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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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america's trade partners are firing back as a response to the new u.s. tariffs after mexico and canada now the european union is slapping punitive duties on u.s. imports worth two point eight billion euros starting in july. and controversial remarks by qatar airways c.e.o. have started a long you debate about the male dominance in the airline industry and how it can get expensive. and sound for business on d.w. us welcome to the program the e.u. is preparing a harsh response to the new u.s. tariffs starting in july the bloc will impose import duties on a variety of u.s. products new penalties were announced today and come in response to increased u.s. duties on imported steel and aluminum that took effect this month about three point four billion dollars worth of annual u.s. imports are expected to be hit by the new measures ranging from agricultural
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products to steel and bourbon whiskey that list could also be expanded in the future according to e.u. officials. and this doesn't only a fake business of course earlier we spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt all the bots and i asked him how these tariffs could impact the average citizen. yeah for example in the united states steel tariffs are used by the steel companies in the car companies to pass the higher costs on to consumers and they will be affected in here with consumer goods affected like peanut butter or orange juice or per perhaps jeans the margins in this kind of business with retailers are much smaller so i think here there won't be much of a decision to pass them on it will make things more expensive for the average consumer here in the u. in these products. that will be spots in frankford let's now cross over to so
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fisherman secure financial correspondent in new york who has been following the story for us too so feet looking at the market reaction specifically investors don't seem to be too worried about these tariffs were see most of the markets in the green. yeah it's remarkable that market did not show any kind of steel wall street actually edged higher on when they felt the story was more tax reform and i feel like investors are looking short term here at the moment the market is hot people have money in their pockets and they want to spend it but even without these tariffs and without any imminent trade wars some might argue the united states are simply at the end of an economic cycle that has brought low unemployment stronger g.d.p. growth i mean even the fat is optimistic they started raising rates so they can foreshadow the end often economic cycle in the long term so investors keep looking to feed ahead right now taking profits before they might reconsider and even leave
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the markets i mean the world bank said in their relation of tariffs could translate into a global trade flow decline over nine percent similar to the drop that we saw during the financial crisis and then again there are signs that won't even be able to realize these terrorists we just heard that senator bob corker and bill showing these terrorists won't be as easily imposed as a thought maybe another reason why the markets reacted really calm today so we know the trump is to reduce the trade deficit is the strategy working. right it is indeed a seven month low at the moment so it seems to be working on the first fight but firm and then the say these numbers can be misleading and that becomes obvious when you dig a little deeper so you can see for example that the trade deficit with china has actually grown in april so fishermans told us
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a story from the new york stock exchange thank you very much. europe as you may known as referred to as the old continent which is great for architecture enthusiastic and historians but not so much for those who want to move on to the digital age where some countries are lagging behind the e.u. has now proposed nine point two billion euro budget programme to fund the blocks digital priorities the plan unveiled by the use commissioner for digital affairs would divide funding among areas like artificial intelligence cyber security and training the new funding aims to complement the efforts to smooth digital access security and regulation across the bloc the commission says the program would invest in areas that member states alone can't reach the proposal comes as digital services assume a greater part of the economy and as industries turn to digital solutions built on faster and more seamless networks china and the u.s.
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are widely considered ahead in digitization. europe cannot afford to continue to lag behind in the field of digital technology no member state can meet this challenge alone and that is why we must act together with concerted actions to bring added value. to the e.u. is also proposing an additional three billion euros in its budget to extend the reach of high capacity broadband both programs would be part of the blocs budget beginning in two thousand and twenty one and still must be approved by members. of the c.e.o. of qatar airways but i'll back it has apologized after saying his job was too difficult for a woman but the spite that apology his remarks have sparked a new discussion at the international air transport association in the industry widely led by men. and if it asked about the issue among middle east airlines in
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particular and why his job as head of his country's flag carrier couldn't be done by a woman the qatar airways chief executive gave a typically provocative answer to quantize c.e.o. alan joyce seated next to al baca tried to make light of the comments. well you know of course it has to be led by a man because it is it is a very challenging position and i am sure that you know i am sure that. and. i said i said he was going to stop saying controversial to even ask you on it. and it is only going to get i don't know where to. sort of you know i have to put a little bit of. fireworks and i want to motivate people to have more questions. defended his remarks saying that qatar airways was the first airline in the region
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to have women pilots and for sixty percent of all student pilots at the airline were women the issue of gender imbalance in aviation was a hot topic among over two hundred a aligns represented at the outer meeting joyce who care and pain for marriage equality in australia said ensuring a diverse workforce in general could help drive profits if you're not typing into the first the inclusion you're going to be on at disadvantage you know we're all looking for the best talent out there and if some airlines and some companies are only looking for males in those roles they're not going to do well because you get the best and the best people in the best job you're going to perform there he credited the turnaround in quantas his fortunes in recent years as a partly due to the airline's diversity policy. bulgaria is a significant player in the production of roses split in the country's famous rose valley adverse weather conditions and overproduction are now threatening the
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industry making the long term perspective for growers slick less rosy. it's time to celebrate the picking season is over and growers in bulgaria's rose valley are finally letting their hair down they've worked hard over the past month starting each dawn to haul in sacks of rose blossoms that will later be pressed for oil the delicate flowers must be hand picked. roses have been cultivated in this region of central bulgaria for nearly two hundred years the oils are world renowned the livelihoods of the small scale growers and oil producers are interwoven with the fate of the flower itself you know that they get out of knocking a rose is the main source of income here in our region and it is very important for everyone. there's an old bulgarian saying one day feeds the whole year actually their whole families they live off growing roses. but the industry's
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a prickly one locals fear climate change is making crop yields unpredictable and could affect the quality of the pedals themselves. currently crops are booming however yields have risen twenty two percent in the past two years according to the country's ministry of agriculture that's also a problem prices are going down as a result putting pressure on growers many like fixed price contracts with oil producers and they have laborers to pay. stakeholders now say the industry needs tighter controls to protect growers from volatility. there needs to be control and regulation on every level in our production starting from the planting material the picking process accepting the flowers to finally the qualification and export of the bulgarian rose oil over in the fall bulgaria's government is working on such a plan supporters hope it can stabilize the industry and ensure there roses enough
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for future celebrations. staying in europe fraud agency old fraud by under declaring the value of chinese imports to avoid. taxes may have migrated from britain to greece and hungary. chinese clothing. rising in places like the. china. while volumes however. and that's all for this edition of thank you very much for watching remember you can always stay up to date on the web. or follow us on social media.
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