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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin almost a year to st capture from the so-called islamic state the iraqi city of more soon is still in ruins is exclusive report needs of those killed in the corpses still lying amid the rubble more than of towns and bodies have been recovered so far. also coming up. the death toll dries is falling guatemalans and violent both
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cannick adoption apologies say at least sixty nine people are dead rescue workers are conducting a desperate search for the missing. and no one addicted to plastic on world environment day we ask what can be done to wean us off the one million dollars to our kids and one million costing back three byt every minute we have a special report from lagos. do you have your mock sixty five years of george coughing to the blood germany's chancellor joins anniversary celebrations at a special occasion of the bundestag the german parliament in berlin the daughter of ellis taught it as a review station after the second world war caused to millions of people on t.v. radio online and social media.
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i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm. it's almost a year now since iraqi troops retake the northern city of was the work of the so-called islamic state group it's one of iraq's biggest cities and strategically important because of its oil but despite that much of the old city of still lies in ruins and amid the rubble there are still corpses did the obvious and your father up till karim has been speaking to aid workers in mosul and sent us this exclusive report we've pixilated south the more disturbing images in his story. the smell of death is everywhere old mosul is like an open air symmetry nearly a year after the battle between the so-called islamic state and iraqi troops and the corpses to fill the streets we meet me the young nurse has
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volunteered to help remove the bodies. and this old house in this room we found one hundred fifty corpses they were all shot in the head there are holes here yes. the stench is hard to take it first your nostrils chill now because we couldn't wait all the body it's time we burned the room and to sanitize it but how did it also that. they were laying it out one on top of the last man the women and children. there are still bones yet and there was talk to the blankets. anyone passing by can see the corpses under the rubble. heads without bodies. a girl's hair still stuck to her abaya. the volunteers have removed one thousand three
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hundred fifty bodies so far. the old city in mosul was an eye stronghold sometimes they also find dead fighters. most with isis was responsible for your sister's death correct go on initially and today you are removing the bodies of some of their fighters and what goes through your mind when you do this. you know this is their place and this is where they deserve to end up ahead of us my sister said she has a grave i can visit her to find his remains and that without a great the fact that i get to remove their bodies is my biggest revenge fighting them with a weapon is exactly what they want they want us to be inhumane they want us to fight each other. it's life threatening work for the volunteers there could be unexploded bombs anywhere they have why don't you wait till the area is secure lot and then remove the bodies he allegedly went on security officials many times
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nobody wants to do this and no one wants to come here. families can't identify their loved ones because of the lack of forensic medicine. he has or should have you met people hunting for their relatives and i've seen women older men who come looking for their dead children they say their children died here but they're not sure if this is the exact place because everything's been obliterated. what shocks you about all of this it is the bodies of women and children the little bothers me even mall is that no one asks about them not even a government. three thousand people remain missing their bodies likely somewhere here the need the rubble. and dr fortress filed by cost of the he now joins me in the studio but that was of a moving and distressing says pullet thousands of cults is still lying in the city
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of mosul do we have any information as to who these people well according to what the people told me when i was there in mosul they might be belonging to iraqi citizens and also two fighters who belong to the islamic state of because mosul the old city of mosul what at the end stronghold of i asked fighters but there were still a lot of civilians in iraq in civilians living there so it's it's a mix of both and there you can see when you walk on the on the streets there i mean when you see you know which you just saw the pictures and you know the smell of bruising what's going on there and then you you could see even i.d.'s of people you could see the clothes of people you could see today were normal civilians and what told me that sometimes even civilians common pass by and i asked her did you find someone who might look like a picture day they show her but i mean the bodies are there since eight and nine
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months and the smell they are in a stage where you cannot even identify and know who is there so it's i mean that you're speechless you know when you are there you're simply speechless because you never think that a humanitarian or dead bodies could be treated the way they are treated there and and even after you die there should be someone something protecting you are not in this case the way you see it because it's all over dead bodies and you really get your simply you don't see any need sadly it's simply even in death you must have dignity now he says that is very brave volunteer that you just spoke to and she said nobody wants to come there and remove the bodies and that's that's exactly what's happening no one is. coming and removing the bodies and taking care of the of the bodies you are as i told you have civilians coming uscan for the loved ones but the government is not taking care and the governor there was it wasn't taking care of the of the dead bodies even sudha we talked to she was throwing everything
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and she said i cannot just see dead bodies lying all around and don't do anything and this was this report was also part of the talk show we did in mosul and we had the governor in the show and at the beginning he denied and said no there are no dead bodies but then he saw and so we were told him look we have evidence you can see a picture and everyone walking in this area can see that there are still dead bodies and two days after we did the talk show there and he was aware that a lot of people who are also there and saying you're not doing anything they started a campaign to remove bodies who are still there but nevertheless you have a big challenge because they are till now having challenges identifying the bodies the d.n.a. test so actually you have dead bodies and sometimes they're all being put in a mass grave so a lot of challenges you know even when you talk to the people of mosul to those who lost their loved ones they don't have time they're telling you what's happening with my brother with my mother with my sister with people because sometimes you
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have families the thirteen thirteen family members who are simply dead and no one knows where exactly and maybe if you see it at the picture here behind us it exactly looks the same and even worse where you have like all over like a big football. ground exactly and you all are wrong wherever you look you see ruins you see robbers you see bodies lying around there should be like an international shout out to everyone and to especially the iraqi government and now especially after the elections this should be a priority because people you know the government is saying is not there anymore but the people now are even suffering much more to see their loved ones and to see the situation and to see. see what's going on there so it's only the surface where we say on really what's going on the ground if i what is wonderful is that your reporting has already had an outcome and some examinations are being taken i'm sure the people of mosul of a grateful to deal with we're getting a feedback we're getting
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a daily feedback from people even from screwed and other other volunteers who are saying good people have to cover it and that's exactly what journalism should be go there and talk to the people exactly let's hope people will have their loved ones absolutely out of that kareen thank you very much for that exclusive report as well as sharing your insights thank you very much she took. to guatemala the death toll from the country's devastating wilcannia reduction has risen to sixty nine a card is warning that the number is likely to rise as rescue workers continue to search for the missing mother. their three agel all for kiddo off a fire erupted on sunday it's one of central america's most active volcanoes but this was its biggest eruption in more than four decades the country's president given what alice has declared a state of emergency and court for three days of national mourning. for everyone.
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amid the tragedy there are moments like this. too when a baby pulled alive from the wreck of a mountainside home yeah. they order colleagues to come over to share in a moment that makes this complex rescue efforts all worthwhile. you know i think about what i wear at what i love this is a risky operation more eruptions could happen at any time rescuers are having to tread quickly and carefully over still smoldering terrain. the weather could also hinder their efforts and more to it is a race against time to. expect that during the next five days it will rain harder which could become a problem. if. there's a danger of mudslides because of all the debris from the volcano that's been left in the ravines and the rivers. sunday's eruption caught many by surprise the
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first explosion was followed by a strong second one people scrambling for cover searing horse hash gas and other deadly perils down the mountain a toxic mix that made this eruption particularly dangerous. and this was the grim aftermath of dead bodies so thickly coated with ash they resembled statues in some cases the top. identifying bodies dead or alive almost impossible. one grandchild fifteen and another eight year old. that's what i came to see if i could have eyes a. little also got us. oh dear lord i have nothing i don't even have clothes to change a. scene from the size of the affected area becomes clear it will be three days of national
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mourning. the funerals here have already started as the charts of finding survivors diminishes there are likely to be many more to come. and for more let me draw in ruben to medal from the international federation of the red cross in geneva mr tomato you until start you with your teens in guatemala what's the latest on the rescue operation. thank you for giving us the ward situation doesn't it remains remains critical six hundred of the stuff in volunteers from what amount across crusties since the onset since sunday already never questions providing first at psychosocial support and obviously also to the starting families so doing family tracing for those or or missing let's not forget that we have over three thousand people evacuated at the state and although the
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damage system needs still to be done. we just made that the theaters of damage will be will be increasing will be on the rice from federation for an international federation of the direct cost we haven't been in contact with we are brothers and sisters in what amounted to cross through our you know office in panama that actually also the plowing. the system management experts to the field to support the forts how difficult is it do reach the areas worst affected because a lot of the places affected us in small villages and do more to areas well our teams are already on the ground in demi's who boarded the ship the main priority now is to support those those people in the back ways and sent us but definitely there are villages that are still have not system and just one of their that's one of them a concern how to be needed we doctors that with all the humane and actors we can breath as national authorities on the system management to reach those people in
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need and definitely to focus now on on life saving activities which is our main concern right now as you said life saving activities is the main concern but as we heard a rain is expected how could could that affect kill a search and rescue operations. absolutely what amanda cross has opened a collection center to gather essential items food water clothing our main priority is lifesaving not since our success and that goes with with medical care it does goes with providing a safe soldier to go to has been evacuated and the provision of these awarded in food which is the main need but we must not forget this psychosocial support that needs to be given to those that are currently suffering and also the family tracing i think it is very important to to ensure that the family links and to ensure or are shite to be able to reach those. mission and do going to matter from the
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international federation of the red cross in geneva thank you very much for talking to you. this me nothing yet today it's among the stories making news around the wide jordan's king has appointed the country's education minister all modeled as us to form a new government the move comes a day off to the previous prime minister honeymoon resigned amid massive protests the king has cordoned it has asked to review the country's tax system an issue that sparked the demonstrations. the european court of justice has ruled that the state that same sex partners if you citizens have the right to live in any member state the case centered on a gays remain an american couple judges said the american husband who killed in from new york is in talking to residency even though remaining itself does not permit same sex marriage. not to get
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a hug and he and the controversy says ducking facebook that's right the question is did mark zuckerberg hide the truth when being questioned by the e.u. two weeks ago then he said that everything you share on facebook you own and you have complete control over who sees it and who you share it with boss an article in the new york times now reports the social network has given at least sixty device makers such as poor some song access to users friends data without can obtain in explicit consent while facebook denied there was anything wrong journalists and whistleblowers testified at another hearing at the european parliament. worries about data theft and privacy breaches drove a hearing with the committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs on monday night european lawmakers looked at ways to ensure data protection and prevent illegal use of collected personal information this comes in the wake of the
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facebook data breach scandal in which cambridge analytical used personal data to detect political preferences and manipulate voters. proponents of political micro-targeting insist it is necessary tool for engaging with electorates however unless these political technology machines are built upon fundamental rates of access and privacy by design it strains credulity that democracy can survive uninjured if we do not absorb the difficult lessons that we can learn from the cambridge analytical catastrophe the hearing also aims to identify how the misuse of these data encroached on europeans fundamental rights such as privacy and of the right to impartial information the european parliament is also looking at whether facebook abused its dominant market position hearings are set to continue until next month. u.s.
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president donald trump seems to be taking a new tack in the talks to revamp the north american free trade agreement white house economic adviser larry kudlow says the president's preference now is to negotiate with mexico and canada separately he went on to say trump may be moving quickly towards these bilateral discussions instead of. it is not clear if that means trump wants for replace nafta with two separate deals which the president has mentioned before. and the news just in mexico has now announced import tariffs on u.s. products in retaliation to washington's hike on steel and aluminum duties. starbucks c.e.o. howard schultz is retiring from the coffee company over the course of thirty seven years he has transformed starbucks from a single coffee shop in seattle into a global brand and most recently he aligned the company with political issues like
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race or jobs for underprivileged youth szell says he's considering going into the public sector with some people expecting a presidential run in twenty twenty chilton's an outspoken critic of president trump and might run against him as a democrat. the german chemicals group buyer is very close to finishing its takeover of u.s. scenes giant monsanto sixty three billion dollars buyout is said to close thursday buyers ditching the name on santo it's been a target of protester lawsuits for years but monsanto products will keep their names like round up which contains the controversial herbicide glasses that buy and says that monsanto's crop protection technology and genetically modified seeds are vital to feeding a growing global population. let's bring in our financial correspondent ali bartz in frankfurt at the stock exchange there would be the bottom on such a deal so not just a takeover by
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a german company german investors must be excited that. they are excited and you know you mentioned the controversy around monsanto and that's gripping the people here as well analysts you talk to in the know about the chemical business and agro chemical business how much of a fight that is with fire they're almost euphoric some of them at least when they talk of the fed and the regional complementarity positions of the two companies and what that might mean for the future but when you talk to a lot of the people here on the floor they're also quite skeptical about what the traditional household name bayer as buying itself with monsanto and there's also some dissatisfaction here in the market with the decision to raise more capital by issuing new shares that of course waters down the earnings per share ratio and that's causing a slight down downward dip in the share today a buyer. mentioned by being
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a household name they will drop the name so is that just for image reasons and will that make a difference. i don't know if it's just for image reasons there are companies that buy other big companies and then just go by the one name but i think you can interpret that as a gesture towards all the critics and to society at large and down a bomb on the c.e.o. did say that he wants to enter into a dialogue with the critics so the company is aware of this image but of course found out about money isn't spending all that money sixty three billion dollars to buy a company that he wants to sort of hide in the back room he's pleased with their business model and what it can do for the two of them as a whole only briefly on the starbucks c.e.o. schultz and his political ambitions what do you mean. because that is a realistic. i don't know if it's realistic but it sure is. a venture for howard schultz to embark on starbucks is
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a household name he's not yes to really work hard in the next four years to get to a level where he's able to make such a bed donald trump made it from business directly without any other public office but then he went on a popular populist message it sounds like howard schultz would want to do it a much more conventional way and he needs a lot of more recognizability before he can do that only buyouts that in frankfurt for us thank you very much for your analysis. and that's all for me a fun hour bit more business later in the shelf and now it's back to our meter on call. today is the twenty ninth anniversary of this iconic scene in china and unknown man on bridges to shopping back stood in front of a line of chinese government tanks preventing them from entering beijing to nominate square just became a symbolic image the day off to students gemma demonstrations ended in
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a massacre and hundreds like even thousands of students lost their lives as two hundred thousand soldiers intervened to crush the protests. now this is a chinese artist and politicos got to nist is honoring the person who has come to be known as tank man and via social media. joins me for more on that story welcome so tell us more about this commemoration as this is by an artist a political activist who goes by chow and he's calling on people around the world to commemorate that heroic act that we just saw here's exactly what he's doing this is an online campaign he's asking people to take and post a photo of themselves holding a two shopping bags just like the tank man did back in one thousand nine hundred nine you can see as instructions here he also created some special designs for the bags and they feature censored images in china including winnie the pooh the cartoon character is banned there because it said that he resembles china's president xi jinping so far we've seen many images that are being posted in dozens
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of cities around the world including here a former student leader in those protests taking part of a woman in paris posing in front of a goddess of democracy statue of a replica was built in tiananmen square actually during those protests many other images here as well you see people wearing masks chinese citizens participating in this project not only abroad but also in china they're doing so in defiance of censorship they're keeping their identities secret they're a little bit afraid but we're seeing lots of photos just like these fascinating and the chinese government has made no mention of phenomena square why is this to such a to do subject right i mean it's almost like in china this never happened there's extreme government censorship any commemoration of the victims or the event is banned that means in public also in private so online search terms for tenement square actually censored off the internet altogether so many in china that means grow up with really no knowledge of what happened with these events and even this
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artist he told us he only recently learned about it you can hear from him he told that what he told us he actually concealed his face and his voice for his own safety. if you're in china you have almost no chance of knowing anything about what happened in one thousand nine hundred nine. china is a regime with no freedom and democracy which means any kind of social movement especially like the one that happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety is a stab in the regime's hunt. what they fear is that this can happen again and that the people will gather on the streets and reignite their passion and search for freedom and democracy. why not just like him trying to keep the memory of the tank man alive you know so difficult for for activists in china to speak out so artists now taking on more of a political role so the bottom shall actually told us that the tank man now is more relevant than ever. i want to introduce more people to this
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campaign to remember what happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety to continue the passion and the pursuit for freedom and democracy. i'm hoping that will be more tank man coming out not just tag men but tank men and tank women. now take men and take women even after twenty nine years that one man's actions still resonating around the world and still inspiring things in the country to stand up to a regime or something to say as she is authoritarian last month from a social media desk thank you very much for that thank you watching. the devaney's more coming up in looking at word environment state and lots more including get out and first we'll have more business news for you so this day with us on the news if you can.
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child pornography global crime. pedophilia networks and exploit the internet. perpetrators are aware they could be investigated and many understand they need help. with their company someone to sort out their. charges ayers the battle against child pornography. called the german string together in one nation from shanda money to chancellor o'toole from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swear always to bring my royal power to that to protect christendom and spread divine truth. on leads. you can be enemies and try to
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steer by courageous decision to tell your master that we have received the crown of the realms from god. we must peace. the germans are so different we ought to double. the plotting for the white house. rounded shape you know about the election about looking with your favor to. look to make it better to make the point that not turkey to europe the politics of the entire country champion three instruments for the last sixty years. for mines.
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this is the dow begins live from berlin i'm on the thought she must thank you for your company the top story sixty nine people have been confirmed dead in guatemala following a devastating volcanic eruption authorities say the death still is likely to rise the president has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas and court for three days of national mourning. today it is world environment day the u.n. is using the occasion to release the alarm about plastic pollution calling it a planetary crisis plastic is cheap lightweight and durable but it's generally not biodegradable needing more and will plastic raised is littering up planet the main culprits are single use caustic items which make up half of all the plastic we use in particular plastic bottles and plastic bags around the well. some one million
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plastic drinking bottles and one million plastic bags are bought every single minute and it's a problem that's blighting not just the developed world rapidly developing economies in africa and asia are generating their fair share of plastic waste in lagos nigeria an example consumers are dumping more and more plastic causing a huge headache for authorities. one time now that pascal counts the plastic bottles. he watches as a collector for recycle points a recycling company in lagos after collected the bottles he takes them to the company's recycling hard i do one taiwanese partner founded the company three years ago they recycle nine loans plastics teams and people he says they're doing their bit to protect the environment. what up with the degrees to be both wrong are both
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well you walk out with. it's regard to time whereby you try to go into what's right is that of your bringing up if you bring it up as the book is. separate from the with a lot of results to be learned for you or to be done for you want to do it it is not public so that's going to see this is a. review. after the rubbish comes in it is counted and sold said it is then compressed and the bundles are stored as raw materials to industry and the company has ten thousand people who have signed up to their services given cash gifts in exchange for their recyclable garbage the efforts of time and other small recycling companies now when you drop in the bucket compared to the states actually we still need. garbage continues to mount up and street corners and highways to me let me share so it is
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a waste management experts she says most nigerians don't give waste disposal a high priority but it is to be sort of like a pleasure says building as i toss in the last three telling people about it will be held up the road is more than a few notes and we're going to simply give you may i grieve that you know about this but it's bad for your health but that doesn't the few we've been pushed to do i think that's what he's finding about right now. so the incentives to penalties will be called sunny fifty give you i think that is a high of most household waste in legal inland fields such as this one. field is the biggest in the states but recently a beautiful harmful gas whose caused a huge fire second look at the landfill behind me two months after the fire we're still seeing the smoke it has been shut down and the government now gently has the find a more environmentally friendly option to do that earlier this year the state governments
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contracted the services of vision scape for incentive company. and now we are trying to rehabilitate his story and turn it into a park. this will contain. very good sanitary and dreams non-pros will contain a very modern. helping plant and more recycling plant for plastics found all of this argument but it will take ten years to build and the population increase by the band would have already exceeded its capacity that taliban makes no difference to a deal. he says company continues its operations despite sometimes facing harassment from the look cool thirty's doing over the state's tree. reducing the. census for the government's he's hoping this will
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allow him to expand his business and ultimately tackle the weeks of nigeria's garbage problem. and let's go to the head of the japanese environment team a saudia dean for more on this welcome son of the u.n. says plastic pollution is becoming a global crisis a global problem what kind of solutions all been developed to deal with this problem. well when you talk about solutions i think that you really need to start at the bottom which is us and the consumers of plastic so i think the first step in terms of solutions is awareness around the problem knowing the scale of the problem it is a massive global problem then of course our behavior changing our behavior and reducing our plastic usage and in that businesses have a big role to play but beyond that i think it's really important to bring it to
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a political level and that policies need to be changed and frameworks need to be changed in order to create. a more sustainable society that is not based on. incredible use of the single use plastics that we currently have but obviously telling tips to using plastic and why not also focus on bio degradable think. right plastic never actually biodegrades it just breaks into ever smaller pieces and in that sense it sticks around in our environment almost literally forever so why not look at products that do degrade that are biodegradable and in fact that's happening and there's been an explosion of proposals of innovations around these biodegradable products from edible packaging edible straws and plates made of leaves to bio based plastics and in fact there's
4:37 pm
a bio economy turning away from fossil fuels and going back to nature in the sense of getting our materials from natural places is a huge trend and has a lot of potential and the one thing mom and dad has this gag that if you're gonna really know if they refuse that is it an advice not a suggestion that people are likely to follow. well i think it's at least a good starting point to start thinking in my case you know if i if i reflect on my own behavior so i use toilet paper it comes in a plastic bag and i'm obviously i'm not going to give up using toilet paper but thinking about it you know is there a way that i can reuse the plastic bag and i thought yeah in fact the shape of it fits very well the the bin in my in my bathroom so i just cut the top box and i stuck the plastic in the bin as a bag so i turned a single use plastic to multiple use plastic so if it's not something that people
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are ready to actually do then they should at least begin to think but then of course the next step is to take action right song and head of environment thank you very much for those insights. now one man is going to extraordinary lengths to draw attention to the problem of plastic pollution long distances ben come to has set off on a nine thousand kilometer journey from japan to the u.s. he hopes to become the first person to sail across the pacific ocean he come speak of insurance co take more than six months he swam for eight hours a day accompanied by a support team scientists also follow along to research the buildup of microscopic in the water. now this is becomes treating ahead of his departure from tokyo more than six years
4:39 pm
of preparations have led to this moment finally ready to start my swim across the pacific ocean. become ses the crew on board will collect more than one thousand samples of debris for twenty seven science institutes with a huge focus on plastic pollution he'll be sharing moments of his journey on social media on of the hash tag the longest spam. now to some conventional sport football and football fever is gripping the planet just nine days before the world cup stuff germany's official was cup squad photograph has just been released and as you can see in the middle of the front again captain banu a noire and just behind him just above him is the blond you hear on bronze now he's the man who grabbed what coach york said was the last spot on the squad but everyone's talking about the one who's missing from the photo ringer
4:40 pm
leroy sonny the twenty two year old young player was pair of the year in the english premier league last season starting for manchester city but he did not make the final cut for germany's world cup team reaction has been huge and will likely grow now that sania himself a supposed on social media sunny fantasy but he said he must accept the decision he promised to bounce back and encouraged the team to go and get that title but criticism of the move is rampant former england striker gary lineker said the decision was not safe and x. bindis to go forward get. tough compared to fun is a mission with no way of being included despite not playing a competitive game since september. you're watching the news coming up ahead this year the international architecture exhibition in venice is looking at
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public space and the best ways to build for the future government from a call to desperate have more on that. but first ahead of parliamentary elections in turkey the country's currency the leader is in freefall get hot from a business says cassidy to its president i want has been struggling to stop the currency crisis ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections in less than three weeks keeping inflation down is crucial for any politician who wants to get reelected once policies have not been successful so the lira could determine the president's fate. shoppers have plenty of options in istanbul's famed markets but there's less money in the pockets of turkish shoppers and that despite a supposedly strong economy the upswing is yet to register here. hundred fifty grams of cheese cost twelve lire today it was five just three months ago.
4:42 pm
everything is more expensive the dollar is climbing and climbing the election is coming up how is this supposed to go on. the lira has lost nearly twenty percent of its value since the beginning of the year the euro currently costs five lira and thirty one cents turkey central bank raised interest rates in an emergency move several days ago president otherwise a friend of lower interest rates kept quiet but urged his countrymen to remain loyal to the turkish currency. don't invest your leader in foreign currencies keep your lira only then can we show the national resolve that is our duty to the fatherland according to heir to one a foreign conspiracy is behind the crisis in reality turkey is a prosperous country whose economy is in full bloom he maintains. he points to mega projects like the third boss bruce bridge or the new istanbul airport scheduled to
4:43 pm
open later this year as the world's largest turkey's economy grew by more than seven percent last year but experts warn that the upswing is all on loan. every investment made in recent years was financed by debt which our kids and grandchildren have to repay sure we're building bridges we're building tunnels but we're not building with our money we're spending money today that we only might be able to recoup at some point from these projects in the future. the german firm nordics builds wind turbines in turkey business virtually disappeared after the attempted coup two years ago but things have turned around since the beginning of the year and yet investors have been hesitant since the announcement of elections. this. puts this. process is now much slower investors take a look and think for a moment and say let's make our decision after the elections and that's why there's a distinct slowdown. everyone is added to the uncertainty with
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a sharp statements during the campaign he announced that he would personally take over interest rate decisions following his reelection something the central bank handles independent of the president the finance world was alarmed. a country in which there's no trust in the rule of law and that constantly provokes the west just to appease its core voters that's not a country that makes foreign investors feel very confident to get to the next that situation as a strategic move in early election before discontent. stretched to grow might be smarter than a later one but it could still be a close one for everyone june twenty fourth. police are searching the tokyo headquarters and four other facilities of japanese still make a coby still in connection with the company's false vocational product inspection data investigators launched the raid on tuesday the company's downs accused of violating competition rules we had submitted to some documents on
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a terry basis but prosecutors now suspect company executives were involved in data tampering coby posted its first annual profit in three years just over a month ago. the government in britain has sold two point nine billion euros worth of its shares in the row bank of scotland it sold the shares overnight for around half of what it paid when bailing out r.b.s. in two thousand and eight the decision to sell off its stake was taken three years ago but the plan was only partially carried out then because of the lenders low short share price the government is set to sell the rest of its sixty two percent stake in r.b.s. over the next few years. german car parts make a continental is cracking down on employees' use of social media services it says the new e.u. data protection rules could cause it to accidentally break the law to be on the safe side continental has banned what's up and snapshot on thirty six thousand
4:46 pm
company own mobile phone continentals management things that the two apps pose a big risk mostly because they store user data on their own so it's the new e.u. regulations that came into effect late last month establish a europe wide rules for data storage and stronger penalties on misuse. and that's all your business it's over to read. given this now why the sixteenth ocular to vienna is underway and has opened to the public but before it did there was a competition and an international duty awarded the golden lions in various categories to participants from the sixty four countries taking pot job and method from mccutcheon desk is here to tell us more welcomed robin so who won the top prize for the best national of india and switzerland zip zero for best national
4:47 pm
pavilion they got to. see now a colleague run a trial about who's quite good it's good that he's there because you can see the dog mentions back said this is the swiss national prevail you know possibly you're not seeing him say i was in wonderland. travels film or something like that it tackles the critical issues of scale in domestic space and this is how the dog is in the palm with ordinary things are the shrunk all and large and it shows quite simply how architecture can hinder or help those and i think it shows and quite amusing what is absolutely and important is the b.n. . because we have all these octaves from all of the world with their amazing designs but how does it affect us what he does of it does affect doesn't it will affect us in the future i think although there are a lot of fantastical constructions. and all of the the the theme this year is in total free space and it's been interpreted in different ways by different people to
4:48 pm
some public space samas how space can be used in our homes and as we know more immoral people are moving into big cities so there's less space so architects are going to have a lot to do with how the quality of our life is because we're going to be living in smaller rooms she's that's rather depressing is that. you know they really are going to shape how and where we live in the future anyway let's have a look of the be a novel. if what you're looking for is breathtaking architecture you might just be in the wrong place. free space is open playful and creative the architects designers and planners are interested in creating buildings for people and cosign. at the hong kong pavilion an optimistic look into the future here high rises it seems is the only option for
4:49 pm
more space in hong kong's densely populated territory. can we think about greenery sustainability can we plant trees in the tower and a lot more public spaces for all the citizens in the tower that need to have a change on regulation that technological wise is that really possible when tower are that close you can easily link them up a year provide more planes and platforms and we wish hong kong and the world to have a new discourse on the design of towers in contrast the argentinian pavilion resembles the country's legendary pumper it pays homage to the vast expanse that allows nature and built up areas to co-exist side by side. this filigree wooden latter is set in the middle of the venetian park is actually a christian chapel commissioned by the vatican it's the work of star british
4:50 pm
architect so norman foster. there's a deliberate ambiguity between being enclosed but also being aware of all of this rather beautiful side this year has been our isn't usually coherent and seeks to answer many of the big housing questions of our time. the project star apartments office housing solutions behind this people in los angeles prefabricated modular units arranged to bump an open communal floor. the venice me and provides an alternative view of architecture one that displays great attention to detail about the does not set in stone allowing for change and free space. fascinating and the little bit about the german national pavilion which has the and usually the title of the new building
4:51 pm
voice well i'm usually perhaps but always is a bit of a reference to the wool the famous in wool that divided this city some years ago while talking about some years it's twenty eight years since the burden wolf and it stood for twenty eight years search says significant anniversary and the german pavilion is actually showcasing twenty eight projects now one of the main ones is this black wool easy's which we think is solid but if we move the camera bit you see it's not a wall of told it's actually the planes and the wall exists but it doesn't it's a metaphor if you like for walls that exist in people's heads perhaps as we know there are divisions to this day between east and west here in this country and that still remains but here in people's heads at least after all these twenty eight is talking about walls and architecture and things it's been curated by the way the
4:52 pm
whole germ of it is courageous by unconventional architectural company here building colegrove ok so more on your website robyn absolutely dismal on the website d.w. dot com more importantly if people are interested in that the program that we show every week featuring rival trouble. is the whole program this week is the architecture be another so i know you've got to watch out if you think you know i love i'd love to say yes and if anybody else does the whole half hour votes are you on a very little on the web side t.w. dot com great to have you on the program. finally from me grab yourself a paper hat and a slice of cake and if you want a glass of champagne if he'd obviously sixty fifth birthday we've gone from a radio station that started off the second world war to a multimedia broadcast of beaming content around the was it's an anniversary that
4:53 pm
even jim is john flick joining in celebrating at a birthday party for deed in belin. anglo-american probably welcome the chance to take a beautiful break from the usual political disagreements and celebrate a positive the sixty fifth anniversary of germany's foreign public broadcaster vela at the official ceremony the chancellor stressed the need for reliable information in an age of distortion and propaganda and are starting to do it so we can say that starts developing is a success story in the name of the entire government i'd like to offer you our heartfelt congratulations keep plugging away and but you can celebrate a bit today as well in. america took time to learn about some of the w.'s initiatives he signed to combat misinformation and fake news. that's one of many things that has changed since t w first went on air in one
4:54 pm
thousand nine hundred fifty three. in the early days only broadcast in german and fire radio. today it's become a global media player employing journalists from sixty different countries in berlin and the w. has come a long way. from outside gobsmacked then it was just german and just shortwave these days we have thirty languages and use all the media under the sun or t.v. radio social media whatever you want so you can see that things have changed radically. firsthand information remains as important as ever t w correspondence fire reports from all over the world whether it's the middle east africa or the u.s. more than one hundred fifty million people use d.w. content every week congratulations poured in from various corners of the globe. congratulations to dortch of ella for sixty five great years here's to the next
4:55 pm
sixty five. and. wish you all the best. always stay objective and up to date. greetings to doto villa. for the sixty five years of excellent service in providing news information to people around the world. the german parliament plan to increase funding for g.w. as a way of promoting the values of an open society. with that promise the chancellor departed back to the daily political fray. we'll continue reporting on this and other topics. and independently. so it is happy birthday for more on good news past and present you can check out our website those digs out the dot com slash sixty five i'm logical i have some champagne for you gave me the cue in a few minutes with any of. the
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child pornography. crime. pedophilia networks exploit the internet. perpetrators are aware they could be investigated and many understand they need help. with a company someone who sought out therapy. charges irish the battle against child pornography. w. . the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web but it shows new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents no reason is fine it's. simply looks over the shoulders of makers and users. shifts
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in forty five minutes dollars. higher and higher further and further going to turn here and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style. a business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth on t.w. . you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the first six which was for the bridge but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like us. our reporters travel to nairobi and work and meet
4:59 pm
people who know the true value of courage. it has created a surprising parallel economy. what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war korea the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to as want here because we're tired. and actually disrupt an economy. the rich. truck exclusive report starting june eleventh on g.w. .
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visited only news live from almost a year after its recaptured from the islamic state militant group the iraqi city of mosul is still in ruins in an exclusive report d.w. meets the people clearing the corpses that still lie amid the rubble more than a thousand have been recovered so far also on the program. the death toll in guatemala small kind of corruption crisis brian says so far she say at least sixty people on down the tracks rescue workers still hope to find people on the higher.


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