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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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this is did every news live from berlin film producer harvey weinstein turns himself in new york city all four of these arresting him earlier today on the right unsexy huge challenges for months after he was toppled from hollywood's most powerful ranks by an avalanche of misconduct accusations will be going live to new york in just a second also on the program is it on or is it all fall to consider true words from pyongyang u.s. president all trump says is so much with north korean leader kim jong un could take
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place after all we'll take you to washington for more on that. and the island focus in a historic referendum on abortion the mainly catholic nation has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe analysts are expecting a close result. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring it feels good to have you with us we start in new york city where former hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has been released on a one million dollars bio after appearing before a manhattan court he was charged with wright and sex abuse charges involving encounters with two women weinstein agreed to wear an electronic monitor and also to refrain from traveling beyond new york and connecticut the movie producer was toppled from hollywood's highest ranks last year after dozens of women accused him
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of misconduct. his lawyer believes weinstein will ultimately be exonerated of those charges he spoke to reporters after the court appearance earlier today mr weinstein will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges and we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr weinstein will be exonerated. ok let's get the latest now from correspondent james ronnell in new york james as we just heard there. will be pleading not guilty with over seventy women saying he is guilty were presumably now looking at a fierce courtroom battle in the weeks and months to come. yes this is definitely going to be one of those courtroom battles which is going to be as much of
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a public spectacle as it is anything else than as much a public spectacle as it was today as a movie producer went in handed and self into a police station and lower manhattan of course the allegations. of sexual abuse against harvey weinstein that have mounted up over the years something like seventy plus women making these claims against him. and a whole range of allegations from the most extreme examples of right to some lower forms of harassment. they aren't exactly what the inquiry is about as it stands a moment only faces allegations from. abuse related to two different women in twenty thousand and twenty fourteen so as it stands the case isn't going to be every single one of the people who've accused him famous actresses gwyneth paltrow and kate beckinsale but just two specific cases as we understand at the moment and james this case of course coming months long investigation into weinstein into the
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allegations of misconduct do we have any idea how solid the district attorney's case against him is. well the district attorney. obviously he keeps his cards close to his chest and he doesn't reveal exactly to the public at this stage what evidence he's going to bring in but of course he wouldn't be able to bring the allegations if they were unable to stand up in court what he said today is that the charges reflect theognis progress in this active ongoing investigation and i think what's important there is that the investigation is ongoing and his i think you just think that is necessarily only going. to win and making allegations of course the lawyers defending weinstein already fought back against this trying to discredit the allegation they say that weinstein is going to plead not guilty and one thing lawyer brafman suggested when it comes to
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the two women giving evidence in court he says that if it gets that far a jury isn't going to believe them ok james james ronald in new york many thanks for that. meanwhile another hollywood giant in facing accusations of misconduct actor morgan freeman issuing an apology today after reports of multiple allegations of sexual harassment us media reports of eight women coming forward and saying that freeman subjected them to a range of troubling behavior on film sets or promotional to those allegations include the hollywood actor making comments about their bodies or touching them suggestively in a statement the star apologize to anyone who felt quote uncomfortable disrespect and. moving on now to diplomacy is most complicated floatation of the moment first they set up a big date then they got cold feet now the leaders of the u.s.
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and all of north korea could be getting it back on again donald trump saying a meeting with kim jong un could still happen on june the twelfth just a day ago trump called off the much anticipated summit in a letter to kim that prompted a conciliatory response from pyongyang which appears to have reopened the possibility of a summit north korea also claims to have demolished a nuclear test site as a sign of goodwill. just a short while ago trump spoke to reporters about the on again off again talks is what he had to say. you know we'll see what happens. now they very much want to do it. we're going to see what happens. everybody plays you know that you know that it is. everybody plays games well let's bring in clay richardson in washington a washington correspondent do we have any idea clay of why president trump
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a base to be changing his mind again. hi christopher well his supporters would say that this is all part of a tactic to try and get a tough negotiation and concessions from north korea and as you say in fact the response from north korea has been quite conciliatory they said that they were willing to talk at any time and so people who support trump say that it was actually good that he decided to walk away from this summit where there are still so many open questions about the logistics of how it would take place we have a location set for singapore but aside from that there is no clear agenda it's not clear who is going to be there and they said it would not bode well for him to walk into these talks without having more of the specifics ironed out now his detractors would say that's not the case at all that trump was so desperate for a political win at home that he was willing to risk war on the korean peninsula certainly alienating american allies there and that he was wildly unprepared for this meeting and that's why he has walked away from the summit ok you know he
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talked to everyone playing games do we have any idea what kind of diplomatic brinkmanship wrangling is going on in the background. well the u.s. defense secretary james mattis has just said that there could be some good news he says diplomats are in talks and if they can pull it off we could potentially even see the meeting going ahead on june twelfth in singapore as planned so it's worth walking back a little bit and looking at how we got here because earlier this week it seemed like trump and kim had quite warm relations but this came after over the weekend we saw the vice president mike pence make comments that suggested that if north korea did not give up its nuclear arsenal it could face the libyan model that is of course referring to what happened to her gadhafi after in early in the early to thousands he agreed with the united states to give up his nuclear program and then during the arab spring uprising was brutally murdered by his own people so kim jong un and other nuclear powers are looking at that example as something that could
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happen to them if they are willing to give up their nuclear program and the north koreans called pence's comments ignorant and stupid and trump says this is what was the final straw in this kind of hostile our rhetoric that had broken broken trust and that that was why he was unwilling to go to this summit which would have been a historic meeting between a u.s. president and north korean leader for the first time ok many thanks for that clear richardson washington. let's catch up now at some of the other stories making news around the world the netherlands and australia say they are both holding russia responsible for shooting down malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen nearly four years ago the announcement is likely to lead to legal action on thursday investigators said the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a russia based military unit all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed moscow rejects the accusation. spain's prime minister noda hall is
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facing a no confidence vote country's largest opposition party is following the motion against him off his ruling party was convicted of illegally financing election campaigns but a whole is conservatives challenging the move but his main ally in parliament is already calling for a snap election to replace him. a court in kosovo has jailed two doctors for illegally harvesting kidneys and selling the organs to wealthy patients in other countries the court says that doctors used fraudulent means to recruit patients and their organs were sold for as much as one hundred thousand euros apiece. now in ireland voting has started in a historic referendum that could lead to a loosening of the country's new total ban on abortions it currently has some of the most restrictive laws in europe and after a bitterly divisive campaign the vote could be close so irish citizens living
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abroad who allowed to vote have been flocking to cost about. final preparations for an important trip home. magen wool is an irish immigrant in london she's one of thousands travelling back to ardent to cast her ballot in today's abortion referendum magen is in favor of repealing the restrictive abortion laws. i think that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and no woman should feel the need to travel to access a basic human right meghan is one of many who wait in long queues or darlins airports. images and videos posted with the hash tag home to vote have flooded social media some of those arriving home received a warm welcome like here at dublin airport. bar was.
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polls opened at seven am local time and close at ten pm tonight more than three point two million people are registered to vote in the referendum it's the sixth time the country is voting on the issue if the public votes yes the irish government has said they would legislate by the end of the year to allow for abortion up to twelve weeks with medical consent currently abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormality the issue has divided heart and. yeah i know today you know i have to base it price so high low for us and it's a hard decision for us. to speed and i just don't have the right to take. i think life to say chris sands for that reason so i'm hoping that he asked. i think it's very. divisive issue but i think it's the right thing for the women of arland care compassion dignity and safety equal health care.
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and the results of an exit poll on the abortion referendum will be announced late on friday. turning to some sports news now in european football excitement is building for the champions league final on saturday spanish giants real madrid facing another great night live a poll tomorrow evening in the ukrainian capital kiev scores of liverpool fans waited for the arrival of the english team outside its downtown hotel they were disappointed liverpool's german coach of the club all smiles and the fans also got a glimpse of their favorite stars including striker. the squad prepares for the big game. in boxing us president donald trump has issued a poem for the sports first african-american heavyweight champion jack johnson back in one thousand eight. hundred states just four years later he was arrested and convicted for having a relationship with
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a white woman that conviction has now been and jack johnson made history becoming the first black heavyweight boxing champion in the weight division was segregated in till one thousand nine hundred eight when johnson defeated canadian tommy burns to win the title laws banning interracial relationships existed at the time however johnson ignored them he was arrested and convicted for traveling across state lines within wife lucille cameron in one nine hundred twelve over one hundred years later u.s. president donald trump reacted the first african-american heavyweight champion of the world a truly great fighter had a tough life. they say violated the man and he had a conviction that occurred during a period of tremendous racial tension in the united states more than a century ago. johnson served ten months in federal prison for what many view
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as a racially motivated justice he was treated very rough very tough. the best or so low known for his rocky films and former heavyweight champion linux louis encourage trump to issue the pardon factor his predecessor barack obama declined to do so. you're watching the news to stay with us if you kept. going to the whole d w one hour. before in focus global insights the news out for local heroes. the double made for minds.


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