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tv   Europe in Concert - Alvaro Soler Spain Germany  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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yes we get i think race other all extremely weak compared to the sunshine. so in a practical sense the sun is the only choice for long term energy supply. well clearly more scientific discoveries and more engineering are required to enable the basic technologies to be cheap but i think a lot of the electrical energy we produce is lost in the wires between the generator and the house so we could make superconducting wires that would be a wonderful way to transport energy from one place to another so let's make those investments now so that we all know things that we need to own when the time comes .
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we're now going to. be. in the way close down. good to see the good news they have sallow leaving the. enemy stone. cold. cold out in the snow on the scene unfold. don't. count me don't be misled not just. don't. know spoke at that moment. no ghosts come. down below the summit
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not that no go young a long long long years man. dug sally. fields piercing. the young. submissive consuming six feet above the board. that was. to get up there with. the company no. old man stealing the job. coming soon a knock down the bolt my clothes.
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goes a long way. to come this man. not. the sole goal. was to go and see the m.s.m. clam this thing don't they obeidallah grow slowly it's never. planned to come you know being female come on let's beat. up the old scum just let the town and i'm not going to go. let alone come good. food no longer exists.
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good. to leave. soon. broke last year the. zip code suit was in the middle of choice. song. the song along with. the best song the best song on the mic. the song best song a. little. ways
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. to see. obviously comes. to show you a. good song or. the best song. on the best song in. the long run to. say. please. try. to.
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handle this. way.
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pompom pot of compound but a bump bump bump bump bump bump bump good move the ball blame it on c.-span sadly got it i'm told we're going to go on amazon and i travel the last i'm going to. gong to get a mosquito my. stomach just. not the man leading the ok to play and the beauty of the fine young long. long list supersedes the last song loading the last three games i am going to be in
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the beauty supply the posts the bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb up the big tunnels i look inside of the bush policies are going to have a good system on the point that the governor would sound long in. the last few months storm ok. now let's not blame. me. blame bolts news of the budget cuts movement and see him slip below the bowling league players closely you. know you just sold wrong. was
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a bit cold i won't say. no such bold move moments. let's play. some blame blame blame blame blame. blame blame battle over her. game play. good luck cut lower league players lower suboxone. downloads
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a bad. cold the folo. looks. the relatives. of a sudden. boom. boom boom boom. showing you know the enemy. from the mask maybe at the museum playing a man and a man as moves from. making the souffle me feel good i'm going to enjoy being just out on the sand.
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castle. some come to miami game the man that was. the man who told. me come on man psionics pseudo keep the blue grass out movies my movies come. to me from. the. joes when you know that. you don't say i was going to matter i am going to be guided him and send the man that. banner was the get to know the band that stole the dance band ballot bowl mail me to take a seat. because the days of some no man shoot down to me me me a man being
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a good chance to see my being told to be honest man soon to see no job leave me alone to gasp no name is now super bowl. no way you know paying back you. know way. back. when nannies and some nomads you down. there's been a good share. of gas movies for. you down for me me me me me.
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me me me oh man i'm still on this no go be going to gas nice find the money go. mean. yeah now the. sporting. news book beam me gold out. on a. new guy you happen sadly. can assume hammer. ya know saying to myself. when no one i know it's
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a good. fit speech this seems man described to me the best thing to. be good at. the. polls just. closed up. no. come. back to haunt. me gold gold. make it. seem they got that mole platinum. fiancee's they are going to give me that same data soley to me sally. get back to. sleep good. this month. has been making good.
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goal. posts back beyond just being told. just say come. on. come say. come sit. so. this code would have. sat. back. the.
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team. being me go and. go and. give back what he hung up for live life on the stairs i am so guy to join his viewers that got your own. game bounce out again none for last lion no
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live on the lamb eat out let it out of the stack i'm feeling. super sad sympathize with you my man's plans got me up again now not. getting the books are coming in so can. build a car get a higher speed number than a month got. to get. up. early because i answered the joyous feelings that. you can't. get out tonight i'm telling me they are just that gallup poll. coming out somebody look at my ass look at my message to my grandmother saying yes
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dad i see you guys but i only can let them feel me so i look at the man its veto give me a life to live she told. him. not. good science. shows he must get good. stuff or not but i am not going to meet a man i feel that a. good. move. no longer than good. to. be.
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ok i'm out for the laugh black book is that i am still got. even a stack of you. can. really tell me that i never got a stack got a feel. for. a. matter of fact. you. have a. stack of.
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good morning sapphic that. seem bad good grammar and i'll go through maybe you have . your brando mask me asking no. guy nothing annoys me more store because no. one's going to. go. see a. good. just chill good players. are going to. be the big. players.
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in this battle. me. you know you have. seen long gas to. look below the. fold. ramp don't. go. down to get a. good. player. play a player. are glued to play.
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below. a. player. long. goal. the goal of. a perv.
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big. game playing. that. song. oh oh
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thanks. glenn.
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well know this has been asked to. this they can. assume it was. meant to be going out to me as. opposed to. a boot. camp is going to. be zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero or. act out for example cabbage. plants not. going. to.
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the over. goal. to los angeles going to. goa news. poll. to describe this course is. good good. good news they are. going to be as close. to the exact sole. goal. that
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the lawyer. told the channel. told news. family. john. is going to go for. it was going to be. good laying. gold. gold. is.
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going to. want to. come to me you know that he has sadly. told us on the. lam i'm going to. see him a lamb i suppose in a son in. law. suit jacket mold flagpole looking at. the
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cold cold. cold. you know it can't. play. good. just told ok. i'm going to back you. something. came back and. old man told god let's not come. again. i live a long cold laughs old. a good chunk of
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the truth he told us. the truth. claim god my plan goal. the feeling of not letting the books. close to playing long long good long. slow. play mystic a good egg a good long. long way to get back yes a leetle o'brien took your soul they told you. to come and lowlands dolorous a lead. better
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bassat. better. proof. proof. proof.
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thank. you. sally i have. no. good i don't think. that magic of him. got his.
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either sat back to square the past. or let's get. you know it's not something that i have one of them a bad player playing. playgoer . man it does not go along and. maybe even putting the blame goalie playing. the goalie. a living playing believe me claimed i played. play the ball was going to get the game last minute the slump i got one of the big bad plays
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most long gold plated understand the above the law being the first such a load to play lower bad play along. play the blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame the slow cook an a.v.m. play the blame game blame the man from playing the bad jol six. play the blame.
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i took a pill he. showed me she i was cool and when i finally got sober felt ten years old about the fact that it was a living and. jobs course god has to prove that i'm a real big bollock has made a million dollars in a spin the don't really choose you don't want to be i lack meaning never be known by like me you never want to step out the rollercoaster on me on and on you don't wanna act but stacked this family on whom to trust like this you don't want to be stuck up on that stage singing circle upon the last thing you singing mother be good to god i. got it back dude you girls become lovers turn and some other some other big good god out is to.
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just send. who already blueish out i get along with those how many women names a reminder. the pop song people forget and acupuncture on. the sooner the sun comes out i kind of got smashed by the killer in the us you know let me back me by acme you never want to step up the road push me along. if you want to be stuck up on that stage think. that's a. big get out i. doubt it that you. can never. doubt us to my. god god is. speaking. to. my.
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god. they take. back. this.
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luck sleepless good. player. play. it is. going. to. play
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a. little bit. illo . plz . plz plz. plz
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. this. was there nothing else i thank
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. you. thank you thank you thank. poverty and. that's italy's five star movement what started as a protest party. is now billy's next government. but are they up to the task. of five stars for rome. italy's populist reach for power. on.
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this week's highlights. sensationally tasty. these days foodies are cooking with flowers. forget hawaii surfing hot spot cold denmark. you're known three walls stylish living in a triangle. your rooms in thirty minutes on t.w. . we take football personally un with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans follow my. pick up more than football long line higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes of
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bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption obvious style. of business worth millions but just how murky is the world of sports and reality. dirty games starting june sixth on d w. final results from a referendum show that irish voters have overwhelmingly supported repealing their country's near total ban on abortions the yes vote won by a two to one margin the prime minister leo varadkar called in on that story day for arlen saying the outcome showed the electorate's concern for the next generation rates. north and south korea are to hold high level talks on june first north korean media made the announcement after a surprise meeting between south korean president moon j n.


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