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billions but just how murky coffee is the sports world in reality. starting june sixth t w. this is d w news lawyer from but it fresh allegations that angela merkel knew about problems at the german refugee agency the german chancellor is under fire after she's accused of failing to react to reports that the agency was struggling to process asylum claims also coming up. as survivors of the parkland school shooting prophetic graduate thousands take to the streets in u.s.
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cities to protest gun law and uncalled for stricter gun laws we report from new york. to be truthful sure henry lives germany team sometimes they surprise lost in austria and a pretty wild confrontation. i had on free thanks for your company the former head of germany's refugee agency has pointed the finger at chancellor angela merkel you're going by is this is he warned last year about major problems on the strange stuff we're under to handle asylum cases and made involve skiing creased migrant numbers they said that the chancellor and the former interior minister failed to take action this comes as the federal office for migration of refugees faces an internal review after officials at its
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claim and branch were accused of accepting bribes to waive more than one thousand asylum applications. i'm joined in the studio now by d.w. political correspondent report but there are reports that chancellor merkel knew about the difficulties that the agency is facing quite some time ago one would imagine then that this could put pressure on her and her migration policies with it do you think absolutely because of the rough migration policy and the refugee policy closely linked to anglo american as a person or the refugee policy over until america has been under close scrutiny now for several weeks now as we've seen the house being a scandal at the federal migration office already and if we now have a look who has made these allegations the it is troubleshooter fungurume buys is not just some of the official of the migration or has it is the show's mound of uncle americal himself himself under medical shows fungurume buys it to cope with
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the problems in the migration office when he's now saying this office was in such a state i haven't seen before and it was totally unfit to tackle the topic it was made for and i told you several times and you didn't do anything this puts close brush up not only an on line michael but also on the former interior minister thomas dementia and the corruption scandal at the office than him but i mean can you explain this for all international you is absolutely the. the office for migration and refugees split into several branches which are all of the branches of the german state. there's a there's a branch of bremen there's about want to believe in there's one in bavaria too and this specific braman branch must have waved through more or less more than one thousand saddam c. because giving that granting them asylum although there was no legal ground for this and there's even talk that some of them bribed their way through to their side of. replication this of course is
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a huge scandal at itself we've already seen very inquiry last. where the acting interior minister whole see the whole thing has already said we have to closely look at everything and you already started pointing the finger at his predecessor thomas de musea so there was already some motion towards the government to towards putting pressure on anglo-american so this scandal is adding up now it is a huge scandal have we heard from the government how they responded to all of this was it was said there has been already parliamentary inquiry last week and this will be going on the acting interior minister holds the whole for who is not in himself responsible for this gun law as he just got into office this year he already said we have to look closely at this you already started pointing the finger as producers and they're the opposition is already calling for a parliamentary inquiry commission which is able to bring in during the next weeks
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it's still quite sure that if this is going to come but especially the far right opposition the a of d. party they have always wanted to make some sort of a troop withdrawal of our new america's refugee policy so if this committee would come then we would not only talk about the scandal at the migration office we would talk about the refugee crisis as a whole and this is something i'm glad michael doesn't want our political correspondent made about thank you you know what now exactly one year ago today eight people were killed and forty eight small injured when three terrorists drove a van into could destroy on a london bridge they then attacked all the people at a markets and up pops you'll seeing live pictures now from the memorial service as cathedral for the victims and their families organizers aim to send a message of defiance to the terrorists now later on
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a minute of silence will be held in government buildings and other locations whichever you will. whatever you. live pictures from south the cathedral that well they all the students who raise their voices often a mass shooting killed seventeen people at a florida high school in february now as the scene is a mockery stoneman douglas high school are set to graduate and looking ahead to their futures while mourning those who can't do the same and the nationwide movement to survive is inspired for stricter gun control in the united states when it shows no signs of slowing down thousands rallied across the country on saturday which was national gun awareness day all correspond and xander phenomena reports from march and you'll. hear among contreras this march is a personal issue together with his friends an average to vist a ninety year old student organized this event mens to address school shootings but
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also gun violence in communities of color. supports me because last year i was the friends of gun violence and i felt you know . when i was in a moment i felt like some people aren't really needed to be a power people need to hear about this. country or us became active in the wake of the school shooting in parkland florida earlier this year since then more and more students in the u.s. have begun to raise their voices for gun control students like jordan in twenty twelve she survived the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. i witnessed what gun violence does not just one singular person but for the entire community in the nation and if there's any chance that what we're doing like protesting in marching will save one here i'll do it. they believe now it's time to ban assault weapons to strengthen background checks for gun buyers
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enough is enough after slogan orange is the color. so far you as lawmakers refused to take meaningful action on the federal level but activists like ramon contreras say this is just the beginning. is students about to continue their protest and to make their fight for gun control a voting issue not hoping that the midterm elections in november will show that their movement has staying power. and now some of the other stories making news around the world police in mali have used tear gas to break up a band opposition rally in the country's capital bamako a coalition of political parties and their supporters were hoping to march through the city school for transparency in next month's presidential election several people were taken to hospital as a result of that violence. time fishel say a whale that died had eight kilograms of plastic trash most of it shopping bags in
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its stomach the animal died despite a five day effort to save it they said the plastic made the whale sick and unable to hunt. but it's just nine days until the leaders of the u.s. and north korea are set to meet for the first time in singapore a potential breakthrough on the korean peninsula is the focus of the shangri-la dialogue the regional defense for also takes place in singapore and this year is turned into the last chance for top security officials to confer before the historic meeting begins. it may be a week away but singapore already looks to be practicing for the planned summit between donald trump and can jump. taking place amid tight security is the asian security conference known as the shangri-la dialogue and north korea is on everyone's minds. not indecent talking but you can feel that there's been some
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movement in recent days expectations are high that a road map can be drawn up here on how to move forward with north korea will be. the defense ministers of the u.s. japan and south korea met on the sidelines of the summit for talks. south korea has warned of approaching the north with excessive mistrust but japan has called for ongoing pressure on the country as has the u.s. we must remain vigilant and. we will continue to implement all you are in figuring on a resolution or north korea and north korea will really be relieved or we want to demonstrate verifiable your birds are both very good you do for a very good. at this meeting of defense experts there is still considerable to house where the north korea will agree to compromise and its nuclear program.
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if that goal germany faced austria in a friendly match ahead of this month's walt cup now heavy rain hail and thunderstorms initially delayed kick off but when the referees gave the or clear it was a chance for german goalkeeper mind the neuer coming back from injury to show he was ready for russia. up to manuel neuer was made to wait to get back in the german goal bad weather delayed kickoff nearly two hours late start did nothing to dull germany's alertness ms it was ill posed on the mistake from austria's keeper to pick the world champs up one nil i later in the first half it was neuer who was put to the test his own cultural ball came back out to. then florian college peppered his goal but the by and player was up to the task which we could be happy with his comeback after such a long absence of. after the break germany's pleat began to draw a long corner kick found its way to martin to
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a guy who applied an emphatic volley to finish alone at the far post neuer didn't have a chance it would get worse for the visitors of the sun to ship scored to make it two one for austria the team for him beating germany on any occasion is a thrill. to sit in so that i rarely experienced such a self-inflicted defeat with a style of play like that. that was really bad. sore but to the shrink i lurve know has decisions to make not least regarding manuel neuer i. will germany's top men's tennis flair and the number two seed at the french open has done it again and xander is that if today claimed his third straight comeback win and that means he's into his first ever grand slam quarter finals let it go pasta rushes cata and such and of eighty five sets so that it will play seven seated dominic team of austria on cheers dana team beat at japan's kadisha cody in
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four sets now it's not often that poetry course is a public debate but a poem written by an acclaimed navy and swiss writer when it's done just that students in berlin had called one of his pieces painted on the side of the school to be removed calling it sexist but the authors adopted hometown in southern germany sees the work differently and offer the poem a new home and it now we're doing as a public building in bavaria. i've been in this has a new home the poem by again going on now decorates the facade of the city museum in the german town of radio where the ninety three year old poet lives you could say the poem moved in from berlin forced off its perch on the outside of a high school after students complained that it was sexist and massaging mystic there accusation focused on one line in particular i've been either you flotus your head is you're not made out or born english avenues and flowers and women and then
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admiring the students feel that the poem reduces women to objects on a list of things men like to look at the high school has promised to paint over the words. y'all yes it bothered me a bit but you know at my age you tend to take such things with a grain of salt there's really nothing new under the sun. the halo city council rallied to defend the poem for them it has nothing to do with the sergeant. because we believe that women here are confident enough to like being admired we simply can't relate to the debate going on in the early in. the tensions over public art are bound to continue but for now the poem has at least found a wall to welcome it. and just reminded of the top story we all following for you i'm going to go is facing fresh allegations she knew about problems at the jenin refugee agency and did nothing useful matt says he warned her last year the
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software struggling to process son ok. you're watching the news we'll have plenty more coming up for you top of the hour in the meantime you can always have a website that is d.w. dot com i have it all for thanks.


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