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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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to form a new government. the us president who tweeted like a key today donald trump declared the special counsel and the russian collusion investigations surrounding his campaign unconstitutional and in the event that the special counsel claims that trump acted illegally it won't matter for a president who is convinced that he can pardon himself i'm bored off in berlin this is the day. my favorite thing is it not lining up to write. that he said he does not thinking the same kind of exercise not for the little we have to agree on it is easier to understand the ins and outs of trade policy and anything like that letter you know you get the house now set up the image management expression. presidential plans no
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need to do that you do anything wrong president the united states. pardoning himself would just be unthinkable and it would it wouldn't it would lead to probably that immediate impeachment. also coming up tonight they fled boko haram in northern nigeria now even the brothels where they worked are being bulldozed. i would doubt that it's you know that's gaby when i believe in i did not write what the government is doing to us. many of us have to resort to prostitution to survive. if they destroy everything here they should give us all new jobs or find us men to marry. or we begin the day with a presidential pass on constitutional checks and balances today u.s. president went full throttle to get special counsel robert muller in his investigation into possible collusion between the truck campaign and russia for
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months trump has called the investigation a witch hunt today he took on the role of the supreme court and declared the entire office of the special counsel illegal truck tweeted that the appointment of the special counsel is totally unconstitutional despite that we play the game because i unlike the democrats have done nothing wrong. but did not stop there the chatter in washington about moeller possibly sending a subpoena for the president and the possibility of the president lying under oath apparently led trump to expand the president's powers to pardon like never before earlier today he tweeted as has been stated by numerous legal scholars i have the absolute right to pardon myself but why would i do that when i have done nothing wrong in the meantime the never ending witch hunt led by thirteen very angry and conflicted democrats and others continues into the military.
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which of his critics warn that a constitutional crisis is in the making with impeachment and or a case before the supreme court the end result but for trump's sarah gets the politics of confrontation are long overdue and that brings us to trump's top diplomat here in germany now just a month on the job in berlin ambassador richard grinnell has managed to raise a few eyebrows either by telling german businesses to get out of iran or by praising austria's new prime minister for his coalition government with the far right but it is his recent interview with trump friendly breitbart news that has the government here talk greeno is quoted in that breitbart interview as saying i absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout europe other leaders i think there is a ground swell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed
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policies of the left. well on capitol hill in washington a plenty of tweets and criticism for the ambassador congressman chris murphy today twee did when i raised concerns to grinnell about politicizing this post he personally is sure to me that once he became embassador he would stay out of politics this interview is awful ambassadors are not supposed to empower any political party overseas. for diplomats are supposed to refrain from taking sides especially in party politics that may be why germany's foreign ministry says that the ambassador will have to explain his words on wednesday during a scheduled meeting i'm going to was calling this criticism absurd and he's doing that via twitter d.w. news has reached out to the u.s. embassy and requested an interview with ambassador grinnell he has so far
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declined our offer. all right for more on this story we're going to take it on both sides of the atlantic i'm joined now by clear richardson from our washington studio and right here in berlin five in front of mark at our parliamentary studios to both of you good evening fabio and let me start with you the visit of the u.s. ambassador to the german foreign ministry on wednesday we know that that was already scheduled but this interview will certainly change the agenda and it's going to change the tone isn't. well germany's certainly not amused by these remarks at grinnell but on the other hand i believe the german diplomats know how to be diplomatic so i guess that they will first of all ask him how he actually meant these remarks and then they probably will point out the importance of good u.s. german relations and maybe they will also gently remind him then of his role as an
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ambassador in germany i don't think that we'll get that they will go as far as to mention that he actually broke the vi and the convention under which diplomats could not interfere into domestic affairs of a country they could but i don't think that they would go that far but i mean it's a very good point that you make there there are rules there are agreements here that have to be respected clear let's go back a month or so to the swearing in of ambassador grinnell by the u.s. vice president take a look rick president trump in our conference with your experience and your integrity you will help make this historic and enduring friendship between the united states and germany stronger than ever before. all right very reassuring words there from vice president and it's clear is ambassador is he the conductor of the trunk train that's rolling into europe. hi
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brant this certainly fits the mold of a recent series of american foreign policy decisions that seem to have alienated some of its closes allies and the big concern around all of these comments from grinnell is that it might show that the trump administration favors supporting right wing nationalist groups in europe and forming some kind of international alliance with him now it's so problematic because it is being seen as a breach in the unwritten rule that american ambassadors are not meant to take a political stance that they are meant to be neutral representatives of the american people and it's worth remembering that richard kerr knows confirmation to this post was stalled for all for months as democrats took issue with comments he made about women about his harassment of journalists over twitter and in fact the post was left empty for sixteen months before he was finally able to be confirmed just last month another way we've seen him potentially toe trumps line where his comments about nato saying that germany needed to get serious about its commitment to city alliance and that of course is referring to the common grievance of donald
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trump's that germany does not meet the suggested two percent of g.d.p. spending toward nato. we sold the tweet from congressman murphy from could know the good. has there been more young children in the you were for or against the. sure there's been general outrage again over the fact that it's not the role of an ambassador to take political stands to meddle in the internal affairs of foreign nations particularly their host country and we heard the press secretary sarah sanders say today that the white house has no updates on this front as of yet we also have the state department responded to our request for comment saying that that ambassador grinnell has clarified his comments via twitter he indeed did come out and say the idea that he didn't doris candidates and parties is ridiculous but that he went on to say that this was an awakening of the silent majority and that those who rejected the elites and their bubble led by trump so they've it's pretty
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clear that the state department itself is also trying to distance itself from these comments and move on from what we've seen in this interview and we know the. he has praised the conservative movement across europe do we know if he includes the for roy of the party here in germany do we know does the. him brown sort of grill. so far he hasn't mentioned the a if he directly embraces appreciations who could still be seen a center right as for example spawn who is a massive critic but in her own a conservative party and he also said that he's a big fan of the vast encodes who is the also chancellor also of conservative politician but who is governing with a far right party the freedom party in germany. her self for itself hasn't
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supported grinnell so far but that might have a different reason and like most of the other. parties in europe. rather sees itself as a pro russian party rather than pro america there's a very good point and like we said we have extended an invitation to the ambassador we would certainly be happy to have him on the show to talk about this maybe he'll say yes eventually from there mark here in berlin and clear richardson of the story for us in washington to both of you thank you. where ever the israeli prime minister pays a visit in europe there is bound to be disagreement over the iran nuclear deal today but yahoo was here in berlin to meet with german chancellor angela merkel that was their first meeting since the united states pulled out of the iran nuclear
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deal mr netanyahu was traveling across europe lobbying governments to take a tougher line on tehran. it's no ordinary day when israel's prime minister visits berlin police were on the highest alert and there were demonstrations by both pro and anti israel groups but it's the timing of the visit that's most crucial iran is high on netanyahu is agenda more specifically iran nuclear deal german chancellor angela merkel would like to see the agreement remain intact netanyahu thinks president trump was right when he withdrew from the deal netanyahu is calling on machall and her european counterparts to reimpose sanctions on iran. we cannot let pressure economic sanctions on iran break loose cash machine that feeds me really an empire that endangers everybody and dangers israel but indirectly also in dangerous germany and europe netanyahu claims that iran finances its fight against israel with the money and the terror around is continuing its work on
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a nuclear bomb. macko objected maintaining that the nuclear deal has ensured transparency. but she did see some danger in iran's nuclear ambitions and promised to work against them. nonetheless we believe that we share the goal of preventing iran ever having nuclear weapons and where we have differences of opinion is the question of how do we best achieve that and get out of this. despite their differences machall and emphasize the good relationship that two countries enjoy and announced a visit by the german government to israel in october. and you know the big table by our chief political editor of the hill a crew finishes on the story for us tonight so. yahoo we know that they agreed that there could be no nuclear weapon in iran but they seemed to it's almost impossible
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for them to find common ground on reaching that position why is that. is because benjamin netanyahu always saw the iran nuclear deal as part of the problem whereas most european union states including previously also the u.s. china russia i mean they are not going to agree on anything really they see this as part of solace in the case of the united states as part of the solution of trying to hem in iran basically giving it some economic incentives in exchange for buying time and this is what. once again that buying time simply wasn't enough for him because he firmly believes and he provided what he says evidence that iran was off to a nuclear bomb it would still trying to achieve and he cited. the homily as once again stating that israel was quote accounts that needed to be removed so when
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he saw himself confirmed that just this week and we know that he's going across europe these countries the signatories of the iran nuclear deal he wants them to get tougher on iran but he obviously he didn't she. derby's needed to change the chancellor's mind so was the visit for nothing when it comes to iran. well in terms of iran both for so relaxed because they know exactly where they stand and they knew that there really was an absolutely agree to disagree previously but at the same time getting tough on iran is something that european countries including germany wanted to do basically what you call the french president which was the next stop opening the netanyahu and the german chancellor agreed on when there was still hope of rescuing the steel of keeping the americans on board was too often additional agreement that would also address the ballistic missiles that iran has which are becoming more of an imminent threat to the israelis who feel particular also under threat by iran being present in syria currently so that could have been
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added on where is the israelis to keep doing this now who saw this as a reasons to not continue this thing and what about mideast peace they mentioned the tuesday solution yet again today. well the german chancellor angela merkel restates this time and time again with a new minister yeah there was a time where there was some some doubt over whether he would still publicly celebs that this is what he really aims for politically he we see it stated that once again today but of course there are question marks looking at the settlement policy just a couple of days ago we saw once again the german foreign ministry actually calling the israelis not to go ahead with yet another settlement project in a territory that is still seen as under international occupied by israel so here both really don't see eye to eye at the same time they know that there is a firm commitment to the israelis and netanyahu once again says that he was
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grateful for germany support for guaranteeing israeli security so really they in terms of values i mean it is the only democracy in the middle east. clear lines of communication and also agree meant on how a states it function so this is the israelis as the odd one out still in the region it's just and it's not a mind of point that they see a very big difference in what could be a first step towards and he's talking about peace once again says it could be would be simple if only the palestinians recognize the israeli state but we know it is we know it is and that's exactly right it's our right to our political editor macculloch of their own the story for us tonight thank you. all for years in northeastern nigeria has been the front line of the fight between the state and boko haram is the most militants these you hardest are mainly active
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in borno state and even controlled large parts of the capital my degree for a while three years ago the army drove them out well since then illegal hotels and one of the city's red light districts have come back to life catering to among others soldiers deployed in the area where now the government has begun to demolish these businesses prompting fears of unemployment amongst the locals. it was early morning when the bulldozers moved in. in just a few hours an entire neighborhood in borno state capital my degree was demolished . trying to move managed to rescue his valuables from this guest house just in time. these yeah live in all our families depends on school fees like me i have books here but no money
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from bank to put to in order. of the five most assists most. of us not to store back out now even bank while. never. paid them. after. twenty gassed houses and hotels were destroyed a few blocks away from the former headquarters of boko haram. the islamist militants were forced out of the city three years ago. since than local say prostitution has been dinny area not least usually ongoing deployment of government soldiers in the surrounding region. who the situation in the country and insurgency are tight we have a lot of military here. he displaces be shot down. who are soldiers can from bush to converse with somebody who's married who has been with us who are friend enough . to push for more than three four months to me considered stone. he's one of the
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snotty and he can go ripping gibson to st. the state government refutes those claims that maintains they have been repeated cases of rape and drug abuse recently and that even minors have been found in these hotels. this is a criminal zone it is a flashpoint for a situation and drugs illegal not only in the state anywhere nigeria and that for those people that are drinking alcohol instead actually what. places are proved for alcohol this is not one of them you could see that this is a residential area where people are supposed to see it peacefully. despite shari'a law in force in these parts the red light district has flourished. however its demolition is dividing opinion. the station is a pricey yes i know much more song we have we are we are part of children's we have
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born babies i'm doing doesn't bother me so when did grow there was just practice what you as you know i'm grown i had a low life you honestly what the government is doing is not fair no one on earth can show sin as the true path only god that's for god to do a not for people i look what your position is that would lead to. some books to sell by. but since the unrest began seven years ago what has been hard to find. hundreds of thousands of refugees have pooled into mine to go to. sign up mohammed is one of them. i went out. and i did not write what the government is doing to us many of us have to resort to prostitution to survive. if they destroy everything here they should give us all new jobs or find us men to marry. some of that and as many people
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here are wondering if demolishing the entire area is really a long time solution to the problem or where the prosecution will just move to other parts of the town. or german national team coach or can live as an els his final world cup squad ahead of this month's tournament in russia he had to whittle it down to twenty three players a tough task when the pool to draw from happens to be the reigning world champions . all the hard work in germany's training camp came down to this day coach had to cut four players and bring their world cup dream a tough job try to revive vicky bonds in the can i was incredibly close i think of the money and you know if it had begun one hundred made friends at the olympics i missed the money and been seeded and you would have to go initially to see whose night it was in france and then it fall on. the outfield players gave live
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a headache before he sent home. you're not on. the sonic leroy's sunny's exclusion was particularly surprising the fool would have a sensational season with premier league champions manchester city jonathan toews was expected to get cut while strike in newspapers and had been a surprise inclusion in lives for luminaries squad meanwhile undisputed number one manuel neuer proved his fitness meaning badly no will stay at home. you know a squad has a group chat and. bring the will compound an option i know not just the character of that was like living. the dream is over for the full departing players the remaining twenty three it's only just begun. from our sports desk here at the big table with this. let's start let's start with this big surprise the shocking news for soccer fans why has the coach left sunday
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yet it is a very strange decision i mean live has his favorites and live can be very ruthless disregarding club form in favor of loyalty in previous performances in the germany shut sun the season has just been incredible fourteen goals nineteen assists the still such a young player and he won the p.f.a. young player of the year award in england where he's playing that's voted by by his fellow players so he's clearly held in high regard and the likes of gareth bale because john allen wayne rooney were previous recipients of this award and he's also actually has the highest transfer value of anyone in the germany squad so it's strange to me he played in the six of the last seven germany games didn't impress so you could argue yes he hasn't been doing so well in a german shirt but this undoubted quality that and the play that he's picked ahead of him also hasn't really performed in a germany shirt i think your king live might have been a little bit peeved that sunny like to have some surgery last summer when the warm
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up to the world cup the confederations cup was was played. leroy's and i didn't feature because of that but twitter has been trending with the hash tag insomnia so i'm not alone in this is all of football in germany surprised by the way we're about goalkeeper manuel neuer i mean he's not the you know the youngest player on the pitch right but he made the cut yeah i mean there was a lot of question marks over his fitness he hasn't had a competitive match since september that is until saturday when you feel exhausted i mean the friendly against australia and he left in two goals but he also made a couple of key saves and you can't really fault him for the goals that will let him so he proved to live that he was match fit in this performance and gone on to the ticket and he is the captain as well he has featured for him a lot in the past so i think he gets special treatment head of some younger players see if we get we get about forty five seconds if we look at the final twenty three where do you see the weaknesses are there i mean they've got an embarrassment of riches really do germany but if you single out
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a few positions left back as one you want to play is that he's made that position as a despite being relegated with cologne the season's so not a good season for him and perhaps in the center forward position as well we see if the players cut him the pages and was left out he for me could have been a vice a lot since from the bench as it is it's only team of anna and mario gomez two very different players you know admittedly but neither of them completely inspired me with it but it's really compared to four years ago this squad as good as some really good i think fully is a bit most of it ok. thank you very much always good to have you here thank you so they've really done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write to me brant got t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the.
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