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tv   Kick off - Special - Thomas Chases CR7  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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round is fake you know but the question about books was your favorite place. in the gym expecting me to bring them in turkey and europe because of the fifty the entire country champions a free and fair and for the last sixty five years to double click for mind's. eye. panels to spend hours behind barriers. for next
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a training ground drive wages. which chased down buses just for a fleeting glance at the stars. cutting the linkage. for most of the problem in much the way and. he is the mount everest of football stars cristiana rinaldo is not that good norman is not like i think either for. no other footballer earns as much as him and no other footballer has his star power but what world do these football stars really live in sealed off behind fences and barriers far off from us mere mortals. we sent our best men to track down cristiana rinaldo and maybe even meet them and speak with them find out now if you pulled it off here on kickoff. some of the best players in the world train behind the spans
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a world away from us regular mortals it's really are not are it's training grounds . in some way he must be christian. and this is me. i'm thinking of how close i can get to the stuff to the best player in the world maybe i can even get to ask him a question let's have a try. again . this is where my quest begins at the arts center when i last had
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a lot of press conferences here some more memorable than others. that are about whether there's a good story this will either come out of the most real for a because all of. in a few minutes of the splines will be open to give journalists brief look at the training session that's why they are queuing up. one of them is comes from the on line fence in riyadh to tom he's met tornado before he came away with. a lot of
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people's acuity family friends and i see well this is not the normal this is not like i like other person so. the universe of them and i lose so be. more than that to really we can not to imagine. how. the universe is one. or nice to see the worst openness for us as we rush outside for priceless ten minutes of feeling the stars it's amazing to see them all so close muscle band with the triangle rings around coach seat on something else research are most hits balls up in the air so where does one of the prejudices legendary three kids one of which is said to have broken the young fans are. now the number. and if. you cross.
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the border. fantastic i take the big journey to get extra close to our not at all and he doesn't show up is he training somewhere else on assume we have to go now perhaps the camera guy for a month knows how i can eat and they have to. buy the place pick the players. like me might play a. big. ball. this way. they have another one but i don't know the illawarra know maybe. you're on the box this is a secret certainly you know. ok we are here i need to get past these roundabouts to the gate which the police usually pass if they don't take the secret. fortunately i meet some kids on the way what experts in getting planes to stop for
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a price they know all the tricks. they've even managed to get when i'm pressed. for the money. now as i'm not. getting. it and. you know maybe they go a little early but i just. wonder. why. we rarely go. to give them a good number even. if. the can you keep track i recall
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a scene in the bio pic granado. while watching it i remember thinking cristiana really has a thing with a cast. now . but a lot felt. very very very very very very. close now. oh. yes. the first players are coming and i pick up some tricks from the chinese hands.
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but if danny cut they are specified is there any chance this christiane about stuff for us. which are no new year's eve but again i will put out about asking even know. if it might talk about the thing for you he moved the impact and with the enabling i have kept. a camera with barrett when that your question if he doesn't really have i already underway. i mean no matter what i loved. today he didn't either even though we waited on the the midday sun. the secret exit i wasn't there at all . oh. i get. it i'm out they all get down i love it.
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one more try at the gate come on he suggested but just as sacha hamas shows up the security into the sea. yeah for me it's the daughter that. i was hoping to wait for christiana when not a drive by what can i do now. i give it a try in the streets of madrid to see are something maybe some way. of course not i'm not going to find him shopping at age and i am not even in the swamps to shop but still the experts tell me that you. neither might pop up anywhere. of in two thousand and fifteen or night or disguised himself and surprised the street right here on this very spot.
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that. was a. riot i understand the stars could be hiding anywhere well maybe a good laugh. as they currently benzema behind those she. is to me cause makeup artist this. has muscle treatment is up for a. miscarriage bail out and about the special lady and who the hell is hiding behind this get up. i need to stop daydreaming and stop making things happen so i'm off tornadoes house. as usual you can find anything you want on the internet the exec location of those villa in the north east of madrid
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for example. are evilest of his neighbors his mother a strike partner is coaches and of cost thousands of pictures from outside and even from the inside. i can hardly wait to see that fame or see our seven swing with a look around the garage but this is where my journey ends. at this tiny. while i wait out. last quarter reserved for not only. orange juice and toast. to believe. raise it. i'm so close imagine for
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a moment and this plan and this piece of boxes that the trolls had over there christiana or not whose house and christiane on the other would be a roughly young ansonia and yet so far. those trees over there are probably right in renate scotland and maybe i could here's trin sons playing i'm also recent father these by the way a my kids she and i have so much in common. how do you come a crying baby a beeper sleepless nights and now which diapers to buy so much to discuss. right now i need a rest christiane of another won't be coming past me today anyway surely not. being a. where am i
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well hundred meters in front of a man's gate that separates me from his front drive i can't get through. goose that guy or not as god is god not a one of the musician stuck in his closet. maybe you've seen that edward christiane or nigel promote some of the world's biggest brands he gets over twenty three million euros a year from the oz and many more from his sponsors nike pay him trente six million viewers a year he's football's biggest star. i take a look around but it all looks the same no caps and the fans just more manned gates around the corner stalking or nigel makes me feel like one of these tiny ants
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crawling around aimlessly aren't we all small and insignificant compared to him. maybe i just need to meet someone who knows him personally who might tell me c r seven is a normal guy. the biologist bad luck he's been picked up so i can't ask him. so i did waiting around the villa back to the city to madrid and to a place where the stars go in the free time to. the restaurant a side door down us t.x. lanes that the city's best players dine here they must sit here hidden away in these back rooms with their friends drinking expensive wine and eating meat you see stains under sparkling chandu here. so what does for another like to
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eat the waitress to hunt must know. she is sick we don't know what have you are not allowed to go never. may be outlawed. if i have. boys discover that yes i last. let's eat. there are pictures of madrid's most famous players. keris bang said john mars even a bouncer known us on the scene yes that they've all been here and to harm knows them all better than when i go. up a course we're not their son that is sam we. come on the nice kid sam we knows how to ask him we took a saw and also there's not see getting almost as much his story as the other squaddies k.c.l. i'm a hornet in need a moderate left here. so no one confirms that he's not tonight one of us we can
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only admire him from afar all pictures of him. what does that make him a sort of modern gone what are we to him. anyway he. see in the names. when. in. the in. the.
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same. i'm christine o'donnell and i think yourself you. very much now become so because kenya where a group might just over itself find with it's super easy your favorite c.r.c. put yourself next to them smile. and surprised everyone with yourself let's break the world record for a selfish and normal thing every time you go my out nuclear helping people and call the fight over the war.
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today things are looking good for meeting ronaldo because today's champions league today might create a playing in don't want i was born less than fifty kilometers from here this is my home now we are on my territory christiane on. my. ear at the parent me is with me on the team still no one asks the players but the man. at the mysterious flashing it's been
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a car striding around could be a good moment. when i was up and those are pieces of the. pressure building. right now one hundred could be looking out of his window thinking of course they've got me in the hat down there always see just sitting around waiting for sponsors they can. buy them the night. when rebounds new york limousine or. taney well being a good at it and i think there's good and present focus to you until some of us are going to feel. all of a sudden the herd down here sprints tonight someone says in the bus at the back entrance it's our chance. but while i'm running myself dizzy i'm struck by a thought what am i doing. why do i why do we all want to see this
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bus a bus the players when even sitting in. the team bus. on a kansan in law warned on and on if it sealed some ice fear and it was saved. and of these as they were here from. law was a justice to all you not abuse one down here on the isle of man chaps. and how motion within one's yet it's got to interview on and then become our money but it wasn't her fault from a country where she was never much outfielders will get over this so immense. a socialist as in europe you know mine's all that money i mean i have to thank you for the mystery of man's own highest. fashion tradition of the i'm a bit fan been in my youth to st louis. to so my martz's in production in suspicion i fall out with us when it's not just.
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that by the way this funky thing i wonder why name your son after far removed from . what is it that makes people to travel so far to see someone they don't even know . why i was daydreaming philip made his way to the past when he was reading them i got in the prophet's conduct in. quotes on the facts this is an. excess of. right we've already been waiting for an indescribable half. yes and my talents keep rolling what are all these people are doing waiting hours to see the players seconds hoping to get a few specks of stardust hoping to take a dodgy photo. after another hour in the
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rain and the team bus arrives and for the stasi lunchboxes of the villages i wonder what quick if i may be tornado what will i learn. this charley moment to go in full hope trying to bust this broadcasting life in the past as well as on sky. the fans who've been waiting here for hours a block and squashed together but that just makes the excitement grows the smaller the window into the world of the stars the more discreet people are to look through and. then it stops the players upcoming budget. a daring plan makes it a little not but if you want to get a little and then there it's right to.
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live. live. and then just like that he's got a football god that is why trailers. and why behind me people are still trying to break through i asked myself what just happened. that wasn't even a football match interest just keep walking from the hotel to the bus but as. still learn something not about or nigel who's probably gone forever. but about the rest of us namo wants to woman when fighting for some reason the thing to do with bernardo and were carried away by the police.
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i don't know how many thousands of meals were made here today are they worth anything they show people losing control and somehow losing their dignity as well. george who shot you from the. other is there a concern or not the f. might lose up offending the first and ultimately kick. it seems like we mortals need i'm caught. while i look through my material i realize that the family made it to or not at all but couldn't bring himself to huck and. he didn't want to touch this god. he didn't want him to become.
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a school night or have to be untouchable forever is a way from afar the best that we can ever hope from him. and what i have been interested in the human cost john more knowledge of the i don't know my hunt for c r seven is over because there are more important things a knife to be done than chasing the god believe me. like the world cup next time i'm on kick. flight if you take a deep dive into group a group of world champions in germany. the big question on everybody's let's just do it again along with south korea sweden and above all mexico. let's talk as
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much. from kick off. the bugle calls walked along a. peaceful
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appearances can be deceptive. chicago's west side. hundreds of people are murdered on the streets of this city every year. who was once again later today he's a social worker helping young people find the courage to change their lives global three thousand and thirty minutes on. climate change
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shifts. waist length pollution. isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing the ones that are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference he could think of. is a. w. . freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com art of freedom. how the germans came together in one nation from shanda money to chancellor phone bismarck. the
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history of the germans has been shaped by great lawyers. i swear always to bring my loyal college to that to protect christendom and spread find truth but he plays with. this. a week before the battle before the enemy and tom let loose and stand by courageous decisions least of alcohols as he told your master that we have received the crown of our own from god and not from his presumptuous or. his whole sucker i'm here. tomorrow we will have defeated the enemy all will never see one another again guys. the cool we must pull pieces of the flame. to ensure that every move going to double and.
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odd. odd. this is you know we do is live from berlin raising a red flag eveillard warning for italy from the news budget commissioner speaking exclusively to w. news good to good singer says he supports italy's caretaker leader and visors the tally and it's not to vote for a populist in the next election a leader of one of those populist parties calls on him to resign also coming up our member.


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