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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is the news from berlin i'm sara kelly thank you for joining us german chancellor angela merkel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are due to hold talks in bird lead today it is their first meeting since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal netanyahu is in europe to push for his policy of a hard line against tehran but previous meetings with merkel have been marred by tension. on the american land benyamin netanyahu smiled for the cameras but their
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relationship has become more tense these past few years that netanyahu has been pushing ahead with the expansion of jewish settlements in the west bank and doesn't agree with a two state solution doesn't sit well with merkel she sees his stance as an obstacle to lasting peace a few weeks ago donald trump made things even worse he decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with iran and move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. israel a plot of these moves. sherman didn't. in march during his inaugural visit to israel the new german foreign minister outlined his country's approach. which over the. i believe that we agree on almost all of the goals. there are some differing opinions on how to achieve them.
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germany's place will always be by israel's side on all of these issues fades. after the founding of the israeli state seventy years ago the chancellor of west germany conrad adenauer ethnologist his country's responsibility for the holocaust in one thousand nine hundred sixty five germany and israel formally established diplomatic relations then came the munich olympics in one nine hundred seventy two when palestinian terrorists killed eleven israeli athletes but by now the relationship between the two countries was strong enough to withstand even the setback in march two thousand and eight chancellor merkel addressed the israeli parliament she said israel's security was crucial to germany. either going with the every federal government and every chance you have before me was committed to israel's security because if our special historical responsibility that this commitment also applies to jews in germany but anti semitic crimes are on the rise here
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a few months ago in the middle of berlin on israeli wearing a kippah was attacked. when prime minister netanyahu comes to berlin that will likely also be a topic for discussion more than twenty thousand israelis now live in the german capital alone. and for more let's bring in now political correspondent simon young who is joining us in the studio this afternoon so simon you saw a whole host of topics address there but but in this particular meeting the big one for netanyahu is really iran isn't it i think iran is going to be central here because prime minister netanyahu is hoping to get the support from european countries germany france and britain in particular and he's going on off to this meeting in berlin to to paris and london for his rejection of that all important nuclear deal with iran the deal that essentially exchanges oversight over iran's nuclear technology for lifting the sanctions well as you know. israel
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doesn't believe in the deal is very pleased that president trump was pulled out of it and in that sense the support from the european side is not essential for netanyahu but of course these other countries are key players and they help to negotiate that deal so he would like to get support how likely is it that we could see some common ground in this meeting in particular because we know those positions are cell divergence the europeans want to do business with iran but now you have the u.s. really putting pressure on the europeans while i think it's not just about doing business with iran i think that the europeans believe that it's a much better way to control the iranian new. the a program to have them inside a deal have them inside a process this is essentially this philosophical question you know the president trump has called into question these multilateral agreements and here is one which the europeans say can work allows them to put leverage on terror ron but israel and
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the us. as for common ground i think we could see some on some of the wider issues about iran's influence in the region which everyone says is negative other issues on the table syria for example when exactly that the iranian military position in syria which israel is very worried about you remember him earlier this year at the munich security conference holding up a piece of the rainy and ballistic rocket that he said had been fired at israel by iranian forces rails very worried there were also the iranian role in the yemen conflict they are concerned with so i think there could be some indications from from chancellor merkel that you know that they too are concerned and they want in particular in the context of the iran nuclear deal to put pressure on iran to show that it's a good act rather than some some a country that seeking to exploit its advantage i want to talk a little bit about
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a domestic issue here in germany because we saw in our report there that there is also this rise in anti-semitic crime in germany is that likely to be addressed as well by now and yeah i think it always will be as we saw in the piece there you know this this post will relationship between the two countries has been of course informed by history and these sensitivities are always there and many leaders in germany have recognized that the has been a rise not just an anti semitic crime but also anti semitic rhetoric lately one of the leaders of the far right a.f.d. party just over the weekend making an inflammatory speech suggesting that the holocaust was somehow just a tiny footnote in history and a lot. of regional governments around germany as well as the federal government and they are putting in place anti semitism rapporteurs people with powers to focus the attention of the media and the public on anti semitism which is a rising problem in this country salman young thank you.
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now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world at least twenty five people have been killed by a volcanic eruption in guatemala the country's flag a volcano sent a stream of the lava into a nearby town and glen quitted the area and ash thousands have been evacuated from the affected zone just southwest of guatemala city. italy's new interior minister matteo salvini has visited a migrant detention center in sicily a week before miscible elections on the island region outside of the center protesters chanted slogans against me and held batters reading welcome refugees salvini is the head of the nationalist league party which has demanded a crackdown on migrants and refugees. more than fifty people have died in two boat accidents while trying to cross the mediterranean nine migrants six of them
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children drowned when their boat capsized off of turkey coast guards rescued another five people and the bodies of at least forty eight people have been found on the coast of tunisia following a separate sinking many more are still missing. a graduation ceremony has taken place at the florida high school where a former student shot and killed seventeen people in february for families accepted diplomas on behalf of loved ones killed in the massacre the attack at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in hartland gave rise to a nationwide campaign for gun control. before its defeat the so-called islamic state captured swaths of syria and iraq and subjective people to a reign of terror but while a true international condemnation and repulsion the jihadist group also proved attractive to some a group of german women who joined as lawmakers state were picked up last year by kurdish forces after the fall of its de facto capital rocca they're being held by
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the kurds in northern syria ahead of their possible return to. we have this report . life under the so-called islamic state from twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen the jihadists imposed their ruthless moral code on the city of raka torture beheadings public executions were daily occurrences and here is where attacks around the world were planned and managed. sandra moved to iraq in twenty fifteen she made her way there from munich we have turkey since the city was retaken from the islamic state last fall the thirty three year old has been living in a camp run by the kurdish militia y p g in northern syria what i want to say to my government and he's bring us back this just bring us back to. four children twenty three square metres of space but things could have been worse
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there is enough to eat and drink and nonstop cartoons for the kids no war no terror sandra traveled to syria because she wanted to live according to sharia law as a recent convert to islam she didn't feel accepted in germany nor did her american born husband a friend of hers in iraq suggested they come. she said me covering this let me explain. she sent me videos it was very beautiful q.'s how you can if you use windows so yes maybe it's. around thirty five german women and their children are waiting in northern syria to return home their fates are all very similar. left germany in twenty fourteen friends brought her to iraq via turkey she gave birth to a child and found work in a shopping center. for two years it's also not full time so much plan and everything. and yet it's almost everything from the news
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a holes is the bedrooms every soon because i know in germany it's not the life you know and when you go old said you must close everything because i know she claims she was unaware of any atrocities she says the war and the bombs took their toll and when rocca fell her own life fell apart but islamic scholar marwan abu doubts the women's ignorance he considers them dangerous. that is hard to believe the arrived in rocca and the modus operandi of the i.a.s. was of course not just to welcome people but to question them closely then they had to swear over. before. and only then did they get an apartment or a house which belonged to someone who had previously been expelled from. the german women were picked up by the kurdish militia while fleeing rocka the kurds have no interest in detaining these women longer than necessary that's how. every country
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has to take responsibility for its citizens to take them back and put them on trial . you know their return to germany is just a matter of time and they probably will not face any legal consequences as it will be next to him. possible for authorities to prove any wrongdoing once they are back they can expect to live their lives in complete freedom. well the syrian conflict is proving troublesome for germany's chancellor angela merkel she is facing growing pressure over the way that she opens the nation's borders to around a million migrants back in two thousand and fifteen many of them from syria now members of the opposition german parliament are preparing to demand a commission of inquiry into the chancellor's handling of events at the time they were images that unsettled many people in germany. at the height of the migrant crisis thousands and thousands of people were making their way across europe many
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of them heading for germany. but despite the uncertainty the german chancellor remains convinced her country could cope with the influx. if you are quite simply germany is a strong country the scene we have to adopt when approaching this issue is that we have achieved so much and we will manage it we will manage it and when we come up against obstacles we have to overcome them was this one. but according to new media reports the chancellor was briefed by the former head of germany's ministry for migration of refugees you can visor on how he thought his office was not coping at all he reportedly told the chancellor in all it's professional experience the new management has never seen a government agency in such a bad state it cannot be explained how in light of the state of affairs it could be assumed that bumf could come close to managing the considerable increase in the
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number of refugees. for andrea knowledges the leader of merkel's coalition part of the social democrats or s.p.d. the new reports don't reveal anything new yeah i know was we all knew that the agency was not really equipped with the resources to deal with the scale of migration at that time but that's why mr visor was there in the first place to sort it out. but other social democrats are not so forgiving of chancellor merkel's handling of the situation. mrs merkel is not the federal president she's the chancellor and therefore has to oversee the running of the government you can't just say that you'll manage something and then by mismanaging the situation ensure that the job can't be done at all. and some opposition parties are also demanding that merkel address the allegations including the far right and the immigration alternative for germany party. has so much remains unexplained it would be smart
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just as we and the liberal party have called for to have a commission of inquiry investigate. a commission of inquiry would be seen as damaging for the chancellor and there's still not enough support in parliament to subject it to one. and with that you're up to date now and i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for. the. global inequality. inequality you mean. well. known to the media. and have your. every journey begins with the first step and everyone reaches the first word in the . cohesive germany. why not
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tell the truth. it's simple online of their own free. stuff. using course. made easy. shift living in the digital age today a rural internet sensation and artsy up and what to do against filter bubbles. put first. emotional decoding. artificial intelligence can analyze people's facial expressions to understand their emotions. a lucrative business in the advertising industry and for you to view
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in a science fiction movie minority report personalized advertising tailored to suit people's moods is everywhere. if you get a motel welcome that the other story takes work out for you that could soon become reality the advertising industry uses emotional decoding technology to reef people's facial expressions london based company realize uses that to analyze customer's emotional reactions to ads from the likes of coca-cola and added that the software tracks even the smallest of facial movements and recognizes emotions like confusion and joy. emotions are. quite complex and we asked people to not really understand them very well by now so that's why that's what computers are actually getting better there's more intelligence on the backend than a single person i think gartner has said that in twenty twenty five an average
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device will know more about your emotional state than your family does. realize deploys artificial intelligence to decipher customers facial expressions test subjects watch clips either on their laptops all smartphones are built in cameras record their reactions the software then analyzes what fuels the feeling at any given moment to the split second. is it well our faces say a lot about our mood about our emotions. and through emotional decoding we can identify a person's intentions or how individuals react to something like do advertising for example. emotional decoding technology builds on us psychologist paul ekman is research from the one. nine hundred seventy s. ekman studied so-called micro expressions and then used them to infer seven different basic and notional states. this technology is also used in medical
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contacts for instance it can help people with autism better understand others around them. and it's also used to allow robots to better understand humans and find the right responses to different situations that way a real relationship between humans and machines can evolve. emotional decoding is also being installed in cars to monitor if drivers are distracted or tired and. almost. you've got to be careful because you're also lose some of your privacy. with this technology i reveal things about myself that i normally wouldn't give away voluntarily and that i don't want every machine to know about me. so you need to pay close attention and check where algorithms like that are being used and if that's happening with my consent. apps of the future could make use of
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a motion sensing technology just like some ups use g.p.s. location data already which can be helpful in everyday situations but also it means that even more companies get access to such sensitive information. i think that's a bigger topic we see discussed anywhere that users have to be more aware and more in control about all of their day does i don't think it's very specific to the emotional data it's just as the same as it is with other pieces of data like location and your web usage and all those things overall i think people are waking up to the understanding that they they should have more control over that data. our emotions are being tracked and analyzed so it's about time we come up with some rules about how this data. it seems to. shift says feelings need data protection. they're now preprogramed how the internet influences us without
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us ever even realizing it today through to rubbles. the. anyone stuck in an online filter bubble and he seems content corresponding to their respective worldview humans tend to unconsciously pick information that matches the beliefs they read articles and visit websites that agree with the opinions they hold for example about the state should be appealed. if and other rhythms used by social networks and search engines select information to citizens as preferences. which then creates a one sided filter bubbles by blocking out articles and opinions that the users would disagree with. search engines tend to suggest web sites that the users already know. which drastically reduces the number of sources and thereby limits diversity. of result
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a customized narrow minded online environment where everyone shares the same opinion. so how can we burst the filter bubble. tweak your search engine settings to disable results based on your location approximate age sex and interests to do that delete your browsing history and turn personalized search results off regularly delete cookies or just small tracking devices from your browser us and join groups and social media whose opinions you disagree with that way you confuse the algorithms it may challenge your world views but that's may well put a new horizon. a rural internet celebrity cellphones videos about life in the chinese countryside have millions of fans this young man on our wrists his crops as well as tons of clicks.
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this is what it's like to live as a chinese pharma picking fruit picking up roots and fishing in the river. thanks to twenty five year old internet staff so everyone come out union and watch. some one lives in a small village in southwestern china and regularly uploads videos to his channel quincey t.v. his videos have already gone it over two hundred million beans. he started filming about two years ago. i mean there were fifteen. i made my first video in august or september two thousand and sixteen and it was an instant hit and i never expected that so many people would like it some of us you want. and soon hundreds of followers turned into thousands and then into millions so one has capitalized on china's booming video blogger industry today he ends more
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than six hundred euros each month through advertising deals he's got an agent and his profit even returned from the city to live in the village to help him in one of his very. so one builds a miniature dam to take a refreshing depth. and many clips feature food preparation. here he's making rice flour dumplings maybe that's his recipe for success sowing a life it's so unlike that of modern day city to our lives. i didn't have the same opportunities as those big stars. but when so many people started liking my videos it made me feel like i'm living a dream. there are not many young people left in sao holmes village must leave the poor countryside behind and move to cities. but some of the home ones many urban farms have gotten in touch saying my glad to learn about the alleged life and that his videos remind them of past times. for the future
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some one plans to travel to other parts of china and document many more aspects of rural life. shift says reaping the digital rewards. and dollar short and sweet the shift shot. these are works by expressionist painter paul clay. and this is what it looks like when ordinary images are put through a kind of cult playfield made possible thanks to the constructed great app available through google play at the apple store. the idea was hatched by unix pinaki take down a museum to get young people interested in art they want the modified images to be shared on social media along with the hash tag construct clay. under a schieffer is the man behind the app. we want to tap into people's creative potential
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the art works on display you could you know could take are somewhat off limits so we wanted to give people direct access to. arctic given one of the outfield is any becomes available when it is actually have visited the munich museum and to get as many digital artists to go and see the real box. play. you know of an interesting out right away sacha at v.w. dot com and we'll include your address tips in the next episode. and that was the ap shot. as always we leave through the exit the shift internet fund of the week. ten years ago the first smartphone went on sale marking a major technological breakthrough but it was also bad news for the environment says greenpeace smartphones have become an important part of our lives and are
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constantly replaced by newer models. so far seven billion devices have been bought used and then discarded causing major environmental damage now greenpeace says enough is enough. they demand manufacturers use renewable energy and design devices that can be easily updated and repaired recycling smart phones needs to become much cleaner so that we can live in harmony with nature. it's time to make smart phones eco friendly. and next week the musically up is popular among kids and teens to make perfectly
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lip sync music videos but some have warned it also suggests is youngsters to upload in appropriately suggestive dance videos of themselves next week unshift. that's the theme of this year's architecture be another invention. the german version that's to tear down. and a young chinese architect aims to revive rural villages. space and free space. our special on the. next day w. . the mother is hiv positive.
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meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's. be committed to farming magazine. long d w.


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