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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin who was the largest trade group is its response to new u.s. carriers jonathan allen from of the european union into effect just a few hours ago mexico and canada also we'll go live to brussels to find out how they plan to retaliate. coming up on the program spain's prime minister is booted
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out of office the spanish filmmakers. in a no confidence vote triggered by a corruption scandal in the conservative party center that socialist president conscious now assumes we look at what this political upheaval means for the country and for your own. class it took twenty years but the people in the town in the indian state a prominent us celebrating the future of the stair line. and made them very sick. or and. cheema the european union is set to deliver its response to u.s. targets knocked into effect today the u.s. has new duties and still not a minium from the european union canada and mexico after weeks of negotiations to
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avert them live to an announcement but the e.u. create commission. in brussels in just a bit but first a look at what many fear is the start of a trade war. european leaders responded to the reality of new tariffs with frustration and even exhaustion still we're angry concerned outraged because we've been in talks with the americans for months now they don't listen and they think they can belittle us but that's not possible. and the europeans are allies and that's not how allies treat each other. this finish. behind the frustrations or concerns over industry a glut of metal with nowhere to go means falling prices which could in turn threaten european jobs that would have broader consequences to the economies of european member states. the e.u. says it has no choice but to retaliate with proportional penalties on u.s. products like motorcycles jeans and whiskey a threat brushed off by u.s.
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commerce secretary wilbur ross even though. those retaliate and even of the mother's new bill will remain unlikely to be as much as one concern on our count him canada and mexico are planning their own retaliatory tariffs on products as diverse as yogurt coffee washing machines and lawn mowers. europe is the u.s. is largest trading partner which means a tit for tat between the two economies could be damaging for both and especially for consumers. that's the threat now being sized up by markets wall street was rattled by the flurry of announcements and indeed down on the day asian markets began down but recovered just the earliest signs of investor uncertainty over the future of global trade. and the response the staff spent create chief cecilia monstre makes comments in brussels meanwhile here in germany
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residents of the town in the west of the country are being told to stay indoors after five big cats escaped from a local. authorities say two lines to tigers and a jaguar on the loose from the eiffel the town of luna back it's believed that heavy rain washed away the earth underneath the fences around the animal's compounds a bear also escaped but has already been shot the zoo located near the border with luxembourg is home to iran four hundred animals. the intense rainfall invest in germany that may have contributed to the animas escape also schools flooding emergency crews dealing with the situation in the region mean by law enforcement parties along with the vets are busy patrolling the area as they search for the enemy. for more on this let me join our correspondent hans a brand what is the latest you've been kidding about these five and a most on the loose well actually virtually as we speak just
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a couple of minutes ago the news came through that these animals have been caught again the two lions the two tigers and the jag you all that escaped so the danger signals have been called off the warnings have been called off and everything appears to be back to normal it has to be said that there was a further animal that had escaped a bear about that was shot quite soon after this escape path and so we have to say that there is no further danger in that area at the moment at least not from those animals and how it's all just responding to the situation how unprecedented is this that animals can just escape from a zoo well it really it happens very very rarely the only other case that i know about was about two or three years ago in the. sikh where a couple of lions actually managed to escape during the night while others who was closed in this case and in that case one of the guys in fact how to be shot the
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other one was somehow managed to shoot back into its cage in this case the reason was this very heavy rainfall that happened in the area which seems to have to strike some of the structures in the zoo and as a result the animals were able to run free but certainly this is a very unusual case right so for now from what we're hearing from from you all the animals are safe and so are the residents in the city where the zoo was the key to thank you very much for that update. let me now bring up to date but some other stories making news around the world and he'll populist coalition government is said to be sworn in in italy today incoming prime minister just said because they announced his picks like you have all last night the new coalition is made out of the far right and the populist anti establishment five star movement again i think we are going to take you straight now to brussels where the e.u. trade commissioner cecilia marge john is about to make
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a comments you are seeing live pictures coming in from the european commission let's take a listen to what's being said it's from the detroit who can guide you through all the technicalities and details that are involved in this question but without further ado commissioners the floor is yours thank you daniel good afternoon ladies and gentleman us from six am this morning. european steel and aluminum exports to the us are subject to tariffs as you know twenty five percent and ten percent that decision was made public yesterday so the exemption is not for long it's over this is very unfortunate it is unfortunate because it will. cause a lot of damage to our steel and aluminum industry it's unfortunate because the motivation behind it is the section two three two that the americans are using. internal security is is not relevant it is pure protectionism
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you european steel and aluminum export to the united states cannot be seen as a threat to their internal security. it is unfortunate because this is further weakening the transatlantic relations and it also increases the risk of severe turbulence in the markets globally protectionism can never be a solution and this will hurt jobs here in the european union but also in the u.s. . the european union wanted to avoid this situation we have spent a lot of time numerous talks by a different channels to try to present rather a positive agenda a positive trans atlantic trade agenda as friends and allies and you have seen the conclusions from the sophia summit only a week ago with the heads of states where they unanimously articulated the elements
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of such a positive trade agenda and i remind you that that could include voluntary regulatory cooperation on certain areas where there is mutual benefit for us to cooperate it could include cooperation on energy to be the gas it could include cooperation to reform and work to strengthen the w t o including to unblock the very unfortunate situation of the blocking of the uplift body arbitrators and it could include. a discussion towards how to shoot a smaller agreement focused on tariffs on industrial goods on both sides that would be mutually beneficial and where we would discuss industrial goods and also public procurement. so we had this numerous talks and we have also explained from the european union side that we think that the core reason for the concerns that the us
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have on steel and aluminum is not the european union are not the cause of this we have also suffered from the overcapacity from the dumping that is mainly caused by by by china and we have a positive agenda here as well we have also explained to our american counterparts what we have done in order to counter the dumping and the overcapacity from china with dumping measures with reforming our trade defense instruments etc. the u.s. were not ready to engage on these premises they tried to push us to make concessions before we knew what would happen with this to limit trade and our exports on a voluntary or on a quota basis this is not the way the european union is negotiate so here we are we have tariffs they were also in post this morning on canada and on mexico we have
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been very clear about the consequences of doing this the european union will today sent. a request for consultations and later appended to the w two of the countries will as well maybe not today but in the coming days we have started the preparation for the so-called rebalancing measures we will do that on a proportionate and measured way in a couple of weeks the deadline for this is the twenty eighth of june as announced in the official journal so we have such of the preparation we will of course consult with member states in the coming days and i safeguarding the stations and the piece of a and on the market of steel and aluminum in europe to see whether there is still an element entering here that should the is intended to at the american market we are determined to protect the multilateral system the w t o is not perfect but we have constructed this together with our american partners and we
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are expecting everybody to play by the rules. at the same time that paradoxically we also have a parallel cooperation with the u.s. and japan on the issues of overcapacity on forced technology transfer etc japan and us we met with secretary of the us g.r. and minister from japan to discuss how we can enforce the rules in the w t o and also called play to see if we need to develop new groups because of course needs to change or the time and we had a long meeting yesterday in paris. because we believe in the system and we are ready to to reinforce this is them but also to bring those responsible who break the rules and that is why we also today decided to launch a legal proceedings in the w t o against china this concerns the chinese legislation that undermines intellectual property rights of european companies has been a long concern for our companies and our business. because when they come to china
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they are forced to grant ownership or use a triage of the technology to chinese entities as you know technological innovation know how is the bedrock of our knowledge based economy keeps our company competitive in a global market and it supports hundreds and thousands of jobs across the european union so we cannot let any country force our companies to simply give away this knowledge outside when you enter a border and this is also something that goes against the rules of the w two so if players in the world do not stick to the rule book the system might collapse and that is why we are challenging today both the u.s. and china at the w t o and it demonstrates that we are not choosing any sides we stand for the multilateral system for a rule based global trade. and this is also shows our determination to deal with the root causes of the current tensions in the trading system but we need to do that within the rebate system and its remit it's in its full potential. i think
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that summarizes the picture. if you have any questions already taken out who are the virtual. you know looking at live pictures he was looking at lucky just to see leah stone the trade commission of the e.u. . outlining the he was response to the imposition of talent of a by the us listening to also was our correspondent bureau chief mark still fun in brussels and i see had a fairly strong response from the strong reaction to the u.s. tell us she talked about protectionism she talked about the unfortunate status what do you make of what she had to say. while there were three two parts really here and read of that were interesting the first part where she announced officially now what the u. plans on doing meaning which kind of measures they want to take with the world trade organization and then the war there was the part that was a little more surprising let me talk about the first part for it's basically three
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fold measures that you have your first of all retaliate retaliatory measures against the u.s. something they can't do immediately but they have prepared with the w t o the deadline here she underlined against to see the monster is the twentieth of june so that's when they might slap tariffs on goods like motorcycles like orange juice all those things we covered extensively in the last well in the last weeks really then of course official complaint requests for consultation with the world trade organization that's what it's called and the third one also very interesting the safeguarding measures that means that the e.u. will now see if there's any steel or aluminum coming to the european union that was intended for the united states and therefore is causing trouble here because it's flooding the market that would consist of a different set of measures it all comes down to they're following the procedures of the world trade organization and trying to be the champion here of multilateral
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trade right and she of course stressed that the that you believed in multilateral systems and expected everyone to play by the rules thank you very much for now i'm excellent to bring us up to date your first initial reactions to what the e.u. trade commissioner had to say in response to the u.s. imposition of tennis and of course we come back to you later in the day and get more news and information on that so i thank you very much for now. ok let's now move to spain where madeon was a wholly has been ousted as a prime minister of spain after losing a no confidence motion and on him and joy admitted defeat just ahead of the vote and it said it was an honor to leave the country he will be debased by socialist leader gradual sanchez the opposition socialist course of the vote after members of the ways party been linked to a corruption scandal. let me now a drawing jaime valid question is a correspondent in madrid jaime what does mario monti an requires departure mean
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for spanish politics. well it's definitely a change of an era. one of the president the prime minister of spain during the most harsh economic crisis and he had to implement. very tough. measures it looks like leave is over and the new approach is it's common the recovery is helping you will help. to do more social. social policies that are going to be very welcomed by big part of the financial fire to the federal sanchez is not the prime minister designate he's the leader of the socialist party how much support does he have among other parties in parliament because he himself has only eighty four to eighty five seats in parliament a palm to three hundred fifty seats. yeah definitely but the a he has insisted
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he is determined to rule in minority with. the minority government only with the support of the different positive for each policy fiore each measure that he bowed to implementing this a lot of things opposition to money and of the holy i agree. that for example the regeneration of the institutions measures against corruption will find a lot of support from different buy if you've a social agenda we've seen for example of many pensioners on the street. asking for a raise of youth on their pension so there's many things that can be shared and there's another good thing for a better time to look like nobody is really rushing for fresh elections because of the local elections on may twenty nineteen and everybody wants
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to wait until and you lose elections are done before general elections are called so whereby the center has a little bit of time until those election of. take place in two thousand one thousand and otoh there's a lot of studying e.c. because the twenty eight team budget has already been five ok and he said he stick with that budget to hide me of eloquence correspondent in madrid thank you very much for bringing us up to date on the latest developments in spain as it heads towards an e.u. government thank you. hear what immediately islamica joins me now and she's going to take a look at some business news exactly apart from tariffs there's other business news as well i'm rita for example ratings agency standard and poor's downgraded the credit status of deutsche bank this after the federal deposit insurance corporation a u.s. agency charged with maintaining stability in the banking system as named to the
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bank's u.s. business troubled it's another blow to germany's the biggest lender whose new c.e.o. just announced restructuring plans to put back on track. the news had deutsche bank shares plummeting to an historic low on thursday with the wall street journal reporting that u.s. institutions had lost trust in the bank about a year ago the federal reserve labeled the bank's u.s. business as troubled that's now let the united states deposit insurer f.d.i.c to add deutsche bank to its list of problem banks the list specifies those institutions with weaknesses that endangered their financial viability. the new blow comes in the middle of restructuring efforts deutsche bank's new c.e.o. christiane's evening wants to bring it safely back into the black again after three consecutive years with losses and that's no small undertaking deutsche bank shares
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have tumbled by more than forty percent since the start of this year. certainly also unnerving for everybody at the frankfurt stock exchange frankfurt of course the home of daughter bank and our correspondent is standing by for us there . at how how bad is it for deutsche now. it's really bad monica let me maybe first say that all this is a coming in an environment of very shaky markets trade policies have caused a lot of new uncertainty among investors so that now reaction to news like this from investors is even more of outspoken more crass than it used to be that might also explain why yesterday where the first rumors came out about this the share price plunged nearly eight percent here in frankfurt today adding to all the trouble to be called a troubled bank standard and poor's ratings agency lowered its credit rating for
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deutsche bank to triple b. plus that's only two notches away from investment grade while and then of course there is the big picture again i'm not talking about the terrorists here in europe italy looks back on track performing and coalition government and we'll just heard in spain there's been a shift in power from a conservative if you like gruff voice to a socialist what our markets reacting to all that. well at least for today investors seem to look at things like a glass half full rather than a glass half empty one economist in terms of into the cold the news that we now have a government in rome modestly good news and he has good he has two reasons for this reason number one is that the new elections would have given more wealth most perceive be more power to the league our party which is the more extreme of
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the two radical parties and reason number two is that the way how this government was formed has at least shown that there are a few checks and balances in place in italy ok so nevertheless it's a bit like sitting between a rock and a hard chair and right now it looks like the heart is the more comfortable one cannot was named frank thank you so much. we're turning to india now the south of india and absolutely and a victory for some activists and let's take a look at that of the government in the state of tamil nadu has ordered the permanent closure of the still art copper smelting plant that has been the target of protests for twenty years now locals living at the plant in the port city of through the critics tour de dhabi correspondent sonia filemaker that appeal using water sources is a serious health hazard and the owner of the copper smelter plans to appeal against the state government's decision in court and that's matter isn't who the could be
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as you can see with the time being people are savoring their victory as we hear in this report press on the. sighs of relief into to cordy. that it's a moment these residents have been waiting for for over two decades. the government has ordered the permanent shutdown of stone like. a factory the people here are coming not only accuse of polluting the environment. fatima baba has been spearheading the campaign real words your lungs yes sometimes feel it's your shutdowns to light. a protest for the people by the people they shot. but he used a heavy cost. recent demonstrations against the copper plant turned violent last week when police clashed with protesters. at least thirteen people were killed by police gunfire sparking up but. since then and an easy calm has
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prevailed on city streets security has been beefed up signs of the recent tensions are hard to miss. at the public hospital and entire water is filled with victims of the pilots many with serious injuries the sleep police give no warning before firing live ammunition. a few ministers of visited offering compensate. injured but the anger remains will. go to one of them along the wall i'm angry at politicians but even angry at the owner of the factory where was his humanity. the starlight copper factory is the target of the anger it belongs to british mining giant it until it's been shuttered for nearly two months the company had been waiting for a new operating license amid allegations of pollution. activists have claimed for years that the plant's toxic waste affects the environment around. they also say
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stern like copper has dismissed people's concerns and griped government officials to get its way every household sports if i am allowed to use the word sports a cancer victim we have taken him in the water for sampling error. and all these have proved that so late was the company doing the damage to date has been no comprehensive study to assess how the specter is affecting the health of locals. this is the ground water is only fit for washing dishes. for everything else they relied water tankers. and her daughter gemma to say they've both developed severe bouts of limiting and have difficulty breathing down the sound the doctor says it's an infection in the blood that's linked to air pollution. the most husband used to work at the copper smelter he collapsed when they indict she also lost her sister
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and her son to cancer and. to convince the couple plan to stimulate. we don't need experts scientists to confirm or deny the pollution that we smell and see and live with every day. all of me i mean you can see right in because we tried repeatedly to contact still like the company refused to give us an interview. as news of the shutdown or the spread of protests is much the paktika they've victory hope that maybe show could. be done to his bow to challenge this latest closure in court. recapping our top story the european union has announced it will start proceedings against both the us and china i think. unfair trade practices trade commission is a senior at moscow has a new talent and student i mean it announced by the us a monster protectionism. i
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have. been. more intrigued by international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week twenty five years ago a racist also an attack on the house of a turkish from the german city of solingen left two women and three girls standing fourteen others injured the questionis house germany changed since then find out
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shortly on portrait. next. lawyer. culture. hair. superman. superfood. stylish style icon to lead a. lifestyle you're a. hero in sixty minutes. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the feel worthless for the rich but for many poor people who don't first their only chance of survival. and i could be hundreds a day just like. the reporters travel to nairobi and morgue and meet people who
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know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving economy. but doesn't this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war pia the response to that state is to be yes we are starting to less wealthy and. the rich to the trash an exclusive report starting to live on t w. alone a very warm welcome indeed to quite a drinker and this week old eyes here in germany have been on the western city over zoli going west twenty five years ago a racist arson attack on the house of a turkish family left two women dead and three girls also dead fourteen others were injured german chancellor angela merkel and turkish foreign minister shop i shall
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do so part in ceremonies that commemorated the events of may the twenty ninth not.


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