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just might violence against children. this is the w.'s lie from berlin raising a red flag a warning for italy from the e.u.'s budget commissioner speaking exclusively to the w.'s going to britain or says he supports italy's caretaker leader and tells italians not to vote for populists in the next election the leader of one of those populist parties calls on him to resign i mean time worries about the euro zone's
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fourth largest economies of stocks and the euro tumbling after big falls in milan the german stock and she showed signs of the fear and remembering the deadliest racist attack in germany's post through history the german chancellor leads the commemorations alongside the woman who lost five members of her family and i hate crime twenty five years ago in the city of song and. thanks for your company everyone on leyla iraq we begin with the political turmoil and italy which is deepening and causing a ripple effect through the euro zone and a sign of growing concern over the crisis unfolding there the european union's budget commissioner has issued a stark warning interesting or has told italians that it would be dangerous to vote for populists and elections that are widely expected to take place later this year
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the leader of one of those populist parties the leak has called on him to resign now here's what a ten year said in an exclusive interview view with g.w. news earlier. we have faith in the new technocratic government and expect that a potential election would mean that italy would be led by a pro european government. is my concern expectation that the milli is that the coming weeks will show that developments in italy's markets bonds and economy. will become so far reaching. that it might become a signal to voters after all not to vote for populists on the left and the right. that has to do with the possible government formation and i can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign and send a signal not to head with populists on the right and left any responsibility in government for pulling them the commissioner speaking to the debris news there
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a little earlier. joins us now from the italian capital rome he is the italian secretary of state for international trade and investment a very warm welcome sir your reactions are going to take us comments please. well to be honest with you this is either rather inappropriate or massively mays i don't think commissioner urgent care had a good idea to speak about the time internal affairs i think this is something that the talons will deal with there are people here claiming that external powers quote unquote are conditioning italian politics which is not true but no one has ever even give a clue to anyone suspecting that this is true so my recommendation is to of course follow what's happening in italy and we appreciate our friends attention but please stay out of the time in politics of these moments because this could be easily
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misinterpreted and of course this is not what we want ok well that's that mean that you agree with mr mike they are salvini the leader of the far right elite party who is furious and says there has to step down would you want him to quit you know but i think someone gave selenium a good reason to complain and i would recommend everyone not to give the populace here are more reasons to complain ok now let's talk about a maybe you have an update for us in terms of where we are in the process of creating this new caretaker government are there any steps that have been taken in the meantime. at this very moment as we speak mr cross already is speaking with the president of the republic we believe to deliver the list of the ministers so once this happens a date will be decided will be fixed for them to support to be sworn in so for the
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new government to get in office after that the government will go to the parliament to seek a confidence vote that most likely they would not get so this means that new elections will be most likely because ok so are we looking at having elections in the fall in the summer when do you think it's going to happen this is going to be a precedence decision but i would say a potentially september because in general you know it was not very many things happen immediately you know that a lot of people are out on holidays and of course we want people to be in the position to go to the polls because it's important that many people now the polls ok they turn out what happens if italians do in a few times cast their votes and the outcome is still the same will we see another technocratic government or will the italian establishment accept the outcome when you know it's not the establishment these are the checks and balances of the constitution i think the president of the republic helped and supported the
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creation of a political government but it was no agreement on a underlayment one minister and this is very much part of the breast of three sponsibility so close to our political government that we may have another one after the elections ok now so this does feel like a watershed moment at the time at this moment is this a turning point for italy the e.u. because they are very very worried it seems. isn't turning by baby think for everyone we need to make sure that people understand why you reap is important i think for a long long time we only thought about europe because of numbers years and budgets but europe is much more than that is our civilisation is our history is seventy years of peace in a continent where people have been shooting you know and making war to each other for centuries we should be much better at reminding all the europeans not just tell us why we are your beings and why we decided to come together so do you think that
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you and your party bear some responsibility for not conveying that message effectively enough well enough best i have to say that europe was not very helpful all the time if you think you know of how the me gratian process immigration issue was managed by a lot of countries that left me alone i think that responsibilities that they don't just state this country even though are talking to us from the italian capital rome sir always good to have your views on the show. thank you very much for having me all right pleasure all right and ben is here because the italian turmoil is also creating market turmoil around the globe take a look at the numbers later and it looks like we're on the brink of another euro crisis as coalition a go she asians in italy having collapse now it's feared the country's debt burden is spiraling out of control european markets reacted with trepidation to the news with milan stock exchange tumbling by almost four percent at times
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a short while ago it recovered to about minus one point six percent madrid falling by about two percent and also some nervousness on the frankfurt floor the dax falling by more than one percent well let's go over to conrad blues and who is our financial correspondent in frankfurt to find out more conradt i'd like to know from you what traders are saying there if if they feel this is the beginning of another euro crisis. at least telling me that there are a few investors out there who really believe that the euro crisis is round the corner this is reflected also very much. of bond yields today the government bond interest rates that italy has to pay in comparison with germany the ten year italian government bond today rose to around about three percent clive's above three percent temporarily and that for the first time in four years while at the
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same time the german ten year government bond that's the money that germany has to pay for its debt it sank to zero point three percent this spread this widening gap between the government bond indicates the potential for disruption in the euro zone that investors are seeing we're talking about a new possibly a new government a potentially new government in italy but that's nothing new in itself there are been now sixty six governments since world war two do you think this is all an overreaction. no i don't think so the big. difference between the five star and league our parties and the sixty six governments that it's really has had in the recent decades is that the consensus about staying in the euro zone is not with the populist parties in italy they ran
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a campaign against europe against the way that austerity and against and how budgets are made in the eurozone against how the banks are treated and debt and if they really want to go on with this the italian populous that is the europeans will say no that's not according to the rules you can only continue with that if you leave or if you play according to the rules ok let's see how they play in frankfurt thank you very much. eleven update next hour once markets close here in europe all right looking forward to that but thank you so much in other news german chancellor angela merkel spoke at a ceremony indecl door to commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary of a deadly arson attack targeting a turkish family in nearby selling a miracle joined politicians and prominent members of the turkish community including one survivor of the attack the speakers warned against anti foreigner rhetoric in politics back in one nine hundred ninety three four young germans
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burned down a home belonging to a turkish family killing three children and two women think it already is described as a nazi inspired attack and chances are anglo-american warrant that the kind of extremism extremism excuse me which was behind the following attack still existed in the nation today. right wing extremism is by no means a thing of the past. even today people in our country are attacked and face hostilities because they are asylum seekers or refugees or because they are taken as such due to their appearance or their skin color no matter how long they've been living here with us. such actions are a disgrace for our country and we cannot and will not resign ourselves to this if in our country and our constitutional state the dignity of human beings are in fact worth something. chancellor angela merkel speaking there earlier while our correspondents all over south was at the memorial event we asked them about the
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significance of the turkish foreign minister attending the commemoration. well his attendance here sparked a political debate of course because as we know there are. elections in turkey snap elections are going to take place in four weeks from now and of course there is fear that he might exploit his so fortunate he exploited six appearance here in germany to put forward a political message which by the way is not legal under german law then even. the german foreign minister asked him to not use the situation to like stick his message to the one of commemoration and so far this has also happened here today but we have to say that he's joined by a large group of turkey's should journalists year there are certainly producing the kind of t.v. footage the kind of message that they want to produce which is showing him on eye level with the german chancellor here together also was high commodity and then him
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of course taking the concerns off the turkish community in germany seriously there is one in the house million turkish voters living in germany and the majority of them is said to support the heir to the regime. and we also asked oliver how things have changed for the people of selling at twenty five years on since the hate crime . well there's been a massive change in the way this attack is perceived not only in the city of soling in but in the also in the state in the country of germany and in the government if you take a look if you look back what happened twenty five years ago there at the time chancellor hammoud cool refused to attend the commemoration events he said that he does not want to be part of what he called a catastrophe tourism that is something that will be on heard of knowledge days and it's with no doubt that the german chancellor attends an event like this certainly
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the arson attack of schooling and it's also seen as a warning that in times of growing seen a full we have that were experiences today in times of you know the right wing populist being on the rise that an attack like this could happen again but that it must not be repeated at all and this is what the german government of course is fighting for and what many members of the civil society are standing up for as well . oliver reporting there a little earlier now a four years after malaysia airlines flight m.h. three hundred seventy disappeared over the indian ocean the malaysian authorities say they are ending their search for the wreckage a private company has spent the last few months scouring a vast area of the southern indian ocean but without any success some pieces of the wreckage were found earlier in the search the plane disappeared back in march twenty fourth team with two hundred two hundred and thirty nine people on board.
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and just for snow in basketball reigning champs the golden state warriors came from fifteen points down to beat the houston rockets and power into the n.b.a. finals steph curry was a golden state's hero once again he inspired the comeback scoring fourteen of his twenty seven points in the third period the team from california will now meet the cleveland cavaliers in the best of seven finals for the fourth year in a row. all right thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top we out here that. we make up oh but we want tons of the underdog but you we all the civil service or . the want to show you the continent's future. part of it and join dumpsters as they share their story their dreams and their chums in the same seven percent plus.


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