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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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that will turn your home into some special. upgrade yourself with the w.'s interior design channel on your terms. this is the deputy news from berlin i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a german chancellor angela merkel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are due to hold talks here in berlin it is their first meeting since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal netanyahu is in europe
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to push for his policy of a hard line against tehran but previous meetings with merkel have been marred by tension. on the american land benyamin netanyahu smiled for the cameras but their relationship has become more tense these past few years that netanyahu has been pushing ahead with the expansion of jewish settlements in the west bank and doesn't agree with a two state solution doesn't sit well with merkel she sees his stance as an obstacle to lasting peace a few weeks ago donald trump made things even worse he decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with iran and move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. israel a plot of these moves germany didn't. in march during his inaugural visit to israel the new german foreign minister outlined his country's approach. which over the. i believe that we agree on
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almost all of the goals. there are some differing opinions on how to achieve them. germany's place will always be by israel's side on all of these issues slaves are after the founding of the israeli state seventy years ago the chancellor of west germany konrad adenauer acknowledged his country's responsibility for the holocaust in one thousand nine hundred sixty five germany and israel formally established diplomatic relations then came the munich olympics in one nine hundred seventy two when palestinian terrorists killed eleven israeli athletes but by now the relationship between the two countries was strong enough to withstand even this setback in march two thousand and eight chancellor merkel addressed the israeli parliament she said israel's security was crucial to germany. either going to sleep every federal government and every chancellor before me was committed to israel's
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security because if our special historical responsibility that this commitment also applies to jews in germany but anti semitic crimes are on the rise here a few months ago in the middle of berlin an israeli wearing a kippah was attacked. when prime minister netanyahu comes to berlin that will likely also be a topic for discussion more than twenty thousand israelis now live in the german capital alone. and for more we're joined here in the studio by d.w. political correspondent simon young so simon as we just heard there so much for these two leaders to to dig in to diplomatically speaking but for netanyahu coming to europe this time around is really about iran yeah i think iran is going to be key here in berlin there also in paris and london where he's going on to later. he would like to get european support for his approach on iran which of course means
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rejection of the iran nuclear deal which offers iran the lifting of sanctions in return for oversight from the international community of its nuclear program israel says that that's really not the way forward and they would like to put more focus for instance on iran's ballistic missile program which they say threatens the whole region and of course he's got some backing already the king backing of president trumpet america says the iran deal is finished as far as he's concerned the europeans are of a completely different mind they're sticking with that iran deal at the moment so netanyahu is going to have a struggle to persuade the european leaders to see his way and with such a chasm between the two positions do you see any potential for common ground here on this point i don't really because the as i say the europeans believe that this deal. it is worthwhile but it does bind tehran into a process
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a multilateral international process it allows international inspectors to go in and look at it runs nuclear operations and it gives some leverage to the international community and by the way there's a bit of skepticism in the european capitals whether donald trump can really solve the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and also at the same time make significant headway with iran in some of the other points about iran as role in the region and also about its ballistics program i think he will listen you know he will get more support from people like a miracle because they do see that iran is still not a friend of israel and of course protecting israel is one of the things germany says it wants to do he also wants help pushing a ronnie and forces out of syria doesn't he is that likely to come up i think that will certainly come up because that is a that is a concern of course germany's role there is more again diplomatic it's about putting pressure on iran as it says through the process of of the iran nuclear deal
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to say you know we're very worried about the military position iran has built up in syria israel feels very threatened by that it's not only syria by the way also yemen i think could be mentioned because those the israelis feel that. iran is playing a dangerous role in in the yemen conflict as well so they certainly feel that tehran needs to be put in the put on the pressure on these international engagements let's talk now about a domestic issue here in germany we saw in our piece there that anti-semitic crime is on the rise in the country is netanyahu life need to address that i think it's always comes up because it's a tense point particularly of course in the life of history as we saw in the piece there the holocaust continues to inform everything about the relationship between these two cunt. craze there has been a roys in anti semitic attacks but also in anti semitic rhetoric we've seen the
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leader one of the leaders of the far right if the party just over the weekend making an inflammatory speech suggesting that the holocaust is somehow just a footnote in history and a lot of political leaders here are saying that more needs to be done there's now a national office to respond officially to. the semitism and we're seeing a lot more of that kind of political response people say it's necessary because anti-semitism is a rising problem in germany ok so a lot for these two leaders to bite off today as they begin to hold talks here and violence i mean young with the very latest on what's on the table thanks. now it's going to quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world at least twenty five people have been killed by volcanic or by a volcanic eruption in guatemala the country's faygo volcano sent an extreme of lava into a nearby town and one could it be area and asked thousands have been evacuated from
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the affected zone just southwest of guatemala city. italy's new interior minister my tale salvini has visited a migrant detention center in sicily a week before municipal elections on the island regions outside protesters chanted slogans against salvini and held badgers in support of refugees salvini is head of the nationalist league party which has demanded a crackdown on migration. dozens of people have died in two boat accidents while trying to cross the mediterranean nine migrants drowned when their boat capsized off of turkey and around fifty bodies have washed up on the beaches following a separate sinking many more are still missing. italy is getting ready for a new political era the country's government has finally been sworn in on friday ending months of political turmoil and the threat of a repeat election but investors remain nervous since the coalition promises to
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increase spending slash taxes and challenged european union fiscal rules which would add to italy's pile of debt. is two point three trillion euros that's the message of dieppe mountain italy is sitting on but its new government which was sworn in on friday has mostly spending in mind. new prime minister as you said become to his colleagues have promised voters a basic income of seven hundred eighty euros a month as well as lower taxes on the streets of italy the plans were met with suspicion. is when you know a lot it we will have to try and see what they're capable of doing especially given what they had announced i think there were things being sad to attract voters honestly i don't expect much because of. the new spending plans are worrying the rest of the eurozone at a time when italy depends on the european central bank to borrow more money that coupled with the new governments and the european sentiments during fears that the
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blocs third largest economy might become its new problem child. the syrian conflict is proving troublesome for germany's chancellor angela merkel she is facing growing pressure over the way that she opened the nation's borders to around a million migrants back in two thousand and fifteen many of them from syria members of the opposition of the german parliament are preparing to demand commission of inquiries into the chancellor's handling of the vents at the time they were images that unsettled many people in germany. at the height of the migrant crisis thousands and thousands of people were making their way across europe many of them heading for germany. but despite the uncertainty the german chancellor remains convinced her country could cope with the influx. if they are quite simply germany is a strong country the scene we have to adopt when approaching this issue is that we
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have achieved so much and we will manage it we will manage it and when we come up against obstacles we have to overcome them was this when they are but according to new media reports the chancellor was briefed by the former head of germany's ministry for migration of refugees you're going visor on how he thought his office was not coping at all he reportedly told the chancellor in all its professional experience the new management has never seen a government agency in such a bad state it cannot be explained how in light of the state of affairs it could be assumed that bumf could come close to managing the considerable increase in the number of refugees for under a analysis the leader of merkel's coalition part of the social democrats or s.p.d. the new reports don't reveal anything new yeah i know was we all knew that the agency was not really equipped with the resources to deal with the scale of migration at that time but that's why mr advisor was sent there in the first place
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to sort it out. but other social democrats are not so forgiving of chancellor merkel's handling of the situation. mrs merkel is not the federal president she's the chancellor and therefore has to oversee the running of the government you can't just say that you'll manage something and then by mismanaging the situation and show that the job can't be done at all. and some opposition parties are also demanding that merkel address the allegations including the far right anti immigration alternative for germany party. so much remains unexplained it would be smart just as we and the liberal party have called for to have a commission of inquiry investigate. a commission of inquiry would be seen as damaging for the chancellor and this still not enough support in parliament to subject it to one.
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as the german national team prepares to defend its world cup title in russia the final twenty three man squad has been announced and mackinnon from give you sports is here to tell us who's in who's x. and i think we have to start first with the x. things because this is actually a pretty big surprise here a pretty well known forward for the team. is a very well known forward especially also in england where he is the premier league young player of the year playing for the best team in the premier league manchester city leroy sunday is not going to russia and that's a big big surprise for all involved i'd have to say. of the coach of the german team suggested that that was a big big decision between he and yulian brandt who lives had played very very well in the confort cup the confederations cup from last year this is the precursor in russia to the world cup every four years and that helped him a great deal according to live sunday did not have a great camp did not have
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a great night on saturday night against austria in a friendly in which the germany team lost but that according to a lot of people makes it very strange still because even his fans and a lot of supporters are suggesting this is insane. take inside a is trending right now a lot of fans were also waiting with bated breath to see if the goalkeeper manuel neuer was also going to make the squad to end and the answer is yes the short answer. is that he's a they've got the best goalkeeper in the world frankly has made the team and is tran is traveling to russia the question of course was because he had not played since september he had not played you know in over not almost nine months ten months. and was he going to be in fit shape was he going to be well enough has broken those broken hearts on his foot was a can be well enough to allow him to travel so that was a big deal he is going mark andre tear steak and moving from number one goaltender to number two just briefly before we go now we know who is and we know who's out
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can they win i will i will add that striker neil's pietersen is out parent lane or the goalkeeper from laver koos and jonathan toews labor has a defender they certainly can win but they need breaks to go their way any any world cup defending champion needs those breaks alekhine in from get up the sports thank you so much. you have today and thanks for watching. they make a commitment they find solutions. and stronger.


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