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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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war was in one thousand nine hundred thirty the great depression would soon follow today washington turned to terence once again and said that europe will soon get over it tonight the unthinkable a transatlantic trade war is beginning i'm bringing all this is the day. the. world is over production of the will and the result. throughout the world. we don't know exactly again how far. does the tire of czar for our children of one. proud she look become do able to do exactly. the same well even if. those retaliated and even if some others
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do still remain on likely to be as well as one can assert it on our economy being only good and it's totally on the steps of the economy should push you to the three measures when it comes to worse. i think everybody will get over this in the due course. also coming up tonight a corruption scandal bringing down spain's conservative government with the nation watching him today the man set to take power confronted the prime minister he plans to replace. i'm going to ask you a question mr rajoy be ready to resign are you ready to resign today right now that he. would resign mr rajoy and everything will be out. and he will leave the presidency of the government by your own will. or we begin
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the day on the eve of war in a newsweek that has been full of the bizarre yet true what happens tomorrow may seem to be the most unreal and most disturbing a trade war is said to begin on friday when the united states imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from europe mexico and canada and the european union has already promised to respond in kind a trans-atlantic tit for tat carried out by two of the world's most powerful economies which are supposed to be the world's two closest allies not to mention the twentieth century's champions of free trade our first report begins right here in your. it's the moment european steer producers were dragging their help that would be except from u.s. tariffs european six part three point five million tons of steel to the united states every year but all negotiations between e.u. and u.s.
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officials most recently at this week's o.e.c.d. summit in paris have proved fruitless. cities you feel they don't know where the decision will be dangerous for growth rate and the level of growth both in the united states and in europe would be as well as the rest of the world has to do we don't want to trade more and to get permission we starting on friday washington will impose in part tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on the menu canada and mexico have also not been spared both countries share borders with the u.s. and are currently negotiating a new version often enough their free trade agreement with their neighbor do you is already preparing retaliatory measures this is a bet they probably were. european union cannot. react to that we've got that we kind of reaction so really you need to introduce a set of
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a dispute. on that of the on the w t o level untreated knowledge and that's covering all those called the by the similar measures the e.u. countries in part due to use on u.s. products such as motorcycles bourbon cranberries and oranges mexico is also contemplating countermeasures. well today germany's chancellor called the trump illegal on the american also warning that the terrorists could spiral of retaliatory moves leading to a global trade war german economics minister peter auld wired called the american decision wrong in harmful to both the u.s. and europe he said e.u. countries would take appropriate action and he did not rule out counter measures germany's foreign minister also criticised drugs decision. you know this thing and i call it off america the right answer to america first is you know european ited
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this didn't catch us by surprise at the same time we don't think it makes sense we also don't think it's legal basis. or them too and you know the big table to my far right my erwin call your he's an economist at the g. of the institute of the for university here in berlin and to my near run my colleague in the business anchor helena unfree both of you welcome back to the big table so let me start with you how is the u.s. commerce secretary how is he justifying taking punitive measures against the european union which is supposed to be one of the united states' best friends not to mention one of its biggest trading partners exactly and of course that friendship going paul straight as well so fairly shocking perhaps. you know he announced the terrorists from paris so he didn't waste any time he was of course there in paris for the meeting of the o.e.c.d. where they were trying to negotiate with leaders to a vote of those tariffs that wilbur ross said simply that not enough progress had
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been made to warrant a full preview of that to the european union canada or mexico and he did say though that president trunk can lift those tariffs any time he wants that was kind of the justification of course what european leaders have said is that is not how you act with an ally we will not come back to the negotiating table with you know that threats hanging over our heads in terms of further justification there is a piece of legislation which says that the u.s. president may enact such tariffs if he judges that there is a threat to national security i mean i say that's the justification whether it's a good one though of course the oversteer ways and all the money that was there waiting for the threat to u.s. security from europe or from canada or from mexico to be shown or would let me ask you about what we heard from germany france and the e.u. today these are these steel and aluminum tariffs or illegal are they. i think i would not want to have to make a case for the national security importance of having a tariffs on steel and aluminum from europe or from canada i think. if they go
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before the world trade organization with that such a complaint they would have very. the chances of winning now so what how many divisions of those the pope have is i believe the question once asked by stalin there is important who controls the w c o. t o is one of those multilateral institutions that will only be as strong as the voluntary consent of those who are there now having said that i think it's important for you are up and other important trading partners to make sure that the united states is done by itself outside of this. dispute resolution system of course always welcome to come back but the irony that we're seeing here is that you've got this particularly the european union trying to stay within the parameters of this of the deputy of this multilateral agreement that the united states helped to
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create better two years ago hundred sixty four members and in fact. it's the european union's way of saying look at us behaving this is the way that global diplomacy should be conducted by taking a complaint for example to the world trade organization which you have to members well it is a compass an organization can take years can say the decision to come for a decision to come later is not particularly agile whether it would really be something that would concern trump anyway is another matter whether this is really a threat anyway seems to have a kind of disregard for this institution the u.s. currently blocking the appointment of for adelaide judges anyway to talk to my question of who controls the zero but are also trying to imagine you know lapse on the wrist and i suppose because everything is connected in the world it will have to be on of the matters of mutual concern but dealing with
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a random president it's not clear that those links will be perceived either so what does this do then to transatlantic times moving forward because we know at the end of the day this this has to do with a lot more than just economics and business doesn't it. it's like a relationship there are shocks a good relationship can survive and there are others that will end it i hope to think of this is something that there will be a time after trump and the basic interests will assert themselves is trump aiming at the wrong targets is china actually the target he should be zoned in on. i would certainly think this is the major. player by unconventional rules where it takes an agreement a lot of agreements and a lot of hard negotiations and a coordinated effort among many trading partners but sort of i just do not
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understand why this would be his first target all right i recall your column is that if he instituted the for university here in berlin and my colleagues and i don't think from our business desk to both of you thank you. are you coming up on the day spain's prime minister looks set to lose his job over a corruption scandal the leader of the opposition says that mariano rajoy has only himself to blame and a lot of others it's given the seriousness of the deeds which have been proven by judges that can be no other solution than the immediate resignation of the prime minister in any democracy comparable to ours is that i thought that's why i want to underline that the only person who has triggered this no confidence motion is spain's prime minister but if you see. you brought this here you know that you don't. we're going to change their angle
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americal is now dealing with a possible trade war with the u.s. not to mention the diplomatic shards left after trump attempted to blow up from the iran nuclear deal by pulling the u.s. out of it to imagine that she and the u.s. president enjoy a deep connection would be the stuff of fairy tales but it was very real when barack obama was in the white house and the latest proof is in a new book entitled the world as it is by ben rhodes rhodes was an advisor to obama for much of his presidency but it's his memoirs from the final weeks of the obama administration between donald trump's election victory and his inauguration they caught our attention for the first time we are offered a glimpse into what obama was thinking about the u.s. and its allies including german chancellor angela merkel as he prepared to transfer power to a man who intended to undo every major achievement that carried obama's signature
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right joining me to go through this first glimpse into those heady final days of the obama presidency a familiar face here it was fun no arduous it's good to have you back on the show for people who don't know you were a member of the two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve obama campaign's your political campaign strategist now in berlin right here. let's just talk about what you thought when we read about this because the book comes out next week . there's a quote that's getting a lot of headline play where you they've got obama saying to his aides maybe we were wrong and maybe were wrong i mean whenever you see a former staffer said it right the inside version of history ben rhodes was part of it for the entire eight years he was there for pretty much every major foreign policy decision that barack obama took from osama bin laden to the. cuba negotiations to the drawdown in afghanistan so on so forth so he gives an inside
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look when it comes to angela merkel you know he reveals that angela merkel said that pretty much the trump victory was actually one of the main reasons why she decided to run for another term because she saw the turmoil of those going to happen and then of more than barack obama says she is all by herself she is all alone i mean that that's a direct quote from the book so yeah that's pretty interesting pretty revealing yeah we're going to get to that is that i want to ask you a quote about his presidency he is quoted as pondering the he may have been elected ten to twenty years too early and you were with that campaign was a premature well i think barack obama and then of course the former president says he might have been premature we should let it stand of that but you know if i remember back to two thousand and seven two thousand and eight that first historic campaign of course brok obama was exactly the right candidate he ran on a message of hope and change and essentially if you strip away the racism and this
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is something that ben rhodes also talks about in the book if you strip away the racism of the trump campaign you know essentially they ran on the exact same message against hillary clinton as we did in two thousand and eight and it was pretty much hillary clinton and the corrupt establishment we need to get rid of it and that was our message and that was a trap and the very good point there was that meeting that we i think you were with us when we covered it to you in the oval office when obama greeted trump right you know the handshake the transfer of power in the book obama is quoted and after that meeting and we've got a quote here we can show our viewers where he says i don't know maybe this is what people want i've got the economy set up well for him no facts no consequence is they can just have a cartoon i mean that sounds like a disenchanted and it does illusion soon. to be ex president and i mean i think it comes to show how shocked everyone was ben rhodes including the president i think
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most of them including us in the lead up to election i think you're a little bit more skeptical than most but a lot of us thought you know this is going to be a done deal hillary clinton is going to be president and then it turns out of course that it's not well i think barack obama at the same time as as hopeful as he was the us presidency i think it comes to show that there were some severe consequences that the term presence that could bring around but i think he also makes a point extremely well he set up shop with that fantastic economy with unemployment numbers are so low when he took over remember barack obama twelve percent unemployment he left a child with four and i mean it is a great set up and shop can pretty much to do with it what he does i want to pull in this quote about uncle americal before going out of time here because i think it's just telling about the connection see that they they had we can pull that where he says chance or uncle americal of germany told mr obama there we go that
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she felt more obliged to run for another term because mr trump selection to defend the liberal international order when they parted for the final time ms merkel had a single tear in her eye she's all alone mr obama it's now. i remember i remember us talking about obama passing the baton of the western liberal democracy world to merkel the baton that he had wanted to give to hillary clinton and it is that what that isabel i think it comes to show that barack obama and he says that in the book as well that maybe they just promoted empty cosmopolitan goldberg global the global demand that you know maybe they forgot about identity and that is something that voters in the u.s. at least were looking out for when it comes to angela merkel i think she summed it up last summer during the german campaign which just before hand with her you just covered it that you know europe is by itself when it comes to trade when it comes to iran with so many international conflicts and i think that is something that both of them obama and merkel also realize joins from the law as always good to
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have you on the show good to have your insights and we'll wait for your memoirs to come out as well thank you that's right. well italy's political crisis began this week spain's political crisis may be ending it in fact spain may soon have a new prime minister arianna rejoice faces a new confidence vote on friday in the wake of a corruption scandal plaguing his party last week a court found were poised conservative people's party had benefited from a bribery for years rory has dismissed the calls for his resignation as politically motivated unless he resigns he is likely to become the first spanish prime minister to lose a new confidence vote but. all the numbers in parliament appear to be against marianna roy but today a senior member of his people's party said roy will not step down. you know
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with my knowledge one more time one more time are there have been are cases of corruption in the popular party i acknowledge that again but the popular party with this thousands and thousands of members is not a corrupt party but why do you like it not. of what if and when roy loses tomorrow the socialist party leader pedro sanchez is positioned to be the winner he watched the move against rory's government and he has the support of spain's regional parties. i'm going to ask you a question mr rajoy be ready to resign are you ready to resign today right now. resign mr rajoy and everything will be out. you will leave the presidency of the government by your own will of god.
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we believe we are responding to the wishes of the majority of past the citee. the most responsible course of action is to vote yes i trust that the promise of dialogue you made in your speech is true and you did not abuse the power and responsibility we are giving you. their ethical i appreciate your turn the words and your actions in this debate despite our differences i announce our support for the no confidence motion to bring mariano rajoy is time to an end. are here in the studio to talk about what is about to happen in spain i'm joined by dr material garavaglia he is a research associate at the department of politics and international relations at university of oxford in joining us tonight from madrid is journalist johnny. i want to start with you you followed the proceedings in parliament today did you get the impression that tomorrow will be rory's final day in office.
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well adieus point it looks like is almost a done deal but a scientist has enough support in parliamentary he has probably a hundred and eighty two seed he only need one hundred and seventy six so he's always even more see them more votes and then then he needs. sounding needs to happen something really. wild many another who would have to resign. that would be the only opportunity to change the youth do the non-confidence vote but certainly yes look very very very possible that money on the hoist he's leaving office tomorrow jimmy do you think there's an irony here that chad alon deputies will be helping to bring down prime minister avoid tomorrow.
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thirdly ironic i think is not only the corruption. bring in and money out of the whole of government down but only got to learn. the hard lot of boards because of the way we managed it got to learn. referendum and up to the river and immediately it's an old really bottom and for example the basque nation are the. party. that who boarded money in order to. do it out of their twenty eight thousand budget and finally change their change of his boat because he didn't want to find human thought of a load to board and money to hold a government against the rest o. . and yet many another where from point. he will end with pro independence movement and now probably independence movement it has been time to
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take him out it's incredible irony but here i have to ask you to help us put this into a bigger european context we've seen political instability in italy this week we're about to see that kind of instability in spain you know we have two extremely different situations here in spain what we are about to see probably is a shift from a moderate center right slim majority to a moderate center left slim majority in parliament what's interesting though is that all major parties in spain are very much pro european pro european integration committed to a european engagement so to speak the situation in italy is completely different with the populace being absolutely we have two main parties a five star movement and elite both of them are not only populists and in the case of the league also products in a phobic but they're extremely you're a skeptic and critical of the process of it so what are we looking. i mean
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obviously we've got this corruption scandal going all the way it seems to to the top of the conservative party but we've also got the catalog independence movement that has not petered out right is that the biggest threat from within spain is maybe spain falling apart no i don't think we're we're we're going to see that happening actually what's interesting is that if you look at what the center left is doing what sanchez is doing in spain he's actually trying to puli in the catalans into a conversation the center left that's traditionally been in spain far more receptive to the local instances and did the pushes for not being honest certainly autonomy so if i'm hearing you correctly it sounds like he has to go. even catalonia and the druid can make peace with each other. i don't know if i would go as far as saying that i can make peace but certainly
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a doddle can start interesting you already state sanchez was doing whatever he could to open up to the dot of the message to the catalans an interesting lee the boss. nationalists also where opening up and ready to move towards. we've got about twenty seconds let me ask you do you think that. with him being in a bolt out of power is that going to be good for the unity of all of spain yes or no. i think so i completely agree with the professor. the. probably going to be more able to get together with their nation only if he's going to be more able to down with everybody and maybe trying to find a common ground ok. and a common solution is very good positive words there's less was in madrid.
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here with this at the big table gentlemen thank you very much the day is almost over they can conversations to use online you can write to me on twitter brooke gough t.v. you see there on your screen and remember no matter what happens between now and the morgue is another day you'll see that.
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