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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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beginning in july god help us all how fast hours are the rest of the days of business news in just a moment. and i'll be back with up more world news of the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site b w dot com i'm going to. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport cd managed by from abroad.
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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how to germany's soccer get it back to the top. you know web space. dot com. football made in germany. that's it for tat with tariffs continues to escalate after mexico and canada now the european union is hitting back at the u.s. as of july the e.u. will slap punitive duties on u.s. imports worth two point eight billion euros. and for the first time in four years india's reserve bank hikes its interest rate is the weak rupee threatening in the u.s. spectacular growth. this is. business under our office in berlin the
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european union is taking a hard line in response to new u.s. tariffs the bloc will impose import duties on a raft of u.s. products beginning in july it announced today the new penalties come in response to increased u.s. to tease on imported steel and alimony and that took effect this months about three point four billion dollars worth of u.s. goods out suspected to be hit by the new measures ranging from cultural products to steel and bourbon whiskey that list could also be spanned it with time according to the new officials meanwhile fresh official figures show that the overall u.s. trade deficit has hit a seven month low it stands at forty six billion dollars that said the politically sensitive bilateral trade deficit with the e.u. and with china have widened. now following this story for us from france there is a financial correspondent only bhansali who still gloat about the threat of terror
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on the state and big business level will the average person on the street be impacted and how. for example in the united states steel tariffs are used by the steel companies and the car companies to pass the higher costs on to consumers and they will be affected and here with consumer goods affected like peanut butter or orange juice or perhaps jeans the margins this kind of business with retailers are much smaller so i think here there won't be much of a decision to pass them on it will make things more expensive for the average consumer here in the u. in these products really you know if we've been talking about a trade war for instance donald trump came to office and old is this tit for tat in terrorist when does it actually become a trade war we in one already. it actually becomes
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a trade war talk to an economist about this and he said you know in the thirty's of the last century when the exports caved in by about sixty percent that was a trade war no one was talking today we're talking we're talking about very little exports that might be affected and so far it's a cold trade war he said it can also be a call to conquer conflict in a dispute but of course the risk of a next life as a collision to a trade war it's there the risk is there. sometimes for thank you very much. tesla's bossy unmask is still fully in charge of the company he helped found that's despite a proposal by some shareholders to strip him of his role as chairman of the electric car maker the move a tesla and annual meeting would have left musk holding only the title of c.e.o. it comes amid worries over new losses at the company overwhelming majority of shareholders voted against it after said tesla was on track to meet production
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targets for its new mass market sedan the model three he also said. the company would open its first gigafactory outside the us in shanghai. in india the central bank on wednesday raised its key interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point to six point two five inflation rose following an increase in global oil prices it is the first interest hike in four years and it comes after the weak rupee threatened growth which the r.b.i. estimates to hit seven point four percent the rate increase is expected to affect borrowers as interest rates on home car and personal loans are expected to go up just as the government reforms seem to bear fruit. in four years prime minister narendra modi has revamped the indian economy last summer he introduced a national goods and services tax previously every state are decided its own rate
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leading to chaos the common domestic market with simplified tax regulations was well received by foreign investors. the country's promotional campaign called make in india has also been a hit state investment in high tech sectors has bolstered domestic production some industries like information technology and now among the world's leaders but india still has major problems a lack of qualified workers and rampant corruption. there's also too much red tape and poor infrastructure. change that modi urgently needs foreign capital but many investors are pulling their money from emerging markets like india and shifting it to the u.s. which is considered more secure. that's reflected in the indian rupees exchange rate since the beginning of this year the currency has lost about five percent
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against the us dollar the government naturally wants investors to stay so the central bank has been under considerable pressure over interest rates it's unclear if raising rates will be enough though even if modi will stick to market economy principles elections are set for next year the opposition wants subsidies to keep rising gasoline prices in check meaning the cost of keeping election promises might endanger other projects. our business correspondent geoff chatted she joins us now from mumbai death rate hike in danger growth in india. i don't think so because the rate hike is not something that is significant as and when you look at the weather will cooperate or what fuels the more what is right now is the lack of bank credit to the bop as they are falling the rupee would tell a lot as you rightly pointed out on the site for some don't value. the january this year in fact in an article is due to the financial times directly and gov. the fed
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just slowed down its tightening but analysts said fed will not actually get to that because everything now it depends on how. how india manage manages its policy and. ideas proposals basically do. that they will go a long way and that external factor which is of which is what our the laws and the economy is that i think as you know we we are the most important eighty five percent of our eyes from abroad and in this year alone we are going to be almost three billion dollars more for this and finally what has dampened the mood is unprecedented action by the glittery audiences against companies and banks because the more the within basically the banks lend to private sector but i'd all of us are largely expect all companies to maintain that and plan and the dom into spending more welfare in the coming year coming months as you know
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a big election is coming. at the moment but lots of it. is down to the agricultural sector and the weapon of course influence how much of india's growth is dependent on that. well the indian economy is a child. because they have that but they get it out of the. fight all down the mountain is a very big factor that if you pointed out and fortunes of many indian companies depends on that as as i was talking about the who do i factor. and then it will factor the elephant in the room i believe in the general elections of twenty one thousand and it but i miss them or they will fight to get reelected to the opposition as we head towards generally remember there is a we have going to be announcing more on welfare and that is bad news as
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a g thank you. in bug area roses are big business the annual harvest in may can make or break small cow grows small scale grows in the company's famed rose valley boss adverse weather and overproduction are now presenting new challenges making the long term perspective for the industry look well less rosy. it's time to celebrate the picking season is over and growers in bulgaria's rose valley are finally letting their hair down they've worked hard over the past month starting each dawn to haul in sacks of rose blossoms that will later be pressed for oil the delicate flowers must be hand picked roses have been cultivated in this region of central bulgaria for nearly two hundred years the oils are world renowned the livelihoods of the small scale growers and oil producers are interwoven with
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the fate of the flower itself it also think it was not a rose is the main source of income here in our region and it is very important for everyone. there's an old bulgarian saying one day feeds the whole year actually their whole families live off growing roses. but the industry's a prickly one locals fear climate change is making crop yields unpredictable and could affect the quality of the pedals themselves. currently crops are booming however yields have risen twenty two percent in the past two years according to the country's ministry of agriculture that's also a problem prices are going down as a result putting pressure on growers many like fixed price contracts with oil producers and they have labors to pay. stakeholders now say the industry needs tighter controls to protect growers from volatility.
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there needs to be control and regulation on every level in our production starting from the planting material the picking process accepting the flowers to finally the qualification and export of the bulgarian rose oil in the fall gary is government is working on such a plan supporters hope it can stabilize the industry and ensure there rose enough for future celebrations. i wish we had smelling t.v. that's it for me and the business team ahead of. us we'll have an update for you in the next hour thank you very much for watching.
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center of the conflict zone. my guest this week here in tel aviv is the former israeli prime minister and who would almost say he wanted an invasion of gaza in two thousand and eight what do you say. about the recent violence along the border of the fast train israeli prime minister who went to jail for corruption colleagues explain he has no regrets complex so far.
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as you accidentally shot some clips again playing the traveler. time in the film. how can you get out of play with. zero in syria. this week on d w. you're going to want to fishel estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia needy and illegally. returned to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. if bearing witness global news that matters. made for an audience playbook looking for the white house playground is fake you know but the joke the truck oakland was your favorite
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place illegibility not going to bring the muslim turkey to europe because the entire country champion free country for the last sixty years juggling for mines. my guest this week here in tel aviv is the former israeli prime minister ehud olmert he ordered an invasion of gaza in two thousand and eight what are his thoughts now about the recent violence along the border and a first for an israeli prime minister he went to jail for corruption how is it that he has no regrets. i am. i my. god i'm.


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