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miss worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. judy starting june sixth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin italy plunges into political chaos the populist party's bid to form a government collapse of the prime minister elect steps aside after italy's president rejects his choice of a euro skeptic or economics minister we're live in rome and brussels also coming up no clear winner in colombia's president told election setting the stage for
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a divisive run off between a conservative and a former communist rubble to go along to bogota to find out what this all means for colombia's peace process. and will the real kim please stand up singapore gets a dress rehearsal for the historic saumur summit between the north korean leader and president trump back on truck. also coming up a hero's homecoming for real madrid after claiming another champions league title their third trophy in succession paraded through the spanish capital but this fall the celebrations fans are asking what now for christiane all that. brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show italy's messi. most election drama has taken
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another surprising turn the prime minister elect has stepped down after the country's president rejected his choice for economics minister a man who said italy should prepare to leave the euro the country could now be facing a constitutional crisis and the appointment of a government by the president or new elections. with limited political experience italy's coalition parties choice for prime minister was always going to be considered unconventional naija said picante has confirmed he would leave the country if. i have rejected the mandate to form a government that was offered to me by president matter i can assure you i have given all of my efforts and all of my attention to this task and i have worked in a climate of maximum collaboration. it all centers around this man savannah the league and five star parties had put ten forward as their
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candidate to head the economy and finance ministry the euro skeptic has asked whether italy should stop using the euro as its official currency that's the last thing the president wants. to feel. like this in your view on it the myth of the economy the nomination for the economy ministry delivers an immediate message of trust or alarm to the financial world if you. or case proper person i asked for that ministry to be taken by a notable figure from the majority political party. when someone who was aware of the program of the law someone who does not support the policy which was announced by the coalition parties in it or do. you vote to manifest the sort of action which could provoke or lead to italy leaving the euro
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a photo shoot of it if. the president's decision to reject the candidate has angered many of at least political figures not least the leader of the five star movement who suggest in matters rather be impeached for betraying the state. let me say this clearly turning out to vote is pointless in this country because the rating agencies choose the government even when the citizens with over fifty percent of consensus between two political forces who want to change things and want to represent italians and their interests. in the end a way always seems to be found to block the people's will. because. president matter rather has summoned former international monetary fund director carlo qatar daily for talks a further attempt to end the long running political impasse in
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a country which could soon face the prospect of snap elections. so is italy in the midst of an unprecedented political and institutional clash to find out what's bring indeed the views that regard from brussels studio and in rome we have the journals philip well and good morning to both of you philip the five star movement is calling for the president to be impeached requote betraying italy's citizens is that a possibility what's next for italy. certainly that it does exist as a technical possibility. and people who agree with the call for his impeachment take the view that he didn't really have much of a political mandate for what he did it he was elected by parliament but he's forwarded the will of two parties that emerged as winners from the most recent elections but i think on the other hand these calls for impeachment are really just
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the beginning of. bookless election campaign we can expect a lot more fiery rhetoric between now and any new election and i think realistically it is hard to imagine a majority in parliament that would be required voting in favor of impeachment of this president it would also send a signal that italy was drifting really rudderless and will further aggravate the current crisis ok so is the new elections a real possibility bant the italian president saying the euro was central to italy's future but italian voters are not so sure what does the process want to see happen in rome. well them mixed feelings here in brussels on the one hand there's a kind of shot in florida relief that the populace government failed in this attempt to form
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a government which is against or maybe against the euro on the other hand the use of cause aware that now months of uncertainty of a photo and that italy is not able to decide on anything that is now urgent in the european union including in its name migration or the reform of the eurozone and so it's certain that the populists might gain in the next election and that is of course not to the liking of the euro creds here in brussels philip you've been told covering italian politics for a long time in italy has seen numerous political crises over the last half century is this simply another drama on the tiber or is this categorically different. i think there is something else different about this crisis it. areal clear standoff between the two major parties two rare emotion the latest elections and a president who's seen as
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a reassuring experience figure and the standoff is very strong very violent and likely to continue to be served on the other hand. it really is not a very difficult process being crises in the us and the background some years ago were decades ago was against. that trope of political terrorism or market terrorism italy today is much more stable or mature a country it doesn't almost debt but i think probably the real x. that much exists in some decades ago doesn't apply anymore clearly though there's a difference there's a knock on effect of the rest of europe ok there is indeed banta back to you hillary is the euro zone's third biggest economy but government debt is at about
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one hundred thirty two percent of annual g.d.p. right now it is a man's could debt relief from brussels be a way to entice italy's populists to perhaps moderate their antihero stance. maybe it would please the populace but it's first it's illegal under the rules of the eurozone italy would have to apply for a real rescue operation by the rescue fund and this is not the case and on the other hand it wouldn't work because the italian state is indebted mostly with its own citizens and italian bangs is not indebted with the europe or even the e.u. so this is not a solution to the crisis in the you can see that you is already going up so the markets a more or less well coming this develop and grow that regard for us and brussels philip well and in rome thanks very much to both of you this morning
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all here in berlin germany's anti immigration party took to the streets of the capital on sunday supporters of the alternative for germany or the if they gathered for a demonstration they called a future for germany they showed up in their thousands but counter-demonstrators came out in even greater numbers. go away go away the chance of demonstrators marching against the a.f.d. an alliance of political parties labor unions and other groups organized the counter-demonstration together they mobilized an estimated twenty five thousand people to take a stand against the right wing populists. it's a good thing that the f.t. which pretends it represents the majority sees it doesn't we the counter demonstrators are the majority. and they represented a broad cross-section of german society. including too many of these. large as life think people should be taller and. they should accept people the way
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they are. but it's not don't think it's right to spread hatred which is what the f.t. does. he does get it i think it's great that there are so many young people i was afraid they might not be as politically active as before this is great one thing is i think the. police counted about five thousand and fifty supporters. as a status none this was the land of our fathers and mothers and we wanted to stay the way they left it for us is. if the speaker's warned against the islamisation of germany and criticised the government's refugee policies supporters shouted america must go more yes get out of the year right now i already feel like foreigners in our own country because we're afraid to go for a walk in the evening at seaton or going to a dolphin or to talking to them you can't even be a patriot anymore or if you say you're proud of your country you get labeled
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a nazi or not your daughter this was going on in the a.f.d. ended its rally with the german national anthem. the counter demonstrators still dancing to techno ended their day by taking to the streets. and to the will to. now for some of the stories making the news around the world today authorities in the u.s. have declared a state of emergency in parts of maryland after communities were hit by severe flash flooding in ellicott city water carried away cars involved homes and businesses it is the second major flood to hit that area in two years former u.s. president george h.w. bush has been admitted to hospital suffering from low blood pressure and fatigue officials say he will remain under observation there for a number of days the ninety three year old suffers from parkinson's and is wheelchair bound he's been hospitalized on
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a number of occasions in recent years. brazil's government has helped the price of diesel in response to a weeklong strike by truck drivers that has paralyzed economy truckers barricaded hundreds of roads in protest the rising fuel prices the strike action has led to nationwide fuel and food shortages. well colombia is headed for a runoff presidential election after voting on sunday conservative even duke a won the first round with close to forty percent of the votes you'll now face off against the leftist former of all this although petro next month. to day says the peace deal was far too lenient he wants to jail former rebels for work crimes he saw the petro is on the other hand side of the political divide his party isn't ruling out a coalition with parts political wing this is the first presidential election since the peace treaty was signed in twenty sixty. you'd have used to feel the arms are
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rudy's following the story for us from bogota good morning ophelia you know there will be a runoff vote next month is there any indication that duke a has the support he needs to become the next president. well he certainly has a big support within the population yesterday seven and a half million people voted for him and even more could do so in the run of as many fear that they're all socialist proposals as they think that these could turn colombia into another venezuela but on the other hand you have about five million people who voted for fifth row and the candidate who cannot serve in the election yesterday has about four and a half million votes he is from the center left spectrum and his vote would to turn into petros vote in the in the run of better could have a chance of becoming the president but it has to be said so far none of the
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candidates has openly shown support for either throw or do you know what about the runoff and what it would mean for the peace process with the left of for rebels what are the implications there well it could mean that the peace process could be at stake people that support to care rejected in its current form they want to see former farquhar a rural rebels in jail serving severe jail sentences and they do dislike the fact that they are given ten seats in congress for the next three periods duca has promised that he would change major parts of the deal but it has to be said the deal is sealed until twenty twenty six but what we can expect is that he would probably slow walk the peace deal into failure by not implementing major parts of it ok that means there's a lot of stake in this runoff what are people saying where you are or both sides on
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the political divide committed to the peace process and the political stability. well everyone of course wants peace when they don't like is the form it has taken we have seen a very polarized compay and a very polarized vote. bad throw is they can do that with the left can do that with most votes in colombia history and we see less force entering the political spectrum in a country that has never had any space for the left as this idea where always related to marxist guerrilla less. and what you see is that most young and progressive voters have chosen better but on the other hand the majority of colombian still prefer the more conservative side they voted for duke who opposes same sex marriage or soon and you said maisie and some recent studies
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show that this tendency is actually growing in colombia and communities in society of arms really ophelia thanks very much for that from the top u.s. officials entered the north korean side of the tries on for talks on sunday now this is the latest move in what has been a dramatic diplomatic week between washington and pyongyang the u.s. team's trip to north korea has raised expectations that the on again off again meeting between kim jong un and president trump will indeed take place but braces for that are meeting in singapore are underway but not everything is what it seems . could it be supreme leader kim jong un strolling along the singapore waterfront a good two weeks before the long awaited us north korean summit a missile drove home or here in singapore just waiting for you to turn up. even
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with the australian accent many singaporeans were fooled by kim impersonator howard x. he predicted the meeting will be a success. and i think that the two leaders will sit down together and they're going to have a great time because really they have the same personality and really that they're the same person so i think he would be best friends right after this meeting. meanwhile the real kim was in the demilitarized zone at a surprise meeting with the south and counterparts they say the meeting with trumpets back on but is it let's start from the beginning and an exchange of bombs . they will be met with fire and fury little rocket man little rocket man rocket man is a sick puppy olympic diplomacy follows in february and pyongyang extends an invitation to meet donald trump i'll be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks at the end of april the leaders of north and south korea meet for the first
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time kim jong un process into the south. and main j.n. crosses into the north they agree to work toward formally ending the korean war. in may she extends an olive branch and releases three american prisoners i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something. to weeks later kim jong un appears to make good on a promise detonating parts of his only known nuclear testing site then washington throws a curve ball citing his still ity in the recent north korean comments i've decided to terminate the plant summit in singapore in june twelfth then just one day later another turnaround the meeting is. back on the table trump's explanation provided you know that. back at the surprise meeting over the weekend the south korean president says the north is committed to complete denuclearization but acknowledges
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that kim and trump might have differing expectations of what that means you know meanwhile trump is back to sending confidence signals so we're looking at june twelfth and singapore that hasn't changed. and will look pretty well so we'll see what happens what happens next is anyone's guess back in singapore no one knows if the meeting will take place this could be the only incarnation of kim jong un ever to search for him. the state of new news live from berlin still to come on the show real madrid celebrate their third champions league trophy in a row with the help of some very ecstatic fans. mark is here and now could europe ban most plastics that wind up in the garbage well primed plastic pollution is a very hot topic right now it's destroying our environment and clogging up our oceans and that is why the e.u. commission is expected to say today as it outlines its plans to tackle the issue
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you know this could hail the end of a single use products like straws plastic plates and cups which are to offer found washed up on the world's beaches these may now be banned and replaced with environmentally sound alternatives and manufacturers could face additional cleanup fees you states may also have to collect in ninety percent of plastic bottles by implementing deposit systems for example. and we'll keep you posted on the decision now investors are moving their money out of emerging economies to the united states where the federal reserve is gradually raising interest rates as a result of the value of several emerging market currencies have taken a hit the turkish lira plunged to historic lows against the u.s. dollar last week to bolster the domestic currency the turkish central bank hiked its key interest rate from around thirteen percent to sixteen and a huff the capital outflow is also adding to india's troubles with the rupee hit
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its lowest level in fifteen months at the start of may that was and in argentina which is saddled with wardens three hundred twenty billion dollars in x. downloaded the peso dropped after jittery investors hit the exits so the turkish lira the argentinian pays all of the indian rupee the south african rand all of these currencies have lost a great deal of their value what impact could this development have on the global economy and financial market that is something i would like to discuss now with the daveed cause senior economist at bear bank good to have you with us let me start straightaway what is the biggest challenge for emerging market currencies right now well right now see is a stronger u.s. dollar and at least some emerging market economies come under pressure but there's a combination actually when we move from last year to this year and it's indeed also emerging markets themselves in terms of the gross momentum is weakening and the big factor is you not the u.s. it's actually china which has slowed their impulse when it comes to economic growth
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and this is something emerging markets usually profit from so a stronger dollar and less growth so you accumulate actually less reserves and you're more fragile you basically are more exposed to foreign inflows or as we have seen right now two outflows when it comes to turkey for example turkey is something that i would like to look at it more closely always its closest to us right now here in europe do you think that the problems there of the turkish. mostly home mate or is it also mostly us monetary policy was a combination actually probably the trigger is really monetary policy because the dollar's getting more expensive but when we look really into details then the turkish economy is growing quite robust that means that you're important much more and you get really into this current account deficit so you import quite a lot you don't export a lot and when the currency doesn't adjust you some at sometime you get a problem in particular when you don't have accumulated enough reserves enough dollar reserves and the dollars getting more expensive those this is combination so
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the question is always why is turkey growing so much and indeed here political reasons interest rates are too low for this inflation rate so they stimulate the economy everyone wants to stimulate the economy in particular now ahead of the elections but also fiscal policy so lots of projects are being put in place here because of politics because of the elections a and this is getting right now quite tight so you need to go a lot of u.s. dollars to pay for the imports but you don't have them and this is exactly the pressure point for pataki right now and we think. you need two things what you can do actually you either give more interest rates for the traditionally or us or hiking interest rates is what we'd like to have seen and much more important factor is to gain trust again in the turkish not only economy but also in the in the currency and this is the difficult part for turkey they do on a confrontation course not only you can see us on the political side but also
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against financial markets and this is the tricky part what turkey probably has left still more to do to really limit here the depreciation of the you know when you take emerging market currencies on a whole there are some economists among them renowned economist paul krugman who says he feels reminded of the asian market crisis back in the one nine hundred ninety s. is it that global i would this be too far. because lots of emerging markets have actually learned from the asian crisis so they they issue dipped into local currencies and then you have shelter at the against the stronger u.s. dollar for take for example brazil they have the public that is nearly all in brazilian reality so they don't care who would say if the dollar's getting stronger even they have to pay list back so they use a number of economies which have learned that the classical ones and really turkey and argentina stand out here really in-depth vulnerability against stronger u.s. dollar india is always a classic example when the dollar is stronger when the when the oil prices rising
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day running into problems because of the diffuse it's about the other ones are pretty safe and in particular the emerging markets in asia we have to say are pretty safe right to call their senior economist thank you so much welcome. a real madrid have held a flashy victory party to commemorate their thirteenth champions league title after an open top bus ride through the city the team took center stage at the santiago bernabeu stadium the start of the show as usual were naldo who else who's been considering leaving the club. fireworks light shows and a stadium packed to the rafters with fans around the trade know how to celebrate a trophy for the third year in a row the team won the biggest prize in club football the way for champions league but in the end it was all about one man christiana ronaldo. the club superstar
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the player who has become synonymous with the ramage rid over the last decade. and so the stadium sang his name into hundreds night sky was and amid rumors he might leave players and fans alike pleaded christiana state i was a bittersweet night of celebrations for around madrid and for santa ana who thought with tears during what might have been his last big party with the winningest club in full. disclosure mine are now our top story our. italy is facing possible new elections after the country's president rejected a euro skeptic choice for economics minister as move has prompted prime minister elect giuseppe content to see give up forming a new government and step down after just three days. this is the interview news
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live from berlin thanks for being with us. from kuwait. that's a model of turkey social worker is learning it is moved she's born a teenage pregnancy comes of the shadows and into the spotlight and triggered a public debate on the job. now she's looking for
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supporters to help her improve child protection in turkey. next to the. anti corruption anti-poverty and anti. that's italy's five star movement what started as a protest party. is now italy's next government. but are they up to the task. of five stars for rome. italy's populists reach for power. sixty minutes to go. on. in the white house. ground is shaking the. papers. in. turkey
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because the entire country champion. for the last sixty years. for mines. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word courage beneath. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn it simple online on your mobile and free. in w e learning course the german made. a low and welcome to this edition of focus on europe i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us it continues to present europe with new challenges one of the most contentious is how to handle the border separating northern ireland and the
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republic of ireland now some fear this issue could cause tensions to flare between protestant and catholic extremists beginning in jazz.


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