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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the death toll rises a violent volcanic eruption authorities say at least sixty nine people are dead people are fleeing the scolding passion mud but many have been engulfed by the past flowing lava and toxic gases also coming up israel's prime minister is on the tour
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of europe lobbying governments to follow america in pulling out of the nuclear deal or will they be persuaded. bringing out. a year after iraqi troops return to the city of mosul from so-called islamic state corpses still live among the rubble more than a thousand recovered so far we have a special report. plus our muscovites ready for their world cup guests man in moscow tested their english and didn't get very far off waving his arms about generally where he wanted to go. before our world cup gone too long ago. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program where we get in what were the death toll from sunday's def. volcano eruption has risen to sixty nine authorities warn
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that the number is likely to rise as rescue workers continue to search for survivors and bodies president jimmy morale this has declared a state of emergency and called for three days of mourning go out of all those deadliest volcanic eruption in more than four decades. old. dramatic deadly and fun vulcan diff way go all the volcano one final exploded finally sending a massive river of lava hurtling down its slopes. or an intrigue soon gave way to panic and scramble to get out of its deadly palm. it's baden ferocity many residents by surprise. but one grandchild fifteen and another eight year old. does what i can to see if i could rise up. oh some told us oh dear
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lord i have nothing i don't even have clothes to change and. the eruption sent black claims of smokin hot rock into the air quickly tending day into night. the. entire villages were blanketed in a thick layer of ash. a massive rescue effort is still underway with the death toll now likely to rise the threat of further eruptions is hampering rescue efforts from rome of the rope over the. president declared a state of emergency and visited the area to meet with rescue is and survive as. mr president my family is missing sent
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a helicopter to throw water over them because that ban only. had three children and grandchild all my siblings my mom they've all disappeared none of them my mother. but for many hope is already tonight the first of what are likely to be many funerals have already begun. let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today saudi arabia has issued its first driving licenses to women as it prepares to lift its ban on female drivers later this month the first ten women to receive the permit already held a license issued by another country the move comes as a number of women who campaigned for the right to drive remain under arrest. u.s. first lady malani a trump has been filmed in public after a long absence that sparked rumors that she disappeared she was filmed arriving at an event with president trial her first such appearance since early may the white
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house said mrs trump had been hospitalized to treat a benign kidney condition. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei has ordered preparations to boost the country's capacity to enrich uranium in the event that the nuclear deal with world powers also part comes nearly a month for u.s. president donald trump withdrew the u.s. from the deal which was signed under the previous administration through. the u.n. nuclear deal is top of the agenda for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he's touring european capitals law. lobbying allies to take a tougher line on tehran today he's due to meet french president manuel mccall on monday he was here in berlin to talk to german chancellor angela merkel it was their first meeting since the united states pulled out of the iran nuclear deal it's no ordinary day when israel's prime minister visits berlin police were on the highest alert and there were demonstrations by both pro and anti israel groups but
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it's the timing of the visit that's most crucial iran is high on netanyahu is agenda more specifically the iran nuclear deal german chancellor angela merkel would like to see the agreement remain intact netanyahu thinks president trump was right when he withdrew from the deal netanyahu is calling on merkel and her european counterparts to really impose sanctions on iran. we cannot pressure economic sanctions on iran break this cash machine that feeds me really an empire that in danger is everybody and dangerous israel but indirectly also in dangerous germany and europe netanyahu claims that iran finances its fight against israel with the money and the terror around is continuing its work on a nuclear bomb. macko objected maintaining that the nuclear deal has ensured transparency but she did see some danger in iran's nuclear ambitions and promised
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to work against the. talks nonetheless we believe that we share the goal of preventing iran ever having nuclear weapons and where we have differences of opinion is the question of how do we best achieve that i can get us on this. despite their differences machall and netanyahu emphasized the good relationship that two countries enjoy and announced a visit by the german government to israel in october. or more on the israeli prime minister's european tour we have simon young our political correspondent with us here in studio morning simon so netanyahu would like european leaders to withdraw their support for the iran nuclear deal did chancellor merkel show any sign of budging no not very much sign the chancellor acknowledge that iran is a threat and both countries see it that way and i'm going to michael also said that more needs to be done to counter iran's ballistic missile program which of course is very worrying to israel which says that iran has fired rockets into its
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territory but but then even though it's you know who really wants much more pressure to be put on terror ronnie wants of much tougher line from germany and the other european countries and of course he wants them to reject that iran nuclear deal but he came to berlin with this narrative that he's got that in fact the deal because it lifts sanctions on iran is helping them to fund what he says is a an attempt to comb could be in time middle east to ferment religious war between sunnis and shias in countries like syria yemen and so on so he painted a very sort of grisly picture of how things might play out if the deal goes ahead because the europeans see it very differently the europeans how unified are they simon in their support for the around nuclear deal now that the u.s. has pulled out well i think the in particular of the capitals berlin paris. in
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london where mr that's you know who's heading on t.v. are committed to the deal by say it's the best way forward to control iran's nuclear ambitions it provides a framework and indeed it is pull iran back from the brink of getting a nuclear weapon they say and at the same time i think there is some skepticism about the u.s. position of course president trump has abandoned the deal but people say you know can he really sold the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and in the middle east at the same time people say that maybe even the u.s. is a bit of a stretch ok that's the nuclear deal that's not all that netanyahu is talking european leaders about the u.s. has now recognized jerusalem as israel's capital officially and moved its embassy there hasn't quite opened it fully yet but it's moved it there this of course is
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a provocative move for some particularly the palestinians is germany likely to follow suit and move its embassy to jerusalem as well no absolutely not because of course germany like most of the of the western countries remains committed to the status of jerusalem as set out by the united nations and they think it's a very dangerous move and of course that was also reference yesterday to the complete between israel and the palestinians with chancellor merkel for instance pointing to what's been going on in gauze of the tensions on the border there and saying of course there should be criticism of attacks from hamas but also saying more needs to be done to alleviate the situation of ordinary gazans so she takes a very balanced view and the german position on the embassy is absolutely it stays in tel aviv so the u.s. has moved its embassy to jerusalem and scrap the nuclear deal all this is music to netanyahu ears relations between the u.s.
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. and israel have improved on the basis of trump coming into power can the same be said about relations between israel and europe well at least as far as germany goes we're in a situation of improving relations that were real tensions last year with france's meetings being broken off between the prime minister netanyahu and the german foreign minister when he was in israel but things have been getting a lot better and indeed government consultations a meeting of the two cabinets which had been cooled off last year people said because of tensions over the palestinian conflict that's back on is due to be held in israel in october simon thank you much as ever d.w. political correspondent. well anti-government protests have resumed in jordan despite the resignation of prime minister honey moti official media outlets said education minister omar rozen has been tapped as successor though the
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choice was not officially confirmed thousands of people took to the streets of the capital amman late on monday there demanding that the government scrap planned tax increases protesters are also angry that the government has raised prices on basic commodities such as bread electricity and fuel these are the largest demonstrations the normally stable country has seen in recent years. well that's almost a year now since a rocky troops three took the city of mosul from so-called islamic state it's one of iraq's biggest cities and strategically important because of its oil but despite that much of mosul still lies in ruins and amid the rubble there are still corpses . karim has been speaking to aid workers in mosul and sent us this report a note here we have pixilated some of the more disturbing images in this story.
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the smell of death is everywhere old mosul is like an open air symmetry nearly a year after the battle between the so-called islamic state and iraqi troops and their corpses still fill the streets we meet any of the young nurse has volunteered to help remove the bodies. and this old house in this room we found one hundred fifty corpses they were all shot in the head here yes. the stench is hard to take it fills your nostrils and chill now because we took away all about the stem we burned the room and to sanitize it but how did they also that because they were let out one on top of another man and women and then children. there are still bones e.h.l.o. there was stuck to the blankets. anyone passing by can see the corpses under the
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rubble. hats with the bodies. a girl's hair still stuck to her abaya. the volunteers have removed one thousand three hundred fifty bodies so far. the old city in mosul in was and i asked stronghold sometimes they also find that fighters. can mess with isis was responsible for your sister's death correct the one initially and today you are removing the bodies of some of their fighters what goes through your mind when you do this. you know this is their place and this is where they deserve to end up ahead of i lost my sister and she has a great i can visit her to find his remains and that without a grave the fact that i get to remove their bodies is my biggest revenge fighting them with a weapon is exactly what they want they want us to be inhumane they want us to
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fight each other. it's life threatening work for the volunteers there could be unexploded bombs anywhere. why don't you wait till the area is secure lot and then remove the bodies he alleges when i asked security officials many times nobody wants to do this and no one wants to come here. families can't identify their loved ones because of the lack of forensic medicine. you have to shift you have you met people hunting for their relatives and i've seen women older men who come looking for their dead children they say their children died here but they're not sure if this is the exact place because everything's been obliterated. what shocks you about all of this it is the bodies of women and children bothers me even mall is that no one asks about them not even the government. three thousand people remain missing their bodies likely somewhere here beneath the rubble.
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it is just our door karim their reporting from iraq. over to monica now with business and new concerns about facebook and some would say maybe not surprising terry question is did mark zuckerberg hide the truth when being questioned by the european parliament recently he said something along the lines like everything you share of facebook you own and you have complete control over who sees it and how you share it but an article in the new york times reports that the social network has given at least sixty device makers access to uses friends data without all pertaining explicit consent so it looks like facebook is at the center of yet another privacy scandal. worries about data theft and privacy breaches drove the hearing with the committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs on monday night european lawmakers debated the facebook cambridge analytic of data breaches
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and looked at ways to ensure data protection and prevent illegal use of collected personal information. this problem is much much larger larger than facebook or cambridge outlet ika if this horrible map is any accounting of the advertising technology industry and every tiny little logo is a company that is in some way involved in the business of at the end of the day converting users' data into money. the hearing aims to identify how the misuse of these data encroached on europeans fundamental rights such as privacy and the right to impartial information the european parliament is also looking at with the facebook abused its dominant market position hearings are set to continue next month. now regardless whether you're
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a man or a woman the results of this recent survey should interest you people were questioned to see how the perceptions of women in senior management positions differed around the world they were asked what they believe the percentage was of women running the world's top five hundred companies and here is what they said people in mexico believe that women hold twenty nine percent of the top post in india they think that twenty three percent of the chief executives are women and in the united states most people guess that number is eighteen percent here in germany those surveyed believe that the percentage of women running the world's top companies is fifteen percent well those are the numbers but how is the real percentage of women leading the world's top five hundred companies well the answer is this three three percent and that's it what does that mean for those making efforts to put more women into chief executive positions well for one i guess it means
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a lot of work and let's ask someone who should know our guest here in the studio a secret about founder and c.e.o. of management circle who joins us good to have you with us i believe that management circle is a mid-sized company that offers educational services for specialist executive staff from all branches of business i also assume that a lot of women are involved there and you also have a lot of female employees co-incidence. i think it's the the field where we are because of business education education communication and this is very female to communicate to be curious upon what are people doing what can we offer so i think it's not really an accident so what do you make of those those three percent i mean it is quite shocking when you compare it to what people think the figure is i think it's the world average in germany we do have twelve percent that we are far behind
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also some other nations but it's definitely of also twelve percent are is a lack of human of female experience and of female expertise in leadership twelve percent certainly sounds better than three percent across the whole world but yes there is room for improvement with what just what do you tell people when you say you know more people should be in in leadership positions what can they contribute to a company that men can't. i think the coming up generation of the generation y. and that they also ask for other leadership persons leaders because they do have another they want to to to to to to be together what they want to if they want to talk together what they want to know why all the time why should i do this why should i do that and male say you do this and that and that and so we have this is not only one direction no longer it's these that the leadership is in two directions the younger generation who wants to know why of the
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child and women are equipped in order to to solution there says founder and c.e.o. of management circle thank you so much for being here with us d.w. today. well starbucks c.e.o. howard schultz has announced that he is retiring from the coffee company over thirty seven years he has transformed starbucks from a single coffee shop in seattle into a global brand most recently aligning the company with political issues like race and jobs for underprivileged youth should says he's considering going into the public sector with some people expecting a presidential run in twenty twenty is an outspoken critic of u.s. president donuts trump and might run against him as the democrats do not have any stores here. so. that's quite interesting.
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match up there between the former c.e.o. of starbucks. and president trump is not being terribly inviting when it comes to the n.f.l. football league at least with some players monica in an unprecedented move the president has this in mind to the current super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles from their planned visit to the white house in a statement trump said the eagles are unable to come to the white house with their full team to be celebrated they disagree with their president because he insists they probably stand for the international. several n.f.l. players have refused to stand for the games in a protest over civil rights the eagles wanted to send a smaller delegation but the president declined. well german friends and media are still trying to come to terms with coach you walking dropping young forward leroy sunday from his world cup squad it was the biggest shock on the day all coaches had to name their final twenty three man squad for the tournament in
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russia. all the hard work in germany's training camp came down to this day coach you all can live had to come for play is ending their world cup dream a tough job. these bonds and i was incredibly close i think of the money and if it had been one hundred made friends at the olympics it was the money you would have to go to finish to see whose night it was in. the outfield players gave live a headache before he sends home you're not on. the sunny learoyd sun is exclusion was particularly surprising before would have a sensational season with premier league champions manchester city jonathan toews was expected to get cut while striking newspapers and have been a surprise inclusion and preliminary squad meanwhile undisputed number one manuel neuer proved his fitness meaning badly no will stay at home. and. you know the
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squad has a group chats and those. going home during the world cup homie it's only just begun . well those world cup dreams start becoming reality just nine days from now but how ready are ordinary russians to play host to their tens of thousands of guests perhaps they've been brushing up on their english well the language of shakespeare didn't get the w.'s man in moscow very far waving his arms about was generally more effective take a look. i know. it's the end of the school year in the middle of red square preparations on the way for a festival celebrating the chief minister of the russian that you creation system the perfect opportunity to test people's english skills where's it all there's a red square well look how far is it from me or how far to the meters far away what
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does it mean. what does it mean i am like so do you like soccer in high school regulation bowl. ok congratulations and nice congratulations. on the ballot. this is mr putin down there but you know so he works in this office here according to research only about thirty percent the russians have english language skills you look like stalin vulgar the use of euro stalin but you speak english. knowing english and we can if i leave red square and heads to the ball at about famous street in downtown moscow. how much is it loves it but i just. think oh one thousand six hundred. but i guess special prize
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for your special one thousand three hundred for me because i'm a foreigner these cadets are meant to help people so basically go to the end of the street yes yes and. i'm something pleasant thanks and right on the underground. way across the street all right and going to know. it's true. many russians don't speak english. but they make up for that with their hospitality and generous. things understood by people all over the world. and. they don't use me a drugstore it's there in moscow just
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a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w around seventy people are now confirmed dead in guatemala following that country's devastating volcanic eruption the say that that number is likely to rise the president has cleared a state of emergency in the affected areas and called for three days of national mourning. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on german chancellor angela merkel to take a tougher line on iraq they're meeting in berlin for the first since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. so you news for now will be back at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin and meanwhile you can get all the latest stories online at www dot com thanks for watching.
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and. free space. that's the theme of this year's. architecture be anough by investments the german wants to tear down. and the young chinese architect aims to revive rural villages. space and respect. our special on. d w.
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