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there we go. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin and a warning for if you leave strong projects commissioner speaking exclusively to be down we're going to i think he supports it to be skeptical and tells the taliban's not to vote for populists in the next election also coming out. remembering the deadliest attack in jemmy's post-war history the german chancellor lisa
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commemorations alongside the woman who lost five members of a comedy twenty five years ago in the city of building. and it's one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries the four year hunt for malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy comes to an end but relatives of the two hundred thirty nine people on board still want on some. kind of welcome i'm with that she stalked morning to italy from the e.u.'s budget commissioner. he's told italians that it would be dangerous to vote for populists in elections lockley to come later the sale this off to italy's populist allowance promised to deny the new caretaker prime minister a look at that early autumn entry approve it. he was appointed by the italian
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president following the collapse of what would have been it's a these first populist government here's what going to i think i had to see an exclusive interview. we have faith in the new technocratic government and expect that a potential election would mean that italy would be led by a pro european government. but. my concern. is that the coming weeks will show that developments in italy's markets and economy. become so far reaching. that it might become a signal to voters after all not to vote for harvey lists on the left and right. that has to do with the possible government formation i can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign. not to head with populists on the right and left
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any responsibility in government. so that was the use but is commissioner a good to think of talking to. joining me now is bob to visit she's in don't welcome barbara how are his comments lanky to be received it sounds like a warning to the italians that if they go ahead with the euro skeptic alliance the country could be in deep trouble financial trouble. listening to what actually has to say and what other european politicians have said before the french finance minister limiter for instance and members of other members of the european commission other european finance ministers and talking and listening to that from here just think if they should all just shut up because the problem here is that the mall they talk about it the more they try to sort of pressurise italians into voting beer oh wait the thing the parties that are pro european voting parties that will try to continue the policies we've seen from the
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last government who did manage to set the country on a relatively open a relatively good growth course people feel pressurised they will become more and more defined and that is really what the leaders of the populist parties are building on at the moment but the bubble on the other hand is this a warning necessary given what happens in italy could also affect europe and plunge europe into a financial crisis after all it is the third largest economy in the eurozone. yes but does that really threaten italians or do they really feel afraid of that i don't have the impression because it seems that many people in italy don't really connect their own economic problems that have been going on for many years do high unemployment still high on unemployment dysfunctional public services so many lives that the countries have that they connecting those not was themselves but they many
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. of them believe in the in the fairy tale that brussels is somehow to blame for that that only if the country could take on even more debt they could somehow magically grow themselves out of the bad point they're in at the moment and so that is the real threat people don't really make the connection they don't really understand that they could go bankrupt very quickly and easily that's something for economists but they listen many of them to the populace and they tell the different story and the polls actually show the populous still needs it in the polls fresh elections look like in the scenario. just a question when other indications of the outcome would be any different to when and if the elections take place. not at all seen from the men with the latest polls which we saw here show that a bar of ninety percent of direct mandates would go to the two populist parties if
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the elections were to be held now however they are not going to be new elections before september that's the earliest possible date really so there is a cooling off period over the summer maybe people will try to understand maybe there will be a national discussion in italian media about what the euro isn't in into the dangers of the high italian public debt but it's not for sure of course the populous parties are really trying to make a u. now they're really steering up emotions in people and they're telling them that italians are being pressurised by outside forces into electing a government that they don't want and that is something that many people feel emotional about so nothing is for certain scenes from the moment but one thing is sure that the government catch up and he is going to be a sheer caretaker government if they go it before parliament maybe tomorrow or into the city they will not get
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a vote baba visit in the heart of the talent capital thank you. very much for being us up to date on that story. this may not bring you some other stories making news around the world apologies in belgium are launching a terrorist investigation after three people including two police officers were killed when a gunman opened fire in the city of year as the man reportedly disarmed police used their weapons in the rampage authorities say they are indications the incident could be a terrorist attack. these ready army says palestinian militants have fired more than twenty five mortar shells towards communities in southern israel most of the shells were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system no one was injured in the last few minutes the israeli army says it has hit back with air strikes on over thirty military targets in gaza. russia has called for the harshest possible punishment after a museum a visitor damaged
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a famous nineteenth century painting police say the thirty seven year old used a metal pole to break the glass covering of the ivan the terrible painting asked why he did it the suspect said he was under the influence of alcohol after taking a shot of vodka. he. is in the city of descent off to commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary of a deadly os an attack on a turkish family in the nearby town of zoning and making joint politicians and prominent members of the community including one survivor of the attack the speakers warned against and four of their rhetoric in modern politics in nineteen ninety three for young germans burned a home belonging to a turkish family killing three children and two women the authorities describe it as a nazi inspired attack. speaking at that event machall warns that this kind of
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extremism behind the ceiling an attack had not gone away. the. right wing extremism is by no means a thing of the past. even today people in our country are attacked and face hostilities because they are silent seekers or refugees or because they are taken as such due to their appearance or their skin color no matter how long they've been living here with us. such actions are a disgrace for our country and we cannot and will not resign ourselves to this if in our country and our constitutional state the dignity of human beings are in fact worth something. so that was german chancellor angela merkel speaking a short while ago let's now go to england where that attack took place twenty five years ago our correspondent all of a solider is standing by over firstly what is planned there to mark this very sad anniversary. it's a full day of commemoration here i'm reading not only insulting in where i'm
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standing right now we just heard. speed in the sound bite you played she met the turkish foreign minister. in the state government of north friend was faily and dissolute off there were also members of the victim's family there to commemorate together later in a few hours from now they will all come here except the german chancellor but the turkish foreign minister. again with his german counterpart high kumasi and i'm standing here at the central of the official commemoration side in the city of schooling in all of these mentioned ministers are going to deliver a speech here it's probably going to be very well attended also the victims' families are going to be here to attend this event but this is not everything this is a whole day full of commemoration they has been a march for peace in the city of saluting an earlier today there will be another commemoration event at the site of the arson attack the house the family house the
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ghengis family here in solingen and this will all take place until the very late evening so that just shows how important this day here is not only for the victims' families but also for the people saluting and it is certainly one of the most discussed events here today and many people are about to commemorate and to visit either one of these events or today and i don't want that people telling you about how things have changed in the town over the past twenty five. well the commemoration cultural course has changed not only in soling in but also the way that the german government deals with this arson attack back twenty five years ago then. at the time german chancellor cool did not want to commemorate here at this location in the city of soling and he said he does not want to be part quote part of a tour or be a tourist of
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a catastrophe and that is something that will certainly be unheard of nala days as you can see there's no doubt that the german chancellor angela merkel visits the commemoration science here again they do see celing and as a warning also that tax like this might be repeated now and then and we are experiencing a large influx of refugees now and that's a parallel to about twenty five years ago on ever found at the end zone and thank you very much for bringing us up to date about the situation there. lisa thought he and her flight m h three seventy the foyer reface to find the malaysia and disappeared over the south indian ocean has failed to solve all the was created mysteries two hundred thirty nine people onboard. on march eighth two thousand and fourteen malaysia flight three seventy departed kuala lumpur at twelve forty two am bound for beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board about
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forty five minutes into the flight it veered sharply off course and shortly thereafter disappeared from radar with so few clues the largest aviation manhunt in history kicked off. really a spearheaded the international search team eventually developing a hypothesis the cabin accidently depressurize knocking everyone on board unconscious the plane then ran out of fuel and took a steep dive into the sea. automatic satellite communication suggested the jet went down somewhere in the southern indian ocean off australia. debris from the plane was eventually confirmed to be found on the french island of rio new on in the indian ocean and later up and down the east african coast. in january twenty seventh seen almost three years and two hundred million dollars later australia called off the search with no black box or plane found. a year
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later malaysia hired a private firm ocean infinity to continue the search they also develop their own hypothesis about m.h. three seventy's and. namely that the pilot purposely depressurize the passenger cabin and took the plane into a controlled dive into the ocean committing suicide and killing everyone on board. some evidence bears this out the pilot reportedly ordered an extra two hours of fuel for the plane pieces of the wreckage that have been found suggest the plane did not fall very fast or from up high the f.b.i. found data on the pilot's home computer suggest he simulated a flight into the southern indian ocean and the malaysian prime minister announced that the communication system had been manually switched off just after the final words good night malaysian three seven zero. if you've just joined us has
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a recap of the top story that they're following for you they even this budget commission is going to go to the has warned italians against voting for populists this after the collapse of what would have been its abuse finest populist government new elections on likely to be cordoned it to me. and we have more on it's me coming up ahead it's a good. book to global markets into most but is another eurozone crisis lurking on the horizon then for long businesses we'll have the story for you coming up shortly. make a commitment. they find solutions. and stronger. for
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the. story of both people making a difference.


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