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says this is due don't you news live from berlin a sea change in ireland is it gives up to abolish it strict abortion will initial results indicate that more than two out of three voters in yesterday's refer referendum want to scrap a constitutional ban on abortion in the country the irish prime minister is just driving the result as historic well we've seen today really is a combination of a quiet revolution that's been taking place in ireland for the past ten or twenty years. also coming up
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a surprise meeting between the leaders of north and south korea it's the second time in just a month that they've held talks top of the agenda the success of a summit between north korea and the united states despite president trump's cancellation of that summit just days ago. and in european soccer fans are counting down to tonight's champions league final titleholders real madrid taking on liverpool in a dream match up will be looking at the tense run up to the big game. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us we begin with what appears to be a sea change in ireland ballots have been counted in more than half of the country's constituencies after yesterday's referendum showing over two thirds of voters voting in favor of scrapping island strict abortion laws. yes votes
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supporters have been celebrating proclaiming the result a victory for social justice and women's health care. official results from yesterday's referendum have been suggesting a landslide result overturn a strict abortion laws which banned terminations in all cases except when a mother's life is in danger. for more on what's shaping up to be a momentous day in ireland let's cross to dublin now g.w. spoke at my standing by for a. final result yet give us a sense of the mood though in the country right now what sort of reactions have you been seeing and hearing. well you might hear it for yourself right where i am in the center of dublin is with the final result is about to be announced and we've just seen the t.v. . the other ads can comment he has basically standing ovations from the crowds because he's also i think credited with this and a symbol also of how i learned has changed the crowd is really elated
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here are people that campaigned a long time for they are very strict he knows to be repaired and i just think if the they were of the of that we should just mention. that you shot the the irish way of calling the prime minister prime minister. perhaps about to make a historic announcement. well perhaps he was there with members of his government all those who have campaigned for the vote to be repealed and here where we are it's really a lot of young campaign as well waiting for this one moment which will tell them that the country has its. james has shades and
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a very dramatic manner and give us a sense see if anything is being announced there syrian state no worries because things are unfolding as we speak give us an idea of you say the country has changed just give us a sense of the dimension of that train of thought of it is still not from being basically. in the grip of the catholic church which has undergone a transformation this country people are really not happy to be dominated and the more. i think if you can hear what you hear what i'm saying because it's very very noisy because people really really are celebrating our lead was always quite conservative country and people that have campaigned for the strict abortion laws to be repealed have said that the church has basically brought it upon people and
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they felt that there was a culture of shame and that women who were in difficult situations could not talk openly about it also you could not get any yelps for example women who had a crisis pregnancy who maybe had fetal abnormalities they did not get help and you were here now and they had to travel abroad to to england and get help there but they really could not talk about it here anymore so all this i've seen women here crying tears of joy because they feel that this is no longer the case and that they have really changed this country ok for now many thanks to you. reporting live for us from central dublin and no worries we were hearing every word that you were telling us thank you so much. turning now to our other big story today there's been a. meeting between south korean president moon jay in and his north korean
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counterpart kim jong un as diplomatic efforts to rescue kim summit with u.s. president all trump continue now the two leaders met inside the demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas south korean officials say they had a candid exchange of views of making the u.s. north korean summit a success it's the second meeting between the two men within just a month coming just days after president trump first canceled his summit with kim then suggested it may happen after all. ok we're going to get the perspective from washington our correspondent there claire richardson standing by for us claire how is washington reacting to this surprise meeting between the two korean leaders. hi christopher we're still waiting to see exactly what kind of reaction we're going to get from trump and the white house we do know that the white house has announced that a team is planning to leave from washington to singapore today to iron out some of
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the details for the planned meeting on june twelfth as though trump has never walked away from this arrangement but we know that the surprise meeting between the north and south korean leaders as you say also focused on they say that it focused on ensuring that a successful american north korean leader summit does take place at some point of course this would be historic if trump just sit down with kim it would be the first time a sitting u.s. president meets with a north korean leader a lot of the details still need to be fleshed out so that's why we would see this team in singapore trying to determine an agenda some of the nitty gritty details behind exactly what the optics of this meeting with look like although we've seen the back and forth on again is it off again it does seem that there is still diplomatic wrangling taking place to try and ensure that some sort of meeting can occur. off to singapore the u.s. negotiating team they're going to be setting the agenda war that is the american
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agenda you know the white house has been mentioning that diplomats in the background of busy talking to each other to make sure that there's so much is a success one of the main stumbling blocks for the u.s. . so there certainly are several stumbling blocks and in fact it's going to be a more difficult possession position for the united states now that trump said that he would walk away from this meeting in some ways it strengthens the north koreans hands as being seen as taking the high ground they came out with a very conciliatory statements the other day saying that they were willing to hold talks at any moment so if there's going to be coming back to the table we're going to have to see exactly what kind of concessions north korea is willing to make what united states is willing to make and there's also the issue of trust we've just seen that this meeting between a key u.s. ally south korea with the north you would generally expect to see the united states there side by side with south korea in a message of support and instead we see this surprise meeting between south korea
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and the north without the united states' involvement it's going to be a matter of making sure that the united states actually has a say in these negotiations and that they don't see china north korea and south korea for example cutting some kind of deal without their involvement ok clear many thanks for that clear richardson washington correspondent. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world in from thousands of trade unionists began march you know position to president calls labor reforms but fewer people turned out than to reform unionists angry over public sector job losses and reductions in workers' benefits the government has failed to push ahead with their reforms. a psych loan has battered the arabian peninsula bringing devastation to parts of amman and to parts of neighboring yemen and leaving at least two people dead a month third largest city has been the worst yet there's also been heavy flooding
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in nearby rural areas and. the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin has reportedly imposed a ban on government agencies awarding contracts to german companies that's according to the people online website it says the kingdom's de facto ruler isn't happy with berlin stance on riyadh's foreign policy its decision could endanger exports totaling almost seven billion euros. and european soccer it's the biggest evening of the year tonight with the champions league final kicking off in the ukrainian capital kiev spanish giants real madrid are going for an unprecedented third title in a row but another traditional name liverpool stands in their way to clubs with a rich heritage in european competition facing off for its top prize. round the dread the holders the galactic holds. against
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liverpool the reds club synonymous with european glory one of them a lot another chapter to their last years history by winning the champions league. we are again in the champions league final and you know and we're going into it with a lot of confidence this is the minute we will try the very positive way everything to bring the boys. to show the boys why it makes so much sense to be really brave in that game real madrid are chasing a third straight champions league title. dan has molded a group of talented individuals into a winning machine on the european stage but one man stands tall amongst them kristie on the right now there was netted fifteen times in the champions league this part of the whole rail dulls in a competition. when you had christiane zero in the team for the best and he proves
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it every year but five times champions liverpool have this competition in their blood they used to dominate but their last title was two thousand and five now they have german culture your club excel in abroad his top man is mammoth salah back home in egypt he's a mega star and the final copy crowning glory he has played this season which is outstanding. and has not potential to improve so that's a really good news real madrid against liverpool we could be in for a classic in here. and now for something completely different is there life on mars that's a question scientists are hoping to find out more about soon with the help of a joint european russian program called exo mars two years ago that program launched a probe to the red planet and after a long journey the probe has now descended into an orbit low enough for it to sniff the planet's surface for me think why methane me thing would be a possible indicator that life once existed on mars or perhaps still to us
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the first high resolution images from the exo mars probe on its new orbit they show part of a crater in the northern hemisphere and perhaps evidence of me thing gas on the surface of the red planet. we know that the lifetime when we think it's very short just a few hundred years it will be broken down by the sunlight by the u.v. component of the sunlight so if it is there now we know that it has to be refilled all the time and where does it come from that's the big question and a question that photos alone can't answer so if european space agency and its russian counterpart ross cosmos planned to send a remote lending vehicle to mars within the next two years the exo mars rover will be fitted with a drill that can take samples as deep as two meters below the planet's surface
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scientists are hoping to determine whether the methane is a result of geological or biological activity the team is excited about the possibilities. mars of course has his very special thing is that that there is actually a place that you can imagine yourself walking on eventually with a not too far in the time in the future surely people will be walking on mars that makes this very exciting and then to think about this idea that they might have been some kind of life or even exist today on the ground that makes it a very special place despite differences on earth european and russian cooperation in space could help unlock the mysteries of the red planet. a quick reminder for you the top stories at the moment partial results in ireland show moving two thirds of voters support ending the country's new total ban on abortion in the official results are expected very very soon the north korean and south korean leaders have
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met for a second time in a month kim jong un and moon jay in discussing a potential meeting between pyongyang and washington just days after u.s. president john will trump cancel the planned summit with king. or from us at the top of the next hour in the meantime you can always get the latest updates from our web site that's the w dot com up next here on the w. european concept with a little school in. the d w media center. see if i. find it again. more of it. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d. w. media center at media center dot d.w. dot com.


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