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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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staterooms and let's all try to stay in. business. or move. from the so what is comics to these rockets if you have more soon in june get an exclusive report. finding cultists in the rubble of the old city more than a thousand bodies have been recovered so far or succumbing to the death toll dries
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is falling on an eruption apart you say at least sixty nine people dead rescue workers are conducting a desperate search for the missing. and newmark sixty five years of your costume to the. chalky doesn't radio station after the second one full cost to ribbons of people around the globe in touch the language is jim news channels the new american morning the anniversary celebrations. continue. it's almost a year now since iraqi troops retake the northern city of war zone from the so-called islamic state group it's one of iraq's biggest cities and strategically important because of its oil but despite that much of the old city of lies in ruins
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and amid the rubble the corpses did obvious your father of the karim has been speaking to aid workers in was there and sent us this exclusive report we have pixilated softer more disturbing images in his story. the smell of death is everywhere old mosul is like an open air symmetry nearly a year after the battle between the so-called islamic state and iraqi troops and the corpses to fill the streets we meet hosseini the young nurse has volunteered to help remove the bodies. and this old house in this room we found one hundred fifty corpses they were all shot in the hand here yes. the stench is hard to take it first your nostrils chill now because we can weigh all a body it's time we burn the room and to sanitize it but how do they also. have
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a cut they were left out for one on top of the other last man the women and then children. but there are still bones here there was stuck to the blankets. anyone passing by can see the corpses under the rubble. that's without bodies. a girl's hair still stuck to her abaya. the volunteers have removed one thousand three hundred fifty bodies so far. the old city most one was an eye stronghold sometimes they also find dead fighters. most with isis was responsible for your sister's death correct one initially and today you are removing the bodies of some of their fighters what goes through your mind when you do this. you know this is their place this is where they deserve to end up
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ahead of us my sister said she has a grave i can visit her. to find his remains and that without a grave the fact that i get to remove their bodies is my biggest revenge fighting them with a weapon is exactly what they want they want us to be inhumane they want us to fight each other. it's life threatening work for the volunteers there could be unexploded bombs anywhere. why don't you wait till the area is secure lot and then remove the bodies he allegedly when asked security officials many times nobody wants to do this and no one wants to come here. families can't identify their loved ones because of the lack of forensic medicine. you have to shift have you met people hunting for their relatives and i've seen women older men come looking for their dead children they say their children died here but they're not sure if this is the exact place because everything's been obliterated.
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what shocks you about all of this it is the bodies of women and children the little brothers me even mall is that no one asks about them not even a government. three thousand people remain missing their bodies likely somewhere here the need the rubble. that was did you have is your committed creamed reporting from the iraqi city off. now the death toll from guatemala devastating option as you listen to sixty nine authorities warn that the numbers lashley to climb as risk you walk a search for the missing the will for you go or the volcano or fire is one of the most active in central america but sunday is option was the biggest in four decades jim in what i list the president has declared a state of emergency in the area. everyone. amid the tragedy there are
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moments like this. baby pulled alive from the wreck of a mountainside home yeah. colleagues to come over to share in a moment that makes this complex rescue effort all worthwhile. you know right there go on what i know you are aware of what i guess. this is a risky operation more eruptions could happen at any time rescuers are having to tread quickly and carefully over still smoldering terrain. the weather could also hinder their efforts and more to it is a race against time. spec that during the next five days it will rain harder which could become a problem. if. there's a danger of mudslides because of all the debris from the volcano that's been left in the ravines and the rivers. sunday's eruption caught many by surprise the
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first explosion was followed by a strong second one people scrambling for cover searing horse ash gas and other degre perils down the mountain a toxic mix that made this eruption particularly dangerous. and this was the grim aftermath. dead bodies so thickly coated with they resembled statues in some cases the task of identifying bodies dead or alive almost impossible. one grandchild fifteen and another eight year old. that's what i came to see if i could . also got. here lord i have nothing i don't even have clothes to change a. scene from the size of the affected area becomes clear that will be three days of national mourning. the funerals here have already started
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as the charges of finding survivors diminishes there are likely to be many more to calm. that's been having the update that some of the stories making news around the world jordan's king has appointed the country's education minister. to form a new government the move comes a day after the previous prime minister. resigned amid massive protests the king has called on us to review the country's tax system and launch a died all over the proposed tax reform both issues that had spock the demonstrations. us. from paris being filmed in public after a long absence that's she had disappeared she was filmed arriving at an event with president trump her first such appearance since early may the white house said mrs
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trump had been hospitalized to treat a benign kidney condition. and now for a special birthday for us here at the w daughter bella is celebrating its sixty fifth anniversary today german chancellor angela merkel led a ceremony marking the occasion at the german parliament. started broadcasting in nine hundred fifty three initially to provide a source of information for germans overseas the dear daughter of ella's multinational team of journalists brings reliable information to millions of people around the world. our chief political correspondent. michelle is at the celebrations let's just listen first to what chancellor merkel had to still see at that celebration. i'm afraid we seem to have not been able to establish to get that sound bite from
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charles and lamech let me just but. ok listen. it's a growing interest in germany and europe. goodson germany is generally valued as an important partner in the world ships if you'll avoid this many people want to know what we think here in germany and in europe what happens and how we live here you should put a european perspective on global events as one of the tasks that will become more important especially after britain leaves the e.u. when you won the. chancellor angela merkel speaking at the sixty fifth anniversary of adore ciavarella listening to how was the. editor in chief for michele a cafe michel of mecca mentioned post brags that what as that she had to say about . it is really she just reiterated the dump description particularly in reporting on politics and i feel it myself every single
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day there is great demand out there from partners in europe but also in other regions of the world like africa and that's also one thing to explain basically what john politics is about and how those political dots connect between berlin and the rest of the world and how germany fits into this sifting picture of the global power structures that we're seeing sifting at this very moment as we speak really with those challenges not just from russia china but of course most prominently from the united states but she did stress though she did see here programming that is also produced in africa particularly on issues like climate change where african partners actually deliver programming to thoughts of other and show what constructive alternatives are what solutions to problems in the world so that also of course is of all because it is a lot more than you're seeing here right now in fact dortch of us started way back in nineteen fifty three mikaela it's rude has changed
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a lot over the past sixty five years let's first take a listen to what did the obvious director general peter limburg had to say about that. if you don't you believe they tortured rather reaches more people worldwide than ever be. and it enjoys a high reputation that's also true here in germany across party lines and it makes us proud and happy but not complacent and satisfied we want more for more people especially in places where they're subjected to propaganda and censorship and we want to better explain germany and europe. so that was indeed obvious directed l.b.j. limbaugh speaking there we had a freedom of speech a big priority for dortch about. absolutely recent years the picture has become more bleak once again and offers are terms of sources of information where there's a domination through one particular media outlet sometimes controlled by one particular party but also simply where those resources on so that's
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a role in the future i personally i'm kind of proud that it's about it was the first public broadcaster that actually had a website here in germany so they're on the front of digitized something that is really something that germany itself wants to push forward that's a challenge that talks about its feeling every single day not just being in competition with other big organizations but for attention of those of us of those users those people who click on to online dater office by d.w. but also particular of course on social media thank you very much we'll let you go and enjoy the party as we saw german chancellor angela merkel was there and was given of a warm reception had been a warm words to say about a daughter bella thank you very much for your reporting for now. and to find out more badass avila fast in prison you can always go to our website d.w. dot com slash sixty five years. on this one to some other news in an unprecedented move us present dollar trump is redrawn his invitation to the current super bowl
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champions the philadelphia eagles to visit the white house in a statement trump said the eagles are quote unable to come to the white house with their full team to be celebrated they disagree with their president because he insists they proudly stand for the national anthem and for a civil and effort as have refused to stand for the national anthem of recent games in protest over the civil rights leaders wanted to send a smaller delegation but the president declines to have somebody disrespects our. doctors say two huge mistakes by liverpool go and keep a lot of scalia's in their champions league final defeat to be out of madrid could have been the result of a concussion rich imbed his vision the gentleman was caught in the head by riad captain said g'day ramos just minutes before his first donda which allowed the spaniards to take the lead in european soccer as showpiece last month he later made another error which gave
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a three one victory he was distraught after ronson underwent medical checks last week in boston where liverpool's awareness based. that's it for now from me under that you might do still the good news because business news is coming up monica jones is standing by she'll have all the business headlines for you to stay with us if you get. the german scheme to gather information from china minute to chancellor all telephone business on. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. by swell for ways to bring my royal power to vastly protect christendom.


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