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tv   Reporter - Everyones a Winner - The Special Olympics  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CEST

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between pyongyang and washington just days after u.s. president canceled a planned summit with kim. we'll be watching the news live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour thanks for tuning in. to. learn german with w. . any time any place. with or with jo jo and her friends. colleagues is going to be interested in mexico's musical spritzes its votes to join the cause of war with all over the
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world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free d.w. . move. to is an equestrian the most important event on her calendar this year is coming up the special olympics. it's a weeklong sports tournament for people with intellectual disabilities taking place in kill in northern germany. over four thousand. close stakes are high for tatyana she spent months trying going home without a medal simply isn't an option for the twenty eight year.
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clucky on a riot is in kiel for the special olympics taking part for the fifth time she's here with her sister manolo a successful the question her intellectual disability is described by doctors as partly impaired consciousness tatiana herself describes it as a difficulty in grasping time and place her family believes it's a consequence of anti-epileptic drugs she was given at the age of three. hundred thirty one if you said let's meet somewhere in an hour. i know that means i have an hour of time but i don't really know what that feels like.
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people might say oh you could do this or that before you meet. them and i care do i have time is there enough time i. asked if i think it's a disability that people don't necessarily notice straight away. sometimes that m.p. leave i really have a problem they think i'm joking or i've actually experienced that. i always say i'm not joking but they might not be able to tell but i have serious issues the fact that you can't necessarily tell can be a disadvantage third time. lucky on a has been training for ten years she probably spends more time with her horse and chachi than with anyone else. she doesn't ask questions she doesn't judge. animals are honest. which is something you can't always say for humans. to share. this
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with with the first event is about to begin dressage tatiana is in the advanced category she's up against some tough competition. tatiana sister manya runs her through the tests. in start with the working trot. working trot medium trot it all goes well time to gallop. time all the way around they've been training for so long but today of all days and shot she refuses to gallop properly yana will lose vital points were guard less money is pleased with touchy on this performance. this i part from the gallop which didn't work they only managed a few jumps right at the end but it was really good. good.
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well and. disaster if. you do you're in trouble. pardon me jumping this afternoon off all night hopefully she'll do it with practice so much it worked before it would. come out but ok that wasn't pretty and. you're. not crazy because all. the other contestants are in high spirits thank you for thinking. thank winning isn't everything at the special olympics everyone is allowed on the podium. people also may die yet it seems tatiana i've never been in such heat on subjects come up in illinois.
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thank you. but. if you weren't expecting that were you did it work i. had i wasn't expecting it i couldn't really tell how i'd done we didn't hear what the judges had given us so i was really excited to find out how i was placed with this. disappointing sure. you're not disappointed. yeah it's not after that round she'll be satisfied with a silver or bronze. but she wouldn't say no to a gold either but i. would say that's
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a false idol idea we were. being honest. with you i think there are still a number of categories retyped out a could win her longed for gold medal she already has a few at home but before the next event she has a look around to see what the other athletes are doing because she watches the judo for a while. oh whoa whoa right i. knew. i was. i. the right. along with the competitive events the special olympics also hosts fun activities that help the athletes on wind like stand up paddle boarding cloudy arrival or
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looks on as her daughter takes to the water she's proud of her tech jada has a job as an assistant gardener in a workshop for disabled people but she needs a lot of help with daily chores such as buying groceries cooking and running errands tatiana relies on her mother and sister her mother gave up her job as a teacher to help look after talk yana. and found my sadness that it wouldn't be a good idea to do everything for her because there might be times when i can't i'm no longer in a position to. but manya shouldn't have to do everything for her either she shouldn't have to manage everything alone. but it's all ok. this is the tiana is strong enough and able to cope with life by herself away you know that the baby. back in the stable and child she needs to be fed the next
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event will be taking place in a few hours the horse jumping up and this is the one that tatiana is most nervous about. it's about i can get confused by which john comes up to which is. i have to make sure i didn't lose my sense of direction in the obstacle course . if the route is only announced at the last minute jada doesn't have much time to take it in thank you for some reason we need to go around the little house then the bench. and get them around the corner. ok. this is her biggest challenge what all the months of training have been leading up to she can't lose her focus now.
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apart from one small error she gets off to a smooth start. but then in charge she decides to dig in her heels she refuses to clear the hurdle. second attempt the same thing happens tatiana isn't giving up she tries again. but the judges don't award her any points she won't be getting the medal. and i mean it best everyone's a bit sad it's. not wanted it to work it was necessarily about coming first but about the actual performance about getting the sequence right if you know if.
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not even words of comfort from fellow athletes can cheer her up. it's who does addiction i'm glad she cleared the last hurdle you can't just leave it out. i don't know what the problem was she just didn't feel like it's. the way to. the day ends with an appearance says peter pan the whole team is involved as well as a horse woman who is not part of the special olympics. it looks like a bit of fun but more medals are awarded at the end of the show. nothing escaped the judges equalise. all the competing athletes are hoping to qualify for the international special olympics at abu dhabi next year for tatiana it would be
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a dream come true oh if i say yes to visit him to get on i'm applying to be a spokesperson for the international event. that's one of my goals for the future of the scepter. another bronze medal attack jada's disappointed she's not showing it. was like.
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taking part has been a boost to touch on his self-confidence successes like these help her cope better with everyday life and her family's proud of her with or without a gold medal. such . a. climate change. sustainability. environmental. globalization face biodiversity species conservation exploitation. human rights displacement. the global and current local action. global three thousand next on d w.
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electorate has got to make the point that churchill the culture that the entire country champion and fill in for the last sixty years. for mines. this week three thousand we had to a small village in georgia where warm water is now on top thanks to the sun. in ecuador entrepreneurs are developing ways to make shrimp farming more environmentally friendly. and we go to california to meet a woman who does.


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