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williams but just how burkey off the sports world in reality is. starting june sixth g.w. . this is due to the news coming to you live from russia denies it's behind the killing of a journalist in ukraine. gould was a prominent critic of russian president vladimir putin but did you create and fearing for his life after criticizing moscow's a real policy to get the latest from kiev. also coming up
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a frantic search to find a way out of its use political crisis and attempt to set up an interim government for the country spoken this to a line saying it's again open to film a coalition government after its initial efforts to prevent. mexico looks to make waves at the world cup we take a look at how a gentleman his group drives shaping up with the tournament fast approaching that all filing mark has could become the first glad to captain that country in five. hello and welcome i'm. a prominent russian journalist an outspoken critic of president vladimir putin has been shot dead in the korean capital kiev arkady bob genco had fled into exile following death threats ukraine blames russia for the
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murder law school has rejected the allegations and condemned the killing a coyote but janko was one of the best known war correspondents in russia he was also one of kremlin's fiercest critics the forty one year old soldier turned journalist condemned russia's annexation of crimea questioned its military involvement in syria and called russia an aggressor his colleagues say he was killed because of his work. he was one of the few who wrote the actual truth about what the russian federation is doing and if it wasn't dangerous for them if they didn't care about it they would have killed him hours before but janko was shot he shared what would become his final post on twitter four years ago general called cheat ski refused to let me on board this helicopter two hours after this picture was taken he continued the helicopter was shot down fourteen people died i was
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lucky i consider that day my second birthday. outside his kiev apartment police and journalists are now looking for answers ukrainian police suspect the crime was linked to his quote professional activities at the united nations ukraine's foreign minister suggested russia was to blame. of course it's a buyout finding out who was behind it. or set this church to say we see simply is the russian presence there. but moscow is pushing back foreign minister sergey lavrov has denied russian links to the death dismissing the allegations as on two russian propaganda. nick colony he is in the ukrainian capital kiev nic as he had russia has categorically denied its involved in this mudda but we also have
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a ukraine korean foreign minister that came in case fits into what he called a russian pattern what do you mean by that. that off never to well he points to a series of unexplained and suspicious deaths or attempted killings of. opponents of the russian government abroad most notably of see in recent months the script case in the united kingdom and says that this all amounts to a pattern of intimidation and attack on people who have pulled out with those in power in moscow and russia is not shy of using any methods to destabilize to. neutralize the people it sees its opponents and also to destabilize ukraine and what impact that nick will this law to have one other russian dissidents living in ukraine. well many of them are
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extremely concerned you hear stories of people moving house and regular basis constant changing phone numbers all in the hope that this will be enough to keep potential adversaries off the trail but that's enough we'll have to see this isn't the first time that a russian journalist has been killed in kiev the last. big case was in twenty sixteen publisher and yet very noticeable figure someone who also having worked very prominently in russia was also a big. but the figure in the ukrainian genocide scene he was killed in a car bombing in broad daylight in downtown kiev no results there on that investigation that this time around i think the ukraine best gauge is a very keen show they're doing their best to actually put some evidence behind those allegations made by. the un of course it could be a while before we know the outcome of the investigation but meanwhile will this case cause a full of a chill in already cold relations between russia and ukraine. i
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think and were to there's little room for things to get any worse they already are they're pretty much at rock bottom i think what's different this time is that this dispute is not just a bilateral speech being care in moscow being done directly it's being done in the full view of the world's press and the world and you know world politics on the floor of the united nations in new york the russian saying that this example of ukraine being a failed state it's basically unable to guarantee security in its own country that ukraine is a dangerous place for journalists the ukrainian side point the thing to think a straight back must go saying this is the long moscow and its secret services so i think this is definitely something that is not going to go away because both ukraine and russia have already staked so much on this in the public realm in the past twenty four hours. an economy in kiev thank you very much for that update. let me bring you up to date in some other stories making news around the. official security forces had
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a militant attack on the afghan interior ministry spokesman said seven. a sing off did. have killed and wounded hundreds of. the israeli military has released video it says shows missile strikes against dozens of militant sites in the gaza strip overnight it said the strikes were retaliate attacks at israel understood the militants. build an attack he said the man who killed three people in the city of leah's on tuesday repeatedly shouted. during the attack they are treating the case as terrorists and the assailant was killed in a shootout with police he reportedly killed another man on monday after being released from prison. the us television network a.b.c. has canceled a reboot of the popular t.v.
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sitcom roseanne after the show's star put out a tweet that are widely condemned as racist rozanne bar compared a prominent obama adviser and african-american political activist to the planet of the apes films in a tweet posted late on monday. to israel now where prime minister designate khalid look at that early says quote new possibilities have emerged for forming a government but there's still no concrete details as yet got it early see here. in rome as we try to gather a caretaker government to lead the country to early elections he's expected to meet president. before talks shortly. keeping track of all those developments as a result she joins me from rome bob a frantic efforts underway to put together an interim government what's the latest
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on that. yeah there's the shuttle diplomacy going on obviously between the leaders of parliament the leaders of the people who group there is who's come to rally and to the hill which is the palace soften the italian president to raila and there is some back and forth but no conclusion yet because this still trying to cobble together a caretaker government that's what catch already tries that has at least some support by haldeman because the two big parties the winners of the populist parties the winners of the last election said we're not going to support you now he's still trying to cobble a deal together it's very intelligent all this whoever the leader of the leader of the right wing extremist party has said this is not a market place not to mention the five star movement and are we nearing the efforts to form a coalition government or can tell us about that. yeah i mean the five star
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movement has had second thoughts because if they look at the polls they see that the league would be the biggest winner of new elections at least given this situation right now and they of course think. we might lose big so let's try again but already the league guy has refuted that and has said no we're not going back to the negotiating table we've had that we want a new election so it seems that that marriage that was not made in heaven is not going to last at all and the legacy really pushing for election so now it's a question of when this is going to happen in all likelihood much a reality doesn't want this in july the president things italians need a cooling off period even if it's over the hot summer months and that he wants to call them back to the polls in maybe late september or october and lumber if they offer elections which seemed to be liking what was lacking to benefit most from them. yeah if you look at the polls now of course
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it would be the league which has sort of it it should every seven points to what they had in the last elections so they would be the biggest winners but if the president can prevent elections to be held very soon and today would be pretty much according to rule the rules the last day when he could do that and then they will be in the fall and people can sing twice a lot of things can happen for months are a long time in town in politics so stuff can happen till then we can see new coalitions dystonia might arise again out of the ashes anything is possible so and that's really what the president warns people to have time to think again who i barbara visit seems like a good idea thank you very much for that update from rome. now for some sport and been hearing a lot about how germany are gearing up for the world cup and what about their first
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group opponents mexico they had an innocent vicious start to their preparations with a friendly draw against wales but they have good world cup pedigree and the evergreen captain could set a remarkable record next month in russia. his first world cup was back in two thousand and two now rafael marquez is looking at making it to yet another. if mexico coach one carlos a sorry or names marquez in his final score at least the thirty nine year old could become the only player to have captained his country at five world cups. he's a man with an extraordinary career and i would say as a human being an example as well. as decision will be about what he can contribute to the team on the field because off the field i think there is no debate that he is a player that can contribute the most of the team. a serious side will likely pose the biggest threat to germany in group ash they would draw in
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a friendly against wales on tuesday wouldn't have had anyone quaking in their boots contract frankfurt's german cup winning defender collar south saito is confident his country will find form at the right time since. i have always those who don't believe mexico can have a great world cup. they shouldn't even try to support us at the end of the day everything is in our heads. at the right thing one of our mistakes has been setting our own limits. mexicans are capable of doing great things. mexico have made it to the knockout stage in the last six world cups because in one of the toughest groups in russia continuing that trend will surely be an achievement. by munich striker robert eleven dark ski once in. new challenge away from the bundesliga champions that is according to his advisor who was giving an interview to the german magazine sport build leavened of
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skin been bines top scorer each season since arriving in two thousand and fourteen but he has long been lynched in the media and drug madrid bind pasuk have consistently said the post in full would is a saying he is under contract at by and wanted to constant and twenty five. finally for a story from the united states where the bride to be was so certain that the husband's football team would lose the see a super bowl that she made what proved to be a risky bet jennifer a solid and told patrick hanks that he could back to philadelphia eagles jersey at the wedding if they won and guess what they won a shock victory against new england patriots back in february and as reno a bet is a bet he is going to jersey after his wedding lucky to be appears monday and ever grief for the guess at the wedding in pennsylvania. you're watching the news
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still to come really europe burns to us straight demands in exchange for a poem that exemption to high esteem imports out of or is a trade war cooking trade ministers are meeting in paris to decide. and monica jones is standing by to bring you that story shortly. and. they make a commitment. for.


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