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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2018 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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every journey begins with the first step and everything region the first word published in the nikko he's in germany to germany. why not. it's simple online on your own miles. south of. course. maybe. a low and welcome to this edition of focus on europe i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us it continues to present europe with new challenges one of the most contentious is how to handle the border separating northern ireland and the
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republic of ireland now some fear this issue could cause tensions to flare between protestant and catholic extremists beginning in january of twenty nineteen there will be either a soft or hard border separating the republic in the south you territory from the north the e.u. has proposed special provisions for the north but prime minister theresa may says that would only lead to a new debate about the provinces legal status just the thought of a hard border with security checkpoints revives painful memories for many of the troubles as they were known which ended twenty years ago. the violence claimed the lives of three and a half thousand people among them were members of the miami shoebat a popular and successful irish group the men were killed on tour and northern ireland in an ambush led by a protestant paramilitary unit the band's sole surviving member is now concerned that will open old wounds. stephen travers has been
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driving for four hours all the way across ireland. heading north. carolinian. we're hearing the miami show bands version of drift away in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's the band from north and south was riding high in the irish charts stephen was one of them the bassist from tipperary. was. very very popular the guards loved it was a it was a real searches. but all of the rich. poor young. old i cood. at some point he crosses the border into northern ireland part of the united kingdom. here guard towers military barracks and
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fences once cut through the landscape there's little sign of that now. but if anyone knows how fragile that pieces even twenty years after the good friday agreement it's steven. time and again he's come back to this place just off the highway from dublin in the south to belfast in the north. many call it the place where the music died. everything was reading red it was fake. or sector read. a sphere enormous like a river saw the surface and as i went down through the field or down through the hedge the ditches. i was aware. exercise to leave the church my body. it appeared to be a military road block but it was an ambush by
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a loyalist paramilitary group some of whom were serving british soldiers. to members of the ulster defense force boarded the bus their plan was to plant a bomb that would later detonate in the republic that would kill the band and frame them as terrorists crossing from north to south that will. britain would be pressured to seal the border making things difficult for the nationalist ira but it detonated prematurely destroying the bus and killing the two bombers. and now the band members were witnesses to the fact that british soldiers were involved. it was over in seconds the remaining loyalist terrorists opened fire on the musicians tony bryan in friend died stephen was seriously wounded after he said come on those bastards are dead i got the baton dom's. steven survived but was left physically and mentally scarred. he had trouble
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coming to terms with what had happened until he. lies he had a mission to seek justice and reconciliation. a community center in the middle of northern ireland is the venue for an event that's becoming more and more common with participants who want saw each other as enemies and are struggling for peace today what connects them is suffering. isn't easy. or. the. eugene reveal lost three brothers in one nine hundred seventy six gun attack simply because they were catholic. alan mcbride lost his wife sharon killed by an ira bomb in one thousand nine hundred three. she helped their father in the family fish and chip shop on the schenkel road in belfast protestant neighborhood they were among ten who died including the bomber. obviously i'm people.
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shopping because of the abuse of all of the culture of the culture of all the shopping mall but i heard words of children. today belfast is booming tourists are flocking to the northern irish capital now that it's safe. the good friday agreement triggered a flood of investment. but the so-called peace wall still stands separating protestant and catholic areas. here in belfast we meet again at an exhibition opening every pair of shoes represents a life snuffed out too early. the northern ireland conflict cost three thousand six hundred lives not everyone is healed not every story has been told not every culprit has been held responsible.
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all politicians should see this allen says especially those who still preach divisiveness and hate yes we have pace yes we don't have the same numbers of people been killed or murdered but the pilot is tomorrow there's a lot of. trauma center we get referrals and every week from people that are still those friday been targeted by parma was on both sides of the community. stephen is on the road again with threats that approaching he says his message is there should be no return to violence and no reopening of old wounds between catholics and protestants between the british and the irish he says a hard border would be get lee for peace. last week. turns to violence people who believe that somebody has to win or that part of the peace process of the good friday agreement and say this was poised of time a set. the conflict will start again.
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for now that border is barely visible but for him it's an invisible sky across the country and in many souls. croatia has become an extremely popular holiday destination for people from all over the world but it's been discovered by the film industry to the wild and rugged nature found in. the lakes national park is a coveted location for european movie makers but since the government made the decision to relax the park's construction code while once pristine lakes have become literal cesspools as new buildings were put up with no plans for waste treatment or you know asco world heritage site and a setting dear to many
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a film lovers heart is now under threat. the pizza night spot is one of the oldest national parks in southeast europe it's it is a location for popular german westerns it needs in the area and comes here often he loves the countryside and the waterfalls. or not if you missed an affair this is one of the most beautiful spots on this planet for the natural wonder protected by unesco. you know everywhere that night if you will until recently the water here was among the cleanest in the world but now the illegal building has cost so much pollution that you can't drink it or even swim in it anymore. the mikes are critically endangered as
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a consequence of the nearly two million annual tourists unesco is threatening to revoke the park's world cultural heritage status because it hosts crowns like this and keep its pristine quality. feet there's no sewerage system for example if each year reveals where the sewage ends up in one of the many holes in the forest some called him tongue in cheek the seventeenth like the stench is unbearable. the trees all around are dying now before the tourist season has gotten underway the cesspit is still relatively empty but the effects are plain to say. the restaurant when the guests at the tourist village ask where the stink is coming from one of the on the people here tell them there's a pig farm around here somewhere. the waste runs into the ground unfiltered and seeps into the politically it's
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a likes. the authorities analyze the lake water says of each other but the results were never made public he believes they didn't want anyone to know the water was no longer drink a bowl. the local mayor insists that the problem is finally being dealt with and passes the responsibility on to the government in zagreb. the trouble is what for twenty years nobody has done anything about the sewage now it's five minutes to midnight when the government's realized that that is of national and not just local interest and we have no time left to lose the bargain. and yet construction is still going on inside the national park new buildings going up all around this homeowner claims he did everything by the book which appears to be doubtful. the state seems to be turning a blind eye while corruption among local officials is rampant says it beats and his
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comrades over war veterans they are spearheading the opposition to the illegal construction. the building permits validity is rather dubious they say though and. all that was allowed here was the renovation of existing buildings and i'm certain that nothing more than a little house was standing here or there to be. a local whether it's in a co-op now there are eight buildings that can accommodate up to two hundred seventy tourists and if you're through can either break that they might just send us a pleasure. that the owner disagrees. he maintains that the whole village was here we've been working here for five years our quality is acknowledged we're the only ones with two five star lodgings. it's a luxury resort in the middle of a national park and with no connection to the water mains but the construction was
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actually subsidized by the e.u. someone sees the sign for target practice. if you'd say shows a video about an illegal water pipe use is all around the park tap into it. businesses in the park is booming too wrists a coming in drives local business people who want to cash in opposing them as if it's our only rust please you're accusing people of taking water illegally but they haven't had any other source here for sixty years i'm talking about the pollution in the park on us that they're going why did you wreck the water pipes because the environment inspector told us to me when i was going about i don't know not only that but you were the ones who brought him here. time is running out. it beats and his comrades will keep fighting. he says the veterans grew up here and
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they're determined to protect their world's natural heritage site. in the age of kindle instant downloads and ubiquitous smart devices the idea of building a huge monumental library to house actual books sounds well so last century but not to the book rescuer of belgrade victor laws such as dream is to build the biggest library between vienna and istanbul and he's already got thousands of books just waiting to fill those shelves. stacks and stacks of banana boxes this eric bunker at a school in belgrade has become victoria laws which is book depository there is little room to move this is a perfect place for hiding the. victors collection has more than
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a million books and he's not done yet. four big rooms are already teeming with books and periodicals many published during the era of the former yugoslavia and new items keep pouring in. it's a major challenge especially when larger donations arrive. the worst moment one of the worst in my life was when we received some huge of the nation most five trucks of books one whole library has collapsed and they kicked out the books and we took them over it was i don't even know how many boxes i guess about two thousand boxes at once in one day. and it really hurt enough workers to do this job it's. possible. the home of victoria's parents isn't far from the school this is where in two thousand and ten he founded his nonprofit
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library project. it includes a book and travel museum victoria doesn't make money from the project to the contrary he spent almost everything he's earned as a lawyer on the project and a large inheritance on top of that it's love for books and culture and literature and believe that they're doing something that is truly important not only for this country but. it has even bigger importance broader importance for the world and at least for this region. victor's efforts have been supported by wealthy serbs the collections of some well known personalities have been offered to him after their death and not to serbia's largest libraries some wonder why they have so far ignored his success to have it and to be in the kinetic. why can you view the collections of high profile figures like the famous actor popular villages each well poet meo drug pov live each here and not at the national library or film
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archive victoria's home doubles as an office and of course a library all the time money and energy he's invested in his book project come at a steep personal cost his long time partner left him three years ago she couldn't take it anymore. because there was no money not only for workers there was no money for fuel if someone donated books i wouldn't you know put the books in the car and would not have enough fuel to bring them. here and there was nothing of money one for food. and. victoria's tireless efforts have given him a reputation in the serbian literary scene authors and creatives lend their support to help picked or get one step closer to realizing his dream. mind you. now political parties in
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turkey are pulling together to draft a law on sexual abuse the country has seen a dramatic rise in the incidence of child sexual abuse over the last decade much of what we know today is thanks to people like in their case a social worker she exposed a maternity ward where within a mere five months three hundred minors gave birth to children of their own. each cell in their geese won't get closer than a few hundred meters to her former workplace a massive state hospital on the outskirts of istanbul she was a social worker there. earlier this year she was moved from here against her will after she went public with one of turkey's worst social scandals to date. the year before hundreds of underage girls had given birth here. basically to snap was in just five months around three hundred under-age girls passed through the maternity
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ward and out of the sheets really stand your food was one hundred fifteen of them were not reported to the authorities as required by law warmish. week for two months i kept going to the clinic directors and reminding them that these pregnancies had to be reported a little body every time they threw me out of the office and bullied me much harder more being mars called. this is a list of the one hundred fifteen on reported girls who delivered in this hospital alone many were under fifteen years of age. the istanbul public prosecutor launched investigations into the reported cases. normally in turkey underage pregnancies must be investigated by the public prosecutor but women's organizations claim that quite often they are not even in cases with evidence of rape or illegal underage marriages such crimes are often committed in schools and religious boarding schools
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dutch of l.a. requested an interview with a government representative but received no answer under pressure from the public the government announced tougher sentences for pedophiles and rapists. on television deputy prime minister rachel dr even proposed castrating the perpetrators. but in practice this woman maintains the authorities often look the other way her own daughter was secretly abused by a relative from a very young age. david if that is the ons we got no help of any kind from the authorities not the legal advice nor psychological counseling for our traumatized daughter. we were left completely on our own and now i ask the politicians why does someone who's raped a child under twelve years of age get up to forty years in prison but someone who's raped a thirteen year old gets at most five years. many turks doubt their government is serious about combating child abuse. when the state religious authority wrote that
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even nine year old girls were eligible to be married protests came pouring in the article containing the statement quickly vanished. knows all too well that many people in turkey still have the kind of mindset she travels around the country educating and warning she doesn't regret going public about the teen pregnancies. and outs of the ban so i know that after i published my information the health minister called upon the hospitals to pay more attention to pregnancies in girls under eighteen. that only proves that a problem does exist that they can't ignore any longer. so why should i regret anything but i'm a. no no don't look away when children are abused or forced into marriage that's the message and has for listeners all across turkey for these
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aspiring nurses and social workers for example she explains the loss and gives advice on how to help those in need. some people blame the many teen pregnancies on the more than three and a half million syrian refugees in turkey. who is us not to have gotten food or to get on my maternity ward i mostly had to do with under-age syrians i was hoping for some help on how to deal with it because. to see whether syrians or turks each sees the struggle against child abuse in turkey as the responsibility of society as a whole. yes it is very even if only one in one hundred ends up saying she's going to fight it that would be fabulous far in the least that you see these three oh i have heard that but many more in the audience may very well be inspired to take action against child abuse even if they'll be risking their jobs as did each well never gets. john
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kades famously wrote a thing of beauty is a joy for ever and lucky for the citizens of brussels one of their art nouveau treasures has just been given an extended lease on life the for so house designed by the architect victor hart over one hundred years ago as a new owner and she's committed her own resources to restoring it to its former glory. this townhouse in the heart of brussels is an architectural gem. this signature style of its designer victor horta is visible everywhere down to the last detail but after years of neglect the former hotel for example has lost its shine a sleeping beauty waiting to awake from its slumber. and the kurds ran an indian a stage and designer wants to break the spell after moving to the belgian capital
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several months ago she discovered the old art nouveau building it was love at first sight if a child you don't take care of the trial is neglected you know and i felt in a way that the home was like an often looking for a parrot and. and when i stepped into it the house was literally crying please take care of me. cry she responded to floor by floor as she lovingly restored every corner and cranny and uncovered old elements. the building which was designed by pioneering architect horta in the late nineteenth century now has had a new life breathed into it over a century later. the second is restoring all the painting the frescoes and the fuss up so the facade is going to be like it was originated in eighty ninety four and that is going to pop the heart that housemaids off on rule of law because right
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now it's a bit camouflage you don't really see it it's very discreet discreet on the outside perhaps but the interior cannot hide the splendor of the trenches it is home to. many of the original furnishings and fixtures are very well preserved. it is cliche people have o.-u. living in the afternoon. home how can you breanne it's overwhelming you know motives and colors are just pouring like among soon on you not at all. getting a make over by the indian art lover was a godsend for the building and the cultural heritage of brussels a sleeping beauty wakened with the case. that's all we have time for today if you'd like to see any of our reports again just visit our home page to w dot com or our facebook page the w stories thanks so much for being with us.
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the be. the best the book. the book. the be. the be. the
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anti-poverty anti. that's italy's five star movement what started as a protest party. is now at least next government the but are they up to the task. five stars for zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero italy's populists reach from. sixty minutes. late your smart t.v. the smarter the d w four smaller to live what you watch when you want it up to date extraordinary claim to expletives sidewards song sunday morning. dog come smart t.v. . they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire or.
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africa the. stories of those people making a difference in shaping the nation playing and their continental. multimedia series for africa live dot com africa on the move. you can tell a lot about a society by it's garbage. lists merciless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and work and people know the true value of courage. it has created a surprising parallel a claim. what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement
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should be yes we are starting to play as we walk here because we're tired. and actually disrupt and you could play bridge play try losing grip or starting june eleventh on t.w. . the final results from a referendum show that irish voters have overwhelmingly supported repealing their country's near total ban on abortions the yes vote won by a two to one margin prime minister leo varadkar called in on that story day for arlen saying the outcome showed the electorate's concern for the next generation great.


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