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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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you're watching d.w. news live from berlin ireland is set to repeal it's abortion law one of the strictest in europe exit polls show overwhelming support for scrapping a constitutional ban on terminating pregnancies what does this mean for the rights of irish women will go to dublin for the reaction. also coming up after months of shocking allegations harvey weinstein hands of stuff over to authorities in new york court charges the hollywood film producer with rape and sexual assault before releasing him on bail his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. and in football the
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countdown is on tonight's champions league final defending champions around the grid take on liverpool who will be crowned europe's top football club w sports will preview the big game. thanks for joining us the exit polls from ireland's referendum on abortion are in and they show that the irish overwhelmingly voted in favor of repealing the country's eighth amendment the law that bans nearly all abortions archie television and the irish times are reporting a landslide victory for the yes campaign their survey has found almost seventy percent of voters support changing the law counting is underway this morning and an official result is expected later today right now abortion is only allowed in ireland when a woman's life is in danger. irish prime minister leo varadkar has been one of the
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leading voices in support of dropping the band and overnight herad has shared his reaction to the exit point twitter thanking those who took part in the referendum he called it quote democracy in action and said it's looking like we will make history tomorrow for more on what's shaping up to be a momentous day in ireland let's cross over to the mosque in dublin so dear get the official results aren't in yet but the exit polls point in favor of this landslide victory in favor of liberalizing the abortion law how confident is the yes campaign that the exit polls will match the official results. they can be pretty confident just because the exit polls are two of them and they are very clear but of course they cannot really celebrate just yet and i have spoken to some supporters yesterday of the yes campaign and they said they are cautiously optimistic but of course you know they can only pop the champagne corks later on today when they have the official official results you know we're seeing this no
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poster behind you in the background there what's been the reaction so far to what the exit polls have said. well it's only really last night and when i was out last night here in dublin it's a young city in the center of town there are lots of young people and they were all campaigning for yes and they were already drinking but as as that not full on celebrating that's probably going to come tonight i spoke to a group of school friends six young women they all from dublin they reunited they all came home to vote yes and they really really happy as for the official reactions we would see that later today so be it what happens next does this go into effect immediately or when will women in ireland be able to legally obtain an abortion. well the irish government has said that they will paulson
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law which will have to come in effect so this would have to also happen they are possible at all they say they're hoping to pasta law which will allow abortion under certain circumstances until twelve weeks of pregnancy so this has to come into effect and of course the medical services also have to be established because at the moment doctors are no it's not allowed so all this infrastructure has to be setup but i can't imagine that that will take that long now for years ireland has been seen as one of the most staunchly catholic socially conservative countries in europe but it seems the country is changing a lot we saw them legalize gay marriage and now this yes result what does this say about ireland in twenty team. well island really has come a long way it's been really a journey to a progressive well western european country for centuries old was you could say
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that the church has a very strong influence in all and this is something that people i think also with this vote really trying to shake off of course not everybody catulus ism in particular is still very important for people and they do go to the communion but maybe the more sort of moralistic grip of the church where women felt that they could not talk about abortion there was a sense of shame this is slowly changing i think it also has to do with the various scandals that the church in particular an island had. scandals of child abuse where people are all slowly but surely breaking free from this. mass for us and dublin today thank you very much. disgraced hollywood film producer and accused sexual predator harvey weinstein has been arrested and charged with rape among
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other sex crimes after turning himself into the authorities in new york a manhattan court has now released weinstein on bail set at one million dollars he also has to wear a monitoring device while the criminal case against him proceeds more than seventy women accused weinstein of sexual misconduct and the allegations stretch back decades. arriving at a court in new york hollywood's most famous power player turned to riot gear to face the first criminal charges to be brought against him think you would rape and other sex crimes involving two separate women crimes new york prosecutors described as an abuse of position money and power charm here they are both off and in the ring are out of all that all that in the world this is that is the money and power who are already in the world evolved
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by. outside the courthouse weinstein's lawyer said he'd be exonerated the former producer has always denied having known consensual sex with any of his accuses. mr weinstein who will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process should mr weinstein that will be exonerated. was ever the outcome of the charges capital a matter it fall from grace for one of hollywood's most influential business men. in the wake of dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct weinstein's wife has left him he's been sacked by his own production company and ejected from the academy that once on it him with oscar's. weinstein's court
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appearance here in new york may not be his last investigation by the city is ongoing and separate criminal probes underway in london and los angeles. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma has reported. he imposed a ban on government agencies of awarding contracts to german companies that's according to the spiegel online website it says the kingdom's de facto ruler isn't happy with berlin stance on riyadh's foreign policy is his decision could put at risk exports totaling seven billion euros striking truckers in brazil have brought latin america's biggest nation to a standstill thousands of drivers have blocked roads their protest has been going on for the past five days the brazilian government is threatening to send in the army to break up the strike. at least one person is dead in oman after cyclone
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makulu made landfall on the arabian peninsula police say the first confirmed victim was a twelve year old schoolgirl and other forty people are still missing. drenched the usually arid oman and neighboring yemen with rain and winds picking at two hundred kilometers per hour. as to football now and to european soccer's most anticipated clash the champions league final harrington is with us to preview the big match across it's real madrid versus liverpool tonight is this match up fitting for the finale of european football season say so and no doubt i'm expecting what you would call in the football world a cracker you know a goal study affair you're talking about riyadh but dritte they own this competition ok they've been there more than anyone have wanted more than one and they're fueled by c.r. seven christian or naldo on the other side of the working class club liverpool your
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cloak most solid company i'm expecting quite a match we do have a report for us take a look. madrid the holders the galactic o's. against liverpool the reds club synonymous of european glory one of them will add another chapter to their lustrous history by winning the champions league. this year and time into we are again in the champions league final you know and we're going into it with a lot of confidence claiming that we will try to very positive everything to bring the boys. to show the boys why it makes so much sense to be really brave in the game realm hundred of chasing the third straight champions league title synonyms it down has molded a group of talented individuals into a winning machine on the european stage but one man stands tall amongst them
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christiane right now that was netted fifteen times in the champions league this is the top of all reality goals in the competition. when you have christiane zero in the team to the best and he proves it every year but five times champion liverpool have this competition in their blood they used to dominate but the last time was two thousand and five now they have german coach you're the club excelling abroad his top man is now common sila back home in egypt he's a megastar on the final could be his crowning glory but he has played this season which is outstanding but he's young enough and has not potential to improve so that's really good news. against liverpool we could be in for a classic in kiev i'm. like we've got a clash of the titans coming press who do you see as the favorite for this match you have to go with experience over the newcomers at least in liverpool case you know despite their history re on the dritte you know they're on the verge of a three peat they have krishna rinaldo he's like the michael jordan of the game of
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football ok because when he's on the pitch especially in this competition he does magical things he's not only scored the most goals in this competition but he could be the first player in history to score in consecutive champions league finals so anytime you have a player like that you have a team that's been there and done that there's so cs in the midfield arguably the best in europe margaret tony crowe's kasi miro and then you look at their captain sergio ramos he's expected to face and challenged both one so the team that's been there and done that my my money simply is ok to liverpool they have a long record of success is. their german coach your club does love himself a challenge doesn't of course he does you know liverpool you know they've won it five times they've been their premier league eight times but you're going cloke he's lost five out of six finals ok that kind of worries me and no player on this particular liverpool team has ever played in
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a champions league final that's also says they're a little bit green behind you know the ears but one real madrid midfielder toni crow's fellow german does have confidence and he shared his thoughts on his opposing coach you're can close with him so that's always tough to play. for us but by on some years ago was always very difficult to play dog because his teams always had a more or less the same style of playing football and that's why i'm sure it's going to be very difficult for us on the southern day because i know how he how he's able to motivate his team and we know that there are some liverpool fans that are not going to get this to see this game in kiev why is that because unfortunately for the liverpool you know fanbase flook for flights to the ukraine were cancelled leaving one thousand fans behind and we heard crows talk about motivation you know most salo was a liverpool player they traded it the fans of being like an extra player on the
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pitch so that's another problem to give you know liverpool some worry because without those fans possibly they have less energy motivating them to us for those goals you know so that does sting a bit get hurt all rise of have this huge game coming out that everyone's watching secure knockout for us who do you think is going to be a massive clearly of us a little bit but i would do well and i will give most solid company a benefit of the doubt i do think they will score a goal but not enough i'm calling the final three one reality driv accomplishes to three people right thanks chris handing from our new sports department. and a reminder of our top story we're following for you exit polls in ireland show more than two thirds of voter support ending at the country's near total ban on abortions official results are expected later on today. and a new york court has charged disgraced film producer harvey weinstein with rape and sexual assault the charges come after dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct weinstein has been released on bail and is expected to plead not guilty. the
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washing d.w. news live from berlin more coming up from us at the top of the hour thanks for tuning and.


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