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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is. from marilyn the death that still lingers in moe's will almost a year after its recapture from islamic state militant group we take you back to the iraqis that in an exclusive report d w meets the people clearing the corpses that still lie amid the rubble more than a thousand have been recovered so far also coming up. the death toll in guatemala the volcanic eruption crisis rises with already saying at least sixty nine people are dead rescue workers and still hope to find people. and behind the scenes of
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a rocket launch d.w. visits black who are in kazakhstan as an international space station crew prepares to blast. i'm off it's good to have you with us it has been almost a year since iraqi troops retort the northern city of moves over from islamic state jihad as in iraq mosul is one of iraq's biggest cities and strategically important because of its oil despite that much of the old city still lies in ruins and amid the rubble there are bodies. reporter karim has been speaking to aid workers in mosul and he said as this exclusive report we have pixilated some of the disturbing images. the smell of death
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is everywhere. it's like an open air symmetry nearly a year after the battle between the so-called islamic state and iraqi troops and the corpses still fill the streets. we meet me the young nurse has volunteered to help remove the bodies. and this old house in this room we found one hundred fifty corpses they were all shot in the head they're all here yes. the stench is hard to take it fills your nostrils and chill now because we took away all a body instead we burned the room and to sanitize it but how did they all say that . they were laying it out for one on top of another man the women and children. there are still bones here there was talk to the blankets. anyone passing by can
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see the corpses under the rubble. with the bodies. a girl's hair still stuck to her abaya. the volunteers have removed one thousand three hundred fifty bodies so far. the old city in mosul was an eye stronghold sometimes they also find dead fighters. with isis was responsible for your sister's death correct go on initially and today you are removing the bodies of some of their fighters what goes through your mind when you do just. you know this is their place and this is where they deserve to end up ahead of i lost my sister she has a great i can visit her to find his remains and that without a grave the fact that i get to remove their bodies is my biggest revenge fighting them with a weapon is exactly what they want they want us to be inhumane they want us to
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fight each other. it's life threatening work for the volunteers there could be unexploded bombs anywhere and they've why don't you wait till the area is secure not and then remove the bodies were not security officials many times nobody wants to do this and no one wants to come here. families can't identify their loved ones because ofa lack of forensic medicine. you have to shift how do you make people hunting for their relatives and i've seen women older men who come looking for their dead children they say their children died here but they're not sure if this is the exact place because everything's been in place or a sense of. what shocks you about all of this it is the bodies of women and children. this may even mall is that no one asks about them not even the government. three thousand people remain missing their
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bodies likely somewhere here beneath the rubble. well israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that he has not asked france to pull out of the international nuclear deal with iran that's in yahoo met with french president today in paris part of his efforts to get european allies to take a tougher line on iran but at a joint press conference netanyahu said that there was no need for france to abandon the nuclear accord he says that if sanctions against tehran are strong enough economic pressure will cause the deal to collapse. it was over the other stories now that are making headlines around the world russian president vladimir putin has told austria's chords that his country is interested in repairing ties with the european union mr putin has been meeting with austrian leaders on his first foreign trip since israel lection putin also called for europe to lift its
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same shit against russia ethiopia says. it's ending a decades long dispute over its shared border with eritrea the two countries have feuded over the issue for more than twenty years and they even went to war over it in one nine hundred ninety eight now ethiopia says it will fully accept a un deal put forward in two thousand and two to divide up the contested territory between the two countries. the fashion designer kate spade best known for her line of sleek handbags has died at the age of fifty five in an apparent suicide police say that her housekeeper found her body in her new york apartment on tuesday morning a note was reportedly also found at the scene. of the death toll from guatemala as devastating volcano eruption has risen to sixty nine authorities are warning that number is likely to increase as rescue workers continue with the search one of mahler's for waco volcano which means volcano
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a fire is one of central america's most active volcano sunday's eruption was its biggest in more than forty years now president has declared a state of emergency and called for three days of mourning. everyone. amid the tragedy there are moments like this. baby pulled alive from the wreck of a mountainside home and i don't know. colleagues to come over to share in a moment that makes this complex rescue effort. you know i think i wonder why we have what i guess. this is a risky operation more eruptions could happen at any time rescuers are having to tread quickly and carefully over still smoldering terrain. the weather could also hinder their efforts in what is
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a race against time. during the next five days it will rain harder which could become a problem. if. there's a danger of mudslides because of all the debris from the volcano that's been left in the ravines and the rivers. sunday's eruption caught many by surprise a fast explosion was followed by a strong second one people scrambling for cover searing horse hash gas and other deadly perils down the mountain a toxic mix that made this eruption particularly dangerous. and this was the grim aftermath of dead bodies so thickly coated with ash they resembled statues in some cases the task of identifying bodies dead or alive almost impossible. grandchild fifteen and another eight year old. that's what i came to see if i could . hear lord
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i have nothing i don't even have clothes to change into. scene from the size of the affected area becomes clear. it will be three days of national mourning. the funerals here have already started but as the chance of finding survivors diminishes there are likely to be many more to come. oh in a few hours astronauts and cosmonauts will blast off to start six months on the international space station the crew comprising a russian an american and a german who will take off from the city of baikonur in kazakhstan and that city was made famous during soviet times he. takes us tonight to the watch site. i mean by cornu are at the world's largest spaceport cause more drama as it's
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called here in the middle of the. nowhere in the world launches as many spacecraft as of this place thus even as the russian cosmonaut humor regarding the first human in space to cough from here. there are just a few hours left until the launch. of a special train brinks of the soyuz spacecraft to the ram. security is tight especially i was told because there is a danger of espionage and here comes the rocket of a long shot at seven o'clock in the morning. right up until takeoff technicians work in the rocket and recheck everything
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meticulously because of the actual launch is one of the most dangerous moments of the whole flight obviously the launch is one of the more risky phases but it's also something the crew is really looking forward to to experience these incredible forces that push the humans from the surface of this planet into orbit it's remarkable the g. loads it's pretty quick less than nine minutes from lift off until you reach the weightlessness and you are traveling with almost twenty eight thousand kilometers per hour it's something to look forward to on earth these flights to other astronauts are on board alongside of the german commander alexander garrisoned at the russian sergei prokofiev and the u.s. american syriana a non chancellor of this group in a mansion owned this you guys is it's always been a pleasure. it's really with our families in the region that we'll meet in time you
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know and it's like we're in the weekend to introduce rooms to most of this new medium and you can say no these guys are and still they know their job and. nothing to worry about. the big moment is approaching and then all systems go everything is ready for space. and all systems are ready for the world cup as well with germany squad now finalized for the world cup in russia the twenty three players they've returned to the training field with renewed focus and the uncertainties among the squad over who would fly to russia have vanished and the mine shaft as they're known have bell set their sights firmly on defending their talk. with the competition just to make the squad now over the focus for the german players and coaches is cohesiveness and team building
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starting with the get together for the official team photo. thought it would be this no one they and all of germany hope will adorn kids' rooms office desks and sports memorabilia stores for decades should this team and its coach win a second straight world cup life definitive definitive finish it definitely won't be easy a soccer world cup is incredibly intense it lasts four weeks. and civil it will feel welcome good no but i think is the world champions it's even more difficult because as world champions are always being chased. is this the group to pull off the first successful defense of a world championship in more than five decades brazil last performed the trick in one thousand nine hundred sixty two the ball will have to bounce the right way for germany. given that we simply want to win because we know that we can be good enough and because it's not so much fun to do well in
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a tournament like this. and i think we have the right means for it both on an athletic and tactical level but it's up to us to implemented the final twenty three on the german squad had north from their italian training grounds to home turf in labor who is in for a final warm up against saudi arabia on friday that before the flight to moscow where the title defense begins in earnest against mexico on june seventeenth. well there's been a huge shock in the french open with italian chicken up though knocking out novak djokovic to progress to the semifinals checking out those spring a huge surprise by taking the first two sets before djokovic head back to win the third but the momentous upset was completed in the fourth chicken not so winning a tie break to secure his place in the final four he now faces austria's dominique teen. don't forget you
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