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miscues d.w. news live from berlin a sea change in iran has voters there choose to scrap the country's ban on a portion of its results show a landslide victory for the yes camp two out of three voters in yesterday's referendum voted to repeal of a constitutional ban on abortion the irish prime minister is describing it as a historic result. a quiet revolution has taken place and today is a great shock to democracy a hundred years since women gained the right to vote today we as
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a people have spoken and we say that we trust women under stacked women to make their own decisions on their own choices. also coming up a surprise meeting between the leaders of north and south korea is the second time in just a month that they've held talks top of the agenda of the success of a summit between north korea and the u.s. despite president trump's cancellation of that summit just days ago. and grappling with the past in colombia on the eve of presidential elections do w. has an exclusive report on how one town is trying to heal the wounds of decades of conflict with far. hello and welcome mat herman it is good to have you with us now people in ireland have voted by
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a landslide to liberalize the country's restrictive abortion laws with counting over after yesterday's referendum voters back the change by a margin of two to one here come the exact figures for you. yes overwhelming no that is a far higher margin than any opinion poll had predicted the results allows the irish government to bring in reforms by the end of the year. tears of joy after years of pain deeply personal experiences the stories of close friends they have all moved people to turn up and vote and celebrations were getting underway before the official results had even come in this yes is a larry was to leave you from all of the trauma and all of the day and there is a lot of reeling to do with this this really great start. it was ireland's young people who voted by
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a large majority to lift the ban on abortion people had feared the vote would divide society cause rifts between the sexes and between arlen's arbonne centers and its real communities that didn't materialise what we've seen today really is the culmination of a quiet revolution that's been taking place in ireland for the past ten or twenty years this has been a great exercise of democracy and the people have spoken the people have said that we want a modern constitution for a modern country. the irish government will move to pass a bill by the end of the year to allow abortion in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy without women having to give every cent. that mass has been following the irish referendum for us here comes her wrap up of the day's events. this result shows that our learned has become and much more progressive country evolution used to be it's have to subject women that when crisis pregnancies had to travel to being lead they did not get any help that they needed
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to hear it. they had a lack of support i love how they've come out and they've told their stories these women have changed the country for good. in some other news there's been a surprise meeting between south korean president him and his north korean counterpart kim jong un as diplomatic efforts to rescue kim's summit with u.s. president donald trump continue to leaders met inside the demilitarized zone that defines the two koreas officials from the sofa say they had a candid exchange of views over making the u.s. north korean so much a success it was the second meeting between the two men within a month i mean just days after president trump first canceled his summit with kim then suggested it may just happen after all. and to that and here's more from clear richardson in washington both of donald trump and north korea have left the door
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open for a possible future summit but there would be major stumbling blocks to getting their cancellation this week in some ways gives north korea the upper hand in being seen as taking the high ground for its willingness to seek a diplomatic solution when the united states wanted to walk away so trans decision to back out of what would have been a historic face to face meeting between a sitting u.s. president and north korean leader also blindsided the united states key ally south korea and with just a few weeks to go until the originally planned day in singapore there is still major logistical questions about what exactly would be on the agenda so that ends the white house has said today that it is still sending a team to singapore to prepare for the meeting that had been slated for june twelfth just in case it ends up taking place. deja vue correspondent claire richardson there in washington. we can move on now to some other stories making news around the world in france thousands of trade unionists have again demonstrated against the labor reforms of president emanuel not home but attendance
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at today's protests were lower than at earlier anti-reform rallies french unionists are angry over public public sector job losses and reductions in workers' benefits mccall's government has vowed to push ahead with reform it's. a cycle own has batter the arabian peninsula bringing devastation to parts of oman and neighboring women and leaving at least two people dead. third largest cities a lot has been worst hit and there's also been heavy flooding in nearby rural areas . and the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin salma has reportedly imposed a ban on government agencies awarding contracts to german companies that's according to the spiegel online website it says the kingdom's de facto ruler isn't happy with berlin stance on riyadh's foreign policy his decision could in in danger exports totaling almost seven billion euros. well brazil has declared
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a state of emergency in the cities of sao paulo and rio de janeiro striking truckers have set up roadblocks that have paralyzed traffic leading to closures of airports schools and gas stations this comes as the country tries to recover from a recession and creates even more pressure on a center right government that is deeply unpopular. this roadblock in sampan est is just one of thousands throughout brazil striking truckers have left the country's key routes paralyzed seppala and rio de janeiro have declared a state of emergency drivers are protesting pricing fuel prices by you as ever it is that we spend two thirds of our earnings on diesel fuel on top of that there are the toll roads so that only leaves one fifth for me as a driver that's nothing that puts up a lot of. as a result of the road blocks both airports and petrol stations are running out of fuel food supplies are also affected and common factors including folks bargain
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have had to shut down production brazilian president michel timéa promised a crackdown. yet i have ordered the road blocks to be cleared with the help of the security sources but at this book out of their status but truckers say they will not abandon their blockade until fuel prices fall. right this government is exploiting us through its extremely high taxes it cannot continue like this. with five months to go before october us presidential election the strike has further eroded the stature of an unpopular center right government. across the continent to colombia goes to the polls on sunday for a presidential election on that many fear could derail the peace process that ended the country's long conflict with leftist rebels the front runner in the election pose the deal with fark which outgoing president on manuel santos implemented even
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after voters rejected it in a national referendum if you don't use feel your harms sent us this report from a town that suffered one of the worst four attacks. jason was a young boy of one father at a fight as a tech the town of granada although he now wags as a journalist for a local radio station it's still difficult for him to talk in front of a microphone about that day and what it did to his family. i mean i mean me and i thought i'm a little my brother was killed when i was eight years old and you know that was really hard for me. i mean there were when we didn't but i mean it's ok but i believe that if we go back to living with the things that happened to us with the destruction of the town and so much shooting happened here in another war i do not think we would survive. but i see steve so pretty. in december two thousand
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set off a huge car bomb at this intersection it killed twenty three civilians and five police offices. today a small museum called the room of never again serves as a memorial to the attack. if they want to represent that if this will represent some of the victims of the conflict here in tire you know we have this block here of those who are still disappeared and these on this side were murdered and buried. each one has their own story but each one of them had a dream in this family's hopes but unfortunately the conflict came and took away all of those dreams and hopes and many had and these have not yet recovered from that loss and they continue to suffer their pain and some have not been able to forgive them and they've been asking one by that but not. in the referendum on the peace deal in two thousand and sixteen most people in grenada voted against the
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agreements but one and a hobby years later many seem to have changed their minds. but of. how i would vote yes because we are at peace now. before violence in this town was unbearable. the. more that you lived to give it that by the. way it would be better to vote yes because we are searching for peace if we say no we'd be wrecking that process from us. many colombians that the election of a new president could endanger the peace process. but not as many as says that for his town there is no going back. what the one i believe that in the coming four years the government will not be able to reverse the peace process that the current president one man was santos started on with a sound that. no one in granada expects the peace agreement to restore what they have lost but little by little they are managing to deposit their weapons in
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a chest of memories. is there life on mars that is a question scientists are hoping to find out more about soon with the help of a joint european russian program called exo mars two years ago that program launched a probe to the red planet and after a long journey the probe has now descended into an orbit low enough for it to sniff the planet's surface for methane methane would be a possible indicator that life once existed on mars or perhaps told us the first high resolution images from the x. mas probe on its new will but they showed part of a crater in the northern hemisphere and perhaps evidence of may thing gas on the surface of the red planet. we know that the lifetime when we think it's very short just a few hundred years it will be broken down by the sunlight by the u.v.
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component of the sunlight so if it is there we know that it has to be refilled all the time and where does it come from that's the big question. and a question that photos alone can't answer so the european space agency and its russian counterpart ross cosmos plan to send a remote lending vehicle to mars within the next two years the exo mars rover will be fitted with a drill that can take samples as deep as two meters below the planet's surface scientists are hoping to determine whether the methane is a result of geological or biological activity. the team is excited about the possibilities. you can imagine yourself walking on. with. the future people will be walking on was.
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for even. despite differences on european and russian cooperation in space could help unlock the mysteries of the red planet. much time left but here's a reminder of our top stories people in ireland have voted by a landslide to liberalize the country's restrictive. with over after yesterday's referendum voters change to. the north korean leaders have met for second. discussed a potential meeting between pyongyang and washington just days after u.s. president. planned with. our web site. of the week's top stories.
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it's a real problem because there's no rushing about every. on their own and then. the great.


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