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this is news coming to you live from above and almost a year after three capture from the so-called islamic state the iraqi city of more soon to indra and an exclusive report do you need still scaring the corpses lying. more than a thousand bodies have been recovered so far. the death toll rises. can make eruption apologies say at least sixty nine people rescue workers are conducting a desperate search for the missing. and addicted to plastic on blood
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environment day we ask what can be done to wean us off one million caustic bottles and one million plastic bags that mean by every single minute. it's almost a year now since iraqi troops three took the northern city of mosul from the so-called islamic state group it's one of iraq's biggest cities and strategically important because of its oil but despite that much of the old city still lies in ruins and amid the rubble there are still corpses d.j. obvious you're fond of bill karim has been speaking to aid workers in missouri and sent us this exclusive report these pics related to some of the more disturbing images in his story. the smell of death is
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everywhere old mosul is like an open air symmetry nearly a year after the battle between the so-called islamic state and iraqi troops and the corpses to fill the streets. we meet me the young nurse has volunteered to help remove the bodies. and this old house in this room we found one hundred fifty corpses they were all shot and they had us all here yes . the stench is hard to take it first your nostrils and chin now because we took away all the bodies then we burned the room and to sanitize it but how did they also. because they were laying it out for one on top of the other man the women and children.
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there are still bones here and there was stuck to the blankets. anyone passing by can see the corpses under the rubble. that's without bodies. just a girl's hair still stuck to her by. the volunteers have removed one thousand three hundred fifty bodies so far. the old city in mosul was an i.a.s. stronghold sometimes they also find dead fighters. with isis was responsible for your sister's death correct one initially and today you are removing the bodies of some of their fighters what goes through your mind when you do this. you know this is their place and this is where they deserve to end up ahead of us my sister she has a great i can visit her to find his remains are there without a grave the fact that i get to remove their bodies is my biggest revenge fighting
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them with a weapon is exactly what they want they want us to be inhumane. they want us to fight each other. it's life threatening work for the volunteers there could be unexploded bombs anywhere and they why don't you wait till the area secured and then remove the bodies he alleges were not security officials many times nobody wants to do this and no one wants to come here. some of these can't identify their loved ones because of the lack of forensic medicine. he has used to have you met people hunting for their relatives and i've seen women all the men who come looking for their dead children they say their children died here but they're not sure if this is the exact place because everything's been obliterated. what shocks you about all of this it is the bodies of women and children bothers me even mall is that no one asks about them not even the government. three thousand
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people remain missing their bodies likely somewhere here beneath the rubble. and with me in the studio i have a meeting with avi he's an iraqi journalist and a former iraqi diplomat welcome i mean now you will be reporter who we saw in that report when he was visiting the old city of more than what was the experience like for you well it was shocking to be shocking for me for all the team to see bodies part of bodies on the streets and all the tone we expect that after six months of the ending of the battlefield in the old style that there's no bodies. the ways and two from that parts of that bodies but that i was shocked and also the smile was very bad the smell of death still everywhere in the area the city the whole city the historical part of the city is destroyed and it's was really
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horrible pictures thousands of bodies still lying amidst the ruins there is it don't who these people were and how they died well some of them they got. access for their bodies for their families but we are talking about some families have been destroyed all the children women father everything. think it's the main challenge for iraqi government to get a database of the d.n.a. of that bodies and in order to analyze it in the later on in the future of that they will got this technology because it is huge number of bodies and we had this volunteer speak in this report and she said no one wants to remove these bodies no one wants to go into this area why not isn't it the government's responsibility to take care of the people who have died then give them a dignified burial indeed it is their responsibility of the government but we should also think in the way some of them may think this is the fighters this is
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they do not deserve that dignity. ending and they tried to keep it but in the end of the day. vic government should look at that bodies because the diseases come from that part of that city and in the end of the day this is the job of the government and what we had in the report is that a lot of these people were just civilians and residents living there now and we the pictures we saw a month or thirty of mosul it seems that other parts of. covering tell us now what did you see that well in mosul it's very interesting situation you have to say two parts of the war one of the part the part of the eastern part is really furnishing the live lives going on everything people called the jobs and the way is quite ok but the part of the city is just totally destroyed no one living in that area and it is still not accessible for these civilians they have should
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apply for a special permission the cities is totally destroyed and the iraqi government was still to not have any master plan for that part of the city how they going to rebuild it people try to rebuild but it is historical or area they cannot just bring some boat again and. again it's quite complicated because the side of this that is still bombs do not explode it under the all the mass exactly look at the scale of damage i think you take quite a while before the city becomes a normal iraqi city i mean with ivan thank you very much for joining us in your place an experience of the city with us. let nothing you did with some other stories making news around the wind jordan's king has appointed the country's education minister. to form a new government the move comes
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a day after the previous prime minister honey wilkie resigned amid massive protests the king has called on as asked to review the country's tax system an issue that sparked the demonstrations. the european court of justice has ruled that same sex couples should receive the same residency rights as other coppers judges found found in favor of the gay remaining american couple who have fought for six years to have their marriage recognized intermedia the ruling also affects gay couples in other countries. journey not to bottom out of the death toll from the country's devastating welkin or adoption has risen to sixty nine authorities warn that the number is likely to climb as rescue workers search for the missing. day if you will or the kindle fire is not the most active in central america but sunday's eruption was the biggest in four decades president jimmy about alice has declared
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a state of emergency in the area. everyone. amid the tragedy there are moments like this. if you want a baby pulled alive from the wreck of a mountainside home yeah. they order colleagues to come over to share in a moment that makes this complex rescue efforts all worthwhile. you know i think i wonder where i were at what i got up my mother this is a risky operation more eruptions could happen at any time rescuers are having to tread quickly and carefully over still smoldering terrain. the weather could also hinder their efforts in what is a race against time. spec that during the next five days it will rain harder which could become a problem. if. there's
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a danger of mudslides because of all the debris from the volcano that's been left in the ravines and the rivers. sunday's eruption caught many by surprise the first explosion was followed by a strong second one people scrambling for cover searing horse hashcash another deadly perils down the mountain a toxic mix that made this eruption particularly dangerous. and this was the grim aftermath of dead bodies so thickly coated with ash they resembled statues in some cases the task of identifying bodies dead or alive almost impossible. one grandchild fifteen and another eight year old. that's what i came to see if i could. also got him. oh oh dear lord i have nothing i don't even have clothes to change into.
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scene from the size of the affected area becomes clear there will be three days of national mourning. the funerals here have already started as the chance of finding survivors diminishes there are likely to be many more to come. and for more let me draw in reuben to medal from the international federation of the red cross in geneva mr maddow you don't kill a statue with your teens in guatemala what's the latest on the rescue operation. thank you for giving us the ward situation doesn't it remains immense critical so hundred of them volunteers from what amount across since the onset since sunday. providing first at psychosocial support and also starting families so doing family tracing for those or or missing let's not forget that we have over three thousand
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people evacuated at the state and although the damage just needs to be don't. we just made that the theaters of damage will be will be increasing will be on the rice from federation for the international federation of the direct cause we have been in contact with we are brothers and sisters in what amounted to cross through our you know office in panama that actually also the blowing. the system it's been experts to the field to support the forts and how difficult is it to reach the areas worst affected because a lot of the places affected us in small villages and more to areas. well our teams are already on the ground in demi's reported to show the main priority now is to support those those people in the equation sent us but definitely there are villages that are still of knox's to dust one of the that's one of our making sure
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it's hard to go to anything we dock there so with other human actors we can dress as national authorities on the system and it's meant to reach those people in need and definitely to focus now on life saving activities which is our main concern right now as you said life saving activities is the main concern but as we heard a rain is expected how could that affect kill a search and rescue operations yeah definitely rain will complicate the situation not only humper in the i'm going to rescue and evacuation activities but let's not forget that that brings us well. risk of must flights that can also worsen dare they already difficult situation to access those units and tell us more about the privateers how are you helping the people what kind of food and shelter the people are able to get because the pictures we're seeing the scale of devastation is huge absolutely at what amount across open a collection center to gather essential items food water quoth in our main
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priority is lifesaving access as we said and death goes with first with medical care it just goes with providing a safe center to go to has been evacuated and the provision of these awarded in food which is a need but we must not forget this psychosocial support that needs to be given to those that are currently suffering and also the family tracing i think it is very important to to ensure there to family links and to ensure or are shite to be able to reach those. a reuben director from the international federation of the red cross in geneva thank you very much for talking to you watching the news coming live from but in coming up ahead on vod environment we ask what can be done to reverse off one million caustic bottles and one million plastic bags we humans by
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every minute and week one man who is going to extraordinary lengths to draw attention to plastic pollution. but first want to go joins me now for business use and now concerns about facebook not nice on rate or not nice question is did mark zuckerberg hide to the truth when being questioned by the european parliament recently no he said that everything you share on facebook you own and you have complete control over who sees it and how you share it but an article in the new york times reports of the social network has given at least sixty device makers access to users friends data without obtaining explicit consent so it looks like facebook is at the center of yet another privacy scandal. worries about data theft and privacy breaches drover the hearing with the committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs on monday night european lawmakers looked at ways to ensure data protection and prevent illegal use of collected personal information
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this comes in the wake of the facebook data breach scandal in which cambridge analytical used personal data to detect political preferences and manipulate voters . proponents of political micro-targeting insist it is necessary tool for engaging with electorates however unless these political technology machines are built upon fundamental rates of access and privacy by design it strains credulity that democracy can survive an injured if we do not absorb the difficult lessons that we can learn from the cambridge analytical catastrophe the hearing also aims to identify how the misuse of these data encroached on europeans fundamental rights such as privacy end of the right to impartial information the european parliament is also looking at whether facebook abused its dominant market position hearings
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are said to continue until next month. britain's government has sold two point nine billion euros worth of its shares in the royal bank of scotland the british government sold the shares overnight and for around half of what he paid when bailing out r.b.s. in two thousand and eight the government had decided to start selling off its stake three years ago but the plan was only partially carried out because of the lend us no share price the government is set to sell the rest of its sixty two percent stake in r.b.s. over the next few years. the german chemicals group by is very close to finishing its takeover of u.s. seeds giant monsanto the sixty three billion dollars buyout is that to close a thursday by is ditching the name month sun too though it's been a target of protests and north suits for years but monsanto products will keep their names like round up which contains the controversial herbicide life state by insists that monsanto's crop protection technology and to genetically modified
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seats are vital to feeding a growing global population. let's catch up with our man in the frankfurt stock exchange in frankfurt were you there are many stories out there even one on electoral mobility i believe. yes and it's going to be a job killer in germany according to a study by from hope institute it's an organization for a technological research and to study for the automobile association and the engineering trade union and it says that seventy five thousand jobs will be lost in germany in the auto industry because of mobility and in the realm that's one in eleven and in the realm of engine and transmission work every second job will be lost lost and this is already factoring the new jobs that are gained perhaps in battery development production and also in technological development for the drives
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them selves i mean it's quite that's quite a statement on what facts or assumptions is that study based on. it's based on the fact that until two thousand and thirty from hope for institute assumes about a quarter of the vehicles in germany will be purely electrical driven sixty percent will still be combustion in the rest hybrid so you can imagine the more electrical come in perhaps the more the job losses will be and it's also assuming which is not a given that all the components that go into the z. cars in germany are going to be manufactured in germany which will also probably not be a given in the future exactly because the german to make is lagging behind because they like to mobility any reaction so from industry just briefly. head of their trade union g i g m a tell your kaufman says that it's imperative for the government to take urgent action including starting thoughts on retraining people
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in the industry right in front of thank you so much. starbucks c.e.o. howard schultz has announced he's retiring from the coffee company over thirty seven years he has transformed starbucks from a single. fish up in seattle into a global brand most recently aligning the company with political issues like race and jobs for underprivileged youth says he's considering going into the public sector with some people expecting a presidential run in twenty twenty shots as an outspoken critic of u.s. presidents don't have to try as you might run against him as a democrat. starbucks coffee is served in those paper cups but it's plastic that's the real problem isn't it i'm right at the moment the focus is on plastic monica thank you very much it's environment day today and the u.n. is using the occasion to release the alarm about plastic pollution calling it
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a planetary crisis plastic is cheap lightweight and durable but it's generally not biodegradable which means more and more plastic waste is littering a planet the main culprits a single use plastic items which make up half of all the plastic we use in particular plastic bottles and plastic banks around the world some one million plastic drinking bottles and one million plastic bags are bought every minute and you see oceans that suffer most from this plastic epidemic altogether up to thirteen million tons of plastic are washed up into the sea every year smothering coral reefs and threatening bondable marine life only last week a pilot really that died in thailand was found to have eight kilograms of plastic waste in stomach including eighty plastic bags and the u.n. says plastic pollution has become a global crisis we spoke to the head of the environment team and i asked her what's
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being done to get on top of the problem what we're observing in kind of environmental reporting circles is that two thousand and eighteen seems to be shaping up to really be a breakthrough year in terms of public awareness around this issue that all of a sudden. the news is making i mean such news is actually making headlines whereas in the past you might have just seen it on page ten today it might be page one so that public awareness is is actually a major step in tackling the problem but of course that's not enough so the next step is for public awareness to become public pressure and be translated into policy changes and we're seeing that in places around the world also as plastic pollution becomes an ever larger problem bans on plastic bags and kenya rwanda and upcoming ban on single use plastics in the european union so it's definitely gaining momentum and it's true there's different action happening around it but
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maybe not enough so that was only a dino heads to debbie's environment teen the one man is going to extraordinary lengths to draw attention to the problem of caustic pollution in long distance ben comte has set off on a nine thousand kilometer journey from japan to the u.s. he hopes to become the first person to spam across the pacific ocean mccombs fetus in durham's could take more than six months three and four eight hours a day accompanied by a support team scientists will also follow along to research the build up of micro plastics in the horta. this is the calm to treating ahead of his departure from tokyo more than six years of preparations have led to this moment finally a day to start on my swim across the pacific ocean the com says the crew on board
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with collect more than one thousand samples and debris all for twenty seven science institutes with a huge focus on plastic pollution he shouted moments of his journey on social media under the hash tag that longest sway. now back to dry land and here is what germany's official world cup squad photograph it has just been released as football fever grips the planet ahead of the tournament due to start in nine days and here we can see the fit again but neuer is there and just above him the blond julian. bron that he grabbed what him live said was the last fought in the squad but everyone is talking about the one who is missing from the photo when the little boy sammy the twenty two year old was the young pair of the year in the english premier league last season after starting for manchester city but he did not make the final cut for germany's cup team reaction has been
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swift and it has been huge former england striker gary lineker on twitter said the decision on sign it was not saying it's fans also pointing to the much more limited footballers who will be in russia for we're going to see go forward in golf you are tough compared son is a mission well the fact that neuer was included despite not playing a competitive game since september is a funny game he says but an english fan thinks sami can use his frustration to pick even better next season. celebrating the sixty fifth anniversary today german chancellor. marking the occasion. started broadcasting back in one thousand nine hundred fifty three
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initially to provide a source of information for germans living abroad. multinational team of journalists brings reliable information to millions of people around the blood. and. boston present you can always go to the dot com slash sixty five. you're watching the dow the news coming to you live from london this is much more on our website this dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook but for me i'm glad that she made the news it's by for that. people.
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can go to. the sophisticated to bank deposit of the horn to watch. the fish in a fish that's good for some profits. albatrosses of my own a researcher investigates nature's own high tech to inspire his own pioneering work in medical technology. the animal kingdom is a treasure trove of brilliant ideas. tomorrow today next.
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your favorites but. not to belittle happening to point them out chucky the new faultlessly entire country a champion of free insurance for the last sixty years just for mines. and welcome to tomorrow today with a brand new look. coming up why trees are chanting what are some social media. and why the shift from an agrarian well into an industrialized one destructed our body.


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