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this is the news coming through. the kindle fire again spreading panic in guatemala as people. still reaches seventy five with almost two hundred people still missing the landscape blanketed because of ash and mobs also coming up. all systems go german astronaut alexander gas and his crew on the bottom blast off from
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international the international space station they've got plenty of experiments to carry out including preparing for future missions to mars. and disappointment for israeli fans of soccer star messi argentina council there was warm up match in jerusalem because of trash from the honest in the hands. hello and welcome. in guatemala fresh flows of superheated ashen mocking the volcano fire has forced more people to feed their homes officials now say that at least seventy five people have been killed since the volcano began. at the weekend and almost two hundred more are still missing apologies have issued new evacuation orders and residents have begun to panic about what's to come.
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fleeing the disaster zone. people left their homes as fast as they could taking with them only what they could carry on their own. many hoping for a quick escape or slowed down by clogged roads. authorities issued evacuation orders for half a dozen villages after increased volcanic activity on tuesday raising the threat of further lava flows and hot ash. there were reports of panic but others tried not to . like the truth is you don't know what to do. i think what we have to do is to be calm and traded. i. want to feel those made homeless have been turning to emergency shelters they're depending on authorities to take care of their immediate needs. it's
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a pity and we're hoping the government will help us we don't have anywhere to stay we've lost everything our land our homes he couldn't take anything with us. back in the disaster area many homes have been buried by ash. rescue crews are looking for survivors and victims but they acknowledge their progress has been slowed due to the dangerous terrain. but also to our manual say that the first response is supposed to be within seventy two hours. what hasn't been taken into account is the factors holding back our work. like volcanic material at high temperatures we're talking between four hundred seven hundred degree celcius. the area around the volcano is normally lush farmland but where the ash has fallen it now looks more like a lunar landscape. and for more let's go in and ruben to measure from the national
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federation of the red cross in geneva this is the middle we've had they've been new volcanic eruptions in guatemala you know in close contact with workers on the ground what are they telling you yes very good morning well as you mentioned yesterday more explosions from the volcano where gold were reported and of course as far have a question for at least another six communities the recent rains which we all saw were concerned about also cause grew for collapse in much plates which was one of our concerns as well how is the situation who actually be the washing in what amount of cross and our colleagues in the field continue responding to the lifesaving activities and urgent needs inclusively of course monitoring the situation because still not over. the number of evacuees is increasing so far it's over three thousand two hundred in different emergency shelters where direct cross
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as well as other human don't organizations are present providing lifesaving assistance and basic call in the basic needs in these very difficult times so what are your most urgent priorities in helping survivors in the coming days. but immediate priorities right in those affected with the medical care with a safe selter food and water we must not forget the psychosocial support that is to needed in these very difficult times and of course the families one of the services that the red cross provides to try to link families and those disappear let's remember the sort of two hundred and sixteen year old missing at this stage how to connect the families in this. fine times and what are the living challenges that your aid workers are facing in the region. well i think it's a challenge for all of us the access and obviously the volatility of the situation
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where we see increasing numbers of people being acquitted and more need of support for that is fundamental and i think it is working with congress. because the nation among all the humanitarian actors there in order to avoid any any duplicates and ensure that no one is left behind with no access to basic humanitarian assistance who can remember from the international federation of red cross in geneva thank you very much for talking to d.w. thank you very much. let me not bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild in the u.s. state of hawaii doesn't seem to have been destroyed by the new lava flows from the killer we kid no i thought you sent some visitors who have chosen not to evacuate had to be rescued by helicopter the killer whale has now destroyed almost two hundred properties since it began erupting on hawaii's big island last month.
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in china's state media say that more than twenty people have been rescued after a blast at an i and all mine trapped underground eleven before the killed in the explosion in a province on tuesday and two more are still missing china's mines are some of the deadliest in the wild. german president trungpa steinmeyer has lead to research at the monument commemorating the jewish uprising in the warsaw ghetto in the second world war it's the last day off a two day trip to poland by the german head of state during which he stressed the importance of democracy and the rule of law. germany's mcelwee field questions from lawmakers in the chanceless first ever q. and a session in the bundestag it's a new format brought in by the governing coalition that took office in march the parliamentary question time is shared due to take place three times
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a year. well the countdown has started in just about an hour's time a multinational crew of astronauts will blast off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan on a mission to the international space station german astronaut alexander gast is copilot of the sorries spacecraft that will take them to the i assessed it will be his second mission to the orbiting lab there and you take them on to this his crew will conduct a host of experiments including some into the effects of stress on the human immune system and that's important for future missions to mars. is at the launch site in by canoe and sent us this report. i mean by cornu or at the world's largest spaceport to cause more drama as it's called here in the middle of the. nowhere in the world launches as many spacecraft as of this place thus even as the
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russian cost more nor to human regarding the first human in space to call from here . a special training brinks of this so you spacecraft to the ramp security is tight especially i was told because there is a danger of espionage and here comes the rocket with a long shot at seven o'clock in the morning. right up until takeoff technicians work in the rocket and recheck everything meticulously because the actual launch is one of the most dangerous moments of the whole flight obviously the launch is one of the more risky phases but it's also something the crew is really looking forward to to experience these incredible
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forces that push the humans from the surface of this planet into orbit it's remarkable the g. loads it's pretty quick less than nine minutes from lift off until you reach the weightlessness and you are traveling with almost twenty eight thousand kilometers per hour it's something to look forward to on earth these flights to other astronauts are on board alongside of the german commander alexander garrisoned at the russian sergei prokofiev and the u.s. american syrian aidan chancellor you know this really can imagine how these two guys is it's always been a pleasure three unity really one of them new solution we're almost in time. you know it's like we're over the weekend on trips around so most are going to let me leave and that's because i know that these guys are fantastic in order job. so i have nothing to worry about. to speak moment is approaching and abandon
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all systems go everything is ready for space. now the european space agency is holding an event at berlin's zeiss major planetarium did i miss a bunny is there for us. hives of pick a mix of gnomes and excitement that head up the launch. you as you say we're not of baikonur we're at the the bolian planetarium as you can see behind me with a wonderful kind of rational in the background there the excitement really is palpable to use that cliche ever since and is on a gases announces one of the future commanders of the international space station about two years ago the excitement been growing in germany and europe as we know it's about an hour to go before it is on a gas to reno chancellor and so they provoke here are about to launch from baikonur
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we're going to get into a tiny little capsule nobody's eating spetzler for the full coming hours or days until they get there it's a cramped space but yes as ever with the space mission there is a sense of nervousness as well because this is space is not your usual flip down to the algarve or whatever we are going into space and there's a lot of buzz here in germany about alexander guess what sort of ambassador is he for space exploration. well just as you say he is a space ambassador he's germany's space ambassador european the european space ambassador he's you know he's he's got a big following actually i mean a lot of people know and is and i guess more than many other astronauts if it matters at all ten point nine million followers on twitter i don't know leave the jury's out the way that really matters but you see there's a lot of interest in what he doesn't particularly because of the pictures that he sent down for the last mission the science he conducts on the international space station you know he's a funny kind of guy you know smiles looks good all the rest of it but he's you know
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he the science is out there is front and center without his and i guess that these missions are above all scientific missions and you said get alexander's also going to emphasize in this tell us more about what they're hoping to learn from this one . well there are a couple of new experiments a couple of not so old not so new experiments but the main thing is that the experiments are conducted on the international space station a thing. if you couldn't do down on earth things where we're looking at how microgravity affects the body and as was mentioned stress for instance so immuno too is one of the experiments that can speed up the aging process because of this microgravity i won't go into the science too much but that's basically something you couldn't do on earth there are other things like mag vector and the cold cold atoms live things you couldn't do on earth that you have to do up in space if indeed we are interested in that sort of fundamental science and one of the thing
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icarus tracking bird movements bird migrations animal migrations you can do that so much better from a bird's eye view on the international space station than you could do from us so lots of science to look forward to. as it was a lot of private money pouring into the space industry of late does this pose a challenge to the european space agency. well i think if you don't appoint those actually quite important to mention yes it does mean the european space agency is in collaboration with other organizations like nasa release in the states like ross cosmos in russia and other partners around europe but it is a competitive field we are in this era of new space and so you as you mentioned also commercial players so easy to put on these massive press events you can see right in the background we've got a video screen all this excitement all these interviews going on pumping it up but you know the astronauts they just want to focus on the science so there's a bit of america they're doing a bit of
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a splits there you know between what they're in space for which is the science but also they're having to maintain a popularity to keep importance and maintain that importance in the space industry and. this is again bonnie at the highest major planetarium here in berlin thank you very much and enjoy the blastoff liftoff when it gets underway. and did i believe bringing you the blast of live from the. that's in about an hour from also do join us for that if you can hear what the news coming up ahead disappointment is really. a messy argentina canceled their. match. because of pressure from the finest unions. the campaign against the match. but first as business is done he joins me now on his c.e.o. has put his foot in his mouth that's why he's been branded as sexist amrita the
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c.e.o. of qatar airways has apologized after saying his job was too difficult for a woman. is known for his controversial utterances and this time he raised eyebrows at the annual meeting of the international air transport association. if it asked about the issue among middle east airlines in particular and why his job as head of his country's flag carrier couldn't be done by a woman the qatar airways chief executive gave a typically provocative answer to qantas c.e.o. alan joyce seated next to our backer tried to make light of the comments. well you know of course it has to be led by a man because it is it is a very challenging position and i am sure of that i am sure that. and i said i said he was going to stop saying controversial things even ask you
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this man it's a man it is god we're going to get i don't. want to. sort of you know i have to put a little bit of. fireworks and. motivate people to have more questions. defended his remarks saying that qatar airways was the first airline in the region to have women pilots and that sixty percent of all student pilots at the airline were women the issue of gender imbalance in aviation was a hot topic among over two hundred a aline's represented at the meeting joyce who care and pain for marriage equality in australia said ensuring a diverse workforce in general could help drive profits if you're not tapping into the first the inclusion you're going to be on a disadvantage you know we're all looking for the best talent out there and if some airlines and some companies are only looking for males in those roles they're not going to do well because you give you get the best and the best people in the best
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job you're going to perform there he credited the turnaround in quantas his fortunes in recent years as a partly due to the airline's diversity policy. to another leader under pressure tesla basilan musk is still fully in charge of the company he helped found that's despite a proposal by some shareholders to strip him of his role as chairman of the electric car maker the move that test this annual meeting would have left most coal and only the title of c.e.o. but no overwhelming majority of shareholders voted against it after musk said tesla was on track to meet production targets for its new mass market sedan the model three days. for markets not only bots following this forced so early why did some shareholders want to get rid of the man behind the wheel test. it seems they were of the opinion that iran must couldn't handle everything that was on his plate one investor said that the company was becoming difficult to oversee and
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probably the proposed solution was meant to help us to oversee less of it and then do the job that he has to do better the funny thing is you know the c.e.o. the job you would have been left with is the one that's operatively important that's the person who has to oversee the company the chairman does the strategy he communicates with investors it's a bit of a different job but of course the effort failed elon musk stays in both both positions and of course it's in a way good for tesla because without a lot of mask i think of the shareholders that voted against them as chairman he probably wouldn't have been able to stay on as c.e.o. either would have been a slap in the face with. iran musk is tesla it would have been a serious leadership crisis and it seems investor confidence is there but but absolutely eroding the company is clearly underfunded but musk says he won't borrow
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any more this year can he make the company well financially. you know people don't believe i mean a lot of investors seem to believe that but you know people i talk to here say it's a kind of a company people want to identify with because of the product it makes because of what it means for the future environmentally friendly it's a great message on mosques so far at least until recently has been a charismatic and likeable leader. and but but but you know he's not shown that he can make money he always says the turnaround is just around the corner but he's not delivering on that ok well let's switch gears. is to calling upon the e.c.b. is meeting next week to discuss its bond buying program the european central bank what we expect. well i think we can expect a message how the exit strategy will work how the e.c.b. will make its way out of bond buying and just sort of normalize monetary policy
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here in the european union and at some point pave the way for interest rates to go back up again the chief economist peter pretz said as much that it was going to be considered at next week's meeting and that he hinted that he was satisfied with the way the inflation trend is going away and with the economy and expecting news when q.e. will end at something euro up today. we will bring you coverage on not as soon as we know from frank thought since you know more about the conservation program is it coming down who knows only bots thanks very much. europe is seeking exemptions from the new u.s. sanctions against iran washington has told european companies to stop doing business that all face potential retaliation themselves and now germany france and britain have written to u.s. officials urging european firms to be sped from the new measures many businesses enter the ready market after an economic embargo was lifted in twenty sixteen and
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whether the european investment bank has spoken out against the games plans as it gets much of its finance from the u.s. market. and i believe in which we're going to some sports news now and some controversy down in that's right argentina have cancel saturday suckle would come up in israel while the fears of palestinian to test the decision has upset the israelis who believe the likes of messi a succumbing to threats it also have an impact on argentina's was cup preparations . argentina coach jorge some poly was unhappy about playing a friendly in israel to them because of logistical reasons so close to the world cup. now the game is cancelled but for very different reasons the match was originally switch from haifa to jerusalem angering palestinians the city has become the focus of controversy for the u.s. president donald trump recognized it as israel's capital. palestinians were further incensed because the jerusalem stadium is in the neighborhood of
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a former palestinian village having burned the argentinian flag protesters friend to burn replica jerseys of argentina star messi. we will not under any circumstances agree to this match going ahead we've started a campaign against the argentinian football association in which we will target. a tweet from the argentinian embassy in israel confirmed the cancellation of the game and said that threats against messi prompted the solidarity of his team mates and fears over playing the friendly. israel prime minister binyamin netanyahu had hoped the game against one of the world cup favorites would be great publicity for israel who did not qualify for the finals in russia but moving the match to jerusalem has backfired defense minister avigdor lieberman said argentina had given in to israeli hating agitators a blow to israel politically but also
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a blow to watching tina with the game due to have been the last warm up before the world cup kicks off next thursday. to now from fundie qur'an he's the only organization of us father couldn't you organization was behind this campaign opposing the match taking place in jerusalem first be flicking to tell us why. well number one i want to say thank you to argentina for taking a position that says palestinian lives matter and scoring a goal for humanity against oppression the reason we were against this game is that after over one hundred and nineteen palestinian civilians were killed in gaza and pulling fourteen children we thought and believe that it was an ethical for the argentinian team to play a game just miles away from where unknown palestinian protesters were being shot and i need to also make clear that this was a global campaign hundreds of thousands of people from argentina comes from around
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the world including people from palestine sent messages in fact to the argentinian team to leader not message to explain to him what i think this game was the wrong thing to do and we believe that the reason the main reason this came was cancelled was that the urgent indian team cut the fact this game to stadium event that this game was going to be played on was on a billet of a sort of coasting invalid and in the past the world had boycotted some games in argentina because of the dictatorship and because of the debts there and so again we thank argentina for taking this moral stance that there's a human rights father that they may indeed have that you've said that if you were targeting a one player in your campaign the much loved argentinian star missing messi was it the right way to go ahead and you think this cancellation is done in sympathy with the palestinians but your critics would say it was a security issue for them. no i would say i would say you should speak with
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one of the famous argentinian strikers and you should also team with the players on the team and with the quote the decision was made as a moral and ethical stance i think this is an israeli spent trying to frame it as due to threats but even just the other day there were urgent in the end protesters who were speaking with the team and asking the team not to play its role and the team didn't know there was play and israel had turned this into a political match and that's why again this can't be ended not just arrogant little missy spoke to the whole team messages thousands of messages were sent to the argentinian federation football federation so it's important to keep that word to mind and should remember that the argentinian team has taken a whirl sense to say because the new lights matter we don't want to be part of this is really up against the political machine. that radical and i'm sorry we just have to leave it there thank you very much for joining us from ramallah and sharing your
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perspective and that of your organization of us. thank you very much. and before i leave you new south from tennis and there's been a huge shock in the french open with the italian a lot of cool chick in ottawa knocking out an over joke of each to progress into the semifinals the chicken yard sprung a huge surprise by taking the first two sets before djokovic hit back to win the third but the momentous upset was completed in the fourth set chickened out to a winning a tie breaker secure his place in the final four he now faces austria's a dominic team on the women's side sloane stephens a secured her place in the semifinals defeating russia that the aca kena in straight sets really fifth compactly to madison keys for a spot in the final. that's it for a dollar vote for you in half an hour and a forward to seeing you going to.
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life style you're a. good. home to enchant ruins the center of winemaking. the birthplace of a world famous philosopher. welcome to treat one of the oldest cities in germany i want to find out what the romans wanted to hear what shaped the city's most famous song called mox and how it all relates to a still. coke you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. cohen the feeds her clothes for the rich but for many people it offers their commitment to survival. canonically lunch for today just like the. reporters travel to nairobi corners to meet people who know
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the true value of garbage. it has created a trifle currently trying. to solve this means for economic inequality are. you guys are starting class war theater the response to that statement should be yes we are starting class want you. to reach the trash exclusive privilege of starting to live on t w. i ever want to walk into another exciting edition of your own x. i'm your host meghan lee from eating out in the city of love to vacationing on an isolated island we've got lots in store on the show today.


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