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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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played bridge. these reports are starting to militant g.w. . this is news live from berlin and ukraine coming under fire for staging a journalist death and blaming it on russia twenty four hours after he was reported shot dead war reporter our commute turns up a lot ukraine says that the bruised foiled. plot moscow condemns the move as
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a propaganda stunt. also coming up congo deploys an experimental vaccine to stop the country's latest a bowl outbreak now threatening to spread in a city of one million and drugs mostly tested only on animals could also be on the way plus trade tensions escalate the u.s. is expected to apply higher tariffs to steel and aluminum from the e.u. after last minute talks fail in paris europe says it will retaliate and a love of soccer is bringing migrants together in russia with the world cup they're just two weeks away. is a cleaner by day and a footballer by night we will find out how foreign workers are using the game to try and integrate. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program great to have you with us. we begin with
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a tale of murky political intrigue with a stunning twist at the end here's what happened on tuesday a prominent empty kremlin journalist arkadi bob chain go was reported to have been shot dead and ukrainian capital kiev authorities there they blame moscow but go turned up alive a day later a shock that provoked worldwide relief and anger now ukraine faces many questions over the elaborate setup. back from the dead twenty four hours after he was reportedly gunned down journalist. enters a press conference held by the ukrainian intelligence service alive and well. his apparent death and it operate ruse to expose an alleged kremlin plot to kill him even his wife was in the dark i dearly if i want to apologize to my wife for the hell she has gone through over the past two days let's go forgive me please but
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there was no. relief and encourage unity at the t.v. station what about trying to had been working in kiev as the russian born journalist made his dramatic reappearance. to join bob janko return was shared later by the ukrainian president in your i think millions of people all for celebrating business as a birthday my heart beat so hard as i watched the reaction in the newsroom i knew about the operation but no one else in the administration was aware i'm certain that it had to be that way so now we celebrate the birthday again there's been some . reports that bob had been gunned down outside his kiev apartment emerged on tuesday evening the crane security agencies said the bogus killing had been a necessary part of a sting operation they reportedly arrested this man on wednesday afternoon he said
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to have been paid forty thousand dollars to organize i'm killed in ukraine but fellow journalists toasted the resurrection of the slain colleague the bizarre incident has set off a war of words between kiev and moscow and why the concern among the international community over ukraine's fake news ruse if you. speak. so what exactly has happened here we have team coverage this morning let's bring in eastern europe expert christiane trip a history of us here in the studio we also have the reaction from moscow as well that is where emily short when is standing by for us and christian i'd just like to begin with you you because. you know you know ukraine very well you've spent a significant amount of time there this is a huge blow to ukraine's credibility isn't it why would they do this well that's the big question this morning and ukraine no has to justify this fake killing of mr
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but tranquil and this will be i'm afraid very hard job to do as things stand no ukraine seems to have played with politics and emotions in than an unprecedented way the international organization reporters without front you has called this whole affair quoted a pathetic stunt and that by condemning this whole operation of the secret service or whatever it was many observers here in germany especially ask now if the authorities the government in kiev still can be trusted don't forget the drum president franco to steinmeyer was in kiev on the official state visit he was present when this affair broke and he was urged in public to comment on the death the alleged death of mr button go and was destroying my assent his condolences and this snow looks like as if he was made part of that staged operation of
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the ukrainian secret service ever since ukraine's confrontation with russia started in spring two thousand and fourteen ever since russia has launched its attack on ukraine on ukrainian territory on ukraine young in the ukrainian army it's the war was accompanied by a wall of words propaganda battle with fake news from both sides and allegations and it looked as if you crane was losing that wall as if the massive state propaganda machine of russia was winning it but ukraine could always claim that they were on the right side that they were defending west on the u.s. and this now for sure is a big blow for that absolutely it is one that russia is certain to latch on to and for that reaction i'd like to term sell a show now because from the very beginning russia has of course denied any involvement what are they saying now. well the russian side certainly feels vindicated we saw
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a statement of official statement from the foreign ministry yesterday calling this whole thing an anti russian provocation and also referring to it as propaganda that was used to confuse the entire international community and several politicians and people on social media have also been connecting this case to the poisoning of scry a former russian spy in england which russia has always maintained it's not behind despite the accusations of the international community and this whole thing really plays into the russian narrative because they can really say look just like in see in the case of screen power in this case as well you know everyone accused us and it turned out to be this strange ruse so really going forward no matter what ukraine does i think russia has a really strong hand that they can play here to kind of question anything going forward and the evidence going forward and the foreign ministry spokesperson
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yesterday evening late last night posted a statement as well saying that things are likely to get even crazier so sort of preempting any evidence that the ukrainian side might put forward yeah i think crazy is definitely a good adjective here when we're describing the situation and question i would just like to briefly go back to the basics with you just remind us of who bob is why would somebody have wanted him dead or why would he have thought that somebody would have wanted him dead and you know he has claimed here that he has had no choice but to fake his death does that seem possible. but chang who is a freelance journalist who works for the right to your russian language media outlets that are in opposition to president putin and his crew and he's also working for a kiev spaced crimean t.v. station a t.v. channel in a position to russia. in a t.v. channel that had to flee crimea after russia had annexed it in the us in the
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ninety's missed the buck trinkle were serving as a construct in the russian army and he was fighting the two children was later writing a book on the use was in this novel it's called the english translation it's called one soldier's war in church and young one missed the book tringle many prizes but it made him many enemies in russia and so he subsequently fled russia took refuge here if and working there writing against russia and russia where he's not the only the only russian journalist who is living in kiev now and exercising the relative freedom of the ukrainian capital to write to comment on russian politics and in this circle of russian journalists there are a few years and there are threats from russian authorities so if he claims that he was fearing for his life this is there's some plausibility within some two years ago a prominent russian journalist publisher image was murdered his car was blown up in
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the city center of kiev and no one knows today who was not and after faking your own death i mean it's hard to know actually now where the truth lies in all of this but we thank you so much to christian tripp and to emily share when joining us for at least putting it into some perspective here thank you so much to both of you. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have making news around the world russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov is in north korea a statement by the russian foreign ministry says that he is there to discuss key international and regional issues for office visit comes ahead of a planned june summit between u.s. president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. a grand jury in new york has indicted movie producer harvey weinstein on charges of rape and committing a criminal sexual act weinstein was arrested last friday on charges related to two
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women who have accused him of sexual misconduct with an aide the women have come forward with accusations weinstein denies all allegations. the world health organization is waiting for congo to give the green light for more vaccines that it hopes will combat the spread of the deadly a bowl of virus these drugs are unlicensed meaning that they have not gone through the full trials some have been tested on animals now health workers are already using an experimental vaccine to treat people in a remote part of congo where this most recent outbreak started and they say that they are optimistic. high hopes at this hospital and to kowtow after experimental treatment anabelle the patient is going home with the. truth i had a fever and headaches. and stopped eating my words weak. finally i received the treatment and i felt like my old self again. who
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argue if you don't call home. for the first time in the history of the a bowl of virus health workers are hoping to beat the outbreak with a vaccine now the democratic republic of congo is rushing to distribute more than seven thousand vaccines to areas where the virus has claimed a dozen lives in recent weeks. and we believe that it is the doing being done according to the protocol and this is going to have to help the world because if we really could be proven that this is effective and on the large scale may be we would be in our way toward controlling one epidemic that can do a lot of harm to humanity. while the vaccine has brought hope to the d.r. see its effectiveness has not been proven and it is officially unlicensed medical
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professionals are hoping to learn from this large scale test. we're trying to do now is to establish how effective is this vaccine do you need one dose or two doses to be protective and once you've been injected or vaccinated with this how long is up tension last as well. the world health organization is currently considering sending five additional unlicensed a pool of drugs to the g r c some have criticized authorities of being too eager to prove the use of experimental drugs but the central african country now facing its ninth the ball that seems unlikely to turn down the opportunity to curtail another crisis. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program a new decree will soon see this religious symbol displayed in various public buildings for some it is reason to rejoice but for others it is a heavy cross to bear. more on that a little later in the program but first it's over to monica with some great
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business stories sarah president trump is expected to go ahead with plans tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from e.u. countries now that is according to reports out of the united states the news comes last minute talks between european trade officials and u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross on the sidelines of the o.e.c.d. meeting in paris failed to yield a deal the europeans left wednesday's meetings pessimistic about winning a third and final exception from the terrorists which were announced in march the tariffs are slated to go into effect on friday so tomorrow the dispute has prompted french president in a call to caution against a trade war and our correspondent. is following those talks in paris for us so from what we hear those last ditch efforts to resolve the situation between the e.u. and the u.s. they have really failed. well it does look like it although we are busy
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still awaiting the final decision the final confirmation by u.s. president donald trump but but i think it's fair to say that the air is not exactly filled with optimism here and the specter of protectionism and a full fledged trade war is hanging over europe and the rest of the world obviously people are thinking they are want they want to think that even if the u.s. imposes such terrorists that they will be able to prevent the situation from escalating i spake with a german economics minister peter my yesterday and here is what he told me. first of all we should not speculate second. the european and the german economy are very robust so i do not believe in immediate effects but what we should try to avoid and this was repeated by the french president as well
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in his speech today is a commercial for a commercial war that would. would go on for months and for years would of course undermine trust in european and american markets all right those with comments of the german economics minister yesterday after those obviously not very successful talks but lisa what exactly are the main sticking points why couldn't there be a deal reached. well first of all they don't seem to agree on the method the e.u. has been saying you know we are happy to talk but you first have to grant as an unlimited exemption from these student alan minium terrace and then we can start to talk about the details the u.s. is saying and u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross repeated that yesterday here at the city's annual meeting they think you know why can't we impose the tariff and then we start
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talking and we try to find a deal in the medium or long term apparently it looks like the e.u. has lost at least this battle all right so so what is next is is it going to happen will we have tariffs tomorrow because the commerce secretary wilbur ross is also quoted as saying that an escalation in this particular tit for tat tariff there could be in store is in no one's interest absolutely then no more talks planned here at the meeting apparently everybody's waiting for u.s. president to announce his decision and if you really does impose these terrors then i suspect there will be a short break in the contact everybody needs to take a deep breath is specially the e.u. if he does impose these tears but we can expect both sides to start talking to each other again in the medium or at least in the long term given that no site none of the two at once this situation to completely escalate all right lisa lou is there
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reporting for us from the paris thank you so much. well something close to a revolution is taking place in saudi arabia women were recently given permission to travel without a male guardian sign contracts and visit public events in last eight games and from june the twenty fourth on which they will be allowed to drive and these changes are symbolic of a knowledge of the bride's sation taking place in the conservative arab country and one that is long overdue for the kingdom's business and. summary shotgun has some pretty luxurious toys his family made its riches and real estate in the food industry. the forty five year old has traveled the world and lives a western lifestyle he often feels conflicted comes back home to saudi arabia so i . feel better than adam's up live abroad to travel abroad and you come
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back and he see what you have here compared to what you would see once a broad and you see the lifestyle that it you know the services. and you look around on what you have in your country and what you have but i wonder why does life. in his home city of jeddah there's a degree of freedom but even in the somewhat liberal business hub on the red sea life comes to a standstill five times a day for prayers. alcohol and loud music are forbidden and women are second class citizens. in this male dominated world some of holly is a bit of an outlier she's a working professional able to earn her own living in a country where only about a quarter of all women have jobs. but of patients preparing the female doctor believe it or not they have that myth that our hands are not going to be as painful and rough as men it's a gradual revolution dictated from on high with the future of oil and certain the
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kingdom is being forced to change course. it's opening up markets allowing for new job opportunities and entrepreneurship for businessmen like sorry siobhan it means both opportunity and risk. he runs for western style burger joints. business was good until oil prices collapsed and foreign workers were hit with higher taxes and duties. we feel a major drop it on thirty to forty percent drop in the past year on ted today. a lot of ex-pats and left the country and the buying power is nice with all the taxation that's happening it's a bumpy entry into a new era for saudi arabians yet there is a spirit of optimism in the autocratic state sorry in his biker buddies are feeling a new sense of freedom not just when they're cruising through on their motorcycles . us a saudi arabia is getting more liberal but the
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sun german state of bavaria is getting more conservative you have perhaps no surprise here but this is a controversial decision because crosses apparently will soon be hung in the bavarian state building as a symbol of christianity and majority catholic state's critics feel marginalized or they see the extent to create rather as a calculated move to win political support ahead of upcoming polls the cross to create has sparked heated debate over the proper divide between church and state. been fit i'm for the cross because it excludes no one blessings emanate from the cross and the cross is life salvation the future is in it who. has been getting caught i'm against the cross to create because what i do or do not believe is not the state's concern want to finish global. should it because mostly as a muslim i feel uncomfortable seeing religious symbols in public spaces. offensive
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. but that's just what the various state premier ordered from june first crosses are supposed to hang in more than a thousand state buildings. this is not simply about the cross being a religious symbol of course is that too but it's also a symbol of cultural history and it cleared belief in one's own identity the symbolism ready hanging on the walls of many offices affluent of area is mostly christian churches crosses and chris affixes are part of the scene here as is the regional party the christian social union the cross to create has even stoked controversy among churches some are against it others support the move including the bishop of reagan's borg. and it became even from a political point of view i can find nothing wrong with a declaration of belief in the cross as the embodiment of the christian faith which
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is deeply shaped the foundations of our public coexistence and. had in my opinion a religious symbol has no place in official buildings were non christians atheists muslims would then feel excluded in such buildings. besides the says they're supposed to be separation of church and state in germany that's due to the often fraught relationship between the church and state in german history. student eric carles believes that the decree is also politically motivated the very elections are set for mid october the state premiers party the christian social union is fearing for its majority it hopes to win over supporters of its competitor the right wing alternative for germany carl says started an internet petition against the decree with over fifty thousand supporters been given in court i'm against the cross to create because the symbol of christian faith is
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more than a campaign felt about comfortable to in this shop where devotional items are sold there's little interest in the political religious debates shopkeepers are just happy to make good business with all kinds of crosses at least the delegation from the office of historical monuments is determined to implement the decree on june first. we're heading now to the french open in paris where all the big names managed to navigate the second round on tuesday caroline wozniacki had an easy day the australian open champion blasted her way past georgina garcia in straight sets meantime germany's world number three alexander a rare have had a bigger challenge fighting back from two sets to just one down to beat a lot of it and reach the next round congrats to them now the f.c.a.
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maxime soccer club in st petersburg russia while comes migrants from around the world to play on their team many like thirty four year old was tom was to call off from down have endured the inevitable hardships of integrating into a foreign country but their love of soccer binds the members of f.c. together and the pitch has become their home. brew stuff stuff a cool off day job leaves him hanging off the sides of buildings cleaning windows to earn a living for his family. his work might be windows but his passion. is on the pitch with f.c. maxima it isn't always fun and games in russia locals have made comments about his origins and accused him of stealing russian just. to go used to it and don't pay attention any longer. but if. some people say that fine about us. and say we've taken work away from them to. his
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team mates come from egypt armenia mali and cameroon and they practice together several times a week last year they placed fourth in an amateur city tournaments becoming somewhat of a family. we've been playing together for so many years and we've got used to playing with each other and we've become friends. and see maximo started back in two thousand and twelve even though the crowds might be small. was that there's no lack of enthusiasm. some young fans have got a lot of potential meantime olympic sprint legend you same bolt is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional footballer the thirty one year olds are making who retired from the legs after winning eight a limping gold medals trained with norwegian top flight side strong as god said on
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wednesday in the city of trauma bolt is hoping to play in a friendly in the coming days he previously trained with but. mine are now the top stories that we've been following for you here at ukraine security officials have admitted to staging an anti kremlin journalists in kiev they say that it was part of a sting operation to foil a real murder plot ordered by moscow russian officials have denied the accusation and called the set up a propaganda. and with that you're up to date now on t.w. news i'm sarah kelly in for land like you so much for watching up to see you again soon have a great day. to. move
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. on and. cut the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. turkey is not an easy ally for the west a moment it's also makes food pressing hard food team member ship understanding is no longer needs it right here says the turkish foreign minister for luke to travel show you all the differences between turkey and the e.u.
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becoming impossible to reconcile conflicts so focused on the you. watch the destination for your next vacation. why not take a trip to mars. weightlessness and out of this world of humans including. vacationing in space science fiction. the reality. in sixty minutes. what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carson the i talk to medical experts. and i discuss what you can do to it go ahead. stay tuned and let's call and try to stay
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in good shape. you. wouldn't have been fighting for decades to take you seriously in the world of what here's what's come out women strong. superhero. smart smart state religion are increasingly dangerous times. turkey is not an easy ally for the west to manage viciously insulting if it doesn't get its way it alternates between pressing hard for membership and pretending it no longer needs it my guest here in the german city of golf is the turkish foreign minister flute travel scholer all the differences between turkey and the e.u. becoming impossible to reconcile.


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