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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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behind the scenes of bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style. a business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth t w. this week on global three thousand we head to a small village in georgia where warm water is now on tap thanks to the sun. in ecuador entrepreneurs are developing ways to make shrimp farming more environmentally friendly. and we go to california to meet a woman who despite having
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a job can't afford her own four walls. with a g.d.p. of over nineteen trillion dollars the u.s. was the world's strongest economy in two thousand and seventeen it's a country where dishwashers can become millionaires according to the american dream at least but is that dream today a little more than a myth. according to official figures around forty million americans now live in poverty. and at the same time the cost of living keeps on rising the average monthly rent in the us is fifteen hundred dollars and in major urban centers that number climbs to twenty five hundred. those who can't afford such rents often end up on the streets last year over half a million people in the u.s. were homeless. car turns into her bedroom everything she needs is folded neatly away here in the back.
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she sleeps in her car almost every night even though she has a full time job. so. she works as a larger or teaching english literature at a state university it's her dream job she probably completed her master's. degree at age fifty but her studies landed her with nearly insurmountable debts once. and found out how little i make and how much work it takes and i have a strong work ethic i was raised that way. and now. being in the position living in the car not now i didn't think it was going to be like this. living in a car presents a number of challenges allen asked to find public washrooms places to charge her cell phone and laptop and parking spaces she won't get chased away from she feels
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let down by society's attitude towards her they don't want to know they don't want to see not their problem that that angers. frustrates me. disappoints me manatee in this area. and they don't know how well they have it. san francisco is a well heeled metropolis in a city used to be a magnet for counterculture but that counterculture has turned to corporate silicon valley is home to some of the world's richest tech companies but not everyone in the bay area is living the dream of many people here are falling by the wayside including the middle classes extortionate rent prices are forcing professionals out to the cheaper far away suburbs some even live in motor homes entire streets of them these people have literally been kicked to the curb. among them is the royal
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family with three children and another on the way the mother has been cleaning other wealthier people's homes for fifteen years the family had to move out of their apartment three years ago the monthly rent was three thousand dollars for a two bedroom apartment they just couldn't afford it. staying here because my husband has a good job nearby but we can't move because we don't have any savings what can we do without money. they improvise with the small space they have barely getting by while the people they work for earn six figure salaries plus shares and boehner says the enormous gap between supply and demand is driving prices up and the housing sector here and normal earners don't stand a chance to matter how fast you're around you always end up in the same place and because. our companies are doing so well google's hiring linked in is hiring into its our semantics hiring all these companies are hiring they're hiring at
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a faster rate then we can get housing built and get affordable housing built ellen isn't alone six years ago she married jim who recently retired but then he found out his pension wasn't enough to cover his rent. both of them sleep in their cars jim is reaching the end of his tether. this is not something that. provides you with a lot of self-worth and dignity you appear ok but inside it's it's it's either now yeah i've broken down. i think two or three times now we're just wears on you to the point you're going to tears because you're asking yourself how could how could this happen to somebody who's on a system hardworking dedicated. honest you know i'm not the only one i'm not the only one. for real estate agents like gary
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herbert the housing shortage has been a gold mine here we had to bet into that house a lot of two thousand square foot lot several lots of us demand has caused property prices to skyrocket this two bedroom house is expected to sell for more than three million dollars. this house will probably be torn down a new one built so that it basically by her lot yes. it's a big beautiful lot it's in a great location it's easy to build on there's no trees in the way or things that can you know inhibit the building so they can build their dream home here and this is how the other half lives ellen shows us where they keep their possessions that don't fit in the car everything valuable or important is in storage and hopes of better times some things have too much sentimental value to be discarded
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like the christmas decorations that ellen and heritage from her mother. died in my arms when i was twenty one from his pack. i'm not catholic. i keep. trying to have them any more. i want to have the farm. ellen is making notes for tomorrow's lecture from her car also has to serve as her workspace. the affordable housing crisis has been especially severe on the west coast of the us california has the highest rate of unsheltered homelessness in the country and i keep going. i don't have time to really be afraid. i do
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that then i'll become. static. people like alan are locked in a daily struggle for survival here in the shadow of silicon valley at the heart of america's digital revolution people are becoming invisible. is. acutely cheap. when they miss just the last month i live in hubbard and they were put in jobs burke and i'm sixteen years old.
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i know when you go visit friends but. now if they states will faso i'd buy this bed all. i mostly play chess at. oh. yeah. listen to college music at the moment he's r. and b. and rapper is at the moment i feel i can relate. to. when i grow up i'd like to be a lawyer but at the moment i'm rethinking that because the thinking of becoming an english teacher. because i see the great like the inspiration in my teachers either teaches me how to feel that way i would not all know how painful because with all
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teachers do you think the great lawyers of today of believing the great doctors know it wouldn't be without them. they'd be outed frames playing chess all walking around in the fall having funny jokes. my fear is that one day. we will call him toward war because. the way we're living at the moment isn't the best way you could live. we live to fight instead of living to love. grow forests are highly biodiversity ecosystems found in tropical and subtropical coastal areas and the long river estuaries in the one nine hundred eighty s. scientists estimated that mangroves covered a total area of two hundred thousand square kilometers worldwide now around half of
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them have been destroyed if deforestation continues at the current rate experts fear this in a hundred years the trees will have disappeared completely they play in the growing global population and the booming shrimp industry. the southern coast of ecuador is dr twist. countless shrimp farms. around two thirds of the monk great forests that once lined the shore have been destroyed to make way for them. to make the animals great quickly the shrimp fondness for eat them two to three times a day. i get her t.v. set i get that that a lot where you have sort of what you have to fertilise treats the water and the ground. and then around sixty percent of the shrimp survive. if that's a very good result. for that you need fertile ground sounds good water you know what i mean when shrimp needs salt water so the poems have to be filled with water from the sea that's replaced regularly the foam school serious environmental damage
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to prevent possible disease the farmers get the shrimp heavy doses of prophylactic medication when the pond water drains into the sea it's taken up in the marine food chain studies show aquaculture is increasing the worldwide danger of antibiotic resistance soloing. the medications are in the food that the shrimp eat these animals contains a wide range of different substances. but we only use antibiotics when the shrimp grow sick and the disease shows signs of spreading out in the last few decades ecuador has become one of the world's largest producers of shrimp ponza harvested every three months and business is booming along with petroleum and been known as the chris stations have become one of the country's top export. just under four hundred fifty thousand tons was sent abroad bringing in three billion dollars
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and exports are expected to expand this year. diesel power to ration systems help people sitting levels in the palms high exhaust from the generators police the. now not far from the old palms shrimp farmers the testing a new method developed in singapore and it's the palms are placed in land rather than at the shore that gives spawn as much more control over conditions the palms a smaller but yields a much higher. to twenty five years this is a great cultural engineer to get my peanut and i say turn to chapter. now he's sealing a new career as a shrimp fama. if the people if we feel it more. we feel that if we're not our breeding well that is much healthier than the traditional methods you don't need the yearly as many antibiotics. and because of
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the roofs that cover the honks you can control the temperatures better. than pick up food but also because the water is unchanged you have more control over how the do not. see him for. a pump like this he'll say around eighty to one hundred strength per square metre this area a lot more than traditional breeding methods. that scotch heat down to the fact that more creatures supply. significantly increasing that value on the hog for global market. maybe seeing our people who drive don't hold me that the consistency of that last year is a murmur got metal so it's better and they say that the taste is exactly the same. emotional about and that even though the shrimp up being raised in fresh water
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brought them so and if ation lets allows farms to be set up practically anywhere rather than only along the coast. but it takes the animals a while to get accustomed to the different conditions. u.t.v. . this is where we put that when they come out of the lab. depending on the solemnity they stay here five to eight days. then we take them out and we put them in this time. it has lower salinity levels and they stay in there for another eight days after. that we put them out in the pond. a modern system like this costs around two hundred thousand euros to set up the water is free used again and again and the system is powered by solar energy. and that i say is still testing it out and soon will be selling his first harvest of shrimp.
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this weekend i'll global idea and series we're off to the caucuses. headed to georgia to meet the results will residents of one small village now they've begun using solar energy to heat water which has a knock on effect it protects local pharmacist. things. at six thirty a good fetches the hot water like she does every morning. the cows utter has to be cleaned before milking. a little later as well as the family's breakfast she makes cheese and requires a lot of patience she can tell the cheese is ready when the consistency is just right. everything here runs like clock work with no time for breaks.
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while those actors are housewife i have a lot of work to do i clean make the food make clear cows and lots of other things that with the fact there's always something to do their office floor or. none are good and that site is sixteen and was a nurse for thirty years she lives with her husband son daughter in law and grandchildren. that i always need hot water i'm glad we have this system. they received a solar powered water heater from a local energy cooperative. that clothes really had it right on my saved up a bit of money and sold a few things i know it was my husband who really wanted this level it's quite expensive but it is manageable.
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like. when was he trying to make her daily work easier. there it did i think it was mainly about saving electricity but i can't say for sure when we had the wood stove we had to go out collecting firewood and make sure we had enough so maybe that had a lot to do with it. sure let's buy that i ship the. the cheese is ready not and is going to take it to the market. people here bring produce they grow or make at home like doubles fruit herbs. and cheese. and this is nona has barely unpacked before a trader calms and buys the lot depending on the type of cheese she pays between one year of fish. and two euro's fifty
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a kilo. a safe that you don't get no shot but if you live frugally you get by we try to get by on it yeah that. lisa is also in charge of the house work on her home plus the farm and the grandchildren. she still heats water the traditional way on a wood burning stove in the living room she needs a lot of hot water and therefore a lot of wood her annual would supply costs between two hundred and two hundred forty euros in georgia average income is under three and a half thousand euros a year. ok that would come from what we save money so we can afford the wood but sadly there are a lot of families who don't care how well we're doing better than some we can pay for firewood the poor families current what islam is going to have. and i think.
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the men collect the wood from high up in the forests of the carcasses mountains. they're still allowed to fell trees here. go get a hit let's say it is twenty seven he comes here regularly. go get a estimates that each and every house in his area consumes about two to three truckloads of wood every year. include disappearing. oceans will also do. if we cut down trees anywhere else we could cause rock slides which are dangerous for the residents. the forest might seem lush but deforestation is rife across georgia the number of trees being cut has to be limited to ensure long term sustainability currently over twelve
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times that number is being felt. the work of those two mechanics is helping to solve the problem they're cutting solar panels. the machine dates back to world war two but it still works there part of the energy cooperative the systems they produce here should help to reduce wood burning and therefore carbon dioxide emissions. the cooperative as provided solar powered water heaters to more than one hundred homes in the village. johnny is a thirty nine year old teacher and head of the energy cooperative its name means turn on the sun. the system is being installed here today. so much has flaky residents know about the whole issue systems so quickly and they know that banks are providing loans for them and all of us are cockroaches actually
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don't have to go from door to door people who are interested come to us. yet it has been using the system or self and she's impressed that while that may mocks the goals i've had one at home for three years already it's great it saves money and makes the house work easier. none are good of an it's is back from the markets and the grandchildren are awake her son and daughter in law are at work so she has to look after the children no time for a break like this it's horrendous moment i'm sixty years old and i think my life is almost over i do anything to give my children and grandchildren a better future i hope they have a better life. and hot water straight from the tap is a good place to start.
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this week on global snack we visit have very special fast food joints in bali and the little. bit that quite spag palin's melting pot and traditionally a bastion of subculture. it's also home to an exciting food seeing to it that there's a lot more to it than combat shops. now open for nine months goldie's has become a popular local haunt. it's speciality is fries fries with a difference. because. we fry them either and be fat or peanut oil so guests can choose if they order a vegetarian dish they're going in peanut oil if they order a meat dish they get the fattest regulars who eat meat get on the fat without
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asking. a. lot is left catchiness he still gets on the idea of deluxe fries while training is chefs the fact that the eatery says fourteen different sources isn't the only evidence that they learned their craft in stock restaurants because of the and the picking of this is our peking duck it's pulled up yes but we marinate duck legs and salt and sugar for twelve hours to make the meat as juicy as possible and then we breeze it in the oven melt the whole. we turn the skin into a crumble and then we shred the meat so there are no bones or fat. no we simply all mine is what we served with operation plumbing in news. and we fry the crispy skin in fact we go all over the that's a tough one the next couple of. guests love it to go to the. goes through a ton of potatoes a week. along with peking duck its most popular dish is fries with black truffle
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source. movement is who i'm dutch so i have high standards when it comes to fries with the i miss them in berlin really they just aren't as good here. this is the only place where the fries are better than in holland or belgium a portion costs between five and ten euros and of course take count is also an option. for services we love chose but it's not like we would kill for jobs. we just wanted to fill a gap in the market to get those but that's right usually you just get chips on the side when you order a curry sausage or a burger but i'm a thinking about things that berlin doesn't have and we decided it was chips i'm for the really die hard fry fans this evening video are devoted to these deep fried delicacies down in the basement.
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and that's all from global three thousand this week as ever we love hearing from you so drop us a line global three thousand d.w. dot com and take a peek the facebook page. society see you next time till then take can.
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stored germany's nuclear wastes experts are searching for a disposal site that will be safe for a million years such a place even exist. how much. technical problem upon. exposing them is safe disposal mock the nuclear waste line. fifteen minutes long.
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if you're looking for variety you come to the right place north rhine-westphalia selflessly excited to meet anyone who's open minded. examined the bills from an. interest in history to what happened here in this room in sixty forty eight hours presenters are out and about in germany's most populous state. sixty minutes job. sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. on the. slopes. more. pop export the music magazine on w. . he takes it personally. with the wonderful
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people and stories that make the game so special. federal troops. pick up more than football online as you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. see its merciless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their only chance of survival and i could be on for today just like that. our reporters travel to nairobi and work and people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel explain what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world as a starting place was the response to that statement should be yes we are starting
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to play as we want to because with time he quits and destruct an economy the bridge plate truck exclusive report starting june eleventh on g.w. . exit polls after ireland's historic referendum on abortion rights indicate the country could soon liberalize abortion restrictions projections indicate around seventy percent of voters support the measure amid high turnout a final tally is expected early on saturday. former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein has appeared in a new york court on charges of rape and sexual misconduct were leading to two women it is the first criminal case against a former producer since allegation.


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