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this is deja vu news coming to you live from real madrid coach don has resigned. third consecutive champions league. for fans around the world the french says his job is done and he. is held there with his head. and accusing russia of. ukraine says his own security forces faked. a
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fascination to expose the kremlin talked. moscow has rejected these claims. and the pristine beaches of mine in thailand were made famous by the hollywood movie the beach now tired of parties banning visitors often masters of takes on the beauty spot. we start with some breaking news from the world of sports riyadh madrid cote citizens of don has announced he's stepping down the announcement has taken a footballer by complete surprise this comes just days after. their third. champions league title the frenchman who was the first coach to achieve that feat but only finished third in the spanish league. he told
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a press conference that it was his own decision and club president florentine of perez has said it came as a complete surprise to him. three one laughed fastidious chap in. the montessori litany of drawing mock. sports desk welcome are a complete bombshell in the world of football i was surprised as i have yes it's come out of the blue i mean if they'd lost that game on saturday there was a risk he would have been sacked because they only finished third in the in the spanish league fantino perez is well known for being a real tough taskmaster but he wanted amazing achievement and it will for a while you can just go on from here but he's obviously looked at it and thought actually no three three wins i don't think that's going to happen again we can actually have a little listen now to see what is that some reasons but this departure around. this is the right moment for everyone it might seem a bit strange but it had to be done for the good of everyone the players the club
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and myself. this team must keep winning and it need to change after three years another voice another method of working. that was easier than explaining why i left but it still surprises me talks about the team he talks about himself and he said the team must keep winning but he has been a winning coach yes but the chances of winning a fourth is oversea unlikely if you look to the teams that people like kris jenner now though that little bit older probably too old to be a top top player in the coming years and he thought no it's best to walk away and then you know everyone looks so i'd like to say well yeah you know we'll can't win tonight in ninety eight leagues in a row this was are these first big managerial job it's not really been a manager before he managed the beside but everyone was quite surprised when he got the job thing is a bit too inexperienced as a coach but obviously recent grad a tacit him in such a great player the players have played for him but he's probably for actually no i can't do better than this so i'm just going to walk away caution fetch
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a high pressure job so what is the future does the future hold positions they've done and what about reality can be managed without yeah i mean the damn self in that first comment is just that he's not looking at the moment to manage an of a club it's almost as if that's it you know retire a relatively young age and walk away as one of the true greats of the game and it's very rare that a great great player is a great manager you can count them on one hand and he now is one of them and maybe just thinks i want to keep my legacy there i don't want to ruin it by not doing so well and it's pressure you know the old are left barcelona at their height because he just couldn't cope with the pressure anymore and given the things third in the spanish league you probably think well maybe next season it's not going to go quite so well so now's the time to bow out as for madrid well the fate of the moment is tom hotspur manager maurice your patino in a wonderful job at tottenham got them into the champions league playing good football it'll be tough for real madrid to take him from tottenham and turn a contest probably leaving chelsea he's might be available and he knows you can
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club they just beat liverpool in the summer if they follow that might try and say well he got to return with a final albeit lost it but see if he wants to come along i don't think that's likely i think pasha tino and come to a maybe max alegria event as the big possibilities ok mark made us thank you very much for helping us to digest that big news that then is a done is leaving madrid thank you very much. ok now the news ukraine is justifying the state assassination of a journalist saying the operation planned by security forces had saved his life here's what happened on tuesday a prominent anti kremlin journalist go was reported to have been shot dead in the ukrainian capital kiev authorities there blamed moscow but or turned up alive a day later a shock that provoked wide a worldwide relief as well as anger now ukraine faces many questions over the elaborate setup. back from the dead. twenty four hours after he was reportedly gunned down journalist arkady trying enters
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a press conference held by the ukrainian intelligence service alive and well his apparent death an elaborate ruse to expose an alleged kremlin plot to kill him even his wife was in the dark i want to apologize to my wife for the hell she has gone through over the past two days let's go forgive me please but there was no other option. and incredulity at the t.v. station web had been working in kiev as the russian born journalist made his dramatic korea parents the joy of his return was shared later by the ukrainian president it was i think millions of people are for celebrating this is your birthday. my heart beat so hard as i watched the reaction in the news room i knew about the operation but no one else in the administration was aware i'm certain
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that it had to be that way so now we celebrate your birthday again it's just. reports that bad chain co had been gunned down outside his kiev apartment emerged on choose the evening ukrainian security agencies said the bogus killing had been a necessary part of the sting operation they reported. arrested this man on wednesday afternoon he said to have been paid forty thousand dollars to organize and killed in ukraine but especially journalists toasted the resurrection of their slain colleague the bizarre incident has set off a war of words between kiev and moscow and white a concern among the international community over ukraine's fake news. let me bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the world the european court of human rights is found to e.u. countries complicit in. torture activities the ruling says both israel and
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romania violated european anti torture laws judges say the countries allow the american intelligence agency to illegally mistreats to al-qaeda terrorist suspects in a secret prison in the respective countries. on the big island of hawaii authorities have ordered more evacuations as the hottest and fastest moving large are from mt killer whale scorches its way towards two coastal neighborhoods scientists say the lab was moving fast enough to cover about six football fields per hour your fears the flows could block necessary escape routes. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has accepted a warm invitation to north korean leader kim jong il to visit russia the announcement came as lover of made a trip to pyongyang where he met kim said the aim of love of visit was to discuss bilateral relations as well as international and regional issues the trip comes
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less than two weeks before planned historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong trump had briefly canceled the summit last week. not warned against sudden changes in diplomatic contacts with north korea one in the country have a listen to what he said. but it's we view it as important to treat these contacts extremely sensitive we not to try to make abrupt movements to artificially adjust the process which requires considerable time and detailed coordination of all components of the package. it will make it possible not only to denuclearize the entire korean peninsula but also to ensure sustainable peace and stability throughout northeast asia. joining me now is going to score a spot on josh smith in south korea josh they're calling it the sensitivity and care when it comes to korean diplomacy he seemed to be referring to washington with
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those comments his comments do certainly get at the heart of what are seen as some of the lingering disagreements between north korea and the united states especially over the timing for example of north korea's plan to the needs of the rice. has said that it is committed to fully beneath the rise in the korean peninsula washington has however insisted on. a quick process that potentially leads to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons on a very short time frame someone calling for more of a phased approach and perhaps a phased loosening of sanctions that rob is seems to be envisioning something much more along the lines of what pyongyang has asked. the number all of us also invite of kim jong want to visit moscow why does all this happening now what does that
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moscow strategic interest in north korea. well amid all of this diplomatic flurry russia has been somewhat on the sidelines came up till now heads visited china twice he's met with senior officials from the united states and he's held summits with the president of south korea now twice and so russia was one of the major regional players that was on the sidelines here somewhere so in the short term russia is looking not to be left out of all these talks and in the long term they're likely to find position themselves as economic and other partner both with north korea as well as south korea should these negotiations lead to saw in relations josh smith in seoul south korea thank you very much a thailand beach made famous by a hollywood film has banished visit to for four months over environmental concerns once a pristine pad dies a my ebay has become
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a victim of its own fame the beach lies on the small island of people a in the andaman sea masters them has damaged its coral reefs and driven away sea life authorities say it's time to give the beach a break. maya bay can be a magical place but just after sunrise the first speed birds shatter the calm. skipper sumit mooney kong and says living from tourists and has mixed feelings about the closure even if it is just for a few months. our family before the speedboats came there were wonderful corals here the boats of damage them on the other hand a lot of us live off the visitors. and. some twenty beach wardens to wreck the traffic here otherwise it would be total chaos boats from the mainland spit out hundreds of tourists the beach is only two hundred
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metres wide the boats have to take turns to more up the smell of diesel hangs in the air as many as five thousand people come here every day it till is long gone. i mean india would die to have something like this around and you have to preserve it you have to have a limit to everything coming in and out. so you have to respect nature for how what it is and what. the damage is most shocking underwater dying coral reefs and plastic rubbish not just here in my ebay ecologists a seventy seven percent of thailand's reefs have been harmed can for months really bring about recovery you know people see a change in four months it takes years and years before populations to recover and . has a reduction in people anyway who possess the storms so they're closing it during
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a period when there is a lot of people. in the peak season the national park rakes in more than fifty thousand euros a day in entrance fees. how much of that flows back into environmental protection is not clear the closure of the basic stream the controversial so too is the way forward. for months is the period everyone could agree on if it's a stone. it will give us a chance to inspect the bay and see what else we can do we like i mean if. the engines are revving again the last tourists dispersed just before sunset the reef heron has the white sandy beach to himself at last at least for the next four months it was indeed agony is coming up ahead you're a braces for a potential trade war with america as an exemption for punitive steel tabs expires
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in a matter of alice. been filling has a story for you and he's breaking to get to you shortly. good luck to the white house. ground is shaking now but do you know about who is your favorite. back to bring them at church.


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