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tv   Europe in Concert - Alvaro Soler Spain Germany  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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in germany state by state. the most colorful. long list. of the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk come. the freedom of expression. a value that a ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their rights to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom.
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just so. we're nothing. in the way. the government is good enough to get us because they are selling you know. in our midst the data will. go out in the snow on the scene unfold. on this crash. complete.
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mess can. be done john. kudos no submit that no no no i am going to come. down to the disappointment of not knowing. your. long list of damn. good salaries. of specific. q. do you believe the best thing you can do little to keep the simplest. form. there was this movie and i didn't keep. the company going to. steal the show. coming soon and not letting the
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long list song like the bad now look back on the bad cold man look at the. results now but. good. luck. good souls good. well who got to go see the m.s.m. the old clam this thing don't they oh my. goodness as soon as. the come you know the mysterious golden. dawn they. are up to come. wrong islamabad no no no no no. no no
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because as. long as. food is. good. yes the elite. class. zero can't seem. to me. to show you. who's. song is. sung a song or. the best song the best song in. the last song and song i.
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see you know five. sequences. would be a. good show you. the best song or. best song or a. song or song or. song and song.
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pompom pot of all compounds bought a compound bought up from by the boy many months fansite what got it i loaded with gold i'm on and i use ramos to come to canada. to use for not gong to get a mosquito my. stomach you know. i'm upset i am bleeding gold the game they play in the bugzilla by the
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long game play along let's move to france cmon now below the bullets you see again good morning susan i don't feel good the bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb up to follow up on a pilot been silent the bush policies going to the back yard looks good stab them on the back of the gov would stop long in. the last few months. stomach. now let's not blame. the below since the battle of the bands cuts movement and the bowling league play
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money and close above. just sold out. because there is mold growing. the most slowly moving comes down. lug slips of gameplay must play. player game played simpler. good luck play
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a game playing the flute. come. along the folo. looks. good. so you have. just the. right. jolene you know enemy hands oh here comes the mask a man named his name a man's moves from. making superbad me feeling really good
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a going to send out on the senate. about. the casting. of some known issues about me be a man there's good news coming on the bionic man psionics suppose. the mood of gas sounds good i used to come. to. the. job feeling you know that. you took the saddest part of the matter i am going to be guided him insane. plan a. man i was to get to know the man that stole a man's brand ballot bowl mail me the legacy. to
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pass out goodies for some unknown man to damn me me me a man getting a good chance to see my goal to be honest man soon to see no. gas at monet's snow told. me. no way to make me coming back you. know. just when i. married you down. there is being.
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cast. a spell. to me me me i'm. going to. be the only man. you know. be going to cast in movies. you. me. sport the. book the meat go it out on. new guy gavriel sad. to say to young ya know say to
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myself they. play no no no it's a good. fit speech it seems man described to me this in. the good. old. is for the soul has been told. no just. come. back to haunt. you cold i've known. mechanism. in a guy like him you told latter. fiancee's day out song you me out. that soul you can see me sad.
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that. good. yes my. son has followed me many good. soul good. place back beyond just. told. jonas it comes. to come come . mean. a. good. sport would have.
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the code. for me me. me me go. go and. giveback ok i'm up for lamplight these days i am so god join his viewers that
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got your own. game balance out again no more live life normally and i'm alive i'm beat out of larry i don't stack up going on. six packs imbecile ask him when i asked my ascap man now not to get into some company in soho and below to get a liar as the number that a month ago. a son not above the earth does not answer. your skill is that. he can. not come out you know the month let me die let us back out to come.
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to life. look you must look at memphis a few mathematically a must say yes nicely. i want to own up to my stampede he said i love becomes you know you need a life fool if you fold. it. up come up. with. the silliest game of backgammon good. night good night good. night i feel that a. good. mood. told good. morning.
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looking out for laughs last piece that i am still getting even as background. noise me back to living out of a stack i feel glad i got. that back. you. have a. man
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back out you. can call us after that. magic grandma and i will do maybe you have to go on your gram go home ask me ask you know. mass guy nothing annoys me more stork you know. political. crap go. back to. players. players. are going to.
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play a. big. play. me . you know you have a. big. saturday a. long gallery. i'll come to the goal. goal. don't. get a. good. player. play
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the players. are going to. play. her. a. leaflet love. playing. a role in. her. mum above.
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thank. you. i. am.
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thank you. well then i've been asking me if. there's a campaign to see a wild. man keep going on candy as. opposed to. a. new school now if you miss out. on this.
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act out for example the cabbage. plants are. going. to. go it's. cold. the yellow. stone. cold news to. me as. you describe that for sounds. good good news. really good it was her.
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first solo piano solo on. the exam and the sole. goal. is. to. go in the news channel to. scold her. below. them a. couple. is going to feel part of it. was going to be a. good
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lead to. scold. you. going. to. want to. come to me to know that they are sadly. old is not good i. am known as. a lamb i spoke in
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a sunday. saffold flagpoles look you would. be cold cold. cold. look you can't get a good player. just told ok and let's go back again to find something. bad in the man's. soul got. cold. again on. a land. mine player blatt
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told him a good chunk of. the coldest place to sleep loosely. translates older players goalies who feel the biggest so. close to playing a long long good long. play a. good log. book to get back here and say please dial up your soul they told you. to come and.
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lolo say. thank you. they don't pass out. to feel. good.
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thank. you the way it is. ok. but leave them to sally after saying. you know. i'm having
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a good. laugh i had a good laugh. got his. salary back we'll go way past. the next game. when the nato sign told me i have cut them a bad player playing now. the gold plated stance can go a long way dot com it even comes out of plain old. mongolian playing. the bowling players to meet a lonely place to place.
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blame above. was going out to play and last minute slump but a lot of the time the bring. the come back the long. posts gold plated understand the solana let me in the bathtub play the love to play. long good place to place blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame it on the slope of the l.a.p.d. i'm playing the blame game play the man blame the
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bad jol as it. exists play the blame.
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i took a pill and he. shows you i was cool and when i finally got sober felt ten years old of us but it was a living and. jobs for scott just to prove that i'm a real big bollock has made a million dollars and spend it on girls and shoes and you know one of the high had acne never made you known back me you never want to step out the rollercoaster i'm going on and on you don't wanna rock bust back this family knowing who to trust back then you don't want to be stuck up on that stage saying several come that's dame you singing mother be good. to. us with a black dude who. can never turn into mother some other good god out of us to.
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just send her. who already do wish out i get along with old time and women names are a minor. a pop song before god and not the girl no. the soon as the sun comes out i kind of got smashed by the kid up in the us you know me me feel bad that me you never want to step up the road post me on the. sack that you don't want these pick up on that's a thing of bombast they. got. back to. the can never. have got us to my. god god is.
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speaking. to. my. do you. take. me. back.
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plucks slip . below. eleven.
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eleven. eleven. it. looks leaflets . flew .
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the plane. flew. even.
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with the best let's ask thank you thank you. thank you. thank you. i thank you thank you. thank. poverty. italy's five star movement what started as a protest party. has now believes next government. but are they up to the task. five stars for. italy's populists reach for power.
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thirty minutes to. guide. dot com highlights. how the germans came together in one nation from shanda munyon to chancellor bismark. the history of the germans has been shaped like great miller's. ice well always to bring my loyal college of that to protect christendom and spread find truth. that he thinks will lead to this. are we to fall back to the enemy and tom let me. and steve like courageous decisions please to claim alcohols as he chose your master we have received the crown of our realm from god and not from his presumptuous or. his holy
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sacrament him here. tomorrow we will have defeated the enemy all will never see one another again because. we must peace. the germans every week to double. click. exit polls after ireland's historic referendum on abortion rights indicate the country could soon liberalize abortion restrictions projections indicate around seventy percent of voters support the measure amid high turnout a final tally is expected early on saturday. former hollywood.


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