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[000:00:00;00] ban the ban. this is the w.'s live from bali spain's new prime minister compared to lead a minority government socialist president santos is this warning to now he's made this comment on the challenge of the no news media has also taken office today and tim torah is calling on sanchez to join russia independent to impose a comic on it was on than off and now it's back on again u.s. president donald trump says the music with north korea's media will take place on
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the twelfth of june and so regionally planned that announcement offers a high end of almost criminal boy met with song but the white house. candor there is prime minister makes a major football as you miss its prime crumpets at the vatican and the going to bring the best as his various new no reporting crucifixes be displayed in public buildings comes into effect. in the end the band. manager. i'm helena humphrey glad you could join me spain has a new prime minister who will lead a minority government pedro sanchez the leader of spain's socialist boss he took the oath of office before king philippe he will now lead the country off to ousting his conservative criticism audio and a a no confidence motion in call event but some shows well he'll need the support of catalan separatists to go up and then you need
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a human torah was also sworn in today he urged sanchez to discuss independence to his reach. i hear i spoke to said the nando of a year spin professor of political science at the autonomous university of madrid and i also get in how stable this new government is likely to be. i think it will be highly unstable government you have to sort of so the socialists of only age five out of three hundred fifty. in the spanish. parliament so it will have to be everything will have to be negotiated anything he wants to do will we need a consensus of at least at least three or four four different political groups and amongst them as you said before. they have to let me. as a parent this and the best nationalists so it will be easy and what does that mean
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then for catalonia because the catalan regional government was also sworn in today ending that seven month takeover by spain central authorities the new catalan president can thought of course a third of an separatist and he says he's ready to talk to sanchez what concessions will sanchez make. why i don't think he needs to do to bring in any any concession i think the most important issue now is to know to restart conversations to start to negotiate to in some time to to introduce a new atmosphere of understanding which is something that we have been lacking throughout all those of those years and under the governmental for a holiday so i think you know the most i think the most important thing that has happened through this happening through this discussion of this process has precisely to do with catalonia because the whole the whole atmosphere has changed and i think there will be
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a chance to come to an agreement of course not. this is just what you will probably but you know and then a certain time i don't think this government is going to this is going to give any concession because. better sense of this already stated that that he will he will keep a constitution i mean he has now that's one thing he can do but in you know the what was needed was someone capable our entering into positions with the with it i don't government and i think this is this is a great step forward if we look at the bigger picture for europe santos is pro that we know that he wants to increase spending which will challenge the blocs fiscal rules to the european union be worried it'll. no i don't think so i think that the main difference between italy is no government in spain has to do with that i've
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found that there are no political parties and i guess the growing in spain melody and you know the problem on the one hand and you have asked this if you had it has said to you was a budget that has been already approved by by the popular government so in that budget introduces all the restrictions you know that are set. by the european union started that sense i don't think he has much he would not have to introduce as social policies and might increase. from the autonomy as university of madrid speaking to me. and now some of the other stories making news around the world. media reports in the us a tech giant google will end a project with the pentagon on using almost national intelligence in the military to maven project used ai to interpret videos improved drone targeting google's
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decision comes off to thousands of employees express their opposition. in egypt abdel fattah el-sisi has been sworn in for a second term as president since he won a landslide victory in the election in march after all other series opponents have withdrawn he told the egyptian parliament his main aim was to achieve peace and improve the economy. india administered kashmir has seen a second day of clashes between protesters and police the latest on rest began during a funeral for a demonstrator run over by a police vehicle on friday authorities have imposed a curfew blocks internet access kashmir is claims both by pakistan and india. well the on again off again summit is on again u.s. president donald trump says he will meet north korean leader kim jong un on the twelfth of june in singapore just days ago some potential the summit intended to denuclearize north korea blaming belligerent rhetoric from pyongyang now off to having met with
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a senior north korean on boy at the white house during which time it was given a personal letter from kim trump says the summit is back on track. the meeting between the north korean delegation and u.s. president donald trump ended with smiles photos and handshakes. then flanked by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh the president announced that the historic meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un would go ahead after all will be. meeting her in june twelfth in singapore what very well it's really you get you know you kind of a situation like you spent two days. the leaders really got to know their people very well and we will you people are going to have to travel because you'll be in singapore in june twelfth. the north korean delegation was led by kim yong charlie the country's vice chairman he's the highest ranking figure from the
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country to come to the white house in nearly twenty years trump said the former intelligence chief delivered him a personal message from north korean leader kim jong un. a letter was given to me by kim young barnes and that letter was. very nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter and all your life with how much how much you know how much to which however the president admitted that he hadn't actually read that letter yet. as trump and his family headed off for a weekend getaway at the official camp david presidential retreat he told reporters he had a little relaxation and a lot of work on his weekend to gender perhaps that includes a little light reading. allure required public buildings in the southern german state to be various is a spade a crucifix has gone into effect critics say blurs the line between church and state and head of state elections later this year state. says it's a cultural move to serve as
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a reminder of the various catholic traditions that all have visit to pope francis is right there was another moment standing very introduction he apparently forgotten about. it was a folk part that would embarrass anybody hereon when state premier marcus served up presented pope francis with a gift basket the pontiff was surprised something was missing. you won't be doing ok don't worry you'll get some beer. it was a glaring omission from a man who considers himself a guardian of bavarian heritage as he mingled in the vatican his so-called cross to create took effect in his home state throughout traditionally catholic varia crucifixes went up in classrooms and courtrooms to meet the new requirement that all state buildings display a christian cross. it is not foul of german culture of which he is glaringly
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proud the conservative politician likes to pose with symbols of that heritage in his hands be it a crucifix a maypole a sheep or yes even a beer. some in bavaria sees it as a protector of their identity. i'm a christian from bavaria i was born here and i think it should stay this way. we do it like this and our christianity and other religions can do how they see fit i'm for it. but the. others feel the crucifix is being used as a cultural bludgeon. want to see my need well i think that religion belongs in your head and in your heart and other than that it should be neutral. i think that everyone should be able to make up their minds for themselves the stations the station the churches the church and dutch should stay the way it was
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written down in the constitution. one thing is for certain zero as long as put them at the center of attention which could bode well for him and his christian social union party in october elections day seven of the french open in paris in what was supposed to be a tense showcase match was over in under an alum area sharp over crushed the sixth seed. to set up a possible match with her old nemesis serina williams meanwhile the number three seed binyamin reis through with an easy win over australian samantha stosur on the men's side top see the rafa nadal had no trouble with home favorite guest stay winning in straight sets that al is bidding for an eleventh french open title the belgian national football team has been caught napping off the a.t.v. reports on personalized mattresses seem trivial it's world cup squad much only them
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planned five players a juicy cut from the twenty eight member sort of monday but the story of her a revealed old days matches the name of a player but there are only twenty three of them there was no room at the inn for the likes of goalkeeper selves and for others to be forgiven for not quite giving their all in belgium's final against portugal tonight. so an important win for animal welfare now the population a mountain gorillas has risen by more than a quarter in central africa all down to tourism that's according to a new report by the diane fossey gorilla fund now the apes remain one of the most endangered species on the planet as they face threats including limited habitat disease and climate change. the veranda mountains in northern rwanda this sanctuary in the heart of africa is home to the mountain gorillas it requires a long hike to get here but suddenly they appear the mountain gorillas are
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extremely similar to humans which have to take party wants to take me because i'm not sure my bank can afford it a second time. it's. a cost several hundred dollars to spend an hour with the gorillas but the high price is an integral part of a conservation plan to save these endangered animals. the money they pay when they're coming to see their quotas. if it is used to build towards the north only goodness even. though it is a percentage they get from that money. there are numerous schools hospitals and jobs in the villages surrounding the sanctuary experts say that is a sign of how valuable the animals are to the people in the area this year and they are the only apes whose number has grown in the last few decades everywhere else we are losing the battle to protect nature the orangutang the bonobos the chimpanzees
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but with the eastern and western lowland gorillas these mountain gorillas are the only ones whose numbers are growing. but the rapidly growing population of africa promises to be a threat to the sanctuary the mountain gorillas will remain an endangered species. her mind and now of our top stories spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez has taken the oath of office in madrid got his socialist believe the support of catalan separatists to government and then you need a computer was also sworn in today and to discuss independence to his region. and u.s. president on sumps is a musing with north korea's leader will take place on the close of june as originally planned that announcement coming off to a high level north korean own voice met with some at the white house. you're watching the news we'll have more coming up at the top of the hour and you can get the latest news any time on our web site that is d w
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a call on how to hold free and balance thanks for joining us and see you see. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how germany's soccer made it to the top. in our web special on dot com. football made in germany. higher and higher further


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