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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin germany its president gays and lesbians for forgiveness. my apologies for the decades of suffering in the nazi era in post-war germany also coming up. right wing opposition s.t.'s party has one parliamentary elections it's a major blow to the governing centrists and another anti me gratian voice in the european union. and in sports germany regrouped at their training camp after a shock defeat in austria on saturday they go into this month's world cup hoping to
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defend their title. i'm thank you for joining us germany's president has apologized to homosexuals for the persecution they had to endure during and after the second world war now president from. speaking on the tenth anniversary of a monument to homosexuals victims of the nazi era he also asked for forgiveness for decades of official silence people who were arrested convicted and imprisoned in post-war germany for their sexual orientation have been waiting a long time for an apology too long says germany's president. that's going to undo what has been said about other victim groups has so far been denied them. so today i ask forgiveness for all the suffering and injustice and for the long silence that
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followed. after world war two there were allegedly some sixty five thousand prosecutions of homosexuals in west germany alone and the last year the german bundestag decided to reverse the convictions and rehabilitate those affected it's been there for a lot of these and i'm very glad about this apology it really is a strong signal to the bundestag has apologized for the persecution for us that the federal president is the highest representative of the state expresses this so clearly. for lesbians and gays and trans and intersex people this is very very valuable for. after the event homosexuals victims of the nazi era were also remembered. condemned statements by politicians who play down the crimes of the nazis or anyone who denies the singular break with civilization.
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or relativize as it. is not only mocking millions of victims. but he's also deliberately ripping open old wounds. and sowing new hatred and we must oppose this together minds and. only those who remember what did happen can take responsibility today. here in berlin police have shot and wounded what they term around pitching man in the city's iconic protestants cathedral a police spokesperson said the fifty three year old austrian man was wounded in the leg when police fired at him now authorities say there's no connection to terrorism but police have cordoned off the cathedral one of the city's top tourist attractions. here we spoke with a double reporter rebecca ritter's outside the bell and cathedral and i asked her what we know about the man who was shot by police i feel the man ran into the
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cathedral behind me the berlin a dog and he was said to be behaving very aggressively witnesses say he was dazed and confused and acting quite threateningly towards the other guests in the dorm police were called and they arrived at the same they tried to calm the man and this on him but believed he lunged at police and then they shot him in the leg now during the incident another police officer was also shot both men are injured he's a fifty three year old austrian man he's not known to police and it's not believe he has any links to any terrorist organizations now obviously berlin has been the target of some terrorist attacks in the last couple of years leaving police on high alert but they're not investigating this as a terror attack at this time. at the belling cathedral and staying in germany a power blackout as hamburg ports has grounded hundreds of flights and left thousands of passengers stranded airport officials said the source of the power
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failure was a short circuit but were unable to say when the electricity would be restored. chaos across the concourse where travelers at first didn't know what was going on without power the p.a. system couldn't function. nor did the lights and for security reasons even the backup power system which could have functioned was switched off as well according to airport officials that was necessary to determine the cause of the blackout before long travelers were told to evacuate the building until the problem is solved germany's fifth largest airport is closed for business. we were up there getting ready to board and then suddenly they told us to get out it's chaos hundreds of people standing around the air conditioning is down so now we're all sitting here wondering what's going to happen next what are good stranded passengers got free water and looked to kill time any way they could while all
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flights remained grounded. how long they'll wait to get off the ground is anybody's guess. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world it is new interior minister. has visited a migrant detention center in sicily a week before mr paul elections on the island region now outside the center of protesters chanted slogans against me and held banners reading welcome refugees salvini is head of the far right party which has demanded a crackdown on migrants and refugees. at least forty six migrants were killed when their boat sank off the news is solid and coast making it one of the worst migrant boat accidents in recent years sixty seven others were rescued near the city of facts according to tunisian officials. officials say a whale that died had eight kilograms of plastic trash most of it shopping bags in
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its stomach the animal died despite a five day effort to save it they said the plastic made the will sick and unable to hunt. the russian space capsule has landed safely in ca's a stand carrying three us generals from russia the u.s. and japan they were returning from a one hundred sixty day mission on the international space station another three astronauts are to be launched to the station later this week. is the video the country's wife will position has one parliamentary elections now the south eastern european country which used to be part of the former yugoslavia has been led by a center left government for them the democratic party in strong showing is a blow to the party led by yes young one just over a quarter of the votes of to come painting on an anti immigrant platform outgoing prime minister mira's there are came in fourth place. as no go to the slovenian
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capital of libya nowhere five brown is joining us so can you tell us who younis yasha is i mean we know he's the leader of the right wing democratic party but what else can be said of him. he's a long serving leader twenty five years already he was twice prime minister and you probably described him best as a conservative turned populist that's at least hold what he designed to come pain based on the slogan slovenia first and based on a massive campaign against immigration not that slovenia would have any problem with immigration they're only a couple of hundreds every year here in this small country but young took the populist right wing hungry in prime minister viktor orban as his role model or been by the way supported the interest campaign must have lead this time and yet slovenia is part of the euro and it does belong to nature on the shenzhen union and by and large the country is regarded as a reliable partner so is it now joining in member states that are critical of the
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union. that's completely and completely open question at this moment it looks like the slovenes really opted for a classical stalemate so young she will get the mandate to form a government but it's absolutely unclear if he will succeed in doing so so far all the other parties of the center of the left have excluded to co-operate with him he offered talks but if that will really happen it's an open question what is clear is the slovenes. voted or showed a massive discontent with politics in the country with the political class and that also is. is marked by the fact that the turn off is on a record low only every second slovene went to. fight brown following that election for us in slovenia thank you. classical music by european composers
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is popular in japan it's actually been taught in schools for the past one hundred fifty years there and now people are marking a key and a verse three it's a century since beethoven's ninth symphony was first performed in japan by an unusual group of german ization. the audience in the southern japanese city of no ruto is hardly low brow beethoven has long been gazing over gatherings here far from being foreign his music is familiar. from word. this is where japan's love of beethoven began german soldiers were brought here during world war one after being captured in china by the japanese during their internment they were allowed to play football form an orchestra and stage theater productions. this exhibition describes how the band a prisoner of war camp became
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a music school despite the reluctance of some. will testify moved by the story i like singing to the jones masses i'm really impressed we japanese have always had a great deal of sympathy for the germans and. the festivities brought together generations with the granddaughter of one former president making a special visit from berlin and my grandfather took the keeping hand in turn he learned chinese and dutch and also how to play the violin he played second violin haven. and there was music galore with several concerts including this one by an all male choir just like in the camp i. see one of the leadership of the camps former commander of a monument to him was unveiled among the guests of the celebration was the former german president christian wolfe
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a demonstration of international friendship the kind of declaration of japan's ensuring passion for beethoven one hundred years on. i was. was. he holding a hutch on the melody affects us japanese just as much as the words do this now. and judging from the celebrations that looks likely to remain the case for a long time to come. out. of. germany is top men's tennis player and the number two said the french open has done it again alexander us vet of today came to his third straight fives. that comeback win and that means he's into his first ever grand slam quarterfinals not of arab
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got past russia's carin catchin of. play seven seed a dominant team of austria on tuesday that team beat japan's. in fourth fifth and germany's national team a rather special visitor to be a training camp on sunday chancellor i'm going to makyo there she is stopped by to motivate the players now the squad was shaking off a surprising loss to australian the first of two friendlies ahead of the world cup and looking ahead to coach announcement of the final twenty three man squad on monday. after being arrested for yesterday's friendly thomas miller joined the coaching staff for a bike ride the rest of the squad stuck to some light training behind closed doors . the night before had ended in disappointment as germany lost to austria for the first time in thirty two years i the only silver lining captain manuel neuer proved his fitness coming back from an injury that had plagued him since september two one
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the final school for the hosts i on sunday evening german chancellor angela merkel met the players for dinner which seemed to go down well when our playing is fun and funny regardless of the match we're very happy that the chancellor came by before but over the years there's been a special relationship between the chairs out and the national team. was one of the not much of this always presentation of the team and i really appreciate her she's really down to earth and honest with us so she's interested in football but she's also interested in us as a people on and for us that's impressive inspiring of course she wished us all the best for the tournaments which. was well back myself but chancellor left after dinner midday on monday four players will follow her back to germany as he'll be live amounts of his final twenty three man squad. with just eleven days to go until the world cup gets underway the trophy itself is finally in moscow after touring
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more than fifty countries jam and while champion no summit is performed a rerun of one thousand nine hundred by holding it aloft amid a carnival atmosphere now that trophy will be presented to the winning captain after the final in the russian capital in on july fifteenth. you're watching news in berlin wall at the top of the hour thank you for watching. but. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. was for the rich but for many poor people who don't first their only chance of survival. and i can remember today just like the. reporters.


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