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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news from berlin i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are meeting in berlin today it is the first meeting between these two world leaders since the u.s. president donald trump announced the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal there is a lot on the agenda but for prime minister benjamin netanyahu one of those topics
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is the most important for him and that is the push for his policy of a hard line against tehran our coverage begins with this report. on the american led benyamin netanyahu smile for the cameras but their relationship has become more tense these past few years that netanyahu has been pushing ahead with the expansion of jewish settlements in the west bank and doesn't agree with a two state solution doesn't sit well with merkel she sees his stance as an obstacle to lasting peace a few weeks ago donald trump made things even worse he decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with iran and move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. israel a plot of these moves. germany didn't. in march during his inaugural visit to israel the new german foreign minister outlined his country's approach. which over this. i believe that we agree on
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almost all of the goals. there are some differing opinions on how to achieve them. germany's place will always be by israel's side on all of these issues fades. after the founding of the israeli state seventy years ago the chancellor of west germany conrad adenauer ethnologist his country's responsibility for the holocaust in one thousand nine hundred sixty five germany and israel formally established diplomatic relations then came the munich olympics in one nine hundred seventy two when palestinian terrorists killed eleven israeli athletes but by now the relationship between the two countries was strong enough to withstand even the setback in march two thousand and eight chancellor merkel addressed the israeli parliament she said israel security was crucial to germany. either going to every federal government and every chance to have before me was committed to israel's security
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because if our special historical responsibility that this commitment also applies to jews in germany but anti semitic crimes are on the rise here a few months ago in the middle of berlin on israeli wearing a kippah was attacked. when prime minister netanyahu comes to berlin that will likely also be a topic for discussion more than twenty thousand israelis now live in the german capital alone. so a lot at stake on the diplomatic front for more let's bring in correspondent simon young who is joining us in the studio this afternoon so simon tell us for the part of benjamin netanyahu he says that the most important topics are wrong and iran to direct your i mean he is going to be at the center of these talks the softer than both here in berlin i think also in paris and london where netanyahu is going going next because he's looking for european support for the israeli approach on the iran
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deal that's to say and a rejection of this deal that in return for nuclear inspections opens up more to iran and gives iran takes the sanctions off and so on netanyahu says he wants more pressure on tehran in particular on its not just on the nuclear program specifically but also on the ballistic missile oil program that they've got running he's very worried about the threat to israel that that poses he doesn't necessarily need the european support because of course he has the important backing of the united states donald trump has rejected this iran deal i think he would like of course the europeans very much opposed the germans the french and the british help to agree that. still to negotiate it they say it's better to deal with iran inside the framework of an international deal and that's that's why they want to
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keep it just briefly simon how likely that we can see some common ground here because the positions are so divergent as you've highlighted there well i don't think that we will see agreement on this point benjamin netanyahu he's been absolutely adamant that the iran deal cannot work and you know he's resorted to these rather sort of glamorous showman traits you might remember he was here in germany just a few months ago at the munich security conference holding up a piece of. what he said was an iranian ballistic missile that been fired at israeli territory and to you know he said to the israel to the iranian foreign minister here you are this is you this belongs to you i think and he's appeared in jerusalem not so long ago in front of a huge placard saying iran lied so he's adamant in his position the germans want to keep the dialogue going simon brought us to the other topics on the table today one of them being syria another one must also be as we saw there anti-semitic crime on the rise in germany as well right well the there's a lot of concern about iran's wider regional role its military posture in syria
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which is a threat to israel and that's something where i think there could be a little bit of agreement because bit more support from the german side for israel applying more pressure to its iran you mentioned the anti semitic debate we've got here in germany there has been a rising anti semitic attacks and anti semitic rhetoric just over the weekend we've seen. a speech from the f.t. leader talking about the holocaust in very you know playing it down as if it wasn't a very important chapter in history so i think this will come up as well in these tools ok a lot to discuss simon young thank you very much. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world at least twenty five people have been killed by a volcanic eruptions in guatemala the country's flegel volcano sent a stream of lava into a nearby town and blanketed the area and ash thousands have been evacuated from the
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affected zone just southwest of water malas city. in slovenia the anti immigration opposition has emerged as the largest political party in parliamentary elections the democratic party led by the populous leader young as young as one of around twenty five percent of the vote the party of the prime minister nero sir are earned less than ten percent. italy's new interior minister matteo salvini has visited a migrant attention center in sicily one week before municipal elections on the island region outside of the center protesters chanting slogans against selby and held banners reading welcome refugees. as head of the far right league party which has demanded a crackdown on migrants and refugees. nine migrants six of them children have drowned after their boat capsized off of turkey turkish coast guards rescued another five people the boat was headed for greece which has seen
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a surge in migrants from turkey this year forty six migrants drowned in a separate sinking off the coast of tunisia. well now we turn to the battle against the so-called islamic state which has been one of the most challenging struggles internationally in recent years you'll recall that the group captured much of a rock and syria much of the territory there and really had a reign of terror well since then the group has drawn international condemnation but it has also become attractive to some including a group of german women who joined to the so-called islamic state they were picked up last year by kurdish forces after the co-op's of the group in the fall of its day. capital rocca well now these women they're being held by cords in the north of syria and ahead of their possible return to germany we have this report. life under the so-called islamic state from twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen the
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jihadists imposed their ruthless moral codex on the city of raka torture beheadings public executions were daily occurrences and here is where attacks around the world were planned and managed. sandra moved to iraq and twenty fifteen she made her way there from munich be a turkey since the city was retaken from the islamic state last fall the thirty three year old has been living in a camp run by the kurdish militia y p g in northern syria what i want to say to my government and he's bring us back this just bring us back to. four children twenty three square metres of space but things could have been worse there is enough to eat and drink and nonstop cartoons for the kids no war no terror sandra travel to syria because she wanted to live according to sharia law as
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a recent convert to islam she didn't feel accepted in germany nor did her american born husband a friend of hers in iraq suggested they come. she said me covering this love mixed . she sent me videos and it was very beautiful he was how you can if you're a slow windows so yes maybe it's. around thirty five german women and their children are waiting in northern syria to return home their fates are all very similar. left germany in twenty fourteen friends brought her to rocca via turkey she gave birth to a child and found work in a shopping center. for two years it's also not full time so much they had planned and everything. and. yeah there was everything from the news the halls is the bedrooms every scene because i know in german is not the life you know and then you go also you must close every scene because i know she
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claims she was unaware of any atrocities she says the war and the bombs took their toll and when rocca fell her own life fell apart but islamic scholar marwan abu doubts the women's ignorance he considers them dangerous. stuff. that is hard to believe they arrived in rocca and the modus operandi of the i.r.s. was of course not just to welcome people but to question them closely then they had to swear oath of loyalty is the. only then did they get an apartment or a house which belonged to someone who had previously been expelled for. the german women were picked up by the kurdish militia while fleeing rucka the kurds have no interest in detaining these women longer than necessary that's how many. every country has to take responsibility for its citizens to take them back and put them on trial. their return to germany is just
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a matter of time and they probably will not face any legal consequences as it will be next to impossible for authorities to prove any wrongdoing once they are back they can expect to live their lives in complete freedom. and the syrian conflict is proving troublesome for germany's leader chancellor angela merkel you were called that back in twenty fifteen she opened the nation's borders to around a million migrants at the time well now the opposition in the german parliament some members are calling or rather preparing to call for an inquiry into the chancellor's handling of events at the time. they were images that unsettled many people in germany. at the height of the migrant crisis thousands and thousands of people were making their way across europe many of them heading for germany. but despite the uncertainty the german chancellor remains convinced her country could
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cope with the influx. if they are quite simply germany is a strong country the scene we have to adopt when approaching this issue is that we have achieved so much and we will manage it we will manage it and when we come up against obstacles we have to overcome them was is when there but according to new media reports the chancellor was briefed by the former head of germany's ministry for migration and refugees you're going visor on how he thought his office was not coping at all he reportedly told the chancellor in all of professional experience the new management has never seen a government agency in such a bad state it cannot be explained how in light of the state of affairs it could be assumed that bumf could come close to managing the considerable increase in the number of refugees. for a analysis the leader of merkel's coalition part of the social democrats or s.p.d. the new reports don't reveal anything new. we all knew that the agency was not
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really equipped with the resources to deal with the scale of migration at that time but that's why mr advisor was there in the first place to sort it out. but other social democrats are not so forgiving of chancellor merkel's handling of the situation. mrs merkel is not the federal president she's the chancellor and therefore has to oversee the running of the government you can't just say that you'll manage something and then by mismanaging the situation ensure that the job can't be done at all. and some opposition parties are also demanding that merkel address the allegations including the far right and the immigration alternative for germany party. so much remains unexplained it would be smart just as we and the liberal party have called for to have a commission of inquiry investigate. a commission of inquiry would be seen as damaging for the chancellor and there's still not enough support in parliament to
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subject her to one. and with that you're up to date now on. so much for watching and don't forget you can always get the very latest on our website and if that dot com you can follow us also on social media up to see you again soon have a great day. global inequality. inequality. well. known to the media. joining. us.


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