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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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mines. are welcome to a bit of leaders life from bourbon let's go straight through a big press conference being held between germany's chancellor and israel's prime minister angela merkel benyamin netanyahu speaking right now. and it won't be the battle you feel to stand up for a two state solution right now we seem to have a rather complicated situation because right now the talks are taking place whatsoever seemingly we also talked about gaza and we talked about the abuse of children and civilians to act against israel done none of them i know
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we also think that germany can support however in those areas where one can give economic support to the people in gaza and we talked about very concrete projects here so all in all i think one can safely say that areas where we agree to disagree what we have hotness with friends and we want to understand each other's viewpoint on their own so very many areas where we see eye to eye and which we will continue to build on so yes again of it and thank you very much prime minister says them and well i'm looking forward to good cooperation for much of what is it in israel and india to live this year if you. argue just for america merkel for hosting me today and are going to be patient i look forward to seeing you in israel in october. the regime lawrence the relationship between israel and germany is. and acts on
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what it has a historic. foundations because of the unique experience that we have undergone here obviously a very strong stance against anti semitism is also deeply appreciated and of course the relationships between our two countries are two economies as one that is natural germany as one of the great economies of the world as well as the. leading among the leading innovation nations in the world and the combination of technology and industry is the stream we powerful so i am very very happy that we decided to add a business delegation to the upcoming meeting of our government so that we can have these benefits of technology of know how of innovation. accrue to both our countries and both our peoples. we have great opportunities but we also
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face great challenges and i think the greatest challenge that the civilized world faces today is the danger that comes up from. militant islam it states that are bent on aggression and acquiring nuclear arsenals this is the greatest danger is and iran just yesterday he was a leader of calm and i yesterday he said again that israel is a cancer that has to be eradicated will be eradicated from the earth. this is the amazing that in the beginning of the twenty first century somebody talks about destroying israel means destroying another six million plus jews it's quite extraordinary that this goes on but this is what we face. iran's calls for our destruction. but it's also seeking nuclear weapons to carry out its genocidal designs we know. that for
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a fact we have shared as chancellor merkel has said we have shared with the the german government german specialist the information that we retrieved from a secret atomic archive that iran has we think that it's important as chancellor merkel has said that they investigate iran based on this new information a lot of new information that israel is now provided the i.a.e.a. as well and it's important to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon we commit and i committed again that we will not let that happen but the other danger from iran is that it is trying to conquer the middle east its doing so and syria is doing so in yemen and is doing so in other places in syria iran is trying to put its army. its air force its mavie
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and ground forces from moving it fifteen hundred kilometers from iran to the. back door of israel with the explicit goal of attacking us so obviously we cannot accept that i think that you cannot accept it for two reasons as well the first is one of principle obviously germany does not condone nor does any peace loving country condone want an aggression and the calls for the destruction of other nations but i think that there is another reason why this should be of concern to germany the reagan military presence right now in syria includes about eight hundred thousand. shiite militia commanded by uranium commanders these shiite militias come from afghanistan from pakistan from other places and they have a specific goal the military goal but also a religious goal iran wants to increase the number. such militia to eighty thousand
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and to basically conduct. a religious. campaign in the largely sunni serious areas ninety six percent sunni but try to convert sunni is this will inflame another religious war this time a religious war inside syria and the consequences would be many many more refugees and you know exactly where they'll come the ability to increase fourfold five fold the number of militias that are there depends among other things on money and the money comes from iran until recently came from among other places from the j.c.b. away this is not a false argument it's a true argument we've seen that they've used about twenty five billion dollars from proceeds that they've got and one way or another from the easement of sanctions in . yemen in syria and lebanon and elsewhere so i think the konami
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pressure economic sanctions on iran break this cash machine that feeds the reigning empire that endangers everybody and dangers israel but indirectly also endangers germany and europe iran must not be allowed to have a foothold a military foothold in syria iran should leave syria all parts of syria this is our position and i think we have to band together to confront this to rein in aggression the world's foremost sponsor of terror i want to because now i want to thank you chancellor merkel for your personal commitment to israel's security and i want to assure you again that our hand is always extended to peace for neighbors we have changes in the region. that are taking place and i think they're very promising we have contacts with arab states that are developing they developed obviously because. our common concern with iran and its aggressive
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designs but i think that go well beyond that because many arab states recognize that israel can contribute technologically to the development of their societies a better life for their peoples i think ultimately this is the most promising goal . the most promising route to have. peaceful development with the palestinians as well it may not be possible today but i believe it will be possible to more and that's what we're all working for a better tomorrow. i want to thank you again for doing that consistently over the years i thank you for your friendship and i thank you for your leadership. you know one of around channel two news in these well for canceling as the prime minister and it's and i'll just said i mean i really mean what is there of
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a conference that was very in our bedroom in netanyahu and i'm going to prime minister of israel and chancellor of germany benyamin netanyahu on the first of his three day visits across europe he's in balance there he's also going to london and paris that press conference started just before we came on that. political correspondent and young has been watching back with me here we just caught the and chancellor merkel speaking and she was she seemed to be speaking on the one topic that dominated mr netanyahu was that speech and that was. what was going on with iran. this has been a source of much friction between these two countries yeah i mean i think you heard the chancellor just say there the key phrase really i think in the relationship here we agreed to disagree they agree that iran is. the threat that is that is
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clear although we did actually hear everything that the chancellor said about that but i think germany is is offering that sort of support and of course we know that chancellor merkel has repeatedly said that she sent an essential tenet of germany's foreign policy that israel must be able to defend itself that israel must be able to continue to exist so that's the bottom line if you like but they disagree of course about the best way forward from where we are right now because israel is saying and you heard mr netanyahu there saying that iran represents the greatest threat in bones nuclear arsenal represents the greatest threats in danger to the world and he talked about ayatollah khomeini describing israel as a cancer and so on so he is calling for a complete change in tact he wants the germans to drop the iran nuclear deal which
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exchanges lifting sanctions for a better oversight over iran's nuclear program he says that's not going to work and indeed he said here that the the deal and the lifting of sanctions have in fact been funding the build up of shiite militias in syria which he thinks are likely to spread religious war over the whole region over the whole region chancellor merkel of course says no deal is a good way forward because it does allow some oversight over what iran is doing and it also gives a little bit of leverage possible over the regime in tehran of course the other two capitals of his years ago to paris and london both also signatories to the j.c. you know way. yeah that's right and i think chancellor merkel will know that she doesn't have so much leverage the european countries perhaps don't have so much leverage in general over israeli policy that's another reason essentially. they're
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saying let's agree to disagree we know we have different views but israel of course sticks most closely to its main ally that's the united states president trump has made it clear he doesn't think anything of that iran deal he's given up on on that track and of course it is the united states which remains the top guarantor of israeli security in terms of its military posture so these visits to the european capitals are going to be about trying to find a little bit of common ground on some of the some of the issues regionally of course there is also the conflict with the palestinians which goes on against this background and then just on that we just course as we were coming off. a chancellor merkel talking about the abuse of children civilians which has to stop on gaza and saying that germany can't give economic support to the region yeah i mean you know again sort of tip the balance line just that we heard there from chancellor merkel saying criticizing attacks against israel coming from gaza which we know have
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happened but at the same time saying that she's discussed with mr netanyahu how civilian projects to improve the situation of ordinary people in gaza might be financed presumably through the e.u. or from germany directly so you know it's always a kind of you know on both sides and i think that's important for chancellor merkel taking that sort of general view of the specific. varo iran nuclear deal one wonders how much points various and how much good these sorts of meetings to give them that benjamin netanyahu is position is well known and the position of the other three countries the u.k. germany france is also well known they all say that it is an imperfect today oh but it's the best it's the least worst well marriage's well i think i mean talking is good that's certainly what the german side believes they believe that dialogue is valuable if you don't have that then you have a build up of. suspicions to take the lead in the context of middle east politics
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it's important also as mr netanyahu said for the israelis to be talking to berlin after all it's a very important trading relationship that they have the e.u. easy's rails largest trading partner so that is also part of the background to these visits to the three capitals that mr netanyahu is making. thank you so much for that. this is the. time for one story we were covering the business of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to. make more. of the website as well.
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we make up we want to have our feet. to. the surface of. the want to shape the continent's future it's part of enjoying our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams. percent. for africa.


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