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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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in nigeria do you ever worry about how polluted rivers and oceans are become not only in africa but worldwide it's certainly something that we're concerned about on eco africa today we'll look at an initiative in kenya that he's trying to tackle that issue and see how we can be solved with quickly but that's not all let there be light two brothers set out to transform book you know fossils rule areas. why of babri mikey we had to north africa to look at efforts to protect these endangered animals. and seven years on what do locals in sprains last region think of the controversial we. we started a country where many people don't have access to electricity that's especially true in the rule areas but one company has set out to change that two brothers have
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joined forces to produce. on an industrial scale what's the purpose to light up the rule communities the countryside the from has already branched out to neighboring african countries we went out to find out how exactly they are doing this. even him who drives into town nearly every day the sales rep is trying to market so along to shop owners competition is stiff on the solar market and the city have to do go is no exception the lamps the sound around thirty year olds that's a lot of money into kenya fast so but even. so extremely robust. we have chinese products here which are less expensive they're cheaper but the quote. it just isn't the same. the
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company's production site is located on the outskirts of. a conscious decision to. this means the company can also offer fast repairs if needed over twenty people are working here and to do ten in the production unit alone they receive four months of training most of the components are imported from france they are not available in . the materials used by. very curable which is what pushes up the price and the lamps are powerful enough to charge up a cell phone. back in two thousand and eight. africa award the frenchman then teamed up with his brother to form and take. action for him is everything. to africa to become
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a huge waste. of the products that are in. very short span. after two years of manufacturing there are still challenges so lamps are exempt from taxes. but always has to fight to get the import tax reimbursed because the. local production. ready made. the company also has problems exporting its products. communication system. no reliable transport companies. and no rules of administration for neighboring countries. where they do exist. or not apply. now the company needs more sales reps to market it more effectively
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not only into kenya but also in neighboring countries so far like a cell has sales reps in five countries. while the company wants more support from the national government to ease distribution their customers and certainly happy with their lamps. bought two lamps last year she says they've changed her life and as an extra bonus she no longer has to go out to charge her cell phone. if it meant that i can do all my work by the light of the land. so i take it everywhere i go. children cannot study for as long as they want evenings we have like twenty four hours a day they've been cut today it's been cut to. the pregame giago knows that it takes time to convince retailers to pay a little more to get a quality product so he visits them several times to him it's more than just
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a job. i meet people sell them the lamps and then they're satisfied that makes me really really happy. the job also means he can support his family he killed himself lucky like chose to do to base its production with the firm now planning to expand his future is looking good. staying with renewables we had out to you about seven years ago a new wave electricity plant was built on springs and not been coach wade continues to be controversial why he's out so it's more expensive than solar and its impact on the environment. still remains clear so what do the residents think of their new plan while some find the large concrete structure overwhelming
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the fishermen there. have gotten used to it now they're beginning to find some benefits from his existence. these two residents of military coups have never been invited mentally conscious citizens but their electricity supply now comes from a green source produced locally in their neighborhood. and there is no. use to have no idea about where our power came from except out of a socket. some of our electricity is now from natural sources and we know it's from the power of the ocean in our day. but now it feels more natural and sustainable it's cleaner and greener and i like that usually the house. that mighty source of power is not immediately evident the seawall to protect the
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tiny harbor then the bilbao based operator saw the potential for an additional function voice. turned to an existing seawall into a power plant which enables us to generate electricity from the incoming waves but . the wave power station has already generated almost two million kilowatt hours since it was opened in two thousand and eleven. sixteen turbines inside the plant are an almost permanent operation and produce around three hundred thousand kilowatt hours per year. john the as one of the plants technicians. he's also a local resident. and is called out regularly to service the facility. the lower section of each turbine contains an air chamber. why they do as the wave of
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water enters the air is compressed upwards. and drives the turbine. in turn generates electricity. and when the wave recedes the air is pulled back through the turbine and the process is then repeated elated. to be nothing like a lot of. innovative technology in a sea wall originally built for one specific purpose to protect the harbor. local fishermen were often thwarted by the strong tights their boats were sometimes unable to reach open water. their modernization of our harbor was hugely important now we are completely safe from the power of the ocean was removed if it weren't for the sea well we couldn't have all these judges for the boats. they just. ignored. and that's vital for the five thousand villagers
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the harbor area has been given a new lease on life and the local fishing industry is flourishing again plus the residents directly benefit from the strong tides which are now having a positive effect. the hope is that the technology will make further progress allowing the establishment of more breakwater power plants in the future. from the north atlantic ocean in europe to the coast of south africa a country famous for its beautiful beaches but despite strict rules designed to protect these natural resources litter is still a major problem. one possible solution is the blue flag an international award that focuses on responsible management of coastal environments one hundred forty countries wild wild participate robert beach in south africa is
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one of many that have blue flag accreditation and a group of local volunteers has set out to make sure that it stays that way. the beach clean which to me for that old. fall off the corner of a. four and a half out of five not bad. this two it's are asking beach goers around plain birthday to write how clean the beaches are. with quite a visit to survey which we do ask the visitors that on the beach it's got a like time date and location so it gives exactly the location where we get in and then we just have right from five from one to five what they think about the beach the visibility of signage the toilets. the
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two young unemployed women come from nearby black townships and a part of a group of nine volunteers who care for the beaches here a local n.g.o.s employs two hundred young people in three coastal provinces on behalf of the tourism blue flag project. to stewards get nine euros a day for their efforts that all of this towards is to ensure that the beach boys as well as the municipality be accomplice to the criteria and also pass on information for the environmental education activities that we do with the beach boys as well as much as well as checking the beaches the blue flag program teach tabs on eco tourism boats in the area. today the stewards are on board the oceanic express which takes tourists to the sea or call anemia by. you. if you don't. have. these case first seals have disappeared from the area in the
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eighteen hundreds as a result of uncontrolled hunting but you do successful conservation efforts more than. six thousand now populate the robert peninsula in its opinion from the. old you will see you will be defeated from playing if you will be connected to. the all the other which you see if you can see he stands in peace and makes you think you should look. back at the beach just you it's have involved local children in a clean up campaign environmental education is one of the pillars of the blue flag program and many schools participate. most of the leading collected by volunteers is plastic. the study has been conducted which showed that most of the
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plastic is actually locally produced like this one and the problem is that the public is not informed about the waste and that the municipality that is cycling stations it looks like beaches they don't support which they waste but the new should fit together. the campaign to keep the beaches clean is a never ending one of. the project just a job to run for almost a year but the stewards hope it will be extended the money they earn combined with the satisfaction of helping to protect the environment make it a rewarding experience. that would take a look at a billion dollar industry cut flowers most of the while supply comes from lads flower farms in just a handful of countries including kenya where production is expanding on lex may bhatia dozens of flower farms have sprung up for the people who rely on the lake for a living the future looks from rosy that's because the lake is becoming polluted with
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insecticides and thought allies us but it is not clear who is to blame. after i was out on the water this is the local fishermen have finally managed to land a catch every boat has at least a return with a few kilos of tilapia. talkies making the rounds again that pollutants have been found in lake mary russia. it takes some some machinery a back to the environmental disaster that struck in two thousand and nine the fish population was disinvited allegedly caused by the flour fans on the shore. because they dried out of the lake almost completely and the chemicals there are draining off affected the water there are hardly any fish left for to remodel. one of the. conditions. ideal for cutting pretty flowers over fifty companies have set up greenhouses only shows the soil is for temperatures might
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this twelve hours function a day and the lake was a ready supply of water. the fishermen accuse the cut flower industry of polluting the lake they say the flower growers a dumping water contaminated with chemicals into the lake that in turn poisons the fish. the flour company's rejected the accusations. or syria is one of the biggest flour produces the company says it only uses half the industry standard amount of insecticides it prefers to employ natural methods like these tiny beetles which are sprinkled over the roses to the pits that the. syrian also uses water in close second it's to produce the flowers rather than pumping it back into the lake. adviser more are from germany's organization for international cooperation or g i said ask for the details from the.
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rainwater go to the. but also word safer are circulating after recycling are still pretty lies in order to start and then be used again and again and again but still this pollution entirely different industry see small hold families are to blame. like potato famine or money so what is the solution. there are more of the abuses are using what right and up are going to be avoided because because of the data they have to improve the heart with every issue and there's a lot of gap between the technologies that are viable in the big farms and what this market are doing and also the kind of advisory they get because even when you have a problem with these but it was it just goes to the vet today it could be cost or anything i have this problem but they don't get to get advice on the other methods
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that could be used but i must enable. their ngo and raising their families promote a sustainable pest control. you use. the press you can create friendly place. to feed on the bad effect that that be being on the court and this is the technology that is used in the cup now. they have perfected. the day's catch is already on its way to market which these days is several kilometers away the lex water level used to reach as far as the market now it's shrinking along with fish stock. too many flower companies and families are taking too much water from the lake. since a small tilapia fiche is one year at the moment the hole will still translate into a tidy profit for today at least. the fishermen hope that more and more
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companies will favor sustainable production methods to protect. erosion is a problem throughout africa but in a few where deforestation has left much of the land unprotected the situation is particularly dire as charity is now trying to help communities reforest the land planting trees not only have these surrounding environment to recover it also helps to fight poverty by providing new opportunities and it is our doing your bit segment for this week. this is how this mountain looked before. and this is how it looks now.
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in regions suffering from erosion and deforestation. swiss foundation green ethiopia has such a plant nurseries. volunteers stick the homes for the trees. the local new school the saintliness my idea. of the forest the beautiful one. springs that were once dry have started filling up with water again because of the new trees. people can now access water where they live. and no longer have to travel long distances to collect it. while the farmers can grow fruit and vegetables on fields
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there will once barren. be you like them. if you are also doing your bit tell us about. visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit and we share your story. went out that morrocco the battery macaques that lived in the north of the country and in neighboring algeria i presently becoming a common subject in conservation summits the abbey on the. this is all the cock that live outside of asia many of these young animals are being caught and then sold in europe as pets you could report to travel to a bar camp forest in morocco where the babri of maccie are supposed to be protected . questionis how much of that protection still exists because they still face
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some challenges. the bobbery mckee's habitat is under threat deforestation is underway in the rest mountains of northern iraq owes a clever way for farmland. where in bor chum forest where the habitat still looks into. wildlife conservation is what this tells us can make you feel a little relatively well and so on goes hope of spotting some. this is a small committed team of less than ten people one hundred chinese one is one of them. gets closer to the shy creatures who hold the key to. the macaques come along with me so i'm never afraid at ninety one and in the morning i find them waiting for me. the same thing in the evening until they go to sleep. we protect
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each other like friends. and the and. the city. for a long time shepherds in watch and forest hunt at the marquis's sometimes to sell them as a number of shepherds have now been persuaded to start. with their god. in a conservation shrine in santa shows our soldiers document in the illegal trade in barbary mckeon's from us. we already work with the force just aren't used to confiscate illegally how much tax some of those animals we use we look at very carefully to see if they can be released back into the wild the remote village of tell you i mean it lies in watch them forest. it only became acceptable by dirt track a year and a half ago. time almost seems to have stood still here but the village is slowly
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changing. there is now a small center where women can learn reading and everett matecumbe eighteen and sewing. protecting them a key is not a priority here so sam want to proceed carefully and. she makes the villages needs will be taken into account she explains not only why her teens want to protect the make heelys but also how it will benefit the residents of tile you mean for them. you need to understand how the people share the macaques habit of reims the forest see them attacks because they don't necessarily see them with interest as the same way as we are in from europe from europe so for example they might not see them as interesting or beautiful in themselves they may see them as an economic resource or a pest for example. we still haven't given up hope of seen wild babri mckee.
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the next day we start up again. and where we look. seriously. trying to do thirty meters away from us we discover one lucky after another we keep our distance so one scare them away. thank you for joining us and let's keep the conversation going on our media platforms when i was sound of mind you from nairobi kenya and that see you again next week it's bye for now thanks for joining us send us your comments i'm going to out via social media platforms bye bye from nigeria and see an extreme.
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nine hundred sixty eight america's last summer of hope. the funeral train rolled slowly through the long summer afternoon. crowds lined the tracks hoping to catch a glimpse as the casket of robert francis kennedy was taken to washington. the pool. the despondent the defiant. widows whose husbands had died in
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vietnam. blacks his neighborhood still small. and the young whose dreams had been shattered too soon. on into national cemetery. two brothers gunned down just five years apart reunited . president john f. kennedy's murder in dallas on november the twenty second one thousand nine hundred . three that ended the age of american innocence and plunged the country into violence and social turmoil. at his brother's funeral bobby kennedy was consumed by remorse and guilt. and as he reflected on the political life he had shared with john he asked himself who had killed his brother and why. john and bobby kennedy had made numerous sentiments
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including maffia bosses f.b.i. director j. edgar hoover fidel castro labor union leaders like jimmy hoffa and southern racists . in january nine hundred sixty four lee harvey oswald's widow marina testified before the warren commission which was investigating jack kay's assassination. oswald was shot and killed by jack ruby a dallas nightclub owner who was said to have ties to organized crime.
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toxic loss of. the country's one of the world's largest forms of. his environment is paying the price. introduces vast running water and the danger is announcing the science of. a large flower farm on lake number shows it can be done differently. go ahead to africa next. it's been a long time since name has a global smash it costs us in some shots a shallow music aside to play timeless our name has an.
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odd. name on its hoax. published in sixteen. dublin. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the future worthless for the rich but for many people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could lunch for today just like the. reporters travel to nairobi and smugglers and make people know the true value of garbage. it has created us trying to contemplate some of this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting place was the response to that statement should be yes we all
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start in class walking. the rich to the truck some exclusive brooklyn story journalists on t w. hello and welcome to a brand new edition of eco at africa with fresh topics from all over africa and europe my name is sharon money and i'm here in iraq because but i'm the saloon hey that my name is now to a we i mean i would say nigeria do you.


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