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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2018 1:00am-1:03am CEST

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i wonderful way to transport energy from one place to another so let's make those investments now so that we all know things that we need to own when the time comes . volcano is continuing to burst rocks and ash nearly two days after a major eruption killed at least seventy people rescue workers are still searching for survivors and bodies and authorities have warned the number of dead will likely rise the president. has called for three days of mourning. fashion designer kate spade has been found dead in her new york apartment police are investigating her death as an apparent suicide kate spade was one of the
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biggest names in american fashion and was best known for her line of signature handbags she was fifty five years old. discreet film producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and sexual assault allegedly committed against two women there the first cases involving him to be tested in a criminal court scores of other accusers have come forward weinstein denies any wrongdoing. ethiopia's says it's ending the dispute over its shared border with eritrea after decades of conflict the government says it will fully accept a u.n. deal to split the contested territory between the two countries the move was initiated by ethiopia's new prime minister amid.
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american bourbon whiskey and cheese will get more expensive in mexico now as the mexican government introduces retaliate tory tariffs at the u.s. could this be donald trump's chance to finally get rid of the nafta agreement. calls on the show less than three weeks before kill lections and turkey inflation is hitting consumers can everyone wind with angry voters. it's time for business on d. w. and how you got to get us welcome to the show after the u.s. slaps tariffs on mexican steel and aluminum mexico's now retaliating with tariffs on american farm and steel products poor bourbon whiskey cheese steel and motorboats say students of twenty to twenty five percent analysts say trump could use mexico's retaliation to finally rip up the nafta trade deal between mexico canada and the u.s. economic advisor larry kudlow said today that the president would prefer to negotiates.


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