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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from above and the latest missions of the international space station blasts all loans from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan compositing by job and alexander i guess the crew of three will cut out dozens of experiments some in preparation for future missions to moscow also while the program. people flee is quote a modest volcano of fire erupts the game seventy five people confirmed dead a search result from all survivors in the landscape blanketed with ash and about.
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germany's one point four million turks begin casting their ballots in turkey's not relaxing we meet some of them on the campaign trail in public. on football and joked argentina pulls out of its world cup what much against israel after the game was moved to jerusalem palestinian groups say it's the right decision. i did set to be this summer as must top football ok nigeria has found something buying up the super eagles world cup uniform intro's correspondent in lagos finds out what all the fuss is about. i'm phil girl welcome to the program. the latest mission to the international space station is on its way. three to. one.
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there. the three strong crew blasted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan copilot by german alexander guest on his second mission he'll take over as commander later this year. so i was going to get asked americans. on chancellor and russians b.f. will spend six months aboard the international space station that's a long time to be away from family and friends d.w. correspondents are going to shatter film with these pictures of dr guest staying goodbye on his way to the launch pad crews of quarantine before taking off to safeguard against illness that he had won last message for his mother before driving off. thomas reiter is a former astronaut he's now an advisor to the european space agency he spoke to us
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from the launch site in baikonur we asked him if he wished that he was on his way back into space. it brings really marvelous memories speck for me it's already more than twenty years ago that i was launching from. at this time to the russian space station you know seeing this perfect launch today was just gorgeous of course seeing the three person crew with serena and sergei blasting to the blue sky. it's just marvelous if somebody would ask me if my boss would ask me if i would be ready to go again i wouldn't have to think twice it takes ninety minutes only to fly around the earth every ninety minutes you have a sunrise sunset and when you're on the night side of the all bit the look into the stary sky is something unbelievable i've never seen such a scary sky here from so this all together makes it extremely unique to live and work up there. former astronaut to thomas reiter. is head of the european
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space agency's astronaut training division a welcome to d.w. . it's going to take two days for the crew to reach the i asked us how will they pass the time. they'll be doing maneuvers to get closer to the space station but that is only taking a fraction of the time and also be checking out the systems used for the docking and the systems that are used for the communication between the isis and the soyuz capsule as the capsule approaches the space station and the rest of the time it's actually free time they'll have a lot of free time and they'll sleep two nights hopefully very well and have time to adapt themselves to the new environment. playing with i pads or reading books one of the of they'll have certainly electronic entertainment books is always a question of weight because weight bringing up is costly so it would probably be an electronic book rather than
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a physical. paper and there's going to be tall. with with the ground talks potentially also with the families such that they can already get the first impressions down to their loved ones can decide if this is a city question or not what does face flight feel like. that's a it's not a silly question the problem for me is it's very difficult i haven't been to space myself but i've done a per flight which gives you weightlessness for a fraction of a minute twenty two seconds actually. it feels very unique because you're really floating and you don't have the pressure of being on the ground or being pulled to the ground so it's really unique experience. quite undescribable sensation really ok so you're mr astronauts traina these guys have been trying for
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it for two years i think for this mission what was the training involved. the training focuses in those two years really on what they have to do for the mission so we're teaching them about the spacecraft functioning about the repair jobs that they have to do the maintenance job it's a giant machine it needs oil laying it. shining on on the edges there's a lot of work involved that has to be done by the to keep it going and then of course there's a lot of work going into preparation for the soyuz flight being able to fly and potentially pilot vehicle is a task that takes nine months out of these two years already and then we have the science bitch where we teach them how to be the experimenter that does what the scientists on the ground want them to do because ultimately the experiments for scientists on earth. stay with us if you would mind we're going to have
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a look at what alex asked alexander guest will be doing up there and then we'll we'll come back. t.v. because part of the international space station mission is to conduct experiments on the effects of space travel on the human body that information is crucial for future space missions to distant planets. alexander guests mission will open up new horizons it's expected to pave the way for further space exploration for manned flights to the moon and mars. astronauts health is crucial one of this missions medical experiments focuses on the body's internal clock which controls sleep attention and energy consumption how the internal clock ticks during space travel will be investigated in long term experiments. when they fly to the moon or mars the astronauts will be on their own this mission will test the technologies that make
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this possible. for example a new life support system is due to be installed on the space station. it will use algae to help improve the air quality and also provide the astronauts with nutrition. from the space station alexander guest will control this humanoid robot on earth. using a tablet p.c. the astronaut will send commands from space that just in the robot will then execute for example aligning solar panels. its fundamental research for a future manned missions to the moon and mars. the head of the european space agency's astronaut to training division pretty good still with me let's talk about the long term effects of spaceflight we've been doing this now for
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decades what effects will crew members notice when they come back after the. six months. the most obvious effects are defects all on the muscle system and on blood circulation because while we do a lot of exercise in space to keep the muscles active you do lose some muscle muscle mass while you're in space simply because for your locomotion in space you don't need a lot of force so that reduces muscle and the fact that you have no gravity that pulls the blood down in the body to your feet the heart works less plus your body actually reduces the fluid volume of blood that you have because it does need so much to sit in your legs any more when you come back that's the first thing that happens all the blood again follows gravity goes into your legs and that
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can lead to noise can also lead to problems really walking about now with the exercise that we're doing on on the space station we can minimize those effects as much as possible in fact alex i know when he came back from his last mission walked pretty normal very soon after that so it's over land and then they've got it from the seats that you all yeah just like that yes yes it's fascinating i could talk to all the accounts. from the european space agency thank you so much for joining g.w. thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world around one hundred firefighters have been battling a blaze is a luxury hotel in london smoke can be seen here rising from the roof of the mandarin oriental in the affluent knightsbridge district the hotel is great if accurate and nearby roads close calls is not yet. israel's prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu is in britain for the third stop on a tour. pushing european allies to take a tougher line on iran but like the leaders of germany and france british prime minister theresa may stressed her country's commitment to the iran nuclear deal it's a long list meets its obligations. jordan has a second nationwide strike demonstrations against a controversial plan to raise income taxes continues the country's prime minister has already stepped down as a result of days of public protests the king has asked the new prime minister to review the tax system. fresh flows of superheated. from guatemala volcano a fire a force more than forced more people from their homes officials say at least seventy five people have been killed since of all kind of began erupting at the weekend and almost two hundred more are still missing or have issued new evacuation
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orders and residents have begun to panic about what's to come. fleeing the disaster zone people left their homes as fast as they could taking with them only what they could carry on their own. many hoping for a quick escape or slowed down by clogged roads. authorities issued evacuation orders for half a dozen villages after increased volcanic activity on tuesday raising the threat of further lava flows and hot ash. there were reports of panic but others tried not to . think the truth is you don't know what to do. i think what we have to do is to be calm and prayed and not. want to feel those made homeless have been turning to emergency shelters they're depending on authorities to take care of their immediate needs. it's
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a pity and we're hoping the government will help us we don't have anywhere to stay we've lost everything our land our homes he couldn't take anything with us. back in the disaster area many homes have been buried by ash. rescue crews are looking for survivors and victims but they acknowledge their progress has been slowed due to the dangerous terrain. that the our manuals say that the first response is supposed to be within seventy two hours. but what hasn't been taken into account is the factors holding back our work. like volcanic material at high temperatures we're talking between four hundred seven hundred degrees celsius. the area around the volcano is normally lush farmland but where the ash has fallen it now looks more like a lunar landscape. meanwhile dozens more homes in the u.s.
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state of hawaii have been also been destroyed by lava flows this time from a killer whale volcano authorities said some residents who were chosen not to leave had to be rescued by helicopter from the way it's not destroyed over two hundred properties so is it got erupting on hawaii's big island last month. you're watching d.w. news that live from still to come argentina calls on world cup warm up match against israel in jerusalem after protests from palestinians will bring your social media reaction. how they are gay this is here with business news and the latest on america's unfolding trade wall that's right phil and it's retaliation time as expected the e.u. is now preparing a harsh response to the new u.s. terror of starting in july the bloc will impose import duties on a variety of u.s. products the new penalties were announced today and come in response to increased u.s. judi's on imported steel and aluminum that took effect this month about three point
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four billion dollars worth of annual u.s. imports are expected to be hit by the new measures ranging from agricultural products to steel and bourbon whiskey that list could also be expanded in the future according to e.u. officials. and this doesn't only affect businesses earlier we spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt all the spots and i asked him how these tariffs will impact the average citizen. for example in the united states steel tariffs are used by the steel companies in the car companies to pass the higher costs on to consumers and they will be affected in here with consumer goods affected like peanut butter or orange juice or perhaps jeans the margins in this kind of business with retailers are much smaller so i think here there won't be much of a decision to pass them on it will make things more expensive for the average consumer here in the u.
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in these products. that was the response in frankfurt now let's not forget where all this comes from donald trump wants to reduce america's straight deficit that means he wants to sell more and buy less figures published by the u.s. department of commerce today show the country's trade deficit dropped indeed to a seven month low in april the u.s. total trade deficit in goods and services was forty six billion dollars that's two point one percent less than in march american exports reached an all time high while imports fell especially from mexico and japan but the trade deficit with china rose by more than eight percent to twenty eight billion dollars president trump repeatedly complains that countries like china are taking advantage of the u.s. he's already announced tariffs against fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods like washing machines and solar panels on america's deficit with the e.u. also rose by whopping seventeen percent to fifteen billion dollars. in other news
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the c.e.o. of qatar airways has apologized after saying his job was too difficult for a woman. that is known for his controversial remarks and despite the apology his statement sparked a debate at the annual meeting of the international air transport association or iata in an industry still widely led by mitt. and if it asked about the issue among middle east airlines in particular and why his job as head of his country's flag carrier couldn't be done by a woman the qatar airways chief executive gave a typically provocative answer the qantas c.e.o. alan joyce seated next to our backer tried to make light of the comments. well you know of course it has to be led by a man because it is it is a very challenging position and i'm sure that you know i'm sure that.
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and. i said i said he was going to stop saying controversial to even ask you on it when it was only going to get i don't. want to. sort of you know i have to put a little bit of. fireworks and i want to motivate people to have more questions. defended his remarks saying that qatar airways was the first airline in the region to have women pilots and for sixty percent of all student pilots at the airline were women the issue of gender imbalance in aviation was a hot topic among over two hundred a aline's represented at the meeting joyce who care paying for marriage equality in australia said ensuring a diverse workforce in general could help drive profits if you're not topping into the first the inclusion you're going to be on a disadvantage you know we're all looking for the best talent out there and if so mary alliance and some companies are only looking for males in those roles they're
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not going to do well because you give you get the best talent the best people in the best job you're going to perform there he credited the turnaround in quantas his fortunes in recent years as a partly due to the airline's diversity policy. denmark has had its driest may in one hundred thirty years with barely a rainfall of anywhere but while most danes frolic in the sunshine the country's farmers are left watching their crops whether the fields total losses for the agricultural sector could run to as much as a billion euros a lot in a country with a small area of farmland some areas of the country are on the verge of a catastrophe the danish farmers' trade organization says something like a quarter of the country's harvest has already been lost and things are far worse than the last time a serious water shortage hit back in one nine hundred ninety two when danish farm output slumped by over twenty percent. deal because the drought came as
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a as it did it's the driest may we've had in the one hundred thirty years since the government's been monitoring the weather. plants are supposed to be ripening the seeds now. and they can't without water. pairing god says that his crops are hardly bearing any seeds which will also affect next year any of them may this one is completely withered everything's gone there's nothing left on this one. and god estimates his own financial loss at over one hundred thousand euros and climbing with every sunny day with no break in the weather on the horizon yet. and ill and musk is still fully in charge of the company he helped found that's despite a proposal by some shareholders to strip him of this role as chairman of the electric car maker the move at tesla's annual meeting would have left musk holding
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only the title of c.e.o. it comes amid worries over new losses at the company but an overwhelming majority of shareholders voted against it after musk said tesla was on track to meet production targets for its new mass market sedan the model three he also said the company would open its first gigafactory in the u.s. in you guessed it shanghai. it's over business it's back to fill now and some sports action have it thank you. tina have counseled us saturday's football world cup warm up in israel following probe palestinian protests the decision has upset some israeli leaders who say that the you know mass in his teammate's of caved in to threats but israel's opposition has criticised the country's sports minister for politicizing the issue palestinians have welcomed the cancellation. argentina coach will get some poly was unhappy about playing a friend the in israel because of logistical reasons so close to the world cup now the game is cancelled but for very different reasons. the match was originally
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switched from haifa to jerusalem angering palestinians the city has become the focus of controversy after u.s. president donald trump recognized it as israel's capital palestinians were further incensed because the jerusalem stadium is in the neighborhood of a former palestinian village having burned the argentinian flag protesters frightened to burn replica jerseys of argentina starlin oh messi. he will not under any circumstances agree to this match going ahead we've started a campaign against the argentinian football association in which we will target messi. a tweet from the argentinian embassy in israel confirmed the cancellation of the game and said the threats against messi prompted the solidarity of his team mates and fears over playing the friendly israel prime minister benyamin netanyahu had hoped the game against one of the world cup
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favorites would be good publicity for israel he did not qualify for the finals in russia but moving the match to drew slim has backfired defense minister avigdor lieberman said argentina had given in to israeli hating agitators a blow to israel politically but also a blow to argentina with the game due to have been the last warm up before the world cup kicks off next thursday. as you can imagine this issue has been all over social media don't do social media call the welcome call so calls for argentina to pull out of the match against israel turned into quite a heated campaign yeah i mean that anger that we saw there in that report is kind of brewing for a while on social media it was really channeled into this campaign to get the match canceled and of course the biggest target of this campaign was the biggest star in the world. place for argentina and these propellants the activists they were part of that campaign they were not subtle actually staining nesis. jersey with red
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paint to resemble blonde this was in fact done in front of argentina's training complex in barcelona we even saw some personal messages as part of this campaign including this one from palestinian footballer mohammed who played for a football club in the gaza strip and was reportedly shot in the need by israeli snipers during protests in gaza he also asked the messy for his support. in. the us. on the. program we. will hear. that video was posted by another pro palestinian group that has organized boycotts against israel in the past many similar organizations involved in this online campaign ok so now of the much has been cold off what reactions you see well it's
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clearly being seen as a victory lots of celebrations in palestine as for football fans it seems like many in argentina actually support this decision and here's one fan from argentina who's saying you know i feel like my team has already won the world cup thank you for doing the right thing argentina and our national sport shouldn't be used to normalize the horrible situation in gaza but a large portion of fans in israel they don't agree and this is an israeli journalist here a kind of captures some of that sentiment and he says you know everyone here loses the israeli fans the israeli football association argentina's football association they have to scramble now to find a new opponent really disappointing from argentina israel will not forget this and you know phil if you think football isn't political tell that to israel's politicians we've seen so many of them reacting from the minister of defense all the way up to benjamin netanyahu and self and now israel's opposition leader isaac herzog is also sounding off on twitter and. here's what he said about this decision
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he says it's a spectacular own goal to all government spokespersons who promise us that our political situation is great it's painful to see the b.d.s. or the movement to boycott divest from or sanction israel celebrating it's a resounding failure of a government that buries its head and ignores reality as for elian a messy who really was a big target here he hasn't commented so far it's a very delicate issue obviously but just kind of another example of how you can't keep sports and politics separate they just they just mix these days called us with thank you so much through. germany's best remaining hope at the french open has crashed out of the tennis tournament at roland garros i'm getting caballe lost to simona halep in three sets the former world number one the first set but how it fought back to secure a semi final clash with god a muguruza who reached the final four by knocking out.
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forbes has released its annual top one hundred list of the world's richest athletes and this year there are no women football stars cristiana rinaldo and little massey feature in the top three again the boxer floyd mayweather is reclaiming the top spot from the other a typically i would want to three women feature in the top one hundred but not a single female athlete made it this year three williams the only woman who featured in twenty seven t.v. took a break from her tennis career due to pregnancy. this is d.w. news life from but still to come out the rush for nigeria's world cup but for gold just a correspondence go looking for every country's most popular sports. that's one of africa's bloodiest walls but now the border dispute between if yoko and eritrea could be an added look at how we got. caught up all box on the news more on the way this is leaves.
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the. true. higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes of bitter truth. manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style a business worth millions but just how murky is the world of sports and reality. on the side. of. every journey
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begins with the first step and every living creature the first word alleged illegal nico he's in germany to learn german. physicist why not learn a little. bit simple online on your own bile and strange. stuff. t w z e learning course speak german made easy. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's from worthless for the rich but for many poor people who don't first their chance of survival and i could be lunch for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and ends meet people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. what does this mean for economic
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inequality around the world you guys are starting class war the response to that statement should be yes we are starting plants walk again because retire. rich. an exclusive report starting june eleventh on d w. d w five from. the next a fifteen minute commit violence against women will hear from the head of the u.n. body that's been tasked to do exactly that. on the russia for the nigeria football jersey correspondents go looking for the country's most popular sports where. you saw the if you're if you're one of africa's longest running border disputes could be coming to an end the
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ethiopian government has said that it will accept the terms of an agreement to end hostilities with neighboring eritrea this conflict began in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in the border town of me if you know p.r. and eritrea both claim to have staked claim to their site market town and this would later become a major hurdle in the implementation of a border rolling violence exchanges in bad may soon turned out to become a border war lasting two years and cost. think eighty thousand lives terribly played by both countries changed hands throughout the course of the war peace deal was signed in two thousand leading to the formation of a boundary commission tasked with dividing disputed areas between the two countries in two thousand and two the commission made its final and binding ruling but ethiopia refused to accept it if european has now reverse that stand here's more on what's been described as africa's deadliest border war. this is bad math
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in one thousand nine hundred eight after iraq tracey's the territory it launched a fierce offensive to keep its southern neighbor ethiopia from the town it would all be in vain in the end after heavy casualties on both sides ethiopia won a string of military victories which saw its troops move into the disputed territory. the conflict between the two countries left tens of thousands stage or injured in the space of just two years as the war spread so did the massive displacement of communities. today eritreans make up the bulk of migrants risking the treacherous mediterranean journey into the hopes of making it to teach europe many are fleeing the country because of compulsory military service that has been described by human rights groups as harsh the eritrean government says it forces conscripts in because it
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needs a constant large army to defend itself in the conflict with ethiopia that conflict may be coming to an end with a gesture of peace coming from. under its new prime minister abi armitt ethiopia has said it will recognize a two thousand and two ruling on the border between the two countries part of the ruling handed the border town of butler to eritrea was. or constantine. a free shift he joins us from the capital. welcome to why has suddenly changed its mind. load leverage let me try again it's like we're having some communication difficulties. groaned and. why has changed its mind about
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accepting this ruling. well first of all as you correctly mentioned that is one of the most entrenched conflicts on the african continent and for eighteen years there have been no movement whatsoever and i was out of this the. situation between eritrea and ethiopia and i think there's a lot of lot of influence of the new prime minister abi ahmed here now it's your guy who is trying to turn the page to either nationally or less like a message obviously dismissiveness still got a hostile internationally and he obviously knows very well that that border conflict with their injury as one of the most important challenges domestic policy that is that it's your guys facing at the moment so dressing this issue is that why we move you know already reached out to him to be at its inaugural speech. in the parliament two months ago and that this is the first concrete steps and direction
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so if you know he has taken that step what word from eritrea. well so far they have a modest response as fun as far as as we can see good not just out of this either there was some comments and that our links to this and i question if that is going to go to the bottom it or not from my understanding there will be a movement on the climate is a calling back these troops in the next couple of hours a lot that is so then the further that issues of of negotiations between these countries again and then continue whether this is a problem. do you think the war is now over. well if a bus looks like it obviously if you have a country like this and there's a very long long lasting conflict over eighty years now and still it is there is
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a sentiment and i think at the end of the day. is it leaders it's was find a way to solve the situation you want to sort of forget that along the border people belong to the same group and now families are divided and then people are suffering also economically suffering and i think there's a lot of attention on the matter at the moment and we should be done giving some some benefit of without doubt that both sides. find a peaceful solution for the situation that well we thank you for joining us constantine grown from the friedrich shift only in ethiopia in the thank you. one billion the united nations says that is the number of women around the world suffering violence in their daily lives so how best to end this violence is a topic of conversation at a global beating after vellum tokenization is in brussels mambo koka as they
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exactly the director of un women and is one of the speakers at this event p.w. teri schultz spoke to her about this issue. thank you very much for joining us madam lumba nuka what are the main drivers of violence against women and gender inequality overall. leaves women is the less economic kylee empire what members of society lives a lot of women venerable independent is on men and they. account almost in all countries is that no my lies is the way women get it is inferior and less some members of society which then gives in the opportunity for violence to be present almost in every country in every strata of society even in the well it's.
8:38 pm
end because said the power relations are such that men still have significant power politically economically and so on we do not have a strong people who are leading from or a front from a powerful position a who are facilitating this change is women are having to fight their way all the way without having the kind of partnership and solidarity that to bring up out a significant change is it is changing and a we're seeing more and more men taking a stand and of course women on their own have made a little bit of progress but it's not been enough to tend not around and give us a society that believes women feel free oh how can the united nations do something about this you talk about men in high places but also men in small villages how can the u.n.
8:39 pm
really reach into all of these places and change things when two approaches we have to do the part some. where we where especially with civil society in communities with the women's movement with young people so that in their own communities they can be the voice for change and the excess for change there is not kind to where we have seen development that is positive on the side of ending violence against women on the side of gender inequality in general where you don't have a strong presence of active civil society so creating the space and supporting civil society and investing in civil society in women's organization is critical and we partner with civil society all over the well last year in women we cannot exist without civil society but on the other hand these also laws in many countries that still discriminates against women when for instance domestic violence is not
8:40 pm
criminalized about forty countries have courts that's even aware we have been able to change the laws it does not mean that to happen automatically you still have to work to change the norms and the stereotype so you need to bottom up and also from from the top working down and making sure that somewhere in the middle all of these initiatives come together forty countries did you just to clarify forty countries where it still is not against the law and on legislation we have been aware filings against years so we have been working in more intensely for instance in the last five years pushing a for the end of discriminative laws so almost in every year we have to change about seventy kind seventy laws. around the world of course them have to do with violence against women i do not they saw one of the things that we have
8:41 pm
to achieve within this period of sustainable development goals this kind of wait for twenty thirty it has to have happened yesterday we are waking very hard to make sure that to address these countries these laws that still discriminate against women that still make it possible for pepper to testify lends to free. now with the world cup just over a week away fans around the world are giving up to support their teams in nigeria that's led to a shortage of the team's official jersey to w.'s correspondence in lagos have made it their mission to find some kit. the beginning of the world cup is coming but people here are saying it is not possible anymore to get a jersey of the nigerian national team flourish do you think that is true well one time i head over to the official store to see if i can get one myself all right then i'll go to lagos island to the market and see who of us will be the lucky one
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. one of the big malls. i'm going to see. today. oh it looks like we still have the ship and it feels really nice in the booth soon . see any of the shelves i think you only have the old ones i. wouldn't. care but much of the wood on the front page says he just told you the so called good ship. he goes full. on this is not the best comes naturally the stock so.
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this is lego i love the buzzing business how. can i make capital lagos and i'm pretty sure that i have a good chance to find a jersey here. looking for the jerseys the nigerian jersey why are people so crazy about it. i love you so. very nice of course i'm not i'm not. the green white green i love you i love it's. easy. i can see you're selling t. shirts how is the sales going we're making a lot of. nigerians love these shirts very very
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love you guys the greats. how many of the jerseys have you sold already. i couldn't comment i couldn't convert many. many more demand us to. flourish jerseys. for you but i'll give you one because i got plenty. of the real ones because they sold them for three thousand there on the market which is about eighty euros only but anyways the most important question is do you think that has a good chance to perform well during the walk up well. any. i think we do have a. team. that seems. to
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. be in great without without jerseys so let's hope for the best. so if your citizens living in germany can he's not presidential and parliamentary elections from today. expecting a high voter turnout with nearly one point four million people. entitled to first quarter migrants they've been japanese and anywhere outside of. president. members of his conservative party the k p a favorites to win president. complains during the election campaign that he was banned from speaking in germany or anywhere else in europe only bosnia majority muslim country allowed him to hold a rally in turkey's last election three years ago about sixty percent of turkish voters from germany were for the a k p that's a significantly higher percentage than the party received in turkey itself. ticket
8:46 pm
electing campaigning in a german capital is good good advice and his friends are canvassing for turkey's procope. party this year but this is for the election in turkey were against terror the one they did get was against erda one ok i'll take one of those. business left because of president add on he's very concerned about politics in his home country. he's been. indicted and i've been in germany for six years. and many of my friends and my entire family are still there to free them and they're dissatisfied and we have to change it or topple this government. and that's why we're working from germany to support those who stand for democracy in turkey. but not everyone here is against and on
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these women are complaining for the turkish president and his a.k.p. party they don't like speaking to the gym impress me and initially brush me off as we are campaigning for the a.k.p. if you want we can take a vote by card on the. party colleagues from the eighty pct of presents after a piece of porthos as a provocation they shout added one is that terrorist agger one is a murderer. a heated answer comes right back the passer by says you are the real murderous she's doing a right thing with you you don't sue if it i'm happy that type aggro on exists a little. bit of. this who tries to diffuse deceit to a certain he doesn't like these public disputes with to a k.p. supporters he thought they shouldn't insult but did you hear what they said if you
8:48 pm
decide you. want to know they are insulting. you could try to stay cool don't do the same thing as they do just. as the aleck timson turkey up tensions are running high here ambulance german turkish community people are divided by one simple question are you for or against type two on. they live in germany but they are more fired up about politics in turkey to take a piece of poor to say it's only natural this is internally is our real home land our families live there and we're doing this work here for them with god's help. is here is convinced there's more to it than that. if you don't have an identity problem because they've heard a lot of bad experiences. yeah that's why they want to vote for turkey and why so many support the a.k.p. . but not everybody does. and it's do is who don't support
8:49 pm
everyone that is hoping to mobilize by canvassing for the h d p campaigning in berlin against a president. the world congress of german schools abroad has just started here and it's hosted by the german foreign office that are moving five hundred participants from around the world to discuss the way forward for their schools of foreign minister i come out this was the opening ceremony to one another from our culture desk is via tell us well welcome robin german schools abroad why well i mean. one of the reasons is very useful for diplomats for diplomats children old business people who've children they want to educate the system because they're eventually going to come back to germany and then their children are on the same level as
8:50 pm
their peers when they return but actually much more so in recent years the fact is the education system here is very well full solve around the world and people want their children to get the b. tool which is the final school graduation exam a levels in england all the high school diploma in america or elsewhere around the world i mean you could compare it a bit to the better known. french baccalaureate which is very much internationally recognised the be tour is much more internationally recognised now and so known german children achieving the will have a better chance perhaps in the in the job market instantly a big part of this congress will concentrate on something called schools partners for future or passion which was set up ten years ago it is the tenth anniversary and now has actually two thousand partners schools world wide promoting the german language. school when we're seeing here is in nairobi in kenya anyway let's
8:51 pm
find out about one particular indian student who's been learning german on this passion that she's now bill in for the congress and studying and also more about the congress itself. very ghaziabad because sharma is from india and started learning german eight years ago now she wants to share her enthusiasm for the language with other young people. you just have to do your best. completed the german language diploma at the carmel conference school in india's capital new delhi. today she's preparing to attend university in berlin and attending the world congress of german schools of broad for sharma language was. german i would say is the most important part of my life because what i am today is because of this language and
8:52 pm
the doors that it just opened for me. hundreds of students from around the world have made their way to maine here they share experiences and make new contacts. german foreign minister heiko must stress the importance of pash schools especially in times of waning democracy human rights and freedom of the press. he understood if that's what confidence in one's own abilities helps when it comes to fear to learn languages and to travel help against nationalism and isolation to open our eyes to other cultures and so realize our common humanity. minds of all money there. the passionate work also includes vocational schools in madrid the f e d n a is trying to reduce the high rate of local unemployment from thirty five percent a german training course for the hotel industry office graduates better career
8:53 pm
prospects. plans to study business information technology whether she then stays in germany depends on if she can find the right job. so robin this posh initiative is much more than just about german language classes in schools around the world oh absolutely yeah i mean when you learn a language i think you also massively get interested in where the language the country where the language comes from except in our language english because english is so widely spoken around the world i mean billions of people speak it and of course it's spoken in so many different cultures so i don't think that's necessarily true of the english language but it's certainly true of the german language i think if you learn german you you you're going to be interested possibly in austria germany possibly in little bits of switzerland but mostly you're going to be interested in germany and. about the culture of it i mean people get to learn
8:54 pm
that we don't go away. and drink beer and support football. it was just some of the cliché schnitzel that are still going to struggle to find people not drinking vo supporting football over the next in the course of that. is true but they won't be wearing later has that i'm sure will. go straight. i mean it's estimated actually the as much as one hundred eighty million people can actually speak german or speak it partially and fifteen million are learning it around the world so i mean they want to learn about the culture and i'm sure it breaks a lot of these cliches and there's a lot more to germany than what i've just said i mean we have with the home of bach problems beethoven and the role of bass and this this project is growing it is it really is growing and and the government is going to put more into it i know
8:55 pm
there's a lot more interested in germany i think generally around the world. i have to say i've found the language very difficult but when you get the hang of it it really does come along i mean as as high come out of the pharmacist as this sort of thing out is all rise to all the couches that's what. vole got to jump and he has a much higher standing i think in the world than it did a few years ago it's much more an international player and this all goes with an. interesting. website absolutely. i just time to remind top story this hour international team of astronauts led by germany has taken off for the international space station the soyuz spacecraft. in kazakhstan and the crew will catch dozens of experiments including to prepare for future missions so moscow. mommas a volcano of fire hazard forcing people to flee their homes. because blankets if
8:56 pm
it's hot ash and mud cold has risen to seventy five two hundred missing. up to date. our brant more on the web site as well.
8:57 pm
good. luck higher and higher the murder and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes bitter truth. manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style a business worth millions but just how murky the world of sports and reality. exists. don't look. it's all
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happening coach of flip flop and the two. sure link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come see did you such a clean program and from one to many from the news of the z l i would say d w to close the traffic come join us on facebook at g.w. africa. among a playbook looking for the white house the first step around is shaking no but the such about the freezer paper to play. in the gym if the training to bring down the truck in your local politics in the entire country the champion of free and fearless for the last sixty five years just for mines playing.
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as you get something is not only fought i'm glad because on his foreign policy i'm saw that incoming pencil to near the wall of the center ball it's called three. devalues all cauldrons. loser understanding these things cannot be ignored so i have a because the fundamentalist forces in the senate dick forces are also acting very deeply and intensely and they cannot undermine their policy their power of communication their power of technology ordinary people must not modernise support them must not socially support them the international community has to invest more on the education which can prevent young people to enter into that trap and into closers.
9:00 pm
this is g.w. newswire but from berlin tonight the new proof on their way to the international space station earlier today a soyuz rocket lifted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan so piloted by german alexander gear the crew of three will carry out dozens of experiments some in preparation for future missions. also coming up people are fleeing as polamalu as a volcano of fire eruption yet again seventy five people can.


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