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bridge. the truck sleeves are for starting june eleventh on g.w. . this is the w. news live from the latest mission to the international space station blasts off its launch from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan copilots it by a german alexander gassed the crew three will cut out dozens of experiments in preparation for future missions some bombs also on the program. people
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fleeing as well somalia's volcano afai erupts again seventy five people are confirmed dead such as old for more survivors in a landscape blanketed with ash in what. i'm talking tina pulls out of their world cup of war but much in jerusalem palestinian groups say it's the right decision. i'm still going to welcome to the program. the latest mission to the international space station is on its way. to one. cd and there. is three strong crew blasted off from me by kind of all called her drone in kazakhstan co policy by alexander guest on his second. mission will take over as
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command later this year. alexander guest american. chancellor and russian surrogate will spend six months aboard the international space station that's a long time to be away from family and friends correspondent or you're a shattered films these pictures of dr guest stay goodbye on his way to the launch pad crews are quarantined before taking off to safeguard against illness and he had one last message to his mother before driving off. thomas reiter is a former astronaut he's now an advisor to the european space agency he spoke to us from the launch site and by colonel we asked him if he wished that he was on his way back into space. bringing really memories for me it's already more than twenty years ago that i was launching from. at this time to the russian space station mir now seeing this perfect launch today was just gorgeous of course
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seeing the three person crew with. blasting to the blue sky. it's just marvelous if somebody would ask me if my boss would ask me if i would be ready to go again i wouldn't have to think twice it takes ninety minutes only to fly around the earth every ninety minutes you have a sunrise sunset and when you're on the night side of the orbit the look into the stary sky is something unbelievable i've never seen such a scary sky here from so this all together makes it extremely unique to live and work up there. thomas reiter speaking to us in a house and out of borger is from the european space agency control team welcome to d.w. so having me your job is to make sure it goes out there safely and come back safely kind of crucified and you're a calm which is. so for
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a crew support we support the astronaut before its mission so when they're assigned to a mission or two years before we will support them preparing the mission we support their launch during the mission and post flight and of course landing when they come back we'll pick them up so when it happened earlier this afternoon what was going through your mind as you watched so i got to know him quote and then on the guest yes sorry i said alexander guest and while i could feel it too so i know he's really confident he knows what he's doing he's cool about it i think but watching it from the balloon terrio i already got kind of nervous and i can imagine my colleague who was there in the baikonur was even more if you wanted to go up yourself. but i like both so i like it here on ground as well very much because it's also really nice are charged with a lot of responsibility and you get to know the crew you get to know very different
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people it's very interdisciplinary but i would never say no to going up of course i think almost no one would say no you know this is i was going to guest second i assess the mission he's also due to take command when he gets up there so what how does his job as a commander be different from those of risk crewmates. so as a commander he is the greatest wants ability he'll have a few of all of his colleagues a great of a few of all the tasks to do and also being in contact with with the ground with frank control teams and the flight directors taking their. decisions so and he'll make sure it's carried out on board and as well if there are any kind of emergencies like fire repartee person toxic atmosphere on station he will have to responsibility and share. the workload kind of in between all the six crew members. has been an operation i think since nineteen ninety eight.
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is there any part of it that's routine yet that's a good question so even for me of work to an hour and a half it's already routine kind of but i think still there's this routine you know how to do a mission we know how to prepare but for every astronaut there's something new or they may be want something new in preparation and there's always something we haven't done before so it's always exciting and it's always new challenges and while they're up there for six months what would be doing so. mainly carry out many projects so far extended guest we heard today it's about two hundred and fifty of them are european so he will have a lot to do to read through the experiments to understand them and then to read through all the procedures but he has to do so we can imagine when he gets up in the morning there's
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a conference we discuss what he will do during the day because he has a timeline so you do have data on the ground we will discuss this with him in the exactly so there's the euro com and the european communicator and all the international partners with their flight control teams also have communicators and recent kind of research together but we speak on space to ground with the astronauts in the morning and see if there are any changes to the daily plan or if he had a question the evening before and we can answer that we wish you all well. we will get you on here back to talk to sources and out of that thank you thank you. fresh flows this. the heated ash and mud from guatemala volcano a fire forced more people from their homes officials say at least seventy five people have been killed since the volcano began erupting at the weekend and almost two hundred more are still missing or forces have issued new evacuation orders and residents have begun to panic about what's to come.
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fleeing the disaster zone people left their homes as fast as they could taking with them only what they could carry on their own. many hoping for a quick escape or slowed down by clogged roads. authorities issued evacuation orders for half a dozen villages after increased volcanic activity on tuesday raising the threat of further lava flows and hot ash. there were reports of panic but others tried not to . the truth is you don't know what to do. i think what we have to do is to be calm and prayed. i. want to feel those made homeless have been turning to emergency shelters they're depending on authorities to take care of their immediate needs. it's a pity and we're hoping the government will help us we don't have anywhere to stay
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we've lost everything our land our homes he couldn't take anything with us. back in the disaster area many homes have been buried by ash. rescue crews are looking for survivors and victims but they acknowledge their progress has been slowed due to the dangerous terrain. lecithin our manuals say that the first response is supposed to be within seventy two hours but what hasn't been taken into account is the factors holding back our work. like volcanic material at high temperatures we're talking between four hundred seven hundred degree celcius. the area around the volcano is normally washed farmland but where the ash has fallen it now looks more like a lunar landscape. correspondent for the homes of routing who's in the guatemalan town of squint which is close to the volcano. one of the sea.
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well people have desperate everyone has either lost someone or everything they had they literally blew up their homes with the things they were wearing only. and. the situation yesterday was that people had to be evacuated again emergency an emergency evacuation after another option and more volcanic material coming out so the rescue workers had been stopped they were when you today this morning but they have been very difficult and as we heard there might be at six o'clock the seventy two hours after which already might stop looking for the body we still have two hundred people that haven't been found and no one knows if they are between those that are there because some of the bodies can't even be recognized. and people who are criticizing the government response.
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well especially opposition leaders are saying there was negligence because the government didn't react properly after they came into the area on sunday and saw that there was a lot of activity up they were taking the thing is that this will pay not very active all the time just in general you had with active for twenty hours and the problem is also that the government has no money president jimmy morales said from the very beginning they have to create an emergency fund that doesn't exist it will be up for about forty two million dollars but so far we haven't seen any of this the help that is reaching the shelters is mainly from private people people that are organizing all the help for those that have been rescued. so how is the rescue operation due to progress over the next few days. well it's still going to be quite hard there have been park. rains here so
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that will probably make become more hard and that will make it more difficult to find. in between the area we have there have been there has been more activity and some vulcanologist have actually warned authorities not to come into the area and to stay outside but still firemen and the rescue workers are here trying to find as much of. a routine in guatemala thank you. meanwhile dozens more homes in the u.s. state of hawaii have also been destroyed by law flows this time from a killer whale volcano authorities said some residents who chose not to leave earlier how to be rescued by helicopter took away destroyed almost two hundred properties since had become erupting on hawaii's big island last month.
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argentina. football world cup in israel following pro public stadium protests the decision has upset some israeli leaders who say legal mess he and his teammates have caved into threads that israel's opposition has criticised the country's sports minister for politicizing the issue palestinians have welcomed the cancellation. argentina coach will get some probably was unhappy about playing a friendly in israel because of logistical reasons so close to the world cup now the game is cancelled but for very different reasons. the match was originally switch from haifa to jerusalem angering palestinians the city has become the focus of controversy at the u.s. president donald trump recognized it as israel's capital palestinians were further incensed because the jerusalem stadium is in the neighborhood of a former palestinian village having burned the argentinian flag protesters frightened to burn replica jerseys of argentina star messi. well he will not under
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any circumstances agree to this match going ahead we've started a campaign against the argentinian football association in which we will target messi. a tweet from the argentinian embassy in israel confirmed the cancellation of the game and said the threats against messi prompted the solidarity of his team mates and fears over playing the friendly israel prime minister binyamin netanyahu had hoped the game against one of the world cup favorites would be good publicity for israel he did not qualify for the finals in russia but moving the match to drew slim has backfired defense minister avigdor lieberman said argentina had given in to israeli hating agitators a blow to israel politically but also a blow to argentina with a game due to have been the last warm up before the world cup kicks off next thursday. live from still to come for a year has responded to new u.s.
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trade tariffs imposing imports on a raft of american products beginning in july god help us all have avatar the rest of the days of business news in just a moment. i'll be back with world news at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web sites to w. dot com good to. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connections of air road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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