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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin who is to blame for the downing of flight. in the netherlands in a strike here say they hold russia legally responsible for shooting down the malaysia airlines plane over eastern ukraine almost four years ago moscow denies any responsibility for the attack which killed all two hundred ninety eight people . also on the program and you'll recall charges hollywood film producer harvey weinstein with allegations of rape and sex abuse that once powerful movie mogul has
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been released on bail is lawyer says he will plead not guilty. and if you don't know is it all falls to conciliatory words from pyongyang u.s. president donald trump says he summoned the north korean leader kim jong un could take place. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring a good to have you with us the netherlands and australia say they're holding russia legally responsible for shooting down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen in the four years ago back in twenty fourteen the announcement comes a day off investigators said they had unequivocal evidence that the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a military unit based in russia dutch prime minister mark rich has appealed to moscow to cooperate with a criminal investigation and also to negotiate over record. since flight m h
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seventeen was shot down over territory held by pro russian separatists forces in eastern ukraine in july twenty fourth killing all two hundred ninety eight people aboard the russian president vladimir putin has denied his country is responsible moscow also blocked an official independent united nations inquiry of the tragedy. for boring a list we're going to go to a moscow correspondent emily show when emily one of the reactions from moscow so far. well today on the sidelines of the st petersburg economic forum as you mentioned president vladimir putin denied the accusations when he was asked about whether it was a russian rocket that shot down the mh seventeen he said no of course not and we also saw a statement by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who said that he spoke to his dutch counterpart and that he felt that the dutch side actually presented
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absolutely no facts proving that russia was behind the downing of the mh seventeen and now russia has really been kind of questioning the evidence presented by the joint investigation. team yesterday they also have been saying that the investigation itself is biased they even presented an alternative version of what could have happened the defense ministry said that the the the air excuse me the anti aircraft system that was used to down the plane couldn't have been russian because it was too old and wouldn't have complied with with security conditions in the russian army they then use that information to point the finger squarely at hugh crane because they said that ukraine does have soviet anti aircraft systems so they're denying and pointing the finger at ukraine ok well you know the dip is to
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be very determined on what it's doing here let's just listen to the dutch from an assistant here's how he explained his government's accusations. there. let it be clear that because of the outstanding work of the joint investigation team there is now indisputable proof of a direct link between the missile with which flight m.h. seventeen was shot down and the russian army. ok the dutch. clearly very determined that they also want moscow to negotiate over reparations emulates has the kremlin commented on that point briefly if you may. well kremlin spokesperson we need to this call for i was asked about that today and he said that those questions should be directed at the foreign ministry but what we're seeing here is really part of
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a pattern that we've seen with when it comes to kind of all western accusations against russia in the past few years when it comes to chemical weapons attacks when it comes to the russian doping scandal the russian side usually denies provides kind of alternative facts questions the investigation that's going on and also presents itself as the victim of an anti russian political campaign ok emily many thanks for that emily show in moscow. in the u.s. form a hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has been released on a one million dollars by a lost or appearing before a court in new york he was charged with rape and sex abuse involving encounters with two women one student greed to wear an electronic monitor and refrain from traveling between beyond new york and connecticut the movie producer was toppled from hollywood's highest ranks last year off to dozens of women accused him of misconduct once things lawyer believes his client will ultimately be exonerated
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from the charges he spoke to reporters after the court appearance. that weinstein will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr weinstein will be exonerated ok let's get the latest now from correspondent james ronald in new york james as we just heard there. will be pleading not guilty with over seventy women saying he is guilty were presumably now looking at a fierce courtroom battle in the weeks and months to come yes this is definitely going to be one of those courtroom battles which is going to be as much of a public spectacle as it is anything else than as much a public spectacle as it was the day the movie producer went in handed and fell into a police station and lower manhattan of course the allegations. of sexual abuse
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against harvey weinstein that have mounted up over the years something like seventy plus women making these claims against him. and a whole range of allegations from the most extreme examples of rape to some lower forms of harassment. they aren't exactly what the inquiry is about a moment only faces allegations from. abuse related to two different women in twenty thousand and twenty fourteen so as it stands the case isn't going to be everything go one of the people who've accused him of famous actors the gwyneth paltrow and kate beckinsale but just to specific cases as we understand at the moment and james this case of course coming months long investigation into weinstein into the allegations of misconduct do we have any idea how solid the
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district attorney's case against him is. well the district attorney cyrus vance jr. obviously he keeps his cards close to his chest and he doesn't reveal exactly to the public at this stage what evidence he's going to bring in but of course he wouldn't be able to bring the allegations if they were unable to stand up in court what he said today is that the charges reflect theognis progress in this active ongoing investigation and i think what's important there is that the investigation is ongoing and he's i think if they just think that it's necessarily only going. to women making allegations of course lawyers defending weinstein already fought back against this trying to discredit the allegation they say that weinstein is going to plead not guilty and. lawyer brafman suggested when it comes to the two women giving evidence in court he says that if it gets that far a jury isn't going to believe them ok james james ronnell in new york many thanks
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for that. good and thank you from new york to washington now where u.s. president donald trump has hinted talks with north korean leader kim jong could still go ahead next month as planned despite calling off the summit and yesterday it's like his curveball in washington's foreign policy and follows high profile efforts by north korea to curry favor with the white house. north korea's exploded tunnel entrances at a nuclear testing site as a goodwill gesture to advance the summit with the u.s. president. but it seems not to have been enough for donald trump and he apparently called off the june meeting with kim jong un. the power that could be seen as a defeat and leave diplomacy in a chaotic state. for me i think all parties hope the problem can still be resolved through dialogue. south korean government remains committed to continuing
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talks. and i question. at this point trunk's refusal to meet kim appears to give north korea a moral edge the state national television portrayed kim opening a new rail bridge as if nothing had happened. only the state news agency expressed kim's continued willingness to meet the u.s. president any time and any place. meanwhile the japanese leader threw his support behind trump the big chill of this cancellation is regretful but i support the u.s. president such a summit would have to bring a clear progress on pyongyang's nuclear missile issue he said along that. progress or not these protests in south korean students see trumps decision as a debacle and a danger for world peace they are demanding he joined kim at the negotiating table after all. ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world brazil's
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president michelle turner has ordered security forces to clear roads blocked by truckers protesting against high fuel prices their five day strike has virtually paralyzed the country. the city of san paolo declared a state of emergency suspending non-essential services to conserve fuel. spanish prime minister monday on the road ahead for you has criticized the parliamentary motion of no confidence against his government he said the move is bad for spain and only creates insecurity the country's largest opposition party filed the motion a day off to former officials of rahal its conservative party were found guilty of accepting bribes in exchange for lucrative public. according. to doctors for illegally harvesting kid needs and selling the organs to wealthy patients in other countries the court says the doctors used for you look means to recruit patients and their organs were then sold for as much as one hundred
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thousand euros apiece. and at least seven people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the libyan city of benghazi the bomb exploding on a busy road close to the popular two bestie hotel no group has claimed responsibility so far libya has been rocked by violence since a twenty eleven uprising which toppled and killed dictator moammar gadhafi. now island is voting in a historic referendum that could lead to a loosening of the country's new total ban all abortions it currently has some of the most restrictive laws in europe after a bitterly divided divisive campaign the vote could be closed irish citizens living abroad who aren't allowed to vote there have been flocking home to cost about that . final preparations for an important trip home. magen wool is an irish immigrant in london she's one of thousands travelling back to ardent to cast her ballot in today's abortion referendum magen is in favor of
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repealing the restrictive abortion laws. i think that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and no woman should fail to travel to access a basic human right magen is one of many who wait in long queues or garland's airports. images and videos posted with the hashtag home to vote have flooded social media some of those arriving home received a warm welcome like here at dublin airport. polls opened at seven am local time and close at ten pm tonight more than three point two million people are registered to vote in the referendum it's the sixth time the country is voting on the issue if the public votes yes the irish government has said they would legislate by the end of the year to allow for abortion up to twelve weeks with medical consent currently abortion is only allowed
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when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormalities the issue has divided our country. yeah i'm going to vote no today no i have to base it for a price so high low for us and it's a hard decision for us so it's a spade i just don't have the right to take life i think life is sacred and for that reason i know i'm hoping that a yes posture say i think it's very. divisive issue but i think it's the right thing for the women of parliament care compassion they can see and safety equal health care. and the results of an exit poll on the abortion referendum will be announced late on friday. you're watching news still to come day one of europe's new data privacy regulations that aimed at protecting user data and they significantly raise the fine thirty one file later in the world. only need
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to know about that story i'm plenty more coming up on to the only business with that physic. the tumbling tires are and i as came from jurors or dealing with any of that i killed many civilians. coming including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mine.


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