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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2018 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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repugnant. the political crisis in italy so bad that parties won't even say yes to an interim government to carry the country until next election the new elections and we're talking about just a couple of months tonight warnings from the european union if italy's political parties stand in the way global investors financing the country's debt will refuse to pay off in berlin this is the day. mr i said in an interview today in strasburg. so i'm going to be the markets that teach italians have to vote better. my expectation is that the coming weeks will show that developments in italy's markets bottoms and economy will become so far
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reaching that it might become a signal to focus after all not to vote for populists they could give the children he's telling italians you see things you didn't vote correctly. the markets will teach you the next time to vote better. even now developments on bond markets and the market value of banks and italy's economy in general have document noticeably and negatively if they get the pot it needs from a man who hasn't been elected to and who represents a power like germany and the party who governs the european union. also coming up tonight twenty five years ago neo nazis in germany became arsonists and murderers in a crime motivated by hate today a grandmother who lost dearly offered up compassion. she this is that interview
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one letter and i would like to speak to you as a family elder hairs on money so i want to tell you that i am a part of both nations. yes i was born in turkey but germany has provided for me and i've raised my children here. fish than i had them again. but we begin the day with political paralysis and then unexpected i'm sorry italy has no government tonight and attempts to put a caretaker government in place until fresh elections looks like a nonstarter uncertainty is growing among global financial markets and that is why the european union's budget commissioner today sounded an alarm of sorts in an exclusive interview with g w news going to urge ago advised italian voters not to like parties from the far right or the far left that word of caution created an immediate were of a bigger in rome the leader of the league party called for thinkers resignation
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well tonight urgent care has offered an apology saying he did not mean to disrespect the sovereignty of italian voters here is part of that interview. we trust the italian president he's be making potential government coalition partners aware of the rights and duties that go together with membership of the european union and the euro zone. even when we also trust the new technocratic government and relying on likely elections to produce a result which will mean italy can be governed in a pro european way. but i don't. my concern and my expectation is that the coming weeks will show. that the developments in italy's markets its bones and its economy. will become so far reaching that this might be signal to voters not to elect populists on the right
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and the left a lot of the indoor holding for a market shark that will persuade italians not to vote for the populace after all that's a big calculation. even now developments on bond markets and the market value of banks and italy's economy in general have darkened noticeably and negatively. i get to think it. that has to do with the possible formation of a government i can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign and send a signal not times populists on the left and right and the responsibility in government. well a warning today also from the head of italy's a central bank ignacio vickery says that the country's political crisis could quickly morphed into an economic disaster if foreign investors no longer trust the italian state take a listen to steam the destiny of italy is that of europe. but we should emphasize
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again that to reduce the debt there are no short cuts look as if you know the financial crisis that would be a consequence would force our country backwards people who would make an indelible stain on the reputation of italy in the world but it puts you in a bar and i'm joined here the big table now by my colleague over the humphrey from the w. business well we were talking about this last night worried about this approaching storm and now we've got some wild thunder to deal with don't we absolutely have that rumbling yesterday a true thunderclap which we saw on the markets today brant investors around the world are freaking out for want of a down to what essentially they're worried that sleaze economy could collapse that there could be contagion in the euro zone they're worried that that could spell an earthquake for that whole single currency area and then that could lead to negative growth people or even for costing the potential if that would happen of two quarters of negative growth we know what that means that spells that very ugly word
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of recession which nobody wants to hear and one thing we should say though is we're not at that level of financial stress that we saw in the last year is in crisis in twenty eleven twenty twelve and then the rule of thumb was that countries were likely to need to need a bailout if that the yields on the ten year bonds were at seven percent now italy's has reached that but it's currently back down to three percent so we're not flashing immediate red just yet what we have seen though is a very dramatic day on the markets and i want to show i think the best way to show people is really just to take a look at the wall over here to see for ourselves essentially the cove all of the trading day not just in europe but i should say but globally around the world we're seeing a global. so markets set off it's actually quite incredible the reaction let's first take a look at the equity numbers because mulayam stock exchange it was tumbling by four percent at times today regaining a litte so to actually close it down two and a half percent it was the same story for madrid and the german dax as well losing
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one and a half the cent by the close of trey's and let's take a look at the currency markets as well because we've got the euro was reaching a seven month low against the united states against the dollar rather in trading today and don't forget it's already been a rocky yes so far for the year let's take a look at that curve now if we can because off the gaining at the back of the year on the back of you know lots of talk about a strong global economy the year is then fell against concerns of inflation and a strong the u.s. economy now it defined back through march before being hit off by a string of challenges we saw declining exports to the currency strength fears of u.s. tariffs and worries that economic growth in the euro zone was peaking and now concern at the prospect of a populist government in italy and the possibility of it wanting to leave the euro there only further that that slumps o'bryant as you can see it's
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a vicious circle of political political turmoil leading to economic turmoil in the results of you know potential upcoming elections like you know. well i'm joined tonight by yvonne discovered auto he is in rome and he is a democrat and a member of the italian or he is the italian secretary of state for international trade and investment ministers coveralls are we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us this evening i like to get your reaction to going to. comments today and his apology is going to be enough to appease angry italians. well we acknowledge the apology from if there are in your but i have to say that we're not to believe naive to say the least because those statements were clearly inflammatory in a situation that of forth is very much you know on the move and having a stand that you know
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a foreign her belonging to european commission was trying to lecture the italians were knocked out well that's all that i think a person of the seniority of mr i think there should that being aware be important then the ranks really just such a statement and we may you know agree that the statements were out of line but the substance of the statement a lot of people are saying was spot on this morning about this populist rise in italy how do you see that i mean if we are looking at new elections and we're looking at the five star movement as well as the lead joining forces you could very well in just two months time have a new government a new populist government that is hostile to the european union. well to be honest with you one of the talking one of the strengths of the populace the screaming that thing that's happening because of external powers interfering with democracy and
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such statements gave them you know some reason to complain for something which clearly is not true but they claim it's true so i mean the name is there i think or should i wouldn't that's that vast and in respect to potential next elections new elections in easily i think after what is happening in this state students think that's coming to the discussion one is europe and the euro that was not part of the conversation during the electoral campaign you know in march and also i think the talk to the president of the republic and the checks and balances on which our constitution is based is also something that would be discussing the campaign and i think would bring both the pro european parties so you're saying then that this this move this openly anti or hostile euro skeptic attitude that we're hearing now
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from these populist parties are you really convinced that it's going to turn off italian voters and you know have them running back to mainstream parties such as the one that your member of. i think that combination of the two things one is not brilliant but you were of europe which is not a very popular idea these days in easily if we think of how you look managed migration cried this stuff was not very healthy to increase the popularity of you were pretty neatly but the only thing is i'm very careful to their savings and the sending that their mortgages for example are going to be more costly in the future with the song think that will be considered and again as i said yes stock against the going to fusion and the checks and balances in the constitution will also be part of the conversation i think and we know that the bond markets right now are very jittery and we've heard that investors are losing faith they're losing trust in the italian state because of what we're seeing with these populist parties are
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you afraid tonight that your country is going to be controlled and governed by a force that is going to lead it into an economic disaster well it was very good to hear at the bank of italy governor today reaffirming the strength of the talon economy who's on the mend those are still very strong and this is clearly i've come to trust issues that we have because of the political landscape and i think this is largely not simply a responsibility of the populous parties that are playing with the fire of course they're risking a lot and what we need to do in the forthcoming campaign is to make these races clear at the time when voters. even the scalper also joining us tonight from rome mr suffered also we appreciate your insights tonight
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thank you very much for having me. well twenty five years ago today four neo nazis in germany deliberately set fire to a building that was home to two large turkish families now before arsonists some of them only sixteen years old at the time of the crime or later convicted and sentenced to prison they may have been young but most of their victims were even younger the eldest was just twenty seven years old and she died jumping from the burning building you see right there the others were age from eighteen twelve nine and then you've got right here the youngest one four years old a little girl only four were the survivors would have every reason to be bitter and angry but today the grandmother of one of the families she offered compassion and
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reconciliation. it's been twenty five years and i have looed against his grief has not subsided well i'll just give you that. even when the world is bright i live in darkness because of my pains may god keep everyone from such grief and i was forty nine years old when the tragedy happened and wondered if the pain would diminish over time to get the job but it hasn't just because the older i get the greater the heartbreak surely achieve yes if you care about us we have a brush. on the night of the arson attack in one thousand nine hundred three five of my view to against his relatives died two daughters two granddaughters and a nice. here where the family's home once stood five chestnut trees stand as
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a memorial to the five lost lives. two of the victims died when they jumped out of the window to escape the flames the other three were burned alive one of the arsonists a sixteen year old neo nazi lived just across the street from the against family the four perpetrators were sentenced to fifteen years in prison. an additional memorial of the crime symbolizes a destroyed swastika the turkish foreign minister has travelled to selling in to march the twenty fifth anniversary of the attack critics accuse him of using this visit to wreak political capital during turkey's election campaign the minister tried to strike a conciliatory tone. he said we must work together on integration issues and learn from this catastrophe and we should stand together in unity against the plague of racism and take effective measures against in a phobia everyone should be able to coexist regardless of their diverse backgrounds . people and zoning and have taken this message to heart but it was
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a very different scene in the one nine hundred ninety s. when brutal attacks by neo nazis made regular headlines insulting and riots raged for days after the arson attack on the family. may have need against never left her campaign against racism over the years was recognized with a narrative honor three years after the attack and commended by chancellor merkel on this anniversary them for xenophobia racism and anti-semitism have no place in germany or elsewhere in the world but our country has an added responsibility to. the breaking with civilization in germany that took place under the nazis is on the rise we must strive on a daily basis for humane coexistence for it was an urgent appeal to the whole country even though the event itself ended early due to an oncoming storm. oh i don't want to respond he is covering the events in so we can force tonight good
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evening to you all over so you're standing at the site where on that fateful day back in one thousand nine hundred ninety three the arson attack took place. there. well there was a day full of commemoration that took place you throughout the whole city of soling in very high officials came the german chancellor the turkish foreign minister his german counterparts among these government representatives so that just shows how serious the turkish and the german governments are taking to stay the emotional highlights however that took place just try it where i'm standing right now which is in front of the place where that house used to stand once until it was set on fire twenty five years ago and here just a little while ago may have new they gained the mother of the victims who lost five close family members here that night delivered a very emotional speech calling and appealing to both germans and to the turkish
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community here to stand together and to fight race and racism together very strong words by someone who has lost a large part of her family in that night that's true she showed a lot of compassion today with her words twenty five years on how has this tragedy how has it changed germany. well back in the days here in that area in that neighborhood where we were i'm standing right now there were social unrest some folding people took to the streets some members. of the far left spectrum put cars on fire in the days following that arson attack of the german government however in that time and in particular the german chancellor of the time hellmuth cool they wanted to stay clear of these events of the chancer then said he does not want to take part in what he called catch castro few tourism
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so that's something at on heard of today and it's with an old doll of that a german chancellor would commemorate and would make an appearance here at this commemoration day also because soling and the arson attack here is seen as a warning that events like this might be repeated especially in times of seen a full and growing anti semitism anti or islamophobia that we're witnessing today. our correspondent over salih in soley good in germany tonight all over thank you very much. well back in one thousand nine hundred three hate crimes were the work of arsonists for example as we just saw but today social media is the platform of choice for many who want to engineer hate politicians are often the target of hate speech a new study of german wall makers and their facebook and twitter activities reveals that there are guaranteed lightning rods for hate speech online the study shows
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that politicians who communicated positive messages about refugees and or muslims will usually attract the underbelly of the internet and politicians who criticised populist far right parties such as the a.f.p. in germany they can also expect to face a headwind of hate via twitter or facebook i want to bring in alexander fancy here he is a journalist with nets politic dot org. was. part of the group that got together and put this study together your familiar face here always understood to have you back on the show so we learned what these lightning rods are if you will what else did we find out well we found out that i mean we looked at ten thousand comments just for germany alone and what we could clearly see is that it's not all politicians equally good heads it's only a very few doe's who talk about those hot button issues that germany's i think
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thinking another about and what we also found is that at least in the sample we had six out of ten comments of a key of right wing versus only i think it was less than five percent went anyway because the rest is left wing so clearly the online discourse the hatred and the offensive comments veered to the right ok can we say then that social media is much more home for the right wing of the scale that is for the left wing when we're talking about political discourse and in poland i think right now in germany days a lot of polemic sit around migrants in a way that we don't have around. other topics and this of course affects everything so you talk about islam you talk about syria you talk about even fairly uncontroversial things like you know offering free food for poor people in iraq suddenly becomes controversial super charged so that is what we find yeah and were you sure every time you were looking at these feeds twitter facebook were you dealing really with the work of humans i mean what about bots some of the examples
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that were given in the study they look you know not like they were the work of real people ultimately we can never be we can never know for sure if it's humans or not i think that thought from spend a lot of energy trying to suss out and like remove both content but still ultimately whatever is out there and when it is offensive when it is hateful it will affect public debate so that to some extent it doesn't matter if it is a bought or not if it is hateful if it is directed against you it might silence you as a user it might even silence you as a politician you and i have talked before on this program about the role of facebook in the algorithms that you know only jeff or mark zuckerberg only he and the chosen few know exactly what these algorithms do but do you think that the algorithms that facebook are they responsible for pushing certain topics to the forefront do they make do they give people more reasons to hate
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the facebook algorithm is a black box we don't know what is in there we don't know how it works and they did they won't tell the public that so ultimately what we see is that very often it pushes content that people are interested in and that might be very divisive very offensive even very hateful content and that is a criticism we hear often up again on a guess facebook but also against you tube and a lot of these other companies and clearly day have to answer for that to some extent but when you when you don't get that impression do you i mean we've seen we've seen zuckerberg here in europe last week we've seen you know him testify in front of. the u.s. congress is well and you always get the impression that he doesn't want to admit that there is something about the algorithms that seems to sinister. deals with this purely as a technical problem he says in five years in ten years we will have intelligence and we will know what is hate it will filter everything out but that is not how
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a political debate works first of all we have to talk back today these people and also the dividing line between what is a legitimate part of the debate and what is whole thing and just filter automatically everything that is problematic because that would amount to censorship so we really have to be careful yeah i mean we have put all of our hope in artificial intelligence anyway because we don't know what it's going to be like in five or ten years i want to ask before we run out of time about the politicians here in germany you know you look at their social media activities did you hear from them that they are if they are the targets of all types of hate speech are they ever worried that it's going to move from online virtual into the real world and be a physical threat to them i think everyone who gets aggressive violent comments and threats will eventually sume that they might one day materialize his or her doorstep so yes i think that is one of the real impacts of hate speech online is
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that people get afraid and as we know as we've seen even italy tonight the fear is a strong motivating factor that is for sure alexander fanta with nets politic dot org as always alexander we appreciate it thank you thanks fred. all right the day is nearly over but as always the conversation continues online you find us on twitter or you can write directly to me. used the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see the never.
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