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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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for the national anthem they wanted to send a smaller delegation to the white house but the president said. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin stay with us god be with you shortly he has the business news coming up feasible with us. they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. africa following. stories of both people making a difference in shaping their nation played on the continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destiny speak to their own and splayed e.w.s. a new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the most. another privacy scrabble for facebook this time over the sharing of user data with device makers such as apple and samsung. others over the past decade without the user's explicit consent. german pharmaceuticals make a buyer is one step away from completing its take over of u.s. seed maker monsanto well it inherits the bad reputation of one of the world's most controversial companies. and on world environment day we looked at asia
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regions booming economies dumped more plastic into the seas than the rest of the globe combined. welcome to d.w. business office in berlin did mark zuckerberg the truth when being questioned by the e.u. recently he said that everything you share on facebook you own and you have complete control over who sees it and how you share it but an article in the new york times reports the social network has given at least sixty device makers such as apple or some so access to users friends data without obtaining explicit consent facebook denied there was anything wrong journalists and whistleblowers testified at another hearing at the european parliament. worries about data theft and privacy breaches drove the hearing with the committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs on monday night european lawmakers looked at ways to ensure data protection and
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prevent illegal use of collected personal information this comes in the wake of the facebook data breach scandal in which cambridge analytical used personal data to detect political preferences and manipulate voters. proponents of political micro-targeting insist it is necessary tool for engaging with electorates however unless these political technology machines are built upon fundamental rates of access and privacy by design it strains credulity that democracy can survive uninjured if we do not absorb the difficult lessons that we can learn from the cambridge analytical catastrophe the hearing also aims to identify how the misuse of these data encroached on europeans fundamental rights such as privacy end of the right to impartial information the european parliament is also looking at with the facebook abused its dominant market position hearings said to continue until next
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month. u.s. president on of trump seems to be taken a new tack in the talks to revamp the north american free trade agreement white house economic adviser larry kudlow says the president's preference now is to negotiate with mexico and canada separately he went on to say trump may be moving quickly towards these bilateral discussions instead of as a whole it is not clear that means trump wants to replace snuffed out with two separate deals which the president has mentioned before. starbucks c.e.o. howard schultz is retiring from the coffee company over the course of thirty seven years he has transformed starbucks from a single coffee shop in seattle into a global brand most recently he aligned the company with political issues like race or jobs for underprivileged youth scholz says he's considering going into the public sector with some people expecting
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a presidential run in twenty twenty schultz's an outspoken critic of u.s. president donald trump might run against him as a democrat he's. german chemicals grew by or is very close to finishing its takeover of u.s. seeds giant monsanto sixty three billion dollars buyout is set to close the day by as ditching the name on santo though it's been a target of protests and lawsuits for years but monsanto products will keep their names like round up which contains the herbicide lives that i insist that monsanto's crop protection technology and genetically modified seeds are vital to feeding a growing global populations. let's bring in our financial correspondent only bartz in frankfurt at the stock exchange that would be the bomb on such a deal so not just a takeover by a german company german investors must be excited that. they are excited and you know you mentioned the controversy around monsanto and that's gripping the
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people here as well analysts you talk to in the know about the chemical business and agro comical business how much of a fight that is with fire they're almost euphoric some of them at least when they talk of the fed and the regional complementarity positions of the two companies and what that might mean for the future but when you talk to a lot of the people here on the floor they're also quite skeptical about what the traditional household name bayer as buying itself with monsanto and there's also some dissatisfaction here in the market with the decision to raise more capital by issuing new shares that of course waters down the earnings per share ratio and that's causing a slight down downward dip in the share today of buyers. you mentioned by being a household name they will drop the name so is that just for image reasons and will that make a difference. i don't know if it's just for image reasons there are companies that
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buy other big companies and then just go by the one name but i think you can interpret that as a gesture towards all the critics and to society at large and van a bomb on the c.e.o. did say that he wants to enter into a dialogue with the critics so the company is aware of this image but of course brown about money isn't spending all that money sixty three billion dollars to buy a company that he wants to sort of hide in the back room he's pleased with their business model and what it can do for the two of them as a whole only briefly on the starbucks c.e.o. schultz and his political ambitions what do you mean. of that is so realistic. i don't know if it's realistic but it sure is. make such a vent donald trump made it from business directly without any other public office but then he went on a popular populist message it sounds like howard schultz would want to do it a much more conventional way and he needs
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a lot of more recognizability before he can do that. only votes there in frankfurt for us thank you very much for your analysis. now it's world environment day today the u.n. is using the occasion to raise the alarm about plastic pollution calling it a planetary crisis plastic is cheap like way a light weight and durable bought it's generally not biodegradable so more and more plastic waste is littering our planet the main culprits are so-called single use plastic items in plain english plastic bottles and plastic bags they make up the heart of all the plastic we use and here's a figure that is hard to believe but it's true around the world some one million plastic plus one million drinking bottles. plus plastic one million plastic bags are purchased every minute and it's our oceans that suffer from most of this
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plastic epidemic because that's where all the plastic waste goes another staggering figure for you up to thirteen million tons of plastic are washed into the sea every year smothering coral reefs and threatening vulnerable marine wildlife and here's where much of it and up only last week this pilot whale that died in thailand was found to have eight kilograms of plastic waste in its stomach including eighty plastic bags. but the consumption rises with economic growth an alarming study by the end your ocean conservancy has found that the booming economies of southeast asia dumped more plastic in the seas and the rest of the world combined. just south of the vietnamese capital hanoi but one senate breach of how lucky is choking under the plastic onslaught. look official struggle to keep up with the deluge which washes in with every high tide there seems to be more plastic than
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sand on this tree line form a paradise they seem bothered about they put everything in a plastic bag if they're preserving shrimp or preserving fish they put it in a plastic bag when they finish they just throw the bags into the ocean the trash floats to wherever the sea level rises but we didn't think that. a study by the university of georgia says vietnam is the world's fourth largest marine plastic polluter in thailand recently veterinarians fought for days to save a beached whale when their efforts failed an autopsy revealed eighty pieces of plastic rubbish wearing a total eight kilograms in its stomach. toys use a phenomenal amount of plastic from street vendors selling satiety shop clocks putting purchases into multiple bags plastic bags are part of daily life a tie workers who use them at lunch time to buy takeaway food thinking god knows
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that one i need to use plastic bags because i usually don't have a back on me. but if it's a small item. i usually don't need a plastic bag. comes i. follow plastic is everywhere there are no effective national or regional policies in place to deal with the problem. i see any. says the problem needs to be addressed but there's no action plan that will actually decrease the ease of plastic. cups metropolitan administration says the city's ten million residents use eighteen million plastic bags a day the problem has grown out of all proportions and much ends up on the country's beaches. that's it for me on the business team here's a quick recap of our top stories facebook is involved in another privacy scandal
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over sharing users data without the use this comes and with device makers like apple. and the german pharmaceuticals heavyweight buyer is one step away from its takeover of u.s. seed maker monsanto but it will drop a controversial scene make next. for you in the next hour in the meantime go check out our twitter and facebook feeds here's a look at the markets right now thank you. and we've
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with d. w.'s interior design channel on youtube. everyone and welcome to another edition of euro max here is a look at what we've got lined up for you today. top talent meet an indoor skydiving champion from poland. picture perfect play on cheer is a top three d. artist from the netherlands.


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