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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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b.t.w. you know multimedia series for. w. dot com or go on the move. this is g w news live from bar led political paralysis and italy's barks talk of fresh elections the man tapped to become italy's stopgaps prime minister failed to secure support for his cabinet picks and may not even been speak sworn in as disagreement brains italians could be sent back to the polls as early as july.
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and fueling more italian outrage in the d.w. news exclusively budget commissioner good to warn it's a leave not to vote for populist in the next election the e.u. goes on damage control as italians say buzz off. and another critic of russia's president putin dies in serious circumstances the journalists have fled c.p.s. fearing for his life after criticizing russian policy in syria we will have the latest live from kenya and it is no joke roseanne barr is fired the comedian made successful returns to television but a tweet that she fired off on monday and said all her show has been canceled. plans. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. another failure to end italy's political stalemate prompts
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talk of fresh elections which could be on the way italy's prime minister designate carlos delhi is set to meet the country's president again today but a breakthrough is unlikely after the two main anti-establishment parties rejected his cabinet picks on tuesday maybe our ports say that they may not even be sworn in and that the president so joe mazzariello may soon resort to snap elections as early as july to end the political chaos confusion among the waiting press at rome's presidential palace would italy's prime minister designate carlo qatar really present his cabinet list. is simply came to tell you the prime minister designate collar cut that he met with the president and told him about the current situation of the two will meet again on wednesday morning you do
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it. nobody with. the statement left journalists perplexed. we have been told everything is pushed over until wednesday obviously this list is much more complicated to fill than we imagine this morning so everything is delayed . the purpose of the meeting was for president. to approve cut their release a list of ministers since that didn't happen italians are left in political limbo once again. and we have team coverage now let's bring in barbara vessel who has the latest from rome and georg mattis is standing by in brussels and barbara i'd like to begin with you because italians waking up this morning to know governments and the prospects they haven't improved either half a. they haven't at all over night because everybody use expecting that really is simply going to hand them and they would really hate to leave the sort of spoil his own good name if he held on because all the big
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political parties in parliament you behind us yesterday told him we do not want you not even the fault of the party and not even the p.d. the socialist said we will carry you for a while everybody to your way and said we don't want this interim government and so he hardly has another choice but to hand back the mandate and sort of step away. yeah and speaking about stepping away we have to turn to action from the investment community because really all of this uncertainty has rocked the markets in a way that is not really typical also georg because you know the european union for its part how concerned is it that the future of the euro itself could be at stake here. ever since presence or of the populace threats to the europe as we know it to the european institutions the european project is taken extremely seriously here in brussels also regarding the euro currency of course and interesting on his
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interview actually describe the the cause of that disease if you want to call it that way accurately by saying that for years the national governments have nationalized successes and they have europeanized problems and so that image of a euro cracked elite steering the boat here in brussels is something that the european institutions want to get rid off and that is why they are so keen on sticking to that line of not interfering international politics in order to provide no grist to the mills of euro skeptic populists and garrett you know you mentioned that statement there by going to a singer and i'd actually like to play it for our viewers because it is a statement that has an flames tensions even further there in italy is budget commissioner going to a ticker as you mentioned advising italians that it would be dangerous to vote for populist and here's the most controversial part of his exclusive interview with him is have a listen an indian player then the italians we trust the italian president he's be
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making potential government coalition partners aware of the rights and duties that go together with membership of the european union and the euro zone. we also trust the new technocratic government relying on likely elections to produce a result which will mean italy can be governed in a pro european way. poor little pay should be a top income that i don't is. my concern and my expectation is that the coming weeks will show. that the developments in italy's markets its bones and its economy. would become so far reaching that this might be a signal to voters not to elect populists on the right and the left a lot of to endure holding for a market shock that will persuade italians not to vote for the populace after all that's a big calculation. from. the from now developments on bond markets the
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market value of banks and italy's economy in general have darkened noticeably and negatively. i get we get. that has to do with the possible formation of a government i can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign and send a signal not a time to populists on the left and right and the responsibility in government. and that was the is budget commissioner speaking exclusively to those statements really making waves there in italy where people do not like to be told how they should vote the reaction has been swift and it has been fierce has been a part. of this was really like throw a can of oil into a campfire that's already sort of raging because the remarks were seen particularly as interference from germany and the populace have been sort of stoking the fires of anti german sentiment here for some weeks already particularly the leggo the
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right wing extremists were talking about the euro being a cage that germany you made to keep italy imprisoned and stuff like that and so the fiercest of all the reactions came from materials salvini the leader of the league or let's hear to what he had to say. but i can you imagine such disdain for democracy for freedom for the free will of sixty million italians and on top of that this is coming from a man who wasn't even elected and who represents a power like germany and the party of angle america who governs the e.u. and they are telling italians who not to vote for. and it's in there for his part he has actually apologized in the wake of all this and i'd just like to read it for our viewers he said the following i fully respect the will of voters in a left right or center and in every country by referring to the actual market
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developments of italy i did not mean to be disrespectful and i apologize for this. but they are going to turn to you i mean doesn't this just highlight now the north south divide here and europe and isn't it what everyone was really thinking. i don't think the question here really is whether market pressure will play a role in what how voters will act and in italy it's rather the question who has made that statement and who is potentially fueling here this picture of of euro grat stick tating things on june a member states there's a real dilemma you really for the european institution of the moment is they have been supporting for the past two years italy in order to avoid a populace such as we've seen in these recent elections even when member states rejected completely the idea for instance in the ref on regarding refugees the relocation of refugees when they rejected this idea of the european commission was
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still making proposals for a mandatory quota that could be read relocating refugees away from italy in order to help the country and now this is a particularly bitter aftertaste for european institutions that they're criticised in this way. but the view from brussels and barbara basal with the latest from rome thank you to both of you. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world a close associate of the north korean leader has been seen leaving a hotel in singapore it has been reported that he arrived on monday and met with the u.s. officials to discuss protocol issues for the june summit between u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un. french police have begun evacuating hundreds of migrants living in a makeshift camp in paris the migrants from the camp next to the canal in northeast paris will be scored into temporary accommodation centers riot police were also on
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standby as the evacuation took place. ukrainian authorities are investigating the killing of a prominent russian journalist and an outspoken critic of president vladimir putin he was shot dead on tuesday in the ukrainian capital kiev. arkady was one of the russia's best known war correspondents he had left brusha fearing for his life after criticizing russian policy and ukraine and syria now police say that he was shot at his apartment in kiev he was later rushed to the hospital but died of his book while in the ambulance and connally is standing by with the latest from kiev for us this morning so tell us a little bit more about five change though if you could nic i mean he was one of the russia's best known war correspondents what more do we know about him in his work. good morning sara well jim crow was someone who had been at war in self here in the russian army in the chechen
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wars and then become a war correspondent someone who didn't creasing to become a vocal critic of the putin regime as you said especially over syria and eastern ukraine so much so that he felt increasingly uncomfortable and felt the pressure he talked more than once about receiving threats about feeling unsafe going home he once said that he wouldn't leave the house without a flak jacket on that people he would get his friends to accompany him home because he feared being attacked while leaving is flat well now the seems to have happened in kiev where he's so safety he had become increasingly vocal on facebook he was someone who had a big readership in russia despite being out of the country so he called for. russia to reboot someone who said that the system needs really change fundamentally without the current government and someone who increasingly seemingly caught the eye of the putin government and. media yeah and apparently there have already been blows between kiev and moscow. speaking
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regarding this case what is being said. so yesterday in the u. in the u.n. general assembly we had ukraine's foreign minister in new york as it happened that evening and he had again repeated that this was obviously something to be connected with the option because to parch from russia the threats that he had received on the other side the russian u.n. saying that this was an example for ukraine's basically failed state situation that it was unable to protect journalists and that ukraine is an unsafe place for journalists so being traded there between ukraine and russia at the highest levels so far we've seen the investigation proceeding pretty fast we've already have a sketch of the. assumed assailant something we haven't seen in previous cases so this is developing pretty fast so talk with us a little bit about then the investigation that now and says nic because you know how effective have the ukrainian police proven in investigating similar cases.
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it's where we go we have to be very high profile car bombing attack and killing of publisher mit also left russia to come here. still on the case we have not even any further brilliant success in terms of who was behind you ordered this killing and who carried it out. past record hasn't being too positive on who actually getting these things in terms of. the hit seems like ukraine covered really seems this is up to them to really get results false so we are seeing a lot of pressure and a lot of. efforts to be shown just to really beyond this and to get to some kind of conclusions in a very nick connelly with the latest from kiev where ukrainian authorities as we mentioned investigating the killing of a prominent russian journalist nick thank you so much for your reporting. if you're watching news still to come on the program india's high flying i.t. hub faces
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a water shortage but could the summation of locking in traditional well taking techniques well have a look. at first it's over to monica jones with business news now and did sarah and again we look to the united states because as if global markets don't have enough to worry about these days now the u.s. wants to go ahead with planned import tariffs against china after all because that is a reversal of the soft position the administration has recently taken during trade negotiations with the asian powerhouse the move would impose a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods within the next month china's trade official said they were not surprised by the reversal which followed criticism in the united states that china was getting the better deal the u.s. originally announced a terrorist retaliation for china's infringement of american intellectual property . and of course renewed trade tensions between the u.s.
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and china only adds to. the current mayhem on financial markets still reeling from the political turmoil in italy which could be facing snap elections as we heard analysts warn that europe may well be on the brink of another euro crisis and all that uncertainty has created a sell off of stocks across the globe. japan's nikkei exchange was down one point five percent joining losses in shanghai and hong kong the declines in asia come as fears over a new financial crisis are creeping into european markets italy faces that interim government and the likelihood of new elections have rattled investors there and worldwide italy's lead index temporarily dropped by almost four percent on tuesday by the end of trading it stood at minus two point seven percent losses in madrid were almost as high the german dax index also lost around one point five percent. bank stocks above all were on
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a downhill ride on tuesday. but it's about more than stock markets warns italy central bank italy's future within the e.u. can only be secure as a reliable partner to go beyond the view to simply preserving we have to keep in mind the grave risk of losing irreplaceable trust in a short period of time. the trust in the strength of a country that is aside from the petty and unbalanced judgments is great both on an economic and a civic level. a good round so term economic is to be there. but it's not only italy that needs the e.u. the european union stability relies on the financial stability of its member to the south. but as italy keeps markets jittery greece looks on track for steady growth again in two thousand and seventeen the economy expanded by one point four percent this year the o.e.c.d.
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expects growth of two percent and given those figures athens could soon exit the international bailout program by the e.u. the european central bank and to the international monetary fund the current third aid package totals eighty six billion euros and it will run out in august two thousand and eighteen preliminary forecasts suggest that greece's debt burden will reach around three hundred fifty billion euros this year but the economy is on the mend unemployment has dropped below twenty one percent many greeks however work in low paid part time jobs also taxes are high while pensions and salaries are fallen twenty to forty percent so the economic recovery as yet to reach average greeks. apparently as kook lee's starts his shift in a restaurant on the island of lesbos. he's working as a barista even though he's a trained educator. i love this because this is where the state isn't taking any
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more applications for teaching jobs that's why i have to work here like i still need to make a living i'm not embarrassed to do this but i prefer to work in my chosen profession. low wage jobs in restaurants or call centers are about the only jobs available in greece even though unemployment has technically fallen by eight percent business journalist however is skeptical about these jobless figures. make up only first of all wages are much lower than before the crisis and it's these secondly these are alternate forms of employment either part time or on call and thus paid as such it to fill these jobs are recorded statistically as proper work almost all of those but the government considers this a success story and athens points to the fact that the economy is growing. nikos not the o.t.s.
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also believes things are finally improving his glazier business struggled through the economic crisis the last few years were so bad his orders dropped by half. he was only able to keep his twenty three skilled employees by reducing their hours but he needs more investment capital and peace to grow his business. from the minute the. the problem is that we can't direct profits into investment for the company because we have to pay operating costs taxes and social security contributions. greece has raised tax rates to generate more money for its coffers and that's put many out of business and choked investment. is hoping to grow again with the help of foreign investors. these waiting for permits from the government so he can be an example of a real success story coming out of greece. something
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that really proves that you can't just tweet anything the comes to your mind especially when it's racist check this out we're turning to the united states now because the television network a.b.c. has cancelled a route reboot of the popular t.v. sitcom roseanne after the show's star pulled out a tweet that was widely slammed as racist this was this is what she said she basically compare a prominent obama adviser and african-american political activist to valerie jarrett by the way to the planet of the apes films in the tweet posted that was on monday by roseanne barr her show it is currently one of a.b.c.'s biggest hits trying over eighteen million viewers each week barr is also one of the rare hollywood actors who is openly a supportive. person trump she later apologized for what she said was
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a bad joke but a.b.c. called the tweet quote a bore and and repugnant and pulled the show immediately. a spring entertainment journalist k.j. matthews who is based in los angeles and joins us now and and first of all katie just put this into context for us how extraordinary is it that an established actor and t.v. star should publicly say something like this. it's absolutely unprecedented i'm sure you remember charlie sheen if this big fight that he had with the producers of two and a half million years ago well that fight pales in comparison to what roseanne barr did normally we're used to hearing lots of celebrities lambaste public officials like president obama president trump perhaps other celebrities but rarely do you see a celebrity attack someone who is no longer or not not ever really a public official just because of their race that was really a president and i think that does me feel this crossed the line even though we know
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roseanne barr has a history of saying and tweeting controversial things this was enough for them and we also know that she is a big supporter of the u.s. president of donald trump and plenty of commentators there actually blaming donald trump saying that he has normalized this sort of language we also know his preferred platform of course also twitter where roseanne barr fired out the street is that a fair comparison a fair assessment well i think it's because he's publicly come out supporting her saying that her show represents his base so when he says something like that and you have roseanne barr tweeting something racist like that naturally you're going to have people making a link between the two of them i'm not sure that severely but that's a link that a lot of people are out there making and wondering why so many people have embraced her and why does the even gave her a second chance to come back and to reboot the popular show roseanne when they knew her history absolutely and k.j. math is just you know perhaps a clue here is probably the ratings because the show is actually doing quite well
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with thank you so much for your reporting there on this from los angeles we appreciate it. well now the indian city of bangalore has grown into a massive global tech hub but its success story has not come without problems many are now worried that the sprawling city could soon run out of water and some are looking to india's pre-industrial past for solutions it up your correspondents and so on you follow the car of this report. bangalore india silicon valley. high flying i t hub for multinational corporations located on the city's outer edges. but bangalore is also home to severe water issues polluted lakes that froth over with toxic foam made up of chemicals and raw sewage and unchecked tech driven urban growth that has left many of the city's water grid . among those affected is saddam ramakrishna he's a successful i.t.
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professional with his own company. but his apartment complex gets no piped water it's a problem faced by many in bangalore's tech community in. the fight and says their patience with civic authorities is wearing them when the more the media expectation was definitely like never blame the connection dissatisfaction has grown and if it continues yes definitely i could see that people are getting on the edge. many in bangalore are now reliant on private tankers. which get their supply from bor wells as deep as fifteen hundred feet the practice is depleting the local water reserves . leaving many worried the city could soon run out of the resource altogether. but conservation is vishwa knots or conveyor believes the situation is not so dire
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he's been studying bangalore's water for over thirty years and says the crisis has been blown out of proportion because of its effect on the id community these are the people with the loudest and sometimes the why is this distort the problem definition and sell it to the resources when you go it's not so equally as the issue and i look asian is the issue which would come with infrastructure form of that infrastructure could lie here in traditional open wells like this one which is around one hundred years old there are approximately ten thousand of these in bangalore today and on like the city's new wave of bore wealth they don't go as deep into the ground. like bees are built and maintained by traditional well diggers like ramakrishna who lives in a village outside the city. ramakrishna is a fourth generation well digger and his community's vocal know how it's centuries old he believes it can be used to help tackle this. these modern day problems.
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earlier we used to get all our water from open wells people forgot about them but now they're becoming more aware and think we should use. the back up if we keep using bore wells the city will run out of water. alongside water conservationists ramakrishna is now involved in a campaign to recharge the city's wells it would replenish shallow groundwater aquifers with rainwater the process is more environmentally friendly than jelling bore wells deep into the ground and the campaign aims to have a million functional open wells by the time it's done. ramakrishnan the community he belongs to represent a more sustainable approach to water conservation and if bangalore draws upon their traditional expertise it might just dam its water crisis before the taps run dry. and with that you're up to date now on. the case so much for watching to.
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claim. peaceful appearances can be deceptive. chicago's west side and hundreds of people are murdered on the moon streets of this city every year. was once again later today he's a social worker helping young people fund the courage to change their lives.
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