea was referring to u.s. president vice u.s. vice president mike pence as ignorant and stupid and that was in response to some comments that he made over the weekend in which he said that kim jong un could face an end like the libya model if you refused to make a deal now it's worth unpacking what that means the libya model why that would be seen as something that would elicit such a response from north korea if you remember where gadhafi government in libya back in early two thousand agreed with the george w. bush administration to give up its nuclear program and then years later we saw during the arab spring uprisings that this leader was brutally murdered by his own people and nato backed rebels and so kim jong un and the north korean regime are looking at the libya model as a matter of in terms of how it stands for their own political survival they see
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that if you give up your nuclear weapons there is a chance you could meet the same fate as moammar gadhafi and so these comments from times are highly provocative and that is watching prompted north korea to call them is stupid and trump said that this was the last straw. but you know it's not unlike rhetoric we have heard before from both sides we have to mention so what was really behind this cancellation and was trump simply not prepared for such a high stakes meeting. well certainly a lot of the details still needed to be ironed out they had just set single poor as the possible location but lots of the nitty gritty items like how long it would take place who would be there all of the small items that are so important to the optics particularly to the north koreans who really saw this as an opportunity to be seen on equal footing with the united states president and what would have been a historic meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader all of that still has yet to be done and usually in this kind
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of meeting we see a lot of low levels of the at play first which lower level aides go and negotiate and try and set the terms preconditions instead of going straight for a high stakes leader to leader meeting of the kind that had been proposed so it could be that the united states and the donald trump felt that they were unprepared for the meeting many say that north korea would come out of this decision to not attend the summit looking like a more honest broker they had said they were willing to come to the table and now that trump has pulled out of. the upcoming possible talks it could alienate american allies that they would need in future negotiations like south korea so let's let's drill into a little bit deeper what trump exactly have to say it is written in steven and i'd like to just quote a bit of it for our viewers he writes the following sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting you talk about your
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new theory capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used you know on the one hand here claire saying that north korea has lost a great opportunity but also seeming to say that the door is still open for talks so we're getting some mixed signals i think it's fair to say in this letter is the door really still open for talks at a later date. it doesn't seem like we would see any sort of high stakes talks at the level of it came a triumphant meeting it's interesting that after this letter came out trump also said he was waiting to see whether north korea would engage in what he calls constructive dialogue but again of course he's saying kim can pick up the phone and call me if he's willing to negotiate but it's actually trump who is stepping away from this meeting and it looks like the united states is prepared to go back to a maximum pressure campaign on north korea and that tensions are again rising
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claire richardson in washington thank you. and united nations secretary general antonio good ted as lead international leaders in expressing disappointment at the summit cancellation i am deeply concerned by the cancellation of the plans meeting in singapore between the president united states so that we that of the democratic people's republic of. the particles to continue their desire. to find the. peaceful then fargo didn't realize they should if the korean peninsula. and this latest move by washington on north korea is sure to join a lengthy agenda in beijing where germany's angela merkel is meeting with chinese leaders merkel had tended to focus her two day visit to beijing on open access to
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chinese markets and human rights but recent u.s. policy moves are revealing cracks in germany's longtime alliance with the u.s. pushing global security issues to the top of her diplomatic checklist. on the. red carpet and a guard of honor. in china at least the old rules of diplomacy still apply. good news for anglo american who a med carbon global headwinds is looking eastward for a friendly face. from the iran nuclear deal to fending off u.s. trade tariffs belin and beijing find themselves side by side. we have the view that we should be getting an unlimited exemption from these tariffs we are in discussions with the american government as the chinese government also
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is. and we work together well in the area of steel within the framework of the g twenty steel forum and could really solve some of the problems. when we knew we agreed to maintain multilateralism and rules of free trade. so we agreed to promote trade liberalization and investment opportunities. china's door is open season for health is and will be open even wider whether for free. the reception here is a far cry from merkel's report with another ally in. her encounters with president trump marked by all her body language and misunderstandings. perhaps no surprise then that merkel's foreign minister had little to show for his visit to washington yesterday with
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a compromise on iran said to be far off. back in china americans spent the afternoon with president xi jinping pressing the case for strength in trade and a foreign line on the iran nuclear deal as she boasters new alliances the german chancellor must tread carefully for fear of alienating older ones. and for more i'm joined now in the studio by panhard bartsch a asia affairs expert at germany's baritones month foundation think tank thank you so much for joining us this evening we're talking about a reliance between china and germany i mean they're perhaps unlikely allies but are we seeing you know the current tensions especially with the united states pushing these two together which say. you could say that it's a very awkward embrace because germany is hoping to team up with china to balance the chaos in the u.s. at the same time europe is trying to team up with the u.s.
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to balance china's growing influence so it's a very complicated situation what are the biggest stumbling blocks between the two we're looking at for example germany and china the biggest issue at the moment is the economic competition and the lack of reciprocity and what has really changed in the last two years and it's a big headache for german business is that china is now openly competitive china within the next seven years wants to be a world leader in a lot of technologies that traditionally german industries are very strong at and while the european market is very open for chinese investment in chinese companies the chinese market is actually closing dome and that is a very unlevel playing field and although german businesses still do very good business is business in china no they're very worried that this may just be the
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beginning of the end of the chart and this has been a worry on the german side for quite a while and you know for. for the past year as we have to say. do you think that they have made any progress on that front in china know actually what china is doing it's closing its markets china is much more self-confident no they think that they can become world leaders in a lot of important technologies and to some extent they will be able to and so they have basically saying we happy to work with you for as long as we need you but our goal is to be within a few he is able to do this without you i want to talk a little bit more about the north korean issue of course north korea being you know an ally of china china really having a big influence on which way that country goes just generally speaking do you think that we will hear this come up americans meeting tomorrow and if so do you think what will we hear from from both beijing and from berlin i think everybody is going
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to call for restraint there's a big fear now that there's going to be in another cycle of escalation from north korea's aid i think other than that it's going to be business as usual for a couple of weeks we had this dream that two very extraordinary presidents might shake the whole korea issue up no we see this is not going to happen so we have back to the cycles of escalation deescalation and that is very war so they threw out the rule book but they didn't throw it too far that's your say i'm human rights also always very much an issue how is america likely to address that in china. macca has addressed that all the time actually the german government all ministries are very persistent on human rights and geo issues and press freedom missions as one of the last western countries to do this persistent me the issue that
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everybody's talking about at the moment is the issue of the widow of the nobel peace prize winner who died last year which is the great cruelty by the chinese government what is happening and that issue has been brought i want to thank you very much about hard barsh in asian affairs expert at germany's battles on foundation we appreciate it thank you. thank you let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world french president a manual mccrone has been holding talks in st petersburg with his russian counterpart vladimir putin on the table the conflicts in syria and ukraine and the iran deal where despite recent tension between waskow and europe e.u. leaders are keen for moscow to remain in the nuclear accord with tehran lebannon saad hariri is about to embark on a third term as the country's prime minister despite his party losing ground in
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recent elections are very pledged to set up a national unity government which he said must commit to a policy of staying out of racial conflicts there are fears that lebanon could become the next battleground for a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran. at least seventeen people are reported missing after a cycle and pounded the yemeni island of. lashing it with heavy rains and strong winds the storm is expected to strike oman this week. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program dutch investigators say that it was a russian missile that downed flight m.h. seventeen over ukraine four years ago moscow denies having any part in the attack that killed nearly three hundred people. the first on your winter is here with some bad news for german carmakers that's right it came as a surprise as well that it seems that every silver lining has a cloud after the news of china lowering car import tariffs yesterday came the news
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that america wants to drastically increase its own duties the region national security america claims the likes of german carmakers a damage in the u.s. economy german cars remain popular in the united states that's a thorn in the side of u.s. president donald trump who maintains that foreign imports have eroded the domestic car industry over the past two decades car imports have risen by fifty percent while the number of workers in american car plants has been falling german factories in the u.s. have added thousands of new hires german ata makers account for one in six jobs in the u.s. car industry but now donald trump is reportedly mulling a plan to impose in part tariffs of up to twenty five percent on the codes european car makers at present pay about a tenth of. carmakers like mercedes b.m.w. and fox lagan which manufacturer in the u.s.
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would be less badly hit then companies like albion porsche last year almost half a million german cars where exported to the u.s. not only german car associations but also do you are concerned about transplants. you issued unilaterally. caught eric strange because he don't usually begins to deplete your however do you remains hopeful that his solution complying with international trade rules can be found. opinion remains divided about whether in part terrorists would actually benefit the u.s. car industry some experts say the move is unlikely to create new jobs. earlier we spoke to ilya north from the association of german chambers of commerce and industry asking him what the measures mean for the american market well the american market is extremely important for german calming effect. and that's why
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they also have a lot of investments on the sector all sorts of a bit. an underestimation of the strengths also of the german carmakers in the u.s. on the other end u.s. consumers seem to of german and japanese cars for terrorists aren't imposed and then first of all prices will rise over american customers to pay for it is the question of who is making the better product and that's what i meant with competition you have to there is a competition in the car sector and the americans who are built to try to sneak below that bar and say we impose tariffs and everything will get easier that will not be the case germany's leading the lend is slashing over seven thousand jobs part of an overhaul on the dodge of banks new c.e.o. christie and saving his wife back in twenty twelve ga was the world's second largest investment bank and since then it's slipped all the way down to number
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eight now that puts it behind us banks credit suisse from switzerland barclays from britain. there's been a steep decline in revenue to falling from over thirty three billion to twenty six point four billion euros no wonder shareholders are up in arms many directing their anger of supervisory board chief powell. now he's been in the position since twenty twelve and is accused of steering the bank in the wrong direction but christians even plan to cut jobs isn't saving the bank any money larger share price falling today to its lowest in seventeen months and it's not just the investors who are unhappy. they came to express their contempt for deutsche bank protesters who gathered outside the annual shareholders meeting in front foot to see germany's largest lender as an example of everything that's wrong with the financial world the announcement of more than seven thousand job cuts just comes weeks after the
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bank appointed a new boss the. current results leave us no other choice we need to set in place the conditions in order to sustain long term profitability it's. the season for us it's on shuffle one thing that most people can agree with is that something needs to change a bank as most trying for i need a bank that is competitive on both a national and international level and that's not the case now. is the moment. are simply too high they need to go down dortch a bank has lost its edge in recent years and issue its c.e.o. is determined to address. better balance in our business so that our results fluctuate less this is the only way we will be able to sustain profitability and build on our strengths and. cuffed. of bot.
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after three consecutive years of losses the new boss is intent on shaking things up he wants to focus on the german market coupling innovation with old fashioned banking. as europe's biggest economy doesn't germany need a lender that set up globally we put data analyst hans peter bucholtz economy needed a big bank we should never come in high degree of the pair moves from the anglo saxons here today because they've got a totally different culture and if there's any stress in the market as might come in the world of donald trump very easily german companies won't be first priority to him business won't be first priority of all these kind of banks so to stay on all levels we should have the autobahn in a strong that's what we don't have at the moment that's why everybody in germany look around with great terms and with great interest on the development of the bottom bunk i'll be back with more business later but now back to sara and the struggle to hold anyone accountable for downing flight m.h.
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seventy here's the results daniel of what dutch investigators found out they said that the missile that brought down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventy nearly four years ago came from a russia based military unit the passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to a limp or when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine and all two hundred and ninety eight passengers and crew were killed russia has rejected the investigators latest findings. they'd already established won't shut down the plane now for the first time dutch led investigators have determined the russian made book missile did originate in russia. goldman birkdale a joint investigation team has concluded that the book missile that shot down and seventeen came from the fifty third missile brigade based in cook sc in russia. in the strait archie. the investigators laid out how they came to that conclusion using photos and videos taken by the public to discover crucial details and map out
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the missiles journey that journey tragically ended here in a field in eastern ukraine in territory held by private russian separatists flight m.h. seventeen had taken off from amsterdam heading to the malaysian capital kuala lumpur it disappeared from radar screens four hours later the village of. two hundred ninety eight people on board lost their lives most of them dutch and as many as eighty children since that day in july twenty fourth scene investigators have been gradually piecing together the evidence you now want people to come forward to help identify who fired the missile lot of our work in the in the last years has been all the forensic work and all the work around why update ups everything we found on the internet and now we are narrowing down and narrowing down to finding the perpetrators so she this as
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a confident call for the next phase but russia has repeatedly dismissed the findings of the investigation and blames ukraine for the incident and with moscow using its veto to block an international tribunal and a meaningful criminal trial looks unlikely german prosecutors have charged three former german football federation officials with tax evasion in connection with the country a successful bid to host the two thousand and six world cup millions of euros were transferred for an event that apparently never took place and that has raised this is special of international authorities for years now. former presidents for funny especially and former general secretary hoss schmidt are accused of hiding the real purpose of a payment of six point seven million euros to football's world governing body fifa the payment was reportedly transferred for a world cup opening dollars but the event never took place the suspicion is that
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the money was actually the repayment of a loan that may have been used to buy votes for germany at a fee for congress in zurich switzerland in two thousand and two there it was decided which country stage the two thousand and six world cup and germany one. head of germany's world cup organizing committee at the time was former german football star fans. he himself is being investigated by swiss authorities and fifa regarding the payment. the three currently accused by german tax authorities want to go and schmidt deny the charges. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program a referendum that could split ireland down the middle of a catholic country get set to vote on reforming its highly restrictive abortion law . and the car that got hearts racing around the world for the beloved to be w. paedo turns eighty today take scene for enjoy a ride. and for more than forty years after the death of maria callas
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a new documentary delves into the inner life of the legendary opera diva we will look at what makes the film so special. all that mark after just a short break i'm sorry kelly had seen a city. where to store germany's nuclear waste experts are searching for a disposal site that will be safe for a million years for doing such a claims even exist. the albums riddled mold and we can sure there's a technical problem of. exposing them is the same disposal of the nuclear waste line. in forty five minutes long t.w. . every journey begins with the first stroke and
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with the share the meal sharing children is just fifty seven spend it tough in your smartphone smartphone users outnumber sure i would. imagine the impact you and your friends could have together we can end global hunger please download the app. welcome back here with d.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories u.s. president donald trump has counseled talks with north korea planned for next month trump blamed the decision on hostility from kim jong un after a war of words between washington and pyongyang trump also vowed to keep up the maximum sanctions pressure on north korea. ireland is holding a referendum on whether to reform the catholic countries near total ban on abortions in europe most countries have fairly liberal abortion policies and
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allowed terminations through the first trimester of the pregnancy but there are three exceptions and we just like to highlight them for you on a map because in malta for example terminations are completely illegal poland has a near total abortion ban in place women there can only terminate a pregnancy if they have been raped or if their life or the fetus is life is in danger currently meantime in ireland the only legal case for an abortion is if a pregnant woman's life is at risk irish women are however free to travel to other countries to access abortion services and as a result an average of eleven women travel every day from ireland to england and wales to terminate their pregnancies there debbie you met one of them. a loving mother that's what jennifer ryan always hoped to be six years ago she was pregnant for the second time it seemed like a normal pregnancy until
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a routine scan in the twenty second week brought jennifer's world crashing down she can still remember the doctor's exact words. oh no. your baby has a lot of problems and she has a very severe form of spinal bifida starting up around her shoulder blades and she won't be able to survive with us and on top of that she has no kidneys and the severity of the spinal bifida calls it off brain your baby is incompatible with life. jennifer decided she wanted to spare her baby any pain and have an abortion what happened next was almost as traumatic she and her husband had to hastily arrange a trip to a clinic in liverpool because doctors in island couldn't help. are you ready. they couldn't talk to you about it over here but we got the details of liver problems on a scrap of paper you know we had to ring ourselves they couldn't do any of our for
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us. just you know like you were just totally alone. they took a ferry to liverpool went there and back in twenty four hours it's a journey three to four thousand women make each year it's proof that terminations are reality and i learned to say those who want the country's strict abortion law to be repealed these activists in central dublin come painting for giving women the choice. but anti abortion campaign is fair if the law is repealed women could feel pressured into terminating their pregnancies for example if the baby has a disability. right can you imagine going to the hospital this slight concern a slight issue. that doctors will be obliged if we have at all allowing for abortion to tell people and explain that they can have an abortion and suddenly you feel undermined so your commitment to pregnancy is is reduced some even
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oppose abortions in cases of rape. there are other options out there i would never like to think that a woman feels she has to have an abortion. although jennifer ryan can understand this view she's in favor of repealing the law she believes only the woman can decide what's right for her. my daughter was never going to hold her life she was never going to exist in this world you know she was never going to get a chance to live like the doctors to tell me she wasn't going to be able to breathe i wasn't pretty i was protecting her making the choice a mates who was protecting her from pain jennifer's unborn daughter holds a special place in the family's hearts jessica would have been hung name jennifer hopes women will soon no longer have to go through what she did oh. and the debate over abortion in ireland will come down to two choices on friday yes or no jared reed from our social media team is here to tell us how both sides have been
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campaigning for those undecided voters so what start first with the no camp those who are against abortion what messages have they been running they've been running quite in a martian or campaign and in this race in particular words for words like mother and baby and unborn and even words like. we've been seeing and also like this one we can see he odds for. the perspective of a sleeping baby and says he a wildlife will have more protection then maybe. take the emotion of pictures like sleeping baby eggs pregnant women is something that the campaign has been using quite a lot also to like this one heah using people with down syndrome anti abortion campaign a say that they worry that legalizing abortion will lead to screening out of children with particular types of disabilities like intellectual and physical disabilities but these types of ads have tried to do
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a lot of criticism people saying the campaign is being opportunistic and singling out you know what is a vulnerable group of people so let's talk now about the flip side because there's also another side to this debate the yes side those who want to repeal the ban on abortion that's right so the yes camp have chosen to be a bit more factual and then sort of waving in legal terms into their ads and sort of talking about the implications of what would happen if if the law was repealed so we're seeing words like constitutions of fort repeal so unless overtly a marshal tarnow what we've seen in the night they are still trying to get people's emotions focusing on health care and a woman's right to choose says together the yes women from every irish county traveled to the u.k. and twenty sixteen to have an abortion their message via women should have bodily autonomy and be able to decide what they want to do with the bodies in their own country but it's also interesting to point out this is the first time social media
8:37 pm
has played any type of role in an abortion referendum because this is the fourth time in as many decades people in ireland have been asked to virus in some way about abortion and this is the first time social media is a fact oh and we're talking about people in ireland but the reality is is that we live in this digital age that you're highlighting here and there are actually outsiders who could try and swing this right this is a really interesting part of the story will this is what. we're coming to expect now around any type of election cycle the idea that outside forces will try and interfere with that and that's been a worry in ireland as well and because of that google has banned ads on its platform related to the referendum and facebook has not gone quite that far but it's banned not being paid for by irish campaigners but in saying all of that there are still some problems google for example even though it's bad the odds there are still ads apparently popping up on things like irish news websites being read by
8:38 pm
are responsible and presumably some of these websites are using google's actual tech technology so it seems like there are some things that need to be on dot here and in terms of how big foreign interference may be or may have been in the election is something that we will have to wait and see off to the fact to see what's what comes out on that vote coming up tomorrow friday read with the very latest ahead of it thank you so much. well back to daniel winter now and he's having a look at lake victoria's famous fish which is fairly on the menu again toria is one of the world's largest surely water is full abundant stock for the fishing industry well after years of overfishing and pollution fisherman is seeing the holes decline a one kenyan firm wants to revive the lakes reputation for fresh fish by investing in new techniques and of course fresh deliveries. this fish took to his
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arriving in nairobi with a delicacy that was never so freshly available here. it's brought a load of tilapia four hundred kilometers from lake victoria and. a new type of cooling box in the took took the cargo hold makes it possible. for what we had. to get you the basket and a basket would carry them and i would get punished and then again we have to look at how prepared we can be free and i guess am i mad are you really rationing because one could get good credit maybe we could go for. the fresh to the here comes from these fish cages on lake victoria. five years ago just off the island and found danno brother and sister team gilbert and michelle begun farming fish now they harvest some two hundred tons annually
8:40 pm
which go straight on to ice we want to make sure that less fish is wasted. right now almost sixty percent forty to sixty percent of all fish that is caught it's lost because of. so what we're doing is we're creating fish tilapia hatched and grown in ponds unfun gone island before being transferred to their floating cages. based in the us created the fish farm in part for altruistic reasons. they feel fishing is not just life and these fish farm the fisheries communities fish farm this is where we're from we want to see people our community that is marginalised we want to see our community groups want to see them be empowered want to see them be able to have food for their tables the days when the fishermen here london tons of perch are long gone during the one nine hundred eighty s. sustainability wasn't a widely known concept here in lake victoria was. fish clean. those want to
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turn the fish farm into africa's biggest and hoping to win the people who don't know over to fish farming. hoping to seize that all pitching. from will now start to see this as a new we used to make their start to see the acid. like victoria's fishing industry was once declared defunct perhaps a little too soon. and back on dry land it's time for some sports and it's time for some soccer in fact check this out because with to work up in russia just three weeks away germany are at their training camp in northern italy to get ready for the big event and coach a lack of love is staying optimistic but he knows that the world champions well not have it all their old way as they try and defend their title for. your film love looked laidback as he waited for his first appearance in front of the press but
8:42 pm
mentally he was already in full world cup mode on the first day of training camp to secure. our drive and ambition are undiminished look at what even among the players who are already world champion right now we don't need to pump up our how you're here because it's definitely present in everyone who's here is four hundred nineteen out of twenty seven players have already arrived so far live has only had them do light duty but this weekend he'll get the team started on true tactical training. if we already know what we'll be facing in the group stage sweden south korea and mexico teams that will play defensively have to be helped if we also have to expect that we'll be aggressively attack during the tournament so we have to work on that now instead of his theory at meetings and on the pitch let's stand to go you can be taught in our own party whether injured captain manuel
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neuer goes to the world cup will not be decided until the end of training camp until then though there will be daily updates on his progress. started poised to study for how as of today he has no problems whatsoever not even with high impact moves like jumps and so things are looking very good right now the moment see it with those but despite all his optimism live watched training with a critical eye his team has some hard work to do before the tournament kicks off. now to women's football and germany's wolfsburg have missed the chance to wrap up a second trouble in five years after losing four one to french powerhouse li all in the women's champions league final while spurs retains their bundesliga and german cup titles this month and they took the lead in extra time though henn yeah harden are despite being down to ten players but defending champions leone soon to hit back though on monday on greek and three for their goal sealed victory for the
8:44 pm
french side who are now on for their own trouble meantime in american football the n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has announced that the league will fine teams if players on the field fail to stand during the national anthem before the start of the game players will be allowed to stay in the locker room during the album the league is hoping that this policy will and the take me controversy that started when the now unemployed quarterback calling capper nick refused to stand in august of twenty sixteen. calling capper nick kneeling during the national anthem to protest police killings of unarmed black man other players soon did the same president donald trump criticized them for being unpatriotic the league has now officially addressed the issue with a new policy on behavior during the anthem. we want people to be respectful to national anthem we want people to stand that's all personnel and make
8:45 pm
sure that they treat this moment in a respectful fashion and that's something that we think we hope we have been very sensitive in making sure that we give players choices those choices either stands during the anthem or remain in the locker room as a form of protest some star players went on the record backing up the league stance . and they came to an agreement. at their stand. but many fans criticized the new policy. what america's about is having freedom of speech for every single person so for them to dictate for somebody to stay in the locker room i mean that's kind of wrong right there i mean who is anybody to dictate that critics say the league acted without the input from its majority black players and buckled to pressure from major advertisers and president trump the new policy is unlikely to be the last word on the issue.
8:46 pm
so now it is a car that has cruised into the hearts of millions of people worldwide the v.w. beetle has a vast fan base here in germany and beyond of course with many won over by its cute round form and a liability as the bug celebrates its eightieth birthday today takes you along for a joyride injury. with its red orange paint job and circular headlights it's ten months in the months pride and joy. he's been a big fan of. decades. so they're nice and round really cuddly just adorable when you stand in front of it you see a really friendly face looking back. hammond cinnamon takes me on my first ride ever in the legendary car.
8:47 pm
there's not much leg room in this doesn't our steering automatic windows or any other features modern cars have i probably wouldn't buy one but many people around the world have a completely different opinion. twenty two million beetles have been sold and it was even once the world's best selling car it has also been popular in the u.s. and mexico. out of here to help lay the foundation for the v.w. factory in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight his propaganda promise was a car everyone could afford what he called the strength through joy car the vehicle made to evolve into the v.w. beetle in the one nine hundred fifty s. it became the symbol of freedom and independence in germany germans drove it to the
8:48 pm
countryside and vacation spots it didn't take long for the millionth peter to roll off the you simply line the car represented the country's economic miracle on wheels and restrain now and for its durability no other car goes through so much or so with. these. rights. even made it to the silver screen disney made millions with its film in the loft buck. hammond summer months car has even helped him to make new friends he joined other beatle enthusiasts to create a fan club the vehicle has been out of production for fifteen years now but love for the beatles. never dies.
8:49 pm
i the sublime voice there of course the operative memory of palace was considered one of the greatest sopranos of the twentieth century that was an excerpt from a new documentary that is being released here in germany and here to tell us a little bit more about it as our culture editor adrian kennedy this is of course not the first documentary about her so what makes this one different ok well the main difference is this one has no no right so the french directs. interviews photos home videos and. read out by memory a cut of his own net says read out by an actress so is very much maria callas in her own words hence the title of the film maria by callous and maria is the
8:50 pm
woman maria callous and callous is the greats diva the great opera singer the very controversial. but both is a big fan he allows us to spend time with maria callas here of events here a lot of fantastic music or long music sequences but he glosses a little bit over the controversies maria callouses life of course was very dramatic almost as melodramatic as an opera and the good times as we should see often turn sour. even the great love story of her life turned out to be a greek tragedy the temperamental diva maria callas and the shipping magnate aristotle onassis had a turbulent relationship lasted more than seven years and hastened the decline of her singing career that's just one of the stories retold by director tom fife.
8:51 pm
another is how the shy singer suffered under the constant unavoidable media attention she only ever wanted to be on stage and give everything to her performance review about me want to get something out i mean knowing. me as a nerd says she was a great perfectionist she needed our to be brought to the highest level and she was never happy was herself and unfortunately sometimes she she faced people who didn't care as much about art and about opera and. that that brought of course conflicts but it was never. a temperament thing. life's great achievement with his film is to reveal the vulnerability behind a powerful voice of this woman he shows a side of the soprano that any modern day p.r. agent would try to keep hidden for instance there is this rare television interview
8:52 pm
from one nine hundred seventy on the whole there are two people in me i would like to be yeah but there is because of what i have to live up to so i'm hoping the boat as much as i can i mean i'm in a crunch who has a real palace i like to think that they go together because it's has been mighty yeah and my thing in my work my own self has been there at every second. director voice consulted more than four hundred of the singers letters in order to delve into her inner life. he quotes from them in the film allowing the diva to speak for herself sometimes as maria and sometimes as callous. i think it is more difficult to run a clean one. in the end the ordinary life maria coming so long for always eluded her.
8:53 pm
and she retired from the career at the age of forty one why was that she didn't step back onto the opera stage again whether a number of factors i mean she had been pushed into the scene in korea by a very ambitious mother from very early i see she'd already had thirty a very intense years at one stage in korea they men around to suggest she might like to lose weight and she lost an incredible thirty eight kilos in just one year a lot of people said that transformation have no effect on the strength of her voice so it was a combination of factors extreme pressures constant attention harsh criticism not just for the singing but also for her behavior she was known as the temperamental terror of the opera world so it all ended up in the end she chose private life over
8:54 pm
the intense pressures of this opera korea but what an incredible talent she was do you think that we will ever hear a voice like that again i think she has a very unique forces instantly recognisable it's unlike many of the voices of opera singers which are much more technically. penetrate saying but vulnerable especially in the performances the live performances that she gave which were really absolutely mesmerizing where she put everything into them in suv taking the meaning out of those areas. and bringing across to the audience and i understand we have a clip of her right perhaps we just want to have a listen to that.
8:55 pm
feel. i could just listen to that all day angie and you know if our viewers want to learn more about the documentary more about her career they can find it on the web site these are your calm slash. is a very wonderful film i recommend it very highly a.j. and kennedy and our culture task thank you both. and quickly before we go we just like to remind you of the top stories that we've been following for you here at the
8:56 pm
new u.s. president donald trump has canceled talks with north korea planned for next month truong claimed the decision on hostility from kim jong un after a war of words between washington and pyongyang also vowing to keep maximum sanctions pressure on north korea. shut up today i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching. on.
8:57 pm
where to store germany's nuclear waste experts are searching for a disposal site that will be safe for a million years for doing such a place even exist. we should all smoke and we can sure there's a technical problem upon. exposing them is the safe disposal model the nuclear waste line. fifteen minutes long. w. . fasten your seat belts.
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comes. the food go. look at the. checkin. travel guide to dublin. new.
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book club for the white house. round is fake you know but the touch about focus is your favorite place. to the to make appointments church and the cultural sense of the entire country the champion of free feeling for the last sixty five years. for mines come higher and higher come further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style. a business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. thirty games starting june so. expert on d. w. .
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this is d. w. news from berlin tonight a spectacular turnaround the u.s. president cancels a plan summit with north korea. is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world was president blaming hostile statements from kim jong corn for the decision will ask what pushed.


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