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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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news live from berlin a far right german politician outraged with his comments on nothing germany alexandra de gaulle and the alternative for germany is accused of minimizing the dockets chapter in german history in a speech to the youth wing also coming up. spain's new prime minister prepares to lead a minority government socialist sworn in on the same day as alone years new media
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which demands for independence. and in football coach germany was a surprise lost in austria enough three world cup friendly will find out how it happened during the show. thank you for joining us here in germany a far right politician has sparked controversy after dismissing hitler and the nazi era now. the color of the alternative for germany was speaking at a meeting of the party's youth wing his comments have caused outrage and other politicians in the parliament condemning. the seventy seven year old co-leader of the eye of the alexander garland has been accused of dismissing the
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crimes of nazi germany as a blip in history in comments at the f.t. youth wing's congress he said that historians have placed too much emphasis on the twelve years of hitler's rule. years we recognize our responsibility for the twelve years but dear friends hitler and the nazis just a bird dropping in over a thousand years of successful german history. of the gold and has repeatedly argued that germany should be proud of its world war two veterans he's also been criticized for failing to rein in the extreme fringes of the party. the a.f.d. tapped into anti immigrant and anti establishment sentiment to win twelve point six percent of the vote in last year's parliamentary elections that makes them the third largest party in the bundestag and the largest opposition party. now those
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comments from the air. have spot a massive controversy here in germany and political correspondent but devolved is with me here in studio so what have some of their reactions to gollum's comments sofa and we have reactions from more or less all the major parties here in germany and all of them want to speak with discussed the first react because the secretary general of the c.d.u. that's the conservative party of. going merkel. and she used her for her reaction there she wrote fifty million borg to the whole of course the total war or just bird poop for the idea of tea and gold and this is the party's true nature revealed behind its middle class this back to the teeth and more or less said this is the same said the counterpart from the social democrats last. secretary general of the the s.p.d. he wrote to me when i called him he told me that alexander golden statements have
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root revealed what lies behind the eight of these to say this is a terrifying minimization of the nazi era it's shameful that people like him in the german bunds talk and we have several of these reactions also talk to the leader of the left party comes to keeping and she said quite frankly these are the words of a fascist talking about fascism so what we hear from all parties in germany is discussed and so very strong statements coming in from a very strong statement that was also made by golan but can say something like this attract consequences for him here in germany while they are in germany and other european countries it is forbidden to deny all the holy calls to deny the victims of the nazi era but it is not forbidden to say something what gulen just said he didn't say was no holy cause he didn't say it didn't kill six million jews and he didn't say hitler didn't start the war what he said was in the end that compared to
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two thousand years of german history the twelve years wouldn't mean very much this of course is disgusting but probably it won't be a matter for for judge oh but this is obviously not the first time the government is making such statements as it has a history of doing this yes alexander government has become quite an tories for doing stuff stuff like this it's not only him also his party colleagues have become quite known tory is a fault for saying things like about. the a of d. we know that this is the strategy they will be know from from the internal paper which we could see just before the last election campaign but of deep ones to gather. publicity tour to this they want they want us the press to report on this breaking the taboo in the end. this is this makes it very difficult for us as the press so we always have to decide is this so that we have to talk about it or
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should we could go for it but ignore east of it's very difficult for the press to so we are in some kind of dilemma so disgusting comments so they've called them bringing up a time for self affection for the media thank you very much but it of old you know welcome the u.s. is facing nearly universal criticism for imposing metal tariffs on some of its closest allies and this week washington was singled out to the g. seven meeting of the world's biggest economies in canada now that meeting of finance ministers and top officials wrapped up on a sour note g seven are presenting as expressed concern and disappointment to washington over the tariffs canada's finance minister said each country would respond individually amid fears of a possible trade war all of us would agree is that on trade over the course the last couple of days there was an important difference of opinion the americans have decided to in our minds take action it's not at all constructive it's actually
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destructive to our ability to get things done and that that concern was communicated and obviously secretary mentioned talked about the administration's point of view and we are hoping that with that without approach that we will have clearly communicated our views to the u.s. administration. spain has a new minority government as the new prime minister is sworn in as most anxious the leader of spain socialist party took the oath of office before he will now lead the country after ousting his predecessor mariana hoeing in a no confidence motion in parliament the vote was called off to pressure grew on to resign following up corruption scandal involving his conservative party meanwhile in cuts alone is new leader kim tourists or in his new cabinet. earlier i spoke with ferdinando in his a professor for political science at the
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a total mess university of legit and i asked him what's the number one challenge for spain's new prime minister. well i think it is indeed catalonia but. you know it in perspective i would say what he has to do is to first to create an effective government handle with with the not backing in parliament in order to be capable of introducing some very needed measures revolving. their regeneration of the political office or a situation particularly. achieving it was asians with was cut only of course catalonia at the forefront of his challenges and now the new separatist catalan president king tara wants independence talks with the new spanish prime minister what concessions do you think such as is likely to make well see his see he has any chance of making a great because actions because their name obstacle fall out for solving the
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problem is really that the spanish constitution forbids referendum on independence right so first of all the specialist who should have to be reformed and this still no consensus regarding the roof or was it was a tradition named today is part of it. but i think it is it is that good news. because. we have been too separated for holly has never even talked to to the capitol representatives and. i think this is this is a very good chance and soon a good chance to start talks to start observations to him certainly to see a chance to see what we have had we can work together. that was ferdinando via spin professor for political science at the autonomous university of madrid now the german national team faced australia friendly match ahead of this month's world cup heavy rain hail and even found storms in the austrian city of clog and foot
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initially delayed kickoff but when the referees gave the all clear it was a chance for germany and captain and goalkeeper manual neuer to show he was ready for russia. gaps in men well neuer was made to wait to get back in the german goal bad weather delayed the kickoff for nearly two hours delayed start did nothing to dull germany's alertness ms it is it pounced on a mistake from austria as keeper and put the world champs one nil. later in the first half it was neuer who was put to the test his own casual ball came back at him. and later florian british peppered his goal but not by a keeper was up to the test. after the break germany's play began to drop a long corner found it's way to much on him to reckon why emphatic volley to finish all alone at the far post neuer didn't have a chance to get worse for the visitors alexander shuff scored to make it two one to
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austria a team that hadn't beat germany in thirty years. moved now has decisions to make not least regarding man will neuer. from bit more on what on germany is disappointing not to his thoughts of the data being his death case calling it mike farrell is here to talk about this studio so max what went wrong for you you know spoil well i think they'd like to blame the delay on the weather but realistically talking the first half they were dominant austria were in the game they had a few chances but germany were clearly the better team and in the second off they just dropped off a little bit to the plays off the match admitted as much and austria then used their chances although you have to say it was sloppy defending from germany and from both of those goals i think the defense just didn't look quite a looked enough and that's a little bit worrying germany just what really upped their full full strength in
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the second half although you have to say it wasn't the starting eleven that we started with at the world cup tournament you know we live did use this to test out a few players test out a few tactics so we don't have to read too much into it there's still a lot of time to. in the world cup and they've lost friendly's like this before so it doesn't mean that they will go into the world cup on poor form and you'll get low flow did say after the match that clearly there are areas that they need to work on but the spotlight was really on manual noir this is the. that the goalkeeper and also the captain back after an injury how did he fit do you think i think he did reasonably well i mean he hadn't played competitive football since september when he sustained an injury a broke his metatarsal it's the third time he's done that in his career and it just didn't really heal we're not quite sure what happened there but he just didn't come back as quickly as we expected and you'll get live said when he announced the preliminary squad that he wanted to go as the number one or not go woods hole and this was his chance to prove himself i mean based on today he couldn't really be
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folded for either goals he looks reasonably comfortable most of the time also getting involved with play as is customary for him getting involved using his feet so for me there's no indication that he won't throw you live was confronted after the match with a statistic saying fifty six percent of germans polled don't want him to go as number one he says i don't care. well he has another headache though which is meeting his final score and who do you think is going to have him really scratching his head ahead of russia yeah i mean based on today there was no one who really gave him a headache and no one really capitalized on showing the coach you know what they can do you know the usual suspects did well measures of a great goal but he's basically already punished his take it to russia so there's no question marks over him i don't know i was in the spotlight but like i said earlier you can't really fault him for either of the two goals he might have done better but the defense was really the problem that f.
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i mean newspapers and could've capitalized he was the big surprise in the preliminary squad was his first game of a today and he wasn't really able to impress that could be because he doesn't really know the players around him yet he's not quite used to it so for. him i don't think it's just based on today for all the players will be looking at what they do in training how they fared over the whole season and then making his decision but based on what i think i think he's going to drop kevin trout the goalkeeper jonathan toews julian brunt of leverkusen and mario gomez the veteran striker well let's see what happens next morrow from the d.w. sports to sports desk thank you for joining us. and at the french open in paris men's number one rafael nadal's quest to win an eleventh title is very much on track he and his straight sets win over rich have got to make the last sixteen over on the women's side of the draw however top seeded see one how they had her hands full against an draft pick of age but after taking the first set in
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a tie break at the romanian overpowered hope own and closing out the match with a six love second set elsewhere in the draw and seeded serena williams continued to nuke shop in her first grand slam since giving birth making quick work of germany's junia gorgas in straight sets though from a world number one will face old rival maria sharapova in the next round well that's all from the news this hour thank you for joining us. you can tell us about a system that's garbage. you use for the bridge but for many people who don't first there was a survey. done for today just like. reporters.


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