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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from garland political paralysis in italy sparks talk of fresh elections the man tapped to become its elite stopgap prime minister fails to secure support for his cabinet picks and many and may rather not be sworn in as disagreements reigns italians could be sent back to the polls as early as july and fueling more italian outrage in a deja vue news exclusive they can use budget commissioner going to. warn italy is
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not to vote for populists in the next election a fierce backlash follows. plus another critic of russia's president putin dies in this curious circumstances the journalist had fled to ukraine fearing for his life after criticizing russian policy in syria we'll have the latest live from kiev. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin and it's a league where the prime minister designate carlo cotto delhi has held an informal meeting with the country's president. seen here leaving a hotel in rome a little earlier today has been trying to put together a stopgap government to lead italy to early elections he's expected to meet president. for formal talks shortly all of this coming amid reports that the populous five star movement. the league have renewed talks to form
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a coalition. so let's break all of this down now do that because barbara faizal is standing by with the latest from rome so still no government there in italy barbara but we have now these reports of the designated premier are busy traveling back and forth between the presidency of the parliament what's the latest. he's shuttling back and forth between the seat of the president but you see behind us. the parliament which is down the hill so this year where we're standing now they called the hill that's the president who sort of. about the formalities house things will proceed and then he walks down the hill to the parliament and tries still is trying to strike a deal so we don't know yet when to expect him here italian media of course master around here waiting for what will happen but nobody has any concrete idea but it's clear as you mentioned in parliament this too striking trying to strike
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a deal as well it is still only the populist movement as the league got the right wing party and on the other hand also cuts already still tries to strike a deal was more moderate forces whether they would not support him and still be willing to form an interim government was he and so it is extremely fluid if you want it is quite chaotic so everybody is scrambling up this hour in an effort to grab power here but you know tell us a little bit more about that effort that you were talking about currently underway in parliament the five star movement in the league renewing their efforts to form a government how exactly would that work barbara. that is totally unclear i mean we were aghast when we heard last night that. the my you the leader of the five stars made a complete turnaround and he said i'm not against much relative president and then yes maybe let's try again why not we have
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a majority so we should just restart we should reboot the whole thing and start the process from the beginning which is sort of unimaginable they would probably have to offer somebody else says finance minister they would probably just have to sort of regroup in a way and then the question is would the president except this sort of like a second time to to to create a government after the first one has failed so spectacularly they need to find a new prime minister who's given who's his name for something like this this is going to be fragile and extremely difficult so yes i know imaginable in a way but this is italy and with so much on certainty with it being italy europe the world really paying very close attention to this and i want to turn now to a statement that was made by the use budget commission are going to sing or it has inflame tensions further he spoke exclusively with t w news he advised italians that it would be dangerous to vote for a populous have
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a listen. my concern and my expectation is that the coming weeks will show. that the developments in italy's markets its bones and its economy could become so far reaching that this might be a signal to voters not to elect populists on the right and the left. a lot of endure holding for a market shock that would persuade italians not to vote for the populace after all that's a big calculation. even now developments on. the market value of banks and italy's economy in general have doc and noticeably and negatively. i get when you get. that has to do with the possible formation of a government i can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign and send a signal not populists on the left and right and the responsibility in government
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and italians not really taking very well it's about usually not liking outsiders telling them how they should vote we have to mention that going to a tiger has actually apologized for that statement which followed our interview the reaction though barbara has still been swift and extremely harsh right reactions yesterday evening where really vitriolic later in the evening news on the italian t.v. stations then the apology was also carried but i think that wasn't really registered because essentially people know what the man said has a kernel of truth all italian newspapers this morning carry headlines was an earthquake on the financial markets and so on and so there is a rising feeling that italy might actually be in danger but. the situation was arching and. that was
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barbara faisal there joining us with the latest from rome from rome rather where as we mentioned efforts this hour to form a government quite dramatic developments and we'll try and speak with barbara a little bit later in the show but in the meantime would like to bring you some other stories making news around the world palestinian militants launching overnight missile attacks in southern israel this after the militants fired dozens of mortar shells at southern israel on tuesday wounding three israeli soldiers it is the heaviest barrage since two thousand and fourteen most of the shells were intercepted by israeli anti air defenses. officials in belgium say that the man who killed three people in the city on tuesday had killed a man the previous day the shooter who had reportedly just been released from prison was killed in a shootout with police. moscow is rejecting ukrainian allegations that it was behind the killing of a prominent russian journalist an outspoken critic of president vladimir putin arkady was shot dead on tuesday in the ukrainian capital kiev ukraine's prime
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minister accused moscow of involvement in the killing in a post on facebook now go was one of russia's best known war correspondents he had left russia fearing for his life after criticizing russian policy in ukraine and syria police say that he was shot at his apartment in kiev he was later rushed to the hospital but he died of his wounds while in the ambulance for more let's bring in nick connelly who is following the story for us live from kiev this morning and as we just heard bob go one of russia's best known war correspondents what more can you tell us about his life and his work nic. good morning sarah well chin co was someone who had seen war firsthand he had served in the russian army during the chechen was the one nine hundred ninety s. and then as you said become a very prominent war reporter someone who also had reports very extensively and critically of russia's role in the syria conflict and in eastern ukraine thing that
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came to a head in late twenty sixteen when he used the opportunity when a russian military plane taking musicians to entertain the troops in syria came down he took that opportunity to remind his readership of the civilian casualties of russia's bombing campaign in aleppo something that i mean for huge criticism of home he became for a time public enemy number one is if you like in many programming media he felt under threat he said that he had received threats to his life his family's life that he even felt scared leaving home without a flak jacket on that he would get friends to accompany him home and that was the the moment the prompted him to leave and he ended up stations in prague and israel here in kiev where he continued where he was generous with quite a big audience on facebook mainly back in russia but also i don't see and ukraine. and now the real question is you know who done it who murdered this individual what is the latest on the investigation there and ukraine. so far we have received from police forces very quickly
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a sketch of the regime assailant who this person was and who ordered this killing that we have yet to hear but you really get a sense from the grain authorities that they are in a rush to get results and to really find a smoking gun as it were in previous case we had a russian just publish aramis who was killed in two and sixteen still no progress in that investigation but all the signs here that the ukraine government really wants to prove a link that they've been employing to russia to really make clear that they're doing their best to get support of this. connelly that the latest from kiev thank you. the indian city of bangalore has grown into a massive global tech but its success has not come without problems many are now worried that the sprawling city could soon run out of water some are looking to india's pre-industrial past for solutions correspondents ashish malhotra and sonia phonic are of the support. bangalore india
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silicon valley. high flying i.t. hub for multinational corporations located on the city's outer edges but bangalore is also home to severe water issues. polluted lakes that froth over with toxic foam made up of chemicals and raw sewage and unchecked take driven urban growth that has left many of the city's water grid. among those affected is ramakrishna he's a successful i.t. professional with his own company. but his apartment complex gets no piped water it's a problem faced by many in bangalore's tech community in. the fight and says their patience with civic authority is wearing thin we need more but the expectation was definitely. connection this said destruction has grown and if it
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continues yes definitely i could see that people are getting on the edge. many in bangalore are now reliant on private tankers. which get their supply from war wells as deep as fifteen hundred feet the practice is depleting the local water reserves . leaving many worried the city could soon run out of the resource altogether. but conservation is vishwanath believes the situation is not so dire he's been studying bangalore's water for over thirty years and says the crisis has been blown out of proportion because of its effect on the id community these are the people with the longest and sometimes there was this distort the problem definition itself . to the resources when you go it's not so equal issue and i look asian is the issue which would come with infrastructure form of that infrastructure could lie here in traditional open wells like this one which is around one hundred years old
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there are approximately ten thousand of these in bangalore today and on like the city's new wave of bore wealth they don't go as deep into the ground. like bees are built and maintained by traditional well diggers like ramakrishna who lives in a village outside the city. ramakrishna is a fourth generation well digger and his community's local know how it's centuries old he believes it can be used to help tackle the city's modern day problems. earlier we used to get all our water from open wells people forgot about them but now they're becoming more aware and think we should use. the cracked up if we keep using bore wells the city will run out of water. alongside water conservationists ramakrishna is now involved in a campaign to recharge the city's wells it would replenish shallow groundwater aquifers with rainwater the process is more environmentally friendly than joining
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bore wells deep into the ground and the campaign aims to have a million functional open wells by the time it's done. i'm a christian and the community he belongs to represent a more sustainable approach to water conservation and if bangalore draws upon their traditional expertise it might just dam its water crisis before the taps wrong dry . well now to a cautionary tale from the united states where a bride to be was so certain that her husband's football team would lose this year's super bowl that she made what proved to be a very dangerous bet jennifer sullivan told patrick hanks that he could wear his philadelphia eagles jersey at the wedding if they won adams after they shocked the new england patriots back in february that is exactly what he did. here now those howls of laughter and some n.f.l. chants from their guests there in pennsylvania. don't make
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a bet unless you know you can win it now just a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you before we go italy's populist alliance is again trying to form a coalition government after initial efforts failed the antiestablishment five star movement and the far right leave it could widen their coalition to include another right wing party the brothers of. europe today. we make up oh but we want to hold on to the underdog but you we are the sum of some of. the want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join the youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for joining.


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