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it's worth billions but just how murky coffee is the sports world and reality. t.v. . starting june sixth on t w. this is g w news live from ukraine comes under fire for staging a journalist's death and lending it on russia twenty four hours after he was reported shot dead reporter arkady bud tenko churns up a live ukraine says the ruse boiled a kremlin ordered murder a charge that moscow denies. and russia gets its turn on north korea's busy
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diplomatic roster foreign minister sergei lavrov and that's pyongyang today just ahead of the broken nations possible summit with the united states. plus trade tensions escalate the u.s. is expected to apply higher tariffs on steel and aluminum from the e.u. after of last minute talks fail in paris europe says it will retaliate. at the all out fight to stop a bola congo deploys an experimental vaccine to stop this latest outbreak of the lethal virus and some drugs tested only on animals could also be on the way. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. we begin with a tale of murky political intrigue with
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a stunning twist at the end here's what happened on tuesday a prominent anti kremlin journalist arkadi bob janko was reported to have been shot dead in the ukrainian capital kiev authorities there blamed moscow but bob go turned up alive a day later a shock that provoked worldwide relief and anger now ukraine faces many questions over the elaborate setup. that from the dead. twenty four hours after he was reportedly gunned down journalist arkady enters a press conference held by the ukrainian intelligence service alive and well his apparent death and the love ruse to expose and the ledge kremlin plot to kill him even his wife was in the dark. i want to apologize to my wife for the hell she has gone through over the past two days forgive me please but there was no other option . and incredulity at the t.v.
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station where i had been working in kiev as the russian born journalist made his dramatic grandparents the joy of his return was shared later by the ukrainian president it was. i think millions of people off the celebrating this is your birthday my heart beat so hard as i watched the reaction in the news room i knew about the operation but no one else in the administration was a wedge and i'm certain that it had to be that way. so now we will celebrate your birthday again. reports that had been gunned down outside his kiev apartment emerged on choose day evening ukrainian security agencies said the bogus killing had been a necessary part of the sting operation they reportedly arrested this man on wednesday off. to noone he said to have been paid forty thousand dollars to organize and kill them in ukraine but especially journalists toasted the
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resurrection of the slain colleague the bizarre incident has set off a war of words between kiev and moscow and white a concern among the international community over ukraine's fake news ruse just isn't it nice of you complete isn't this you know you so let's now try to make some sense of this we're joined here in the studio by christiane trip by he is our eastern europe expert and correspondent emily sherman is standing by with the latest from moscow welcome to you both and christian i'd like to begin with you because this is a huge blow to ukraine's credibility isn't it that's how it looks like ukraine now has to try to explain and to justify the killing the fake killing or midst of a ground this would be a very to do as things stand now if you crane seems to have played with politics and with emotions in an unprecedented way here in germany many of service one can still trust your cranium authorities and the government ever since ukraine's
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confrontation with russia started in early two thousand and fourteen this wall in eastern ukraine goes along with the wall of words with the propaganda battle a battle of accusations and fake news and good or was looked like as if russia would be winning that war because of its massive state propaganda its message on slaughter of the state media against ukraine ukraine always claimed that they are on the right side and that they are defending west and valueless but this stance now seems to be seriously questioned absolutely so let's now find out what exactly russia has been saying in the wake of all of this emily i'd like to turn to you because i mean from the very beginning russia denied any involvement. what is the line now. well in a sense russia has been vindicated here there was a statement yesterday from the foreign ministry calling this whole thing an anti
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russian provocation and they also called it propaganda that confused the whole international community and the other thing that's interesting sara is that people here and politicians as well have been comparing this whole case with the poisoning of former russian spy scree power in england. the russia has always maintained that they didn't do that despite the accusations from the international community and people are comparing this case kind of saying look in this case the accusations ended up in this very confusing ruse so who's to say that any of the other accusations against russia are true so this whole thing is really playing into the russian narrative playing into russia's hands and it looks like going forward as well no matter what the evidence is that russia that ukraine presents against russia russia will be able to kind of say will look at this whole story it was so absurd and ridiculous and in fact the foreign ministry yesterday also in
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a statement the spokesperson predicted that things will get even crazier so it seems that russia there is sort of preempting any evidence that ukraine may present a present against it going forward and you wonder if there's something that we don't already know one thing that we do know that has been admitted by go was that his wife didn't even know that he wasn't actually dead that he was indeed alive and christian i'd just like to ask you i mean you know that perhaps shows also the the line of thinking here doesn't it i mean remind us of who is why would somebody have wanted him dead does this seem plausible here so he needed to do this sort of the option group is a freelance journalist writing for russian language outlets which are all in opposition to president putin and his. but trinket is a member of a small community of excited russian journalists writers academics was living and working in kiev right now and within that community there are plausible fears that
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the russian state and its agents might be chasing them even in exile even abroad where a number of prominent killings of russian experts in kiev in the past three years and none of that cases was of a result so if. he might have few has feared for his life this sounds plausible but why did he play his role in such a fake plot to be quite honest i don't know about his motives perhaps it's the quest for his motors needs to be a question for color troops or logical analysis the absolutely you know is still to be determined actually who might have been behind this but you know when we talk just broadly speaking emily if we look at relations between russia and ukraine of course they have already been very tense how is this incident likely to impact the diplomatic situation. well there as you say relations between
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ukraine are already pretty much at rock bottom and this is hardly likely to make things better but for the russian side and we can see this from reactions here as well the russian side certainly feels vindicated even before this big reveal that showed that actually botching co wasn't dead after all russians russian politicians were saying that ukraine was kind of a failed state that it couldn't protect its journalists and now the foreign ministry spokesperson in a facebook post lot late last night said that ukraine now has really shown its true face and that the west has to wake up to the reality that that it's just a dream that ukrainian democracy can be a success so ukraine has really kind of lost its legitimacy over this whole this whole ruse on the international stage and it seems that russia certainly knows that and is willing to use that going forward i'm only sure when in moscow and question
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turbot joining us here in the studio thank you so much to both of you for helping us try and make a little bit of sense out of all this we appreciate it. well it's been a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world a grand jury in new york has indicted movie producer harvey weinstein on charges of rape and committing a criminal sexual act one scene was arrested last friday on charges related to two women who have accused him of sexual misconduct more than eighty women have come forward with accusations weinstein's and nice all allegations. italy's anti-establishment leader luigi demaio has resurrected a populist coalition that collapsed over the weekend the country's head of the states has given the five star movement and the league more time to form a government in an attempt to stave off a snap election. a leading human rights activist in the united arab emirates has been sentenced to ten years in prison for criticizing the government. was found
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guilty of using social media platforms to harm the state's reputation human rights groups have condemned the verdict. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is visiting north korea's capital pyongyang for high level talks moscow says that the purpose of life office visit is to discuss bilateral relations as well as international and regional issues it's the russian foreign ministers first visit to north korea in almost a decade the trip comes less than two weeks before the possible date of a historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un. if it's going to correspondent jason strother who has been following the story for us from seoul welcome to you jason why is moscow pushing for this summit to take place. right well we saw a lot of mirror putin urged the united states to keep on moving with the summit after president trump originally called it off last week but the fact of the matter
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is russia has waning influence here in northeast asia it's been more or less sidelined it's not it's not a central player in the korean peninsula standoff like it used to be during the cold war let's say and i think the probe into russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. election in two thousand and sixteen has also added to that why the u.s. and why washington and moscow haven't worked more closely together north korea's nuclear weapons development and while moscow also wants to see ten things. decrease here on the peninsula but really it's about trying to have influence once again in the region. and you know in an effort to have that influence chase and we have these reports coming in today that last profits apparently raised the issue of international sanctions against north korea while and today what is the message there from moscow. russia wants north korea open for business
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russia has always had economic interests with north korea whether it be sharing ports cold trade other mineral resources russia once the developments far east and having the better economic relations with north korea is central to that so right laughter all has reportedly said today in pyongyang that peace on the peninsula denuclearization can't be accomplished without sanctions being lifted but really i think that just reflects moscow's own economic interests in north korea and we have to mention of course this visit comes amid a flurry of diplomacy that is centering on these plans for the kim jong un summit how likely is it because there have been selling questions surrounding it how likely is it that the summit will indeed go ahead jason. it's looking better than ever right now but of course we have not had any official confirmation from the
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white house that it is absolutely happening again on june twelfth in singapore right now we have north korea's. kim jung chill in new york city meeting with mike pompei o hashing out details of the potential summit we have negotiations going on in singapore and we have had american the north korean envoys meeting in north korea this week there's a flurry of diplomatic activity but it seems now that both the u.s. and north korea are really trying to make the wheels turn in order to get this meeting underway jason strother and seoul thank you you thank. you're watching news still to come on the program congo looks to stop the spread of the lethal a bowl of virus after an outbreak reaches a city of one million experimental drugs could be the answer we'll tell you why. but first it's over monica johns with the latest on the trade dispute brewing
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between the e.u. and the united states exactly because we expect president trump to go ahead with plans tariffs on steel and alum indium reports from imports from countries that certainly is according to reports out of the united states and that news comes as last minute talks between european trade officials and u.s. secretary of commerce will bow ross on the sidelines of the o.e.c.d. meeting in paris failed to yield a deal the europeans left wednesday's meeting pessimistic about winning a third and final exemption from the tariffs an ounce in march the terrace of slated to go into effect on friday the dispute has prompted french president emmanuel mccall to caution against a trade war. is following those talks in paris for us so from what we hear those last ditch efforts to resolve the situation between the e.u. and the us they have really failed. while it does look like it
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although we obviously still awaiting the final decision the final confirmation by the u.s. president donald trump what about i think it's fair to say that the air is not exactly filled with optimism here in the specter of protectionism and a full fledged trade war is hanging over europe and the rest of the world obviously people are thinking they are want they want to think that even if the u.s. imposes such terrorists that they will be able to prevent the situation from escalating i spake with a german economics minister peter yesterday and here is what he told me. first of all we should not speculate second. the european and the german economy are very robust so i do not believe in the immediate effects but what we should try to avoid and this was repeated by the french president as well in his speech today is a commercial for
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a commercial board that would. would go on for months and for years would of course undermine trust in european and american markets are those with comments of the german economics minister yesterday after those obviously not very successful talks but lisa what exactly are the main sticking points why couldn't there be a deal reached well first of all they don't seem to agree on the mess that the e.u. has been saying you know we are happy to talk but you first have to grant as an unlimited exemption from these steve and alan many i'm terrace and then we can start to talk about the details the u.s. is saying and u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross repeated that yesterday here at the o.e.c.d. annual meeting they think you know why can't we impose the tariff and then we start talking and we try to find
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a do you know in the medium or long term apparently it looks like the e.u. has lost at least this battle all right so so what is next is is it going to happen will we have tariffs tomorrow because the commerce secretary wilbur ross is also quoted as saying that an escalation in this particular tit for tat tariff that could be in store is in no one's interest. absolutely then no more talks planned here at the meeting everybody is waiting for us president to announce his decision and if you really does impose these terrors then i suspect there will be a short break in the contract everybody needs to take a deep breath is specially the e.u. if he does impose these tires but we can expect both sides to start talking to each other again in the medium or at least in the long term given that no site none of the two at once this situation to completely escalate all right lisa lu is there
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reporting for us from the paris thank you so much. well ever since the v.w. emissions cheating scandal came to light concerns about diesel emissions are skyrocketed now how merck has become the first german city to ban the older diesel vehicles from two highly polluted roads the city hopes the ban will help ease get a handle on soaring levels of nitric oxide found in diesel at first police will simply inform drive us about the new measures after an initial transition period it will be fines twenty five euros for cars and seventy five euros diesel trucks. and adam allow and my colleague is standing by for us on the roads out of one of those two roads with diesel cars starting today so now is this just a local story or could this be the beginning of what could lead to a broader ban across germany perhaps even europe. well if this
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is the start of something big then it's quite a small start indeed i'm actually standing here on the part of the road that's supposed to make up the band zone so i'm at the beginning and it stretches behind me for about half a kilometer and all the other road that is bound is also only a partial bank it's a bit longer but together these roads make up of two kilometers of band of diesel driving space so what we actually have here is quite a small about an effect but still interesting for other cities because it's coming at a time where a lot of other cities are considering their own diesel driving bans by twenty twenty five like london and copenhagen also within germany got and those that are for are also looking to introduce their own balance by twenty eighteen ok so over the engine twenty eighteen right yeah. we'll be the initiative in humble that small one as you pointed out make any difference for the environment and for comic is because surely that will play a role for the other cities too. you know everyone that we've stopped to and that we've stopped and talked to here and hamburg seem to be quite annoyed at
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this policy they view this. those as a purely symbolic policy also because there are a lot of enforcement issues along with it there are a long list of exceptions for example residents on the streets are not banned from driving their older diesel cars neither of taxis or garbage trucks and in terms of whether the police will actually be able to spot which cars are in violation that's also a question to actually have to flag down individual cars and ask for registration and now this is a this is kind of the issue with these bands of course there are also people who are saying that this is a ruse for the city to be able to shift the most polluting cars away from air monitors like the kind that you would have on the street to streets where they don't have them so quality could improve on paper but not in practice well we'll send you there again in a couple of months and you take a deep breath and tell us if there has been any impact on those roads and they'll do reporting from above thank you so much. sounds very scientific very
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scientific science also plays a big role when it comes to fighting deadly diseases and we're going to talk about something a little experimental here monica because the world health organization is waiting for congo to give the green light for more medications that it hopes will combat the spread of the deadly a bowl of virus but these drugs they are unlicensed meaning that they have not gone through the full trials some have only been tested on animals health workers are already using an experimental vaccine to protect people in a remote part of congo where this most recent outbreak started and they say that they are optimistic. high hoops at this hospital and because after experimental treatment on a bull the patient is going home. it's true i had a fever and headaches. stalked my words week.
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i received the treatment and i felt like my old self again. why are you only if you don't qualify. for the first time in the history of the a bowl of virus health workers are hoping to beat the outbreak with a vaccine now the democratic republic of congo is rushing to distribute more than seven thousand vaccines to areas where the virus has claimed a dozen lives in recent weeks. and we believe that it is the old doing being done according to the protocol and this is going to have to help the would because he freely could be proven that this is effective on the large scale may be we would be in our way toward controlling one epidemic that can do a lot of harm to humanity while the vaccine has brought hope to the d.r. see its effectiveness has not been proven and it is officially unlicensed medical
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professionals are hoping to learn from this large scale test. we're trying to do now is to establish how effective is this vaccine do you need one dose or two doses to be protective and once you've been injected or vaccinated with this how long does up tensions last as well. the world health organization is currently considering sending five additional unlicensed of all the drugs to the t r c some have criticized authorities of being too eager to prove the use of experimental drugs but the central african country now facing its ninth of all that seems unlikely to turn down the opportunity to curtail another crisis. now to some tennis news we're going to the french open in paris where all the big names managed to navigate the second round on tuesday caroline wozniacki had an easy day the australian open champion blasted her way past regina garcia in
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straight sets germany is world number three alexanders ever had a bigger challenge meantime fighting back from two sets to one down to do song la jovovich and reach the second round now the next round rather he also had difficulty understanding a reporter from the english county of yorkshire let's have a listen were you from. john i guess yorkshire in england. there were make a term of them there for coming just because. you love it but didn't send a word you saying where there was it's not important. it has a lovely accent well meantime the f.c. maximus soccer club st petersburg russia welcomes migrants from around the world to play on their team many like the thirty four year old. who stuff a call of from used have endured the hardships of integrating into
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a foreign country but their love of soccer binds the members of f.c. maxima together and the pitch has become their home. group stuff to cool off day job leave him hanging off the sides of buildings cleaning windows to earn a living for his family. his work might be windows but his passion. is on the pitch with f.c. maxima it isn't always fun and games in russia locals have made comments about his origins and accused him of stealing russian jobs. already got used to it and don't pay attention any longer. but it leaves. some people say that fine about us as dirt and say we've taken work away from those. of. his teammates come from egypt armenia mali in cameroon and they practice together several times a week last year they placed fourth in an amateur city tournaments becoming
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somewhat of a family. is it that it's new we've been playing together for so many years and we've gotten used to playing with each other and we're going to become friends because you have to start and see maximo started back in two thousand and twelve even though the crowds might be small. but i was there there's no lack of enthusiasm. a small but mighty quick reminder now the top stories that we've been following for you here at the ukraine security officials have admitted to staging an anti kremlin journalist death in kiev they say it was part of a sting operation to foil a real murder plot ordered by moscow russian officials have denied the accusation and called the setup a propaganda. and with that you're up to date now on t.v. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. and
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