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the letter d w. w live from berlin and a far right german politician tells his part to view things as the nazis didn't. alexander galant course we don't we'll turn it to put germany quotes controversy with his comments minimizing the darkest chapter in germany's history also coming up. new prime minister prepares to lead
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a minority government socialist is sworn in but he now faces an all challenge. has also taken office today and king torah is calling us to join fresh independence . i'm glad you could join us here in germany a far right politician has sparked controversy after dismissing hitler and the nazi era alexander golland the co-leader of the alternative for germany was speaking at a meeting of the party's youth wing now his comments have caused outrage with other politicians in the parliament condemning what. the seventy seven year old co-leader of the f.t. alexander garland has been accused of dismissing the crimes of nazi germany as a blip in history in comments at the f.t.
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youth wing's congress he said that historians have placed too much emphasis on the twelve years of hitler's rule. yes we recognize our responsibility for the twelve years but dear friends hitler and the nazis are just a bird dropping in over a thousand years of successful german history. going on has repeatedly argued that germany should be proud of its world war two veterans he's also been criticized for failing to rein in the extreme fringes of the party. the a.f.d. tapped into n.t. immigrant and anti establishment sentiment to win twelve point six percent of the vote in last year's parliamentary elections that makes them the third largest party in the bundestag and the largest opposition party. now those comments from the f.t. of co-leader alexander garland have sparked
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a massive controversy here in germany and political correspondent but build about is with me here in studio so what have some of the reactions to gollum's comments been sofa and we have reactions from more or less all the major parties here in germany and all of them more to speak of discussed the first to react because the secretary general of the c.d.u. that's the conservative party of america tongues language merkel. come come by and she used her for her reaction and she wrote fifty million bore because to me the whole cost the total of just bird poop for the idea of d. and going on and this is the party's true nature revealed behind its middle class respectability and more or less the same said the her counterpart from the social democrats lost the secretary general of the the s.p.d. he wrote to me when i called him he told me that alexander golden statements have revealed what lies behind the age of these to say this is
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a terrifying minimization of the nazi era it's shameful that people like him in the german bunds talk and we have several of these reactions also talked to the leader of the left party concert keeping and she said that quite frankly these are the words of a fascist talking about fascism so what we hear from all parties in germany is discussed and so very strong statements coming in from a very strong statement that was also made by golan but kids saying something like this attract consequences for him here in germany well there are rules in germany and other european countries it is. forbidden to deny all the whole calls to deny the victims of the nazi era but it is not forbidden to say something what gollum just said he didn't say was no hold of course he didn't say it didn't kill six million jews and he didn't say hitler didn't start the war what he said was in the end that compared to two thousand years of german history the twelve years wouldn't
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mean very much this is of course is rather version of of of the nazi era this of course is disgusting but probably it won't be a metaphor for a judge but this is obviously not the first time the government is making such statements as it has a history of doing this yes some are going on to become quite and tories for doing stuff stuff like this it's not only him also his party colleagues have become quite an tory is a fault for saying things like for instance one of his one of the needing a few figures is ben tucker and he he has a cold at the holocaust memorial in berlin memorial of shame and not because it remembers us of our shame because he said it's shameful that we have such memorial and the a of d. we know that this is strategy they will be know from from the internal paper which we could see just before the last election campaign that. wants to gather.
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publicity tour to this they want they want us the press to report on this breaking the taboo in the end and this is this makes it very difficult for us as the press so we always have to decide is this so bout that we have to talk about it or should we ignore it but ignore east of it's very difficult for the press to so we are in some kind of a dilemma so disgusting comments as have called them bringing up a time for self affection for the media thank you very much but they developed you know a come. let's now have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world beginning egypt where abdel fattah el-sisi has been sworn in for a second term as president says he won a landslide victory in the election in march after all the other serious opponents had withdrawn he told the egyptian parliament his main aim was to achieve peace and
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improve the economy. media reports in the u.s. a tech giant google and a project with the pentagon using artificial intelligence in the military the project used ai to interpret videos and improve drone targeting google's decision comes after thousands of its employees express their opposition india administered kashmir has seen a second day of clashes between protesters and police now the latest arrest began during a funeral for demonstrators run over by a police vehicle on friday origins have imposed a curfew and blocked internet access has claimed both by pakistan and india. spain has a new prime minister who will lead a minority government as the leader of spain's socialist party has taken the oath of office he will now leave the country after ousting his conservative criticism arianna a hole in a not in a no confidence motion in parliament but he's unlikely to enjoy much of
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a honeymoon. sanchez is going to have to perform a balancing act to maintain his minority governments hold on power. he still has to pull his cabinet together but it's not clear what concessions he'll have to make to appease regional parties including catalan separatists who supported his no confidence motion. some six hundred kilometers away in barcelona catalonia as new leader kim taught swears in his new cabinet the yellow ribbon is a symbol of solidarity with party members imprisoned after last year's attempted secession from spine. the spanish government had rejected told us first list of ministers calling it a provocation because several of them were imprisoned or in exile. today toure announced that he wants to sit down for talks with president sanchez at the same
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table government to government the situation we're experiencing can't go on any longer. he has a clear goal in mind an independent catalonian republic it could be the right moment the swearing in of sanchez send torah has gone some way to defuse tensions between madrid and barcelona on the streets of there's a spirit of hope. you're seeing with that i'm very happy i think it's good news for spain and for catalonia because with the government we have in recent years it's been a huge institutional blockade there was no dialogue and corruption cases have been serious so i think it's good news. and i think now there could be the possibility of redirecting the situation although at the same time i'm skeptical i see it as complicated at least it can't be worse than with iraq oil. so with the arrival of the socialist party dubiously socialist it could open
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a possibility of dialogue. pedro sanchez through has said he's willing to talk but ending the deadlock won't be easy he's clearly said he wants catalonia to remain in spain. what was it with you. i'm now joined by fred and being who is a professor of political science at the autonomy i think of madrid thank you for joining us so what is new prime minister petro such as his number one challenge what i think it is indeed to catalonia but. you know the national perspective i would say what he has to do is to first to create an effective government panel as it was not backing in parliament in order to be capable of introducing some very needed measures revolving. their regeneration of the political aisle for a situation as he really. achieving it was asians with was cut only of course was
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catalonia at the forefront of his challenges and now the new separatist catalan president king tara want independence talks with the new spanish prime minister what concessions do you think such as is likely to make. well say his key has any chance of making a great cause actions because their main obstacle fall out for solving the problem is really that the spanish prostitution forbids referendum on independence right so first of all the special situation would have to be reformed and this still no consensus regarding the reforms of the situation came today's parliament itself but i think it is it is the good news. because. we have been too separated for holly as never even talked to to the capitol representatives and. i think this is this is
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a very good chance of sunni good chance to start talks to start observations to him certainly to see a chance to see what we have we can work together. and yet the two leaders do want fundamentally different things as far as catalonia is concerned where does this leave the push for independence. but another problem that independent is have is that they don't have enough proper majority i think they are they want to tackle the problem unless they have me that they have less than percent. so. far or less so have a problem got it cut because half of the population doesn't like this which what we have read right now but they have a program. that. doesn't want to go as far as this creating a new
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a new republic that's why you know talks are absolutely unavoidable political scientist professor ferdinando via spin thank you for joining us thank you. and the french open in paris men's number one rafael in adolf quest to win an eleventh title is very much on track now he and a straight sets win over richard gus get to make the last sixteen of on the women's side of the draw top seeded simona halep had her hands full against and rare coverage but after taking the first set in a tie breaker the romanian overpowered help on and closing out the match with a six love second set elsewhere in the drawn number three seed got banya of spain flew through to the fourth round with a straight sets win of her own over australia and some of the stories that. and the belgian national football team has been caught napping after a t.v. report on personalized mattresses seems to review its world cup scored much earlier
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than planned now five players are due to be cut from the twenty five member scored on monday but the story apparently reviewed all. now each matters for the name of a player but there were only twenty three of them there was no room for the likes of goalkeeper much sells and for. being quite the been forgiven for not quite giving their all in belgium final one up against portugal tonight. and now for a happy ending a student pilot in california has a lucky escape when she was forced to make a successful emergency landing on a busy street in los angeles now the pilot said she experienced engine trouble before bringing the aircraft down she landed the plane without hitting power lines or causing any injuries. well it is a day for that student you're watching t.w. news will have more coming up at the top of the hour but don't forget you can
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always get the latest on our web site that's dot com again we'll be back at the top of the hour with thank you for watching. we make up over three quarters of profit and up budget fights we all miss summerson officer. dean wants to shape the continent's future. harder to enjoin youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges to seventy seven percent platform for africa charge.


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