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tv   Kick off - What were YOU doing - World Cup Memories  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of the african youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of these platforms africa is charging. around to see read about adonis got the ball he dribbles it past the english players one comes up from behind the dodges the next one passes the defense reaches the goal the goalie comes out but mara down a doesn't strike dribbles the ball past the goalkeeper two and then in it goes the most beautiful goal ever go look in both.
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the hole move took exactly ten point two seconds. and so he created a work of art. for the image becomes indelible and becomes history. it was very upset and out of time and i was trying. hard. to believe the. world cup. squad. was genuinely a unique and beautiful moment. against as its one to feel sexual tension came from watching together. the most so you're traveling somewhere driving around and you meet someone who's a football fan someone who loves the world cup that you can ask them what they were doing.
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and i. thought i knew every german player i knew what they look like and how they played and the fact that they were world champions really meant something to say it was as if they were my friends i'm being brought up book was there something better. to them finn from says no it's infantile one nine hundred fifty four world cup was the first post-war tournaments germany took part and i was twelve years old at the time in my mind the older generation was completely occupied with the reconstruction effort the war was over people were saving money and football wasn't very important to them and they would have never dreamt that football could help germany regain some respect the entire time and bought one for the eyes and bomber whom my father
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worked for the railways in whose him he was a mid-level civil servant and there were strict family rules that this is like trying to get as good marks as possible at school knew because that was the best way of being left alone and being allowed out to play in soviet and going out metal playing football on the street cruising whatever we could find in cans chestnut's rarely a ball sometimes a pig's bladder in terms of sports my whole childhood was about football as a radio and football to have a spot on. the saudi one. day but god knows the bank of good in battle there's a speed of the first i bet matches the southeast and guides down the only guy on the product that is the bad sim on. the tactics that just puts the lie down on top unfortunately the day of the final was a sunday and the rule. well in our house was that by parents would go for
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a walk about the world just to come but for some strange reason they made no move to go off into the forest or the fields and leave me with the radio off. i had no idea what my father was thinking thus my first start he was not a big football fan of his but and he was also moody and if he were in a bad mood he wouldn't let me listen to much or he would have put marching tunes or something like bad on the radio courts so i had to leave the house and it was shortly before kick off and i had no idea where to go the streets were empty. and you know about it by the shop that's just i don't even send up film stuff is that if this. god awful lighting stuff not going to survive the funding on the field i'm focused on the fulfillment i had it would be a bank and would be the be to young not but i thought i mean we made things even when we were in for it so no put down and motley fool. i suddenly heard
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a voice from my window saying klaus i thought it was you and i looked up and saw a woman twice my age mid twenty's or something that i'd seen her before and then i realized she had been to our house she was a girlfriend of one of my older brothers or ex-girlfriend that would ex-husband and i said i don't know where to listen so she told me to come in. take the stuff if believe me it's a big one and that's very much it's most recent not solved by. the packets ahead must be some. consternation on the south transponder with a known god she put a couple of cookies out the match had already started hungary was leading to melt suppose that at half time i talked to were a bit about food because it was a strange situation me as a twelve year old because of course i have sex. well fantasies at that age but that
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was not the way things developed after the fall of the congress kind of sexual tension came from watching the game together and to push. off this was the. law. they might try that if this route got mostly begun. and. when you listen to the radio commentary you imagine you can see the match if you really believe you can but what you see is a product of your own imagination if you have the images of the team members but you're playing yourself you have the moves that you imagine you're one of the players such as this which is just the wrong goal utter joy i wanted. to have that daughter going and she started sharing i had no idea how she felt about football and from scratch from god through pride could not be proud of.
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and then we were counting the minutes we couldn't wait for the final whistle and my heart was pounding during these couple of minutes out of your thoughts about chick . god i did. not and that. it's my don't think i ever saw her again is no i don't know if she moved away or what she did but it was a unique and beautiful moment with a beautiful stranger who was never again present in my life it was a little love affair brought on by football although it was never a real affair at all let's call it a football love. politicians are muslim.
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when. five hundred sixty six world cup took place i didn't follow football a little. amount i went aboard stuff from the pet shop shops were completely deserted in nineteen sixty six. so nine hundred seventy was the first time i'd ever watched the world cup so that was why it meant something to me and of course i believed that england would do well because of how we were in one nine hundred sixty six without any. knowledge of for size to what would happen in the coming years your.
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i think always supports our hearts and i because i just. tried on for over thirty years i saw a team to support for all three of the cups and things they tried to city things are fair but they have a winter. and they still managed to lose three two there's always an element of comedy aside for some really high profile that really i think. turned nineteen some to world cup i was twelve. generally from my father but i visited my mother sometimes that we can. and she had a color television which is quite rare in those days so now it's very useful for they woke up p.c. . only white people wearing a really. good night. i only remember that it was a very sunny day and i think the kickoff was cool it must have been an oft
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afternoon kick off in mexico but i think it was it was early thing in england so. i just remember watching the game i play my mum who was present but not watching the m.r.i. my mother's husband he was watching it but he wasn't interested because he preferred for a play and we did have a german dog he was german speaking da shy and and i think he was called fritz. whom aboud law a lot very clearly. that came suddenly when england's why. i was on a motorway score in the first go and then just after half time martin piece has scored the second goal my mohsen pizza's was also
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a lucky woman because martin peaches scored in the one nine hundred sixty six world cup so things were looking very good but then. i think stan minutes or so later germany scored their first go to the barber had got to get that it was a little bit lights of the second go. was loose it was too will by the time it got to extra time. i was. i think i realized that there was it's not very likely would win and win the game and then. the score last night was race out because i've often been. to know i had i assure you that there was no way we could possibly leads the day. and it was fairy upset in time and i
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was crying. not my do while i said something because it's the fifth. inning. speaking fritz i was frightened displeased with him i remember telling him off i was a. paper nobody else was high six my mother she wasn't all that. there was just me that was frail i'm afraid i was the really the end of world cup hopes probably of. before have a. nice and tight quiet long time off to the game so there is no link between the game against germany on
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the west germany and the dogs i and bridget bit died and not show crawls this is nothing to me nobody ever proved anything anyway. the point of the liberal and i don't know. after the game they asked metro donna how he scored the first goal and he said it was the hand of god. if you got up with the response was as good as they come. and it was a really argentinean thing to say i mean you know you often talk about the hand of god. i need the hand of god to guide me but i'm going to show you. that he's you know ideals. at the time of the game i was nineteen i was
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a university student. and i was a midfielder. we had to keep our passion for football a secret. because it was still frowned upon intellectually. mentally. and. in the time democracy had just been restored. the country had been democratic for a year and a half or two you're having been a dictatorship for more than ten years. out of nine hundred seventy eight we won a world cup during that military dictatorship you know ok speaking of politics. we felt it was somehow a shame to a one the world cup at home during a dictatorship. but today i want to talk about the nine hundred eighty six
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argentina england quarterfinal i think i mean that. goes into that and they say. i had just been sacked on the day of argentina's first match in the world cup. i don't think argentina won three one against korea but if you want to go ahead like any other day i want to work out of the i mean. i was told i'd been dismissed when you got and they were going to give me some money which i was quite happy about it when i bought a round isolating nato because of the money. and secondly because i had the month off and could relax and watch the world cup at home without any guilt whatsoever. and that's what i did go and see and hear. yes i did so. i was at my uncle's house with my whole family. has been my dream but the first
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half was a bruising encounter. remember that i went to have a kick around at half time to calm myself down because there were just forty five minutes left. in the deal and the fate of argentina was being decided right at that moment when one of the single me nor does he see why if you need a look he wasn't going to deny his own mental so we sat down in front of the t.v. again. and donald and it happened five minutes into the second half of the single minute on what later became known as the hand of god they said going to seal the book one on one of the o's the one that it was. was the was the zyklon b. and i don't know if he believes in law but i want to see enough quarter where he going that i think you know donna ran forward and when the goalkeeper jumped he jumped too and he seemed like he was about to head the ball. but instead he tapped the ball with his hand. you feel he pulled it off brilliantly it was almost
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invisible gus in the same way done to it was so invisible that the ref didn't see that he scored with his hand before going on. in other places but i'm grabbing my knees in other countries like germany for instance or tomorrow it would be unthinkable for a player to score a goal with his hand and for people to love him for it said inconceivable to me and because german people don't like little tricks like that and i'm bob the big ai that i'm done. but also seen in march so it was a very argentinian scam you know and the you know. they know when i was going to say we need but it wouldn't have been easy to defend when i'm alone either for mara donna or you or for argentina if you see it is not going to happen. if you hadn't also scored the second goal that matches and i know and i think one of the right. that was the whole move took exactly ten point two seconds and every argentinian knows it was
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the. was the moment degree one of those it was an incredible moment when he dribbled past the third player we were all glued to our seats at home because we knew what was coming and he was unstoppable and we don't want to go in the end argentina one two one. he of course and i mean i knew i wasn't the only other we made it to the semis and then the final and we won the world cup for the whole month and then to a mono game i think that broke a taboo finally you could tell the world that you loved football without shame when you could be an intellectual read write and also watch football and where there are some way of communicating in them in some way but a footballer can't believe the most out of everyone could be a fan from that moment on thanks tamara donna i want to see now what i love meryl
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donna. airco i love football that the boy think i am and they want it all for those of you comment he would respond to questions poetically and philosophically now would i be out of there plus he was an artist and i would die out of him because a second goal was a work of art and. it made his people happy. we that match was almost more important than the final but i meant it when in the final. four of them they said but of the other must be one one on the left or whatever and i want to. believe it's not a leather ball that either rolls into the net or doesn't when you really watch it it's totally absurd but that's the charm i don't see that people find something that's actually completely uninteresting and hype it up like crazy.
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because what i remember is that final match of the one nine hundred ninety four world cup in italy against brazil playing in the u.s. for me that's also the match that was the subject of my documentary which looked at how people all over the world reacted to the match if you know who's the fight the film is called the final kick which is almost a prophetic name because at the end by joan would mrs penalty in the end that was the final kick so to speak. we decided to match the final. final pick the school and she'd had. a film student i was still a film student who was studying in top ones university of applied sciences and art
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from a still a complete green art. was basically my first serious film post that i started very small up in first i rode my bike to the main post office there was a room with all the phone books from across germany in this because. that's how they did back then bored self. so i got the addresses of a. sixty different embassies and wrote to all of them. and i told them i wanted to make a film and ask them if they could give me the addresses of local filmmakers. and then i borrowed five hundred dollars francs from my father for postage. through a portal on the way this week i wrote a letter describing the project and sen all the filmmakers the preparation took two years on the match itself was so exciting that i was almost beside myself and i was taking place. i knew that by the forty teams all over the world were filming for me
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. i was incredibly nervous because i know well i had no idea what was going to do with. teams had really truly outstanding defenses and that's why the match dragged on like it did at this. moment with you know there were one or two really close calls when someone almost scored a goal as it. wasn't us today. there were some stretches where i almost lost faith in the project i thought my god
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this is going to be boring just do something someone please just shoot a goal and become world champion. was the gaps of little india and then they went into overtime and nothing happened i just ran back and forth and tried this and tried that and nothing worked so i went to penalties. had a minor injury he probably shouldn't even have taken that shot but he did anyway for you must have been a fire the ball way over the box i thought close. supply it was a thought it was tragic of course because he was the linchpin of italian soccer back and forth and of that squad. this is before him in the match was over and i was at my wits end at least i reduced the game i went for a walk and thought that's it this will be the worst film ever it's the slim stiffened in seeing a mother. on the ground in the tapes john arriving day after day it was like
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christmas i opened the packages and popped them in the viewer and thought wow unbelievable. that. was. my film was shown in all forty countries it won the german drama award which was also fantastic for me as a film student who hadn't graduated yet. then there was a better than any degree this out so simple. then once believed that if they're going to go on the tenth minute the film would have been nearly as good. once demonstrating that it's and i thought i would know when the warriors
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head to the halls of that would have been the end for me on some one thousand stuff for me some. guns guns you don't want a lot of doors for a month. and i heard it all rather the two teams that are good for me. coming. so you're traveling somewhere driving around and you meet someone who's a football fan someone who loves the world cup of. you can always ask them what were you doing in one nine hundred ninety where did they watch the match you can talk about matches that took place twenty years ago. when you know that they're just sitting in their living on right now watching the matches there's something really nice about their imagined self isn't all that important what's important is knowing everyone is there for the next ninety minutes all over the world and what matters is this ridiculous leather ball. there's something very powerful human
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about that because it shows that people everywhere are basically all the same they all go to work they have to eat they're happy when their children are healthy. and they enjoy watching the final match of the world cup. experience something very interesting about that. the be. the be . the be the be the be the
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best . the be. the best. climate change the boot environmental pressures. of globalization. biodiversity species conservation exploitation the quality. of human rights the been displaced the be global local actually. three thousand and thirty minutes on.
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global inequality. connected well. when difference in the balance disadvantage is the beauty of strongly the moment of the media the bowler the discussion and have your say the budget. let's blame the media form twenty one thousand think this needs. higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes bitter truth. manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style a business worth millions but just how murky is the world of sports and reality. dirty games starting june sixth t w.
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i want to see what's going on the knowledge of the emergence of that you know what you have to do to fight it. the sharp microscope of that big bend the knowledge there would come better and better and better over the years we were in the bad fall for example of a viral infection but both molecular did though and therefore you a lot of a lot of the five did much noisily work speculate about what's going on in twenty fifty i can't imagine that it will lead to that because the got much better and then to do with the number of cancer cases there is you know pretty good image of much more fulfilling life because many defeated shortcomings called the fading and the counter act that the law degree had to go but they had to crawl along the field in the life.
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this is the dubliners live from to hear from the islamic state militant group the iraqi city of mosul is still in ruins and i'm exclusive report d.w. means the people clearing the corpses that still lie amongst the rubble more than a thousand of them accomplished some from also on the program.


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