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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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global inequalities. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media player. join the discussion and how the new thing going to balance the global media forum twenty eighty. when we think of the world cup we think of great players and teams from around the wild. on this edition of kick off the thing. that's me takes a look at world cup group featuring brazil brazil who won the world cup more than any other country by times first opponents in russia will debate costa rica next up
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will be dark horses serbia. sorry that leaves us with one more thing. with. these two men played for brazil although they never won the world cup giovanni el baradei robots are on their favorites for the upcoming tournament in russia. you have to. give them a new situation. and on their home country i mean that a bit as you would seem to be making somebody hears about. spain also looking for another try and block on political divisions affecting team unity we checked the mood on the ground and bosler in spain or rather catalonia in spite. kick off reports a happy hour with a rather special world cup. you can dream it you know how i think it's a doll running moral not bite but first preview go for.
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when we think of the world cup we think of great players and teams from around the world but there's one thing that all of us associate with success brazil have won the world cup more than any other country five times what we want to know now is do they have what it takes to do it again. brazil will be up against twenty fourteen surprise package costa rica along with stereotypical husband serbia and the highly ranked swiss. all except the youngest football fans have glorious memories of brazil winning the world cup from pele to or now about the country has the ultimate reputation for creating genius attacking players on the current squad is no different. neymar will be one of the best players out of the tournament as long as he recovers from injury in time but who does he have and support is it enough to write a six star to the badge. let's take a closer look. let's start with the obvious one the
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superstar the national hero it's easy to forget with the circus around him but neymar is insanely good at football. he's been the big hope for brazil since making his debut back in twenty ten the early hype was justified neymar has already passed a half century of goals for brazil. a little reminder still just twenty six goals have led to something tangible as well one confederations cup and one in lympics title neymar scored four goals at each. but of course they kind of pale into insignificance compared to another competition that he didn't go so well in brazil obviously i'm talking about the last world cup brazil's world cup. neymar actually scored four goals at this one as well maybe he has a quarter or something but he was prevent. from scoring anymore by
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a back injury. before the diagnosis came in the country ground to a halt t.v. was basically showing twenty four hour coverage of neymar trip to the doctors it was a bit weird like he's the second coming of christ those of us all of brazil waited with bated breath to see if their savior would recover in time for the semifinal but he did and then it all went wrong july twenty fourth seen the worst night in brazil's football in history a name all this team went up against germany and got hammered seven one it was the perfect storm of intense pressure over reliance on one player ruthless opposition. and it was all perfectly summed up by that face palm toward the logo. so the real question is what's changed since then well first thing they won't be playing in their own country i was there in twenty four and the expectations were through the roof with a touch less pressure on them in a better position to play how they want to do they have the players to take
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advantage of that. let's dive in and take a closer look. speaking of diving their options and go look pretty good first choice alex song has been a revelation this season marking himself out as one of the world's top keepers on city's edison has done likewise and still struggles to get in the team in defense the old legends a still knocking around younger silva marcello are still very good unfortunately right back danny alberts will miss out through injury but they have other defensive talents like p.s.g. is mark in your side sense about and man city has done a lot of younger hungry players. in midfield the players aren't necessarily new but they are improving. remember the shell of a footballer that was probably them now he's in the form of his life at barcelona likewise for nineteen years has played a key role in pep guardiola as man city revolution. they could change. that.
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now we come to the forwards this is where we really see the day. for team name has some serious support first as man city jesus who is just twenty years old is already a first great goal scorer. someone to take the gold but. you also have. less of a poacher more of a creator and potentially the perfect foil for the other to tick tick tick tick so with the pressure of being the host and a much better squad of their disposal brazil serious contenders this time around they are going to charge through that group and make an assault on the final. that only leaves one qualifying spot for the other three teams so joining brazil in the round of sixteen let's check out the competition starting with costa rica.
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they were the darlings of twenty fourteen surprising everyone but finishing top of the group you can take your reply england and italy. first the good news. the team that not come out last time isn't even at this tournament what the hell is happened to the netherlands. anyway back to costa rica. many of the heroes from four years ago are still around. spent the last few years is real madrid's number one if you haven't been paying attention that's been going pretty well for a. time hasn't been quite so. briefly looks set to nail down a place of. since then he's spent most of his time on an impressive loan spells. maybe. they also have experience captain brian ruiz to leave the troops. sounds pretty good right but.
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not a good combination of grit and flat. field. and luke which should allow the players to do their thing. which is useful as they have some serious creativity. which is one of the most experienced of the bunch but he'll be able to assisted by his younger team mates like. all eyes will be on another. surrogate milinkevich become one of the best midfielders in syria this season. his performances could be crucial. not exactly with natural finish. so that leaves us with one more thing and on paper they're the favorites to join brazil in the second round switzerland. they are one of the top ranked teams in the
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world despite lacking genuine star quality captain stephan now has had a good career in syria but at thirty four he's in the autumn of his career you can pretty much sum up the swiss team is good but not great just look at granite shocker he's got a good record for the team but has had a nightmarish couple of years in the premier league record a ridge regas and deadbolt specialist who has been part of midlands dismal campaign and even their brightest from the last world cup has gone the same way. just don't shout series got a hat trick in brazil he was a violent time and looked set for a bright future but in the meantime he's wound up getting relegated it started he's still a good player and a top scorer in the current squad but like the rest of it saying it's not quite top level so who's going through out of those three it's a tough one but switzerland record a major tournament could be crucial they go to the round of sixteen last time out and the euros two years ago they know how to get out of the group but not much
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further. sorry brazil are charging through to the knockout phase followed by switzerland. i think serbia will just miss out and costa rica will finish bottom of the group but it will be tight you know what i think brazil are my favorites to win the world cup they already overcome their demons once by beating germany in a friendly now maybe russia twenty eighteen give them the chance to lay the ghosts of their home world cup to rest. say roberta. full of bundesliga stars and brazil internationals who just think it will end up lifting the cup in russia. yes i. also spoke to the keith keith piece in the summer session. believe that. or probably not to see all of this and it's all the little money in
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that bill keller they were thrown up at this point that there are signs point to me he can swap at the schools that are signs once or someone forge water pulls up their purse it's put up with the model of playing with my goddamn eyes. but as you are trying to make a boy. sick i'm going to say listen what a poem over their approach each it. full bore what they want from me keeping all songs over their souls and you read this if you'd call the noise to say i was there they are so listen to your now we're trying to watch it war nothing i'll know pretty into but as a little bit of those more they are going they are very hard to mistake i'm pm but as the old you are saying the cussedness on the finance or the i want to listen keep boyd me senior figure as capias as a no support. yes
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i thought their visual who. meet them i hear. in this hour for their vision. when you've got a call or let your knees remind you quick keep also my spirits start this year old rule when you talk to discern. my eyes. we must stop with them. seem a little want to take out a few malo. i simplify this one for those to look out for don't be put out there for my something to come. will be all. put in my file as the learned will die so that there your usual gun is me we see. it as you are but as usual got the blue need to chew. yes that there are
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a couple known nonsense in the air but as you can into the core populism ski cheer for the former forge can do that but they're out of a maze they. need to move forward knowing that my sit at the new before for the ball out to all those who are sent to bed and that they are civil synch even by they don't usually. have their own group of a few super. models a little bit there might be a way that. you start seem a little bit we're. cladistic on that was that dumbledore is rather god for that phineas or going on company all right up on my papa dog or dog or dogs or choir you are sure you are so made few circuses my are probably all mr men
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mesilla some dodgy cina of the form achilles raga and but i say. the former by so long they'll miss mitchell that bored soccer granted if it is still chilly net i want to sit on the name either you some we want to mean michael me social capital s. in this somewhat as in leader got born we think you got an easter. i mean that your being here he deploys your wounds on those i say listen with you're going to. be feeding this in order to pay some mazen you kiss him into dust in the sun but as in the really you can some of us with a little dane the all key and when given these most of which you've really quite a poor stock when he died and put all the quality of you chose over us that one.
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i said it was said should he be a civil one section or action film. body . disaster nikifor but as you played the a put up but i live in. the pool his without the key. is not how it is here and what was on my face saw another view that almost. before some more to make it work there's no. it washed a key. he said. as you watch. the. football she. says in all of us.
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and now it's one of those world cup favorites despite the winners in south africa twenty ten kick off reports are happy and assesses the chances of his country. i. i country with an identity crisis. you can really feel how high things will solve. in order to see if i knew i still believe that it was going to look still look. like it was said in the yellow medical service be the base first i thought they did leave it up to the local if you're looking the look for all of the work so i live a team full of new young players who still need to prove what they're capable of. but it was presented to them with such a mistake that that image quality that you have to tell them to look like you have
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the minutes on the court is just because it looks good but i made a question see all. it's with me the feeling that a person is missing is one hundred. ninety five i thought. eight years ago i watched in the square in french imagery that i'm on the cross. thousands of thousands of people i was being warned about you know i now the spanish national team is heading to russia after a very disappointing performance in brazil in two thousand and fourteen so the new generation of players ready to bring spain back to the top position spain has recently been hit by a crisis that could also affect this bunny's national team it's an issue with a long history but he never hit such
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a boiling point in my lifetime to find out the true consequences of the crisis i need to visit one place. but flown out. of the region of catalonia the city has a very particular relationship with the spanish national team. for use buffalo has been the cradle of the national team in two thousand and ten spain won the world cup with seven players in the lineup for the final five for eleven where cattle and . you want to. move you want fill out your life and if you let me know of your maybe a little but you know. how i don't know maybe you don't know me now but still and i said the center for political movement hoping to break away from the rest of the country. in these buildings. in the benz from spain that sparked a deep political crisis is still far from being resolved i have to get that done so you. think almost all of your members like i. was going to get one of the last of
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them on this one you know that. one of the finest election espana law on the us i could you know most of us feel it is by your love it then here kevin russell if you're. one of the consequences of these highly charged political atmosphere for the world of football spin having maybe in catalonia since two thousand and four when they faced the roof in this olympic stadium here i met jordi here who covers the spanish national team. for the newspaper sports. we seek out our national divorce court a conflict with them but i would just if you got your must buy that you know that they're ok or that i will be going to be difficult to bust while you stick up into this. guy you're full of yes but we're looking i will say. i start here when i left without. good no doubt that that's how you have a shot at
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a pedo i would have the rest of us that there were before you know you had ever said it would be i would of course have asked. us that they've had the obit i did when i was a child i feel they were about the last of the. central buffalo ny you can find people complaining for this money as national team and activists promoting cut i don't mean the bands just meters away from each other. but when it comes to football he's left to go where both ideologies really clash while real fans supports bunnies you need much of the bar side crowd support secession. and there's one man with bodies this controversy. to make that big a little get going about this get it better then he got this am i going to get to some i don't know about in the devil to get some i don't know and i'm going to be cynical enough why i didn't want that i never. did that yeah i want. to learn to
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defend the seen by many in spain has broken the pens and he's been booed east asian sport on the country was the best independent east. there's not room to own you and . your women cannot believe we are going to start it because you get into the. other courses to see the family hear them i didn't expect much as one those were forcibly feelings from you know that thing were never going to be putting one why are you sat in my stand up and i'm just going to say that. publishing about an expletive. but that's ok you got to know that other but by the iraqi embassy. here next to no before our hearts are real madrid game you can really feel how high tensions are running we heard something song sung unconstrained uncaring. claiming for the independence of catalonia these are the funds of one of the biggest clubs
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in the war and they are singing the country many of the players will be representing. i think you see questing with this atmosphere affect spain's performance in russia. particularly for while the. official. vicious i'll start a political rant that your service today by lavish what. we. call the obvious i have. tried plenty of some of this stuff is there. but i had a lot. of the vocal with that he was going to affect but another the mass in. my m.p. topic it was football reporter for the t.v. channel classics the sun i was full of the spanish national team very closely. is so exactly eleven but i feel on in the camp out on that list that say i'm hopeful
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because i'm in the it to set it up for the money. there's enough money in this. so people don't think politics will affect this promise me you see russia but then i wonder what the spain need to be back in the fight for a title. let's focus on the players because today is also the farewell of fundraising is that who said he wouldn't be playing here makes this and. these will be his last world cup with his goal in extra time against the net. villains inspect gape spain its first full champion see if he's one of the last members of spain schooled in generation to the world football for six years is the new way for playing it's ready to reach the same level. of my front i mean that i would think of yourself if you had to come upon. an illegal kyllikki put on lots of fun. you know of any terrorist spins for mole keep but if something is to. look at everybody goes down we want to. who
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won those who are standing in the world when. i was disappointed like i would say that i sincerely. need us because of those who want. to do get the seraphic defeats brazil twenty four team one france twenty sixteen new coach little league pass world but first to spain since he took over the team has a last. look at the radical enough form us if you're. going to push commodious we're going to get a little she said or you could try to be able to sort of maybe just say we're told this could you give them a choice here normally we haven't before you when the company was over and i will call for the release telephone poll from the special committee as biased against command post by now don't get yourself in a pickle bunny and i am yet to get what we are not many that one of us there are look at when people are. saying has young guys hungry for triumphs like reality because profits or are they to go sell music but they aren't the only ones caught
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up with a couple choice called. care about a trooper that when you start a letter like this by your brother's will for a cause which they may have yourself well apart and get us a car but the locus records here that be about a question as will all get up in the gallon by year end of it they really allow a dollar's worth of broke up for everybody that are affordable vocal about it but about here getting more tough in that sense you know what i mean by the question. is republican leadership. a few g.c.s.e. that is still nothing you can. can imagine. i'm it seems spain are ready to jump into that arena and russia and become again full time going to close down they
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say like you have cars and i'm like you know maybe spain lisa is lucky that from both on i lucky in politics will see how one thing is for show the players who put up a good fight good for. european
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strong. liber rousing performances. blues rock classic suited. pete keyboard selma. and catch melodies. the legendary mantra man and his own found. in fifteen minutes d w. how to cover more than just one
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reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any news journalist they can trust for them to make sense of those. items back off of work at the w. . you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. seats for muslims for the rich but for many poor people if you don't first their chance of survival. and i could
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be lunch for today just like you. know reporters travel tonight movie and work and meet people who know the true value of courage. it has created a surprising parallel economy. but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting plans won't be and because we're tired. and actually destructive he couldn't. the bridge to the trash exclusive report starting june eleventh on t.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the home with. experience
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. alan guest at frankfurt. managed by for. u.s. president donald trump has canceled his planned summit with north korea's kim jong un trump blamed hostile language from kim and reminded him that the u.s. has quote massive and powerful nuclear capabilities kim had earlier said u.s. officials were stupid for suggesting could face the so-called libya model of disarmament. before trump's announcement north korea said it had blown up its only no nuclear testing facility international.


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